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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: High School homicide

Oct 24, 2013|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed the awful killing of a Danvers teacher.

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Our guys abbreviate headlines here before we get back to Red Sox stuff just won an update. Everybody on the story terrible story calling Richard 24 year old. Future endeavors to. Was killed it would seem by fourteen year old Philip Chisholm authorities yesterday provided just a couple of details about the killing apostle more than they say. Pitches in -- new the teacher didn't specified -- class tonight and not give. Cause of death. Motive nothing was really establish what we did learn was. Does it left to soccer practice. Seems like he did before it was over yet. If the timeline view that was is really strange because we found out yesterday at 6:30 PM. Which is embassy at the Hollywood hits theater. Which is right. Reports are right up the highlights across street from liberty tree mall that will be after the crime be Olympic site yet he went to see the Woody Allen movie -- jasmine left. 1120 calling -- was reported missing. By her folks -- -- should -- their parents. In the -- -- they called the couldn't get in touch -- there her phone was off. So they called and then 1125 in the police tweet that they're looking for Chisholm. 12:30 AM Wednesday. They found him he was charged yesterday as an adult with first degree murder good investigators say. The teenager salted and subsequently murdered blitzer and -- for body and not guilty plea. Was entered on his behalf I don't. Know how he didn't know we don't know yet I heard that they have numerous video surveillance camera over 130 camera images of -- new school yet linking him William yet as high as thirty different cameras at the school and and his soccer team. Went out looking for him to -- that yes several of his soccer teammates said he mr. -- vanished Tuesday afternoon missing routine practice at 4 PM. The team dinner at six teammates last Saudi youth. Running away from the practice field breathlessly telling him he had something he needed to take care of and you're right a couple when -- form couldn't fight. The last line again that's that's very very short various teammates last Saudi -- Chisholm. Running away from the practice field breathlessly telling them he had something he needed to take -- wow. That at some sort of element that I don't understand me and -- find blood in the bathroom when the bodies in the woods. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know I don't know here appeared. According to one official with a box -- may have been used. Yeah I did hear that was in -- recycled. Bright the official declined to speak on the record citing the sensitivity of the investigation. I'm just surprised I know there and and they revealed. We we get to see him we get here you know is name missile story I was fourteen years and perhaps several and apparently newspaper -- that instantly yesterday match -- -- but I I do have to give credit -- -- gonna try him as an adult and I hope no -- even. Holidays all our -- somebody this is an adult crime by six foot tall guy who is strong enough to do describe -- -- gonna get in this. What we got when a woman said that his brain is not formed yet fully formed yeah it was shot back eyebrow body is right -- crowd will stand up for this guy who murdered this teacher -- four year old girl. Whose life is over with parents life easel. -- what what the motivation was what was the trigger that made him run away from soccer practice breathlessly saying there's something he had to take care of substance at a off. I -- it like a bad grade. Would you please you know lecture she gave you half on a test you -- revenge. Would do that right no I would kill some. Now and I don't quite -- -- -- -- like -- from soccer -- which -- thought I am all right I'm sorry right now just know this sounds. It is not a harsh bone in her body you know like the -- he reader FaceBook FaceBook and all I must -- listen to all the other kids. Amid sounds like it sounds again very compassionate teacher you can imagine. That would just be her being in a tough on him -- note upgrading. To have greater target. And and -- and snapped it it's got to be Morton's -- you know what they were gonna learn more well August. TC might your Twitter page it's all about math and helping out students students talked yesterday lobster there a real emotions terribly yet the law enforcement officials have surveillance footage from inside the school showed Chisholm pushing -- recycling bin through the hall and outside the building. And Leo so he took her outside the building into recycling bins are trying to do what's right. A time to -- nighttime the early evening in the schools virtually empty. Well he ran away from soccer practice at 4430. Yet he was seen the movie theatre at 630 so yeah sometime between. Or 3630 right -- All right 6177797937. Text like 37937. What talked a Marcia in Lexington. Before identify the one guy that if I -- dismember the Red Sox real little. He did today not peavy he moved it little -- today but Marcia joins us from Lexington hey Marsha good morning. I don't think -- -- About yesterday yes I click on it but I lived wild with -- To air it very. Oh your and a -- dinner. Any guys we've heard about it against that is it's. It's not. It Marcia Marcia Marcia Marcia I talk to you because these guys are staying in chesterfield primer. Hang up call back again opened just a few of them newfangled phone you -- a horrible horrible connection try again -- collects -- -- -- to guns right now this is not an. No one