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Red Sox Review: The Red Sox won Game 1 of the World Series in impressive fashion

Oct 24, 2013|

Mikey Adams and John Ryder celebrate and react to the Red Sox 8-1 win in Game 1 of the Fall Classic. The Red Sox got to Cardinals’ ace Adam Wainwright and never looked back with Jon Lester turning in a strong outing for the local nine.

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This -- Red Sox review on the WEEI Sports Radio network. 67 right hander went right delivers. It's. Yeah OK. Okay. It's a rekindle a World Series Jane number one between the Red Sox and cardinals. Beasley did Brad want I have deep right center field back but the ball then Robinson -- Virginia. On. A two run homer prevent -- Another -- and Hungary. Where the pitchers. I think bonds. Red Sox revue with Mikey Evans in John Rheinecker. Then too long to finish it off with a strike down. The bearded lady fires. Well. They're not and a Red Sox win yeah. World Series they still one of the cardinals they have three more wins -- new world champs. Now Mikey Adams and John Ryder with Red Sox review on the WEEI Sports Radio network. He's going to be these that make its way all the way from. That way probably to for the studios to Fenway Park where that places that he. All around the building people happy dance and sing and scream and drink and everything you wanna do. Out of it with a Red Sox win game one of the World Series. It got this is this game was over early. And I hate to say it was very enjoyable people watched the whole game but did the -- was -- a game that really kind of went down the first inning you know via but he reversed call by the umpire. A three nothing lead in from the airport edits and electorate Secmen loses game and indeed they did not winning 821. -- before we get any further to the program. There are doing a some press conferences right now and when he pitched for the game Jon Lester at podiums during that right now -- -- You get a little bit of belief what what does that do for you tonight what. Pitching from really a lead the entire way -- I think. You and you can go onto -- with -- I think you can kind of let your guard down take a deep breath and go okay we got to leave and not really pay attention to the next inning this time a year you really have to. Think about winning each inning and once we scored in the first to go out there. You got it you gotta win that inning you've got you got to put a zero up get these guys back in the dugout give them up to the to the batter's box. And you know we are able to do that and we ended up score a few more rounds and you know speak first brush against a pitcher like -- -- -- there. I have to question boring. -- might come up with some think his view yes flailing. Any of those three only in and -- the first thing he has talked about that the hits that -- be able to take TV doesn't always been able to do offensively for you. Yeah I mean. It's it's been all season you know he's he's done a great job. You know the thing that that incident has impressed me the most about -- assist the amount of pitches he sees -- seems like every time -- up there's 2232. And you know it just gives. I think he gives him the advantage over the pitcher just seen so many pitches and you know he's come up big like you said all year for -- and especially here lately against some really good pitchers and to to have him go to get a double right there in the first inning. Score couple runs you know David -- -- you know it's just fun to see when he when he gets going so. You know us that was just a big momentum change for us right there and like I said to go out there and and give -- -- back in the dugout I think isn't as big. That's question temp job as the season's gone on have done more comfortable with data behind the plate I was that happens and then also -- tyra -- navigated through a lot of that. Yeah I mean obviously. David missing some time you know I think heard a lot of relationships do through the pitching staff you know took some time during spring training east us. And and for him to miss some time. I think was rough on him. But ever since he's come back it's it's been a seamless transition from now saying earlier. For whatever reason you know I mean him kind of fallen into little bit of pattern a little bit of a routine together and it's worked in. You know just keep -- down until to the end but he's done a great job navigate to line -- tonight you know -- in. We haven't really gone to the back door cutter a lot lately and you know he saw that it was working their given up on that read we kept going right after. He did a great job tonight of like you said that game helped me navigate through on. Listen my take a few questions thank are thank you. You'll talk yeah. But got the first question right here. Might you decorate her career World Series numbers. Seems like and you know who is there anything specific -- tribute attribute that to or is it just the way it's worked well. Yeah I think it's just the way it worked out I mean I love the stage. You know it's in the spotlight. As I mean I really enjoy this time of the year yes. Series is gone out doing his job done. OK question. I'm Mike -- they're always rehearsed. The fans are going nuts on and you come up he sees them with a big if you just talk about seizing the moment there. Yeah I mean base -- in you know in China evolved and there it outfield -- situation. Conosoga it to good hitters count and you know got a pitch -- and -- the -- out -- on the far left. I you you don't it is an extra motivation and they in