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Sox dominate game one

Oct 24, 2013|

The guys opened the show discussing the huge game one win by the Sox. Nobody could understand what the ump was thinking on the blown call in the first inning. n

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It's Dennis and Callahan. When -- shot from the right side guys like drivers will side with the second. Okay. It's. Okay. That's a terrible ball won't. And that will. Which John Dennis and despite reports out here. Okay and all five of us think we're a 100% sure that that was not a -- my job is to get it right. It's pretty tough time to debut. That over. Who called the World Series we're pretty better about it I'd call went our way it went their way calls right Gerry Callahan going. Okay. It's. OK. Okay. OK okay. Would love to finish it off with a strike down. It's not enough and a Red Sox win game one of the World Series. Game -- one of the cardinals they have three more wins in new world champs. Game one of the seven game series. When you got your back against the law every game every game every pitch. On Sports Radio WEI. So again that's sloppy he's so fun. We'll watch them laugh out loud moments Walesa that the next four hours but it seems to me that we could look at what we saw last night. And and deal with this morning for the next four hours one of two ways we can either be very analytical. And -- facts and figures or we can be very emotional. And discuss how we felt about the things we -- off for example. If we want to be analytical. All Saber metrics and all Carmine. We say things like you at all. Fourteen of the last sixteen game winners in the World Series of one the World Series we could say the cardinals that was only their second. Three error game all year and -- correct you. Fibers can move on. We can also say -- haven't -- grist the last time he give up a home run to left hander. Which 2012. In able to go to the analytical kind of things we also know emotional things what was the most important moment of the game. What was your favorite moment of the game. What was the cardinals' biggest gas or man that list is long. Who are your three stars and what with a laugh out loud moment of the game there's there's a two way to go out all I know I know. See big emotional. And passionate is against the everything that minute and believes that. That is beneath it what he should be on the afternoon show its true yes that's what he should -- before it was bulky and -- that is beneath you Kirk and -- two of his war view which -- -- I like that other aspects of the deficit that's beneath you wouldn't -- Silber yup you got Sloan -- people yes yeah well -- if you guys don't stoop. To a motion try -- to -- this is a bad day approval as a bad day Parker and that's why it's a good day for me and you you assume that you LL I -- Because it is two things there is no such thing as clutch and is no such thing as chemistry. Until today about that Kirk and who was clutch last night David Ortiz at home -- was clutch -- both of them bought the home Jon Lester looked like the one the only the only one home run Jon Lester was like -- the history will show only one. -- bottle at -- and I got -- out of this no clutch Houston's choking. Did cosmic joke -- have a great night -- got to wait right -- you have a great night. -- I have a great night at some point due to appear on to say that is it music classic -- -- a rough night that is a lot of pressure. On guys who just weren't up toward the the challenge. I think David Ortiz honest ago as the face it she goes up there with supreme confidence. Because of the moment I'm not sure he hits those two balls that yes. In April in June and July in August I mean that the the moment. Helps him focus beat the pressure. The stakes that all that's right -- Helps David Ortiz folks and makes him a better hitter and met him as fast scrambling for his close in the late rounds up. -- or not they should not last night. In October verses in. August this may have been. Mean what's so hard that many great moments last summit mayor of the lap that the -- -- just golf like god but this is this. This guy qualifies as irony this in my favor ironic moment that night -- called by Joe Buck. Kevin -- risk was a 41. Round draft pick. By the cardinals. Former starter. In the minor leagues he has blossomed into a shut down left him. Okay David Ortiz gets his first look at. It. Sort of script redact that shut down club shut down lefty guys that will it carry it was out by thirty feet and have a good feel for home runs great play by play guy. But he wasn't the first one that that Ortiz hit -- the Beltran brought back. Thought that was like a routine for a ball yeah honestly to -- callable -- them the best defensive play of the night for the cardinals was the most significant play of the series in the -- was the best play. Four -- students Beltre has catch yeah. Was due to -- it showed me Ortiz was locked in and it knocked the best player out of the game. Out of the got a baby out of the senior that's probably a better trade give up the Grand Slam and lose Beltran -- yelled obscenities at their best reflect their only moment I mean it's only highlight and here's what sounded like. It's. It's okay. It's it's it. -- -- -- If you watch that again. Watch how far that segment of the wall moves into the dugout emissary to the bullpen. My first sought after a look at -- that while the heat apart to jetted out there should be -- the jutting out there wasn't he hit back hard. Were it kind of depressed into the bullpen by about six rated -- you really. Think Torii Hunter was impressed honest ago leave in the game because of that maybe he doesn't leave the game it's a game of the seventh game. Elimination game maybe he just said you know. Five nothing in the second inning is not exact it's not over it quite a while yeah yeah you're right though he could turn off the TV at that point via a good on the threat that could go to -- point five nothing -- although there was one little. No matter that was left -- now. Now our little bad about the shout out yes I was ready to turn my Twitter account all the -- -- can holiday with a hope god I was so excited at. But I thought I won the best I haven't won the bit to the seasonal series jealous when I ask you a meet. What is that that if if this notion that obvious to -- warm eyes that wouldn't you know yesterday charter will Milton he -- eat them the fungus often she's infringed on the island eat -- Adams. Remains have told -- yet -- -- that's when Israel Russia and India but that's not something even more discuss all Atlanta and contracting -- And gradually somebody on the job well done. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All I you know mice must I I don't leave the room I mean the thought. -- And gagged again and the amount has to put milk on this index now we have to come here and except -- of Dempster on the -- -- because he cost me that pleasure respect signal for your Twitter account that show yet although you have that you have three more tries. And that's true -- the baucus group that homer -- it was gone you know you know what do you -- -- -- think we don't work go to Saint Louis today yes Millen on. We -- -- chesterfield Missouri that would come home on Monday and we think -- come home to see game five different yeah. I don't know in six -- closet is Boston from Saint Louis right. Right. You know it's Friday so what does that present -- much -- -- it must -- out there -- -- -- it is over until it's over it was going to be so jealous because we have flights -- it was going to be trying to get out of -- all right round it out somewhere and shoot maybe like the super -- and Saturday -- right right where we can look at home I don't know why and figured out -- -- for -- I don't. Or Saint Louis today today. Tonight's game at Fenway -- to watch tonight's game in. -- -- launch. In justifiably direct appeal to the story thirty miles and now we're gonna sit and watch the game in -- -- sure the game -- yeah. And then go back go to stadium half hour tomorrow to talk about it. Oh OK okay and and start the only problem -- what brought investors and I wanted to show here tomorrow only one problem. Is because we're gonna be at the park tomorrow we're gonna have so many opportunities for guests. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Like Prince Fielder -- company that is than always Hugh. We got a guy Mike Metheny annoys me he just looks like ink. And I know -- -- 900 nice guy he sounds like a space that -- as pat looks like it take it and some people disagree. They thought this Twitter exchange -- because he sees it he asked argue. When they got the call right he -- are again. Doesn't it is not -- their third -- extreme cases. This was so blatantly wrong even the cardinals should be. Relieved that they got it right. Because it was so wrong that if if that happen rally means that hopefully whatever big asterisk on it -- mean at. Good thing shouldn't everybody. Be relieved if not happy that they got it right yes call. Yes -- post was upset. That's nobody has just had to fame being sent did not part of his job while -- pretend that he was -- pretty pissed though maybe you might be right I mean there's nothing any post game talk about getting the call right. What was explained was. They wanna get the call right. And they get together as a group and five of them believed that the call was different than the one that was made. Basically explanation is -- not a player ever seen before. And I'm pretty sure there are six umpires on the field and never seen them play before either and it's pretty tough time to debut. That over. Ruled call in the World Series is not -- I get that. Trying to get the right call like get. It's tough homes while. -- Metheny let me explain it to you. Like your five Euro in fact let's have the umpiring crew explain it to go -- like your five year old. There's five of us out here. Okay and all five of us say we are a 100% sure if that was not a -- my job is to get it right. Isn't that complicated all I would say the -- if you spin and around the call goes against you like that you know coast for you. Would you say -- you know I can't take it you guys is never it's never -- -- -- -- -- -- terrorist attack -- not also there is that they sought in real time you saw how bad the call everybody get everybody's -- of -- in the -- Everyone knew was as bad as a call gets. Did you know that the Google returned yeah -- minutes are goalmouth aren't the commitment important -- out the white castle tire cover everybody in you know when everybody everywhere who -- That's so bad that's not a bang bang play. That's not even judgement call that is not a judgment but are you convinced that they would have definitely 100% overturned it had -- not gone out. Yes are you are probable that Jerry and I know. I guess I guess supporting Torre Abbott usually ultimately convert to a guy who screwed up definitely trust our president Pedroia and argued -- -- he did he laughed when remembers everything hints he says that he said he sought I don't know and you could see the replay of the season. Maybe in the he conceal the buck and McCarver didn't point system does it to -- never looked up he was so Lazard on exactly what that never looked up that's a manifestation what's happened the last couple series where the neighborhood play has come into question right and he assumed that I felt in Houston director needs is -- play. My guess -- he was focused on. Don't blow this let's see how close this neighborhood play is so there will be controversy right and he just -- that was gonna be the easiest catches in his own -- along with happened just staring -- you know it's -- That wasn't enough time dramatic catch and drop. To me past and I'll just enough time obviously missed it because it would have taken a fraction of -- second to cash and drop yes itself. It was as bad call is I've ever seen in any sport at any time and I knew as soon as it happened they would overturn -- Napoli talking about the call being reversed. You rarely see you know especially. On the stays like this that. Nothing has different game you know positive. They want to get together and I saw some different and and get it right I think it's. And some should be done all the time but. Yeah I mean that the new player who's you know the right column. -- want my. There's no way of knowing. How if they had not reverse that -- that game goes I mean -- were so bad in the Red Sox were so taking advantage of all the errors. Upsets -- the mindset did not mean they seem to get their -- got a little tighter talk about the cardinals. And there were you know three errors technically five if you -- -- -- Gaffe after gaffe even things called errors. What Robinson in the outfield on Napoli double bubble that that's the reason Ortiz came around to look like up and aircraft carrier landing -- at -- you scored. That should have been an air right but it does that thought the game would have gone at that called not been a while you're shortstop. Is choke -- -- -- It's not a good thing when shortstop and a third baseman are buckling under the pressure which was what was happening I mean this is. An alleged gold glove contender candidate. Who who can hit a lick and a guy hit 217. With the 27 yield on two Sunni tribal BP. He's not out there for his bat he's out there as your best defense supplier and Molina right. And he can't handle the pressure that's a bad sign at the beginning of game one go forward does get easier or harder for because. To make the place. Ought to tougher I think this -- communities that is a bad sign. Do you think enjoyed that not only the one of these teams and not even in the city more than anybody else in the country last -- Didn't -- look at that it will help a lot -- -- yeah that an -- and I assume he stays in line companies out there and ride with them he can't hit at all. So we better start making the plays he probably will Saint Louis in Boston. Under the world of the white hot spotlight of the World Series. He he choked on the pitch hoped that the cardinals joked would you agree Kirk I'm not -- forward. Some are comfortable the word on the clock it is him not to -- like cousins too harsh just on the exit I don't know I don't know what it is I don't know what it is but it was -- whatever was it was a -- the pressure get to them. I think Wainwright was a different pitcher last up. Well. The pressure get to because. A great defensive did get. David trees I don't know the ticket to wane Wright speaking at Wainwright was a different -- -- -- no question there -- a lot of psychological things in play here. Then drop the ball the Red Sox taking advantage of every single opportunity all of that and then perhaps the biggest one is they're looking at their right fielder. The guy who after sixteen seasons in Major League Baseball finally punches his ticket the World Series he has been. Off the charts. In postseason obviously to -- the groceries to last night and they lose him for some. Either period of effectiveness or maybe a couple of games here's Wainwright talking about losing a player like Beltran. Well unfortunately we were already down five nothing. But those are great playmate you know offensive season. He's a huge player for our team everybody knows that we all know that John days came in and played a great game to. You know it's. Thing about. Being downtrodden offensive player and a great team right now so you can't give them opportunities but. Of course it was coast or. Now medically I don't know how limited he's going to be the X rays were not negative but it was the way to the right side correct. My guess is even if he somehow sucks it up and maybe takes a shot or whatever Olsen gets in there. You now looking at a limited Beltre reunited -- yeah -- the -- up in a major advantage huge. Here's the best offensive plays out it's tumbling mean whatever they're much better at such a better team we get swept up in the Super Bowl -- Happens every year at this time you know just for the week before the suitable yes you hear about how good good game it's going to be an evenly matched admitting relaxed fall for a little bit -- some people pick. The underdog relax go a long way to go simply say the Red Sox in fire may have some people do on people's their Red Sox in five. As welders in his career record he had nine errors this year and 500 -- -- -- one chance hopeless. That guy we saw last night you think the pressure to blow again how -- -- dropped apple. What who not all that's probably yeah worst defensive plays made since he was like warned if it was. All right 61777979837. Text line has always AT&T text like 37937. About ensuring that will join us at 805 we give away a thousand dollars -- around 9 o'clock. If you like to go to the World Series game two tonight. And also do something nice for the Salvation Army this is the place debate. Rules box tickets -- a -- -- 35 -- 2617. 9310937. Every dime goes to the Salvation Army bulls are the two tickets at I had a hundred little doubt that -- literal. By the way there's no charity that gives more higher percentage of your donation. To stick to the cause and lasts the Salvation Army and -- to executive. Is that right administer the back door that was they -- top of the list -- is a great cause our supply -- box get -- well at least started -- game 22 tickets to game two of the World Series tonight. A full lines open Jim -- -- -- an actor Dennis Kelly.

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