witness that they don't all the cost of the group she's. Ribs -- what rips a page back out I was friction in could be there -- midwest who want groups. Have grown chicken. What we should get the ribs at the four seasons that's a good idea to -- reasonably certain that we will I'd drive in the -- them back in the back in an ongoing of the foresee this for the dinner and four -- -- office and launch in -- -- be back. And it's the occupied. Quiet. I want to have a nice rooms room for girls skinny and hand in what they did that -- to dive on the couch a true team player that would happen that -- You're big you tied to Israel as a puppy sleeping tonight and tomorrow night after the I'm sorry for -- But why why I was I was sharing a room for the cost. Now you give you room the cost doubles it was a real doesn't help companies are paying no more money I'm just giving my rule. -- him this is you're getting a free room now. As a team player celebrate the effect on the air they keep quiet. Probably -- -- -- says he's gonna turn in the bills from a team guy and can be at 809 before he's OK I had to be down -- talent. What could never wrote I don't want to push to via AT that a get a card bringing in from chesterfield. And that's jealous of a car actually it's a good idea because tomorrow morning it's going to be. The Dino Dennis joke so so you're going to be it's Obama's show I can do that Jerry lab we will climb I go around moral of the story at 4 in the morning -- we see the lights. That's our -- that's the he's at -- should stop at the ace hardware when you get their -- and bolt -- to the fact that I have to get him right now we're gonna get there -- of security NC a winner in the -- and -- You're not -- if you're not on the list at a surprise you coming up at a special guests can enjoy and you'll witnesses but this is this is something very impressive it's gonna happen on this program between down to a time yet -- -- Like by the way they marsh is back -- -- from Lexington opens a better connection Marcia. Hi much better much better thank you at my landline you were saying you you used to live near. Yes I lived and they look for nine years and I lived in wildwood which is where David -- came from so. We have a connection to the to to David -- my kids went to the same bicycle that he went to. But -- I lived in wildwood it was right next to chesterfield which is a pretty large suburb. How would you describe Chester field Missouri -- -- -- to the equivalent of chesterfield like Braintree year -- -- yeah. I thought it Lawrence at -- Barry is suburban kinda it kinda bordering on. On laurel because that as the -- out here -- -- yeah. I know it's not number well I know I've never been to bring. I've only been here -- Yeah yeah we're still without alleged that Chinatown in Atlanta is it is like Lexington kind of Charles just. Open there's a lot more a land and -- and -- that aren't so close together. A lot -- because there -- a lot of so I think. North Adams with the ball right yeah a lot more. Lot more auto parts Harris they -- -- how Long Will it take these guys. To get into the stadium from from chesterfield. I'd say forty. Are part of our. It. Is it possible that isn't just about the about the -- like Conan. Opponents. Yeah I guess I didn't know I don't then Napa auto. Now now now now or is there -- basket -- just -- pawn shop there and look on jobs -- bail Bondsman you know and. Parents have to argue that any guns there is here in the valley and even my three that whole place is under water from the flooding look pretty it. Moldy smell. The ball is -- an upscale mall or Lucille Ball or something in between. Now it. It's like the Burlington mall. That's a good like the proposal does have a -- excellent that's indeed it does an excellent all right yeah I thought. And the -- had. Like every. Every chain restaurant every stop but to change your -- large open -- my. These -- -- lucky to start the soft so you guys are a lot of mine and a chick filet. Chick -- downtown that's bad now fourteen minutes she said Reynolds at forty our lunch how much it costs six though if you want to -- six -- 106 -- took a plea -- gave -- his four seasons -- so I don't necessarily want to -- -- to -- down pretty -- at -- -- he's got a set up like a second -- event topics curriculum. Good luck -- and New Hampshire rural court were to break prompt. -- I just doesn't last a great game but -- another -- big debate would macabre leaving at the end of the year I just was curious if you guys side. Last night when they're showing Napoli homered for the Detroit needs. If he's talking about rotten a ball hit that part you have a Stewart decided yeah I'll rots the -- when he goes like MacArthur had never heard that classic line from bull Durham do you guys that you kind of play that -- Toward that dollar bloc is original line or did you really just so cool -- that he knows from the movie. So it's it's cliche goes to cliche time though it's time. OK fine it's time to let them leave with some big notes high wind -- a multi million in six more games right if you were -- cardboard box I'm just saying it's time it's okay -- you won't dare question a player because your little little fan -- Stew yeah but what player on a question aren't you know -- players. I don't know anything about that I hear the carver used only think about anything out of it he's dotting its time ago and it slipped slipped out of it in the car. In some -- miles away chesterfield aren't up for your phone calls Bob wants to talk about poppy scoring from first base I do too by the way. -- in Gloucester -- health board at the big topic yesterday will be again tomorrow. Later today as well.

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