the World Series but that does what that what happened in 2011 the cardinals is that they're playing your mind a little when you're against -- goes -- not really com. The main -- -- you back here now. Nothing -- -- you know play against them in Britain through world championship with Burmese -- And it is anything demanding -- -- -- -- Turning can tell us about every in my any picture. In joining us there and talk about it. At that I'm I'm thinking I'm potentially your theories. Days into -- all year. It's a big time pitchers we have all the confidence in the world and -- out there's drama on the -- He did a great job tonight earlier in Kabul -- runs early and he's settled and then you know it's it's -- on the maid park. It was Ernie -- sense of surprise -- your part that the call was overturned bus you see overturn what that burial and you you really see. Especially. On the stays like this that. Nothing has different game you know if they want to get together and I saw some different and and get it right I think it's. And some should be done all the time. Yeah I -- of the play news you know the right column. 19. Standing in the back -- can you just talk about how sometimes there's a game where everything goes right for you maybe on the other side there's anything went wrong. Can talk about when and where everything is clicking the confidence this team has the importance of getting off to -- -- I'm that they were confident group and no matter what the I think you got to take advantage of the opportunities you get down and game. We've been able to do all playoffs and analysis that's what is about on. A lot of things went -- for -- we entity manages opportunities in the we did. One more -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Can you explain why you're feeling so comfortable at the plate and drinking in particular effectively lends to that at this time. I was just trying to every at bat in. I'm able to forget about. You know that tomorrow an excellent you know. Can do well when you get out scope there plan and and trying to excuse this possible and I just. Go there -- consular -- go to mama you gonna -- on the last you know post Vladimir. Thank you very much. That concludes the interview room for tonight. -- -- -- Assets they have for the -- -- -- no warning to talk to anybody we know what happened here and that we're fully aware of now's the time where the people who were at the game people watching at home record are so excited the kids sleep back together hornet join us on the program -- from Fenway Park. It's Red Sox review writers on the way down here to join us I guess we're gonna let him in a window. A because the ball parties getting all closed up will be -- to clock the number 617779. 7937. And you can also text as well because we do have a totally cool text board down here it's actually functional. I even more so the -- the studio is sometimes. Again the Red Sox would -- its corporate won that first inning and the big hit use -- Mike Napoli at the podium. Napoli with the big hit a lot of guys concerned about -- the tigers series. Very good at that blast but you know a lot of strikeouts has all the Red Sox had not so tonight it was really kind of a calm relaxing thing -- the first inning and Red Sox got three runs. Right away how to reverse stock park call. And it with a runs on the board and that's all good news from thereon I see the game as they said. Pretty much over what they -- to five nothing it stayed that way for a long long time till popping at the two run -- run the -- seventh inning. Which is kind of a cherry on top of the Sunday the Red Sox had a run and then of course at the cardinals -- get a run off Dempster that it would -- so what type of run. Off Dempster late this game in which is meeting was in -- final 821 game one is in the books on this October 23. -- together number 6177797. 937. Ever gonna take your calls to 2 o'clock in the morning every love to hear from -- your thoughts on this game your thoughts on not to hear from people who leave the ballpark tonight. Some people talking sweep and -- kind of asking me go along with a -- that I'm not sure that I. I can go that far yet. I predicted a six game. Series tonight of course was you know a huge moment it was said the Boston strong moment the military honor yes throwing out the first pitch. Poppy Hussein a legendary it is in these parts superhero type guy. Driving in a run with a sacrifice fly tonight and also the two run home run. And the big played second base and you don't say what you will about. Umpires reversing their calls and a Johnny truck was talking about it as those kind of a stupid thing but you gotta get it right you gotta get a -- with a whole world's watching. I needs the World Series for God's sake that ball never hit the guys every never win the guy's glove you gotta have to trawler that they're being out called second base and he never did. So that was really kind of what's at the pace this game. And they want Red Sox win to start which given Peabody Jim. You are the very first caller on this Red Sox reviews show -- They might buy it on good buddies. Like a -- I can actually help but the -- stood. Well you because there would be no way or audible they get to all the umpires together. And talking about it and by the way five out of six of them thought it was of a blown call so you know they -- straight. That I was going to visit that if -- -- that well certainly he had actually helpful them to change that call right. Need those umpires to -- some -- well you know you can almost hear what they were saying you know unfortunately they won't -- those umpires control that we might cut that he. At something -- that's I want. Well everybody started throw bleep sit and you know that's what's gonna happen in that situation than normally if if you had enough support from the other umpires maybe it would have been. It would have been reversed for what we had there was a classic case of the of the umpires getting together and doing the right thing now this has happened the Red Sox before the World Series. But know what's gonna are really bitch about it when you get down the final analysis. The right call was made justice was served. Yeah like this seemed content that this could distinct gone to -- -- Series in the way it has no way to -- to focus and they were going to be the world champs but is it like. -- -- Of course I think we're going to be there -- chips you know I've thought that all along you by the way Jim years preacher to acquire when it comes to have a faith in this Red Sox team I had faith in this team. For April. On and I feel justified -- that now especially now -- British kind of walking out of here and a common happy fashion. Liked like this was almost expected this whole lot of success ratio of -- that. No one less than an illegal move this thing I don't like my -- -- -- at two. If if you have a whole -- -- this election typically the fifteenth when the other team. He'll let you within which it would change I don't know what you -- think -- -- -- -- -- the -- -- -- -- okay. I -- thank you that the key to that is this. Where the tech -- -- -- is that neither is it be echoing -- -- quite yodeling on top of Mount Everest or what. The 232 format has always been there. It's something it doesn't change now you figure home field advantage you get the 21 two of the last two. I mean what more can you want you don't want the team to have to make two trips up to a a far -- town to try to begin at 2221. Series. At doesn't make any sense. It's didn't. All part of baseball forever so I'm not for changing that I think Vista which should be one trip. To the visitors park is enough and the Red Sox for the home team about who it is it's the first two cracks at it. To go on the road with a couple wins under development that's exactly reduced as things don't turn out. Let's see we take -- in order on this program so let's go to new. -- In a -- -- your next. Hey hey good. A scenario. Under look at it you know it's very fortunate enough media -- in bank. -- I would let the grandstands and -- in the -- She. I don't think there's any cheap seats for the World Series men aboard about it where you're sitting this. Grant green and -- -- -- right you'll -- Under the roof. We -- -- that the I was I was so grateful. And honestly. -- less about it that -- -- -- curtain and and you know at reading it in the outbreak it is. It's not very. And -- the bases loaded and -- -- everybody -- that -- yeah. Everyone around me at -- at that had a feeling all right game over the next inning. We export in war. -- like it's easy it's easy and from that not everybody is a great mood. Everything was on our way now. That waves that are at the -- I've never seen anything like it as far as just the overall -- ballpark in earlier I said the Sicilian takes the tension out of your your ball park experience what it's not a grinding. You know 22 game in the eight inning when the Red Sox jump out to a lead like that and you're right that was a comet settled in over the ballpark. -- they were still excited excited to be here cheering for stuff but. It was like everybody felt so good about what the outcome of tonight's game is going to be that they -- obviously have never seen more smiling people Fenway in my whole life. Let's -- it obviously I mean it's. I first World Series which I'm sure it was for many people and I couldn't imagine a better scenario I -- a little nervous about the matchup. Or hand you know -- -- to gain but after that first inning I just relaxed and I'll. Budget saluted a bunch of beer and just really enjoyed myself quite a bit and I I -- sort of a band that every game. Well you never forget World Series games you go to -- -- -- might -- my it was so long ago man it was like you know yankees cardinals in the sixties and I was it's a little teeny -- But I effort I don't I don't forget any of the things that happened during that game. It's stuck in my head for a forever because it's it's it's not just a game it's a World Series it's part of history. At Atlantic -- before you know it appears. That this could now I'm ready at a good time spent all right nick. That's nick chicken and this we also have thought of fill in aux bridge standing by hello Phil how -- you don't. But pretty good about it or I can be better right now great where there are running great -- so it can't be wrong very wrong here who are well you don't feel I'm glad you said that because a lot of people right now are in the tendency is for people to fuel we you'll. Hockey after an 821 victory in game one. But I'm gonna tell you that there's this a cardinal team that's tough for them they looked tonight. Their defense is normally stellar and what we saw from that tonight was on the sloppy side so look for them to get over their jitters tomorrow amid a tougher game. I still expect the Red Sox to win tomorrow despite the fact the baucus on the hill but don't don't think the cardinals are gonna go away without a fight. Rather not look like yeah I also have radio program we complain -- set. What about earmarked virtualization. -- it clearly is one of three point settlement yeah. And world report itself has picked up the nