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Ben Cherington on the game one win

Oct 24, 2013|

Red Sox GM Ben Cherington joined the show to discuss the teams game one win. He said that there is no one person responsible for the teams improbable turnaround.

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Welcome back my friends it is our number three Dennis and Callahan the front office report -- brought you by vita Coco. Like Newton Wellesley hospital by celebrity cruises I'm taking one in January. And by Anderson windows the general manager of the Boston Red Sox bench Harrington joins us on the AT&T -- why should -- pleased. Bench -- good morning bad -- you. There are good could it possibly he could it have possibly gone any better for your guys last night. Well to get out like we had a let it really approaching its Lane Bryant is a fantastic pitcher including middle order. That right Ortiz at least we have that. You know turning point there in the early was there's a call that the umpires get in there aren't great then absolutely it than -- -- from there and obviously Lester back to. Pitched terrifically so. In the good start and -- -- the Cardinals are releasing. Structural and promote the profit and. And you look at that drop and that. Well Paul reversal objectively. And I'll follow up by saying. What you have been upset or would John Ferrell have been upset if the shoe on the other foot and it went against the Red Sox. -- include their upset if we'd given up through your double and you know RC yeah everybody. I don't know -- they you know. -- accumulate. The most important game like assistant pictures. You know as much sealed. -- right as possible. And is sort of the severest possible. In the it is clear that it. They typical race and I think you know the umpires should be commended for that yeah. It's got some pretty -- -- easily based on the what they want that happened to them in the future will be more formal mechanism in place worked out from. But -- you -- strictly in an apartment so last night. You know to make sure college credit it to you and I. It was an adjustment call it was a pretty pretty clear that. -- never had covered Eric controllable also. They got the car -- -- in the end of the. That's the point I said the same thing but it was solid judgment call this was an extreme case of a guy screw -- up in the and the guy who should be the most relieved. Is the mute them in that they saved them from Macon. And monumental gaffe but anyway moment on a bad dimension the approach against Wainwright. Clearly it was it was a a great approached the right approach or read here that. He obtained two swings and misses on 33. Curve balls. From one of the best pitchers in the game that's pretty impressive can you tell us specifically Ben what was the approach. Who really has to you know it went through pitcher -- it approaches to the this year at an early. Command. You know on pitches fastball. That -- go to the -- book under the deception. Quality stuff. You know we leave it all over there that we needed to our approach stick to that they're disciplined patient approach. And then make him. And producer of what the game dictate. Whether that needed to be adjusted. Sure enough that's what our guys literally they were up pitches and January. Wasn't quite as sharp as in -- -- material that make him work. Yeah we get runners on base salary -- take advantage of it so. There was nothing there's nothing in particular need to again went right into -- more matter of -- reload our. -- obviously when you mention all we all know on base percentage is important to you and the organization. This I guess is notable in that Oregon it. The best one of the best on base guys in the league the second best outfielder terms of on base percentage is on the bench. Is that just John Farrell having a good feeling. About. About Jonny Gomes in his -- some disagreement they would do. -- in your mind do you want the best on base got the best player in the lineup at all times or do you understand what -- -- when there. I think -- Jon Stewart. And Johnny. Williams and hopes this win there and most determining who their hopes were -- him. On different ways and -- the -- comparison of the defense from part of the a -- play. From our that was something he he would regain that that he can help the team it would. At least we know that we have. You know two days is to outfielders -- -- -- so here. You know I think just -- -- written there. Certainly before the series is over -- strident. Trying to use both guys and find. The best matchups are you look at where they were the last two series and straighten. Louis obviously. -- obesity program and starters so he -- mr. Putin went surgically numbers. You know I suppose probably are probably Pineiro -- I think John does feel like I was actually yeah so he used both because. Ohka or instrumental from getting out to the sport so I think you'll see both pro and of course the series. We're -- you Wear the Red Sox general manager bench Arrington and -- obviously we don't see a lot of cardinal game that we read everything we couldn't studied everything we could. And almost every single assessment of the St. Louis Cardinals said the same thing they are so. Fundamentally sound. What happened last night happened to a team that is so fundamentally sound. I don't know I think you're crazy things happen in games. -- -- including sponsors in order. His. Its potential traps throughout the a little brighter still I mean I think we -- expected -- to play much better game and I. We're lucky that they're critical mistakes like they were able to Cabrera Adam. But it is really good team and they're very deep team and you know we we get up one nothing but -- -- -- about. If Beltran had a goal going forward or if he does and he is very limited how significant of a blow is that to the St. Louis Cardinals. And what they're trying to do. Didn't get a good player he can post season track record -- a World Series sharper and Eric posting and track record. There's smarter both sides of the plays very dangerous. He saw that he very capable offensively in the throws well. He's done a lot of things well. He didn't he can change quickly. That is that so. You know obviously correlate better with him in the lineup that they are without them. We're not rooting for injury and it's not WRC so here. But obviously they're better. Of their better with -- you know or else they were strong pro style or what they all of these players and -- and -- goes tomorrow. Is that there letter to them for a number of years and Robinson so so it's up. In the playoffs and the from yet they they -- -- there are a lot of their past that -- -- are you. No I don't Beltran plays the field David with the exception of the National League -- but with the equivalency of Beltran being out or limited -- equivalency of David being out or limited for the Red Sox. On that same level. A bigger well he's yeah he's it is yeah is that that letter different that he. Has sort. Same external right you mentioned defense. But he's he's very Smart hitter. -- power. He's a threat from both sides. And he's you know he's stepped up big so again we're. You know -- it is split. Essentially the Cardinals are open -- that you can see he's he's big stickler for. I've Ben you know just about every player at every level it's it's your job I'm and that's what you dude did you see Michael walker common. -- well liked them last year in the draft. Use. You know amongst the small group of players that we -- it had to change its Arctic. -- and didn't the Cardinals quietly took them. For the before we picked. But who we lead. The -- -- for awhile and you I'm very successful pitcher takes them. Yeah. Which -- you actually start with but you know honestly. -- we certainly -- it happens quickly and at this level it's -- he's been. He's outstanding. Got a that's in the loss to get a million angle great changeup. Kendrick -- So carved a terrific job. I definitely didn't take him. He quickly and be part of a team. I've been in terms of this morning's conversation what people wanna talk about that would be the drops in the reversal on the home run in the Grand Slam that wasn't a knee injury and all that. -- a little bit lost and all that seems to be Lester performance last night your thoughts about what you saw Jon Lester what do. Aside here actually executed. Play and they mix it up he is curve ball in the early. You know good Trotter. He. Stayed away from them but I thought they moved the ball around well but and now. There it is Saint Louis -- chance to sit in our. And then later in the game and got a changeup the next little bit. And got a good sort and that's where -- So it's just a good complete effort. And I think it. You're a good job that there really Doug Lester. Certainly the nicest sister -- and borrowed some that aren't. So. There it didn't. Definitely different than. Most of the second half conservative policies that set up so that a horse for us. -- by traded by necessity you are a numbers guy you are an analytical guy you you crunch the numbers but I would go away from the the second. And and get your thoughts on the existence of and the importance of clutch and chemistry and momentum in this game. Boy. Yeah adult -- -- -- -- -- you wouldn't see it in the right I would go to a predictor. I am let me see -- you can certainly the you know and -- -- -- and -- something happening. And we've been watching the Turkey expert. An hour long. I think we recognized where. -- eskimo and a big -- them and of course it. Felt the game in the first place that they need to put up and excited here if you're just you're period you're more likely to come out and the next -- -- not so. Ortiz is he would period and so he's a better chance I -- -- on the outcome -- -- -- -- -- it. Then there's there's something to. You know keep my blood pressure down in this situation. It'll stay in the moment and excuses. Is easier said -- status. Figured out better than others who. You know luckily we've got some guys guys that do. I I know this final question or next to last question perhaps is is fruitless and a waste of my breath with an uncomfortable question I'm going to ask you. When the conversation turns to what non player. Is most responsible for the remarkable Red Sox turnaround. The conversation a split between the manager and the general manager would general managers say about that. What I think it goes well beyond those two people -- it's. The extent to -- so certainly there ownership group than others in the front office and most popular position John's coaching staff. There's a lot of people that. Weren't -- -- certain -- and John Ferrell has its. Community manager and -- exactly what he's that he was going to do which is so you guys now. Tall task you know -- incompetent. Literally that they want to do this is the best. But then to actually do it. -- with her registry training and how that started fast -- and most of all these beautiful season have those here. It's this is that your system a terrific job and yeah. He great culmination of Smart so. Toughness. And humility. And just makes her very effective leader so. Yeah -- the guy certainly responsible. So I think I hit I don't know the answer your questions Lotta people which is. Should get credit for them -- serve or not there yet but. -- we're looking at the Gammons I've got -- Is Buchholz physical situation. Not unlike late spring training dead arm or might -- be something more than that. Yeah that -- being you know decent comparison. I think there really. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Possible position -- successful couples weren't so. He's -- in that. Wayward dancer. The strongest possible overrated that's something out there. In that case you missed the big chunk of the season and you know anarchy. He's sort of that equal world offseason -- those here. All the time and use now or in what he did that. And come back. You know he's he just hasn't. He hasn't built. -- and the world were the starters -- -- at this time here the other guys have. Then sort of build. All year Clinton's big break and the policies are so. He still. Building. When you're building the pitcher. It is -- -- -- line answers to step slower a step back and he's probably still in that case so we're fully expect him pitch he's been very effective. Certain through certain it's you know -- that out there. In the post season. And that sent to keep -- -- expecting that certainly. Alright as you get ready for game two that I just keep in mind the mayor's challenge -- -- -- Red Sox team to bring the World Series cup back to Boston so don't let that okay. Where are all our -- thought -- on the road at the front page report has brought you by vita Coco. Newton Wellesley hospital celebrity cruises and by Anderson windows he joined us on the AT&T text line and we should say the garage opened -- -- Red Sox general manager bench Harrington and the University of Massachusetts arc. Teaming up for a commitment to excellence and strong mission of service UMass has been transforming -- for 150 years. Continue to shape the future for generations that's why -- then went to Emerson. And humans and yeah. That's all black school little known fact insists he'll take a break the fault lines opened 6177797937. 1000 dollars around 9 o'clock we are auctioning off a pair of tickets to game two tonight roof box tickets the auction is at 15100 dollars. Every dime goes to the Salvation Army the bit line number 617. 9310937. To 15100 dollars. But more than that get to Fenway Park the night for game number two.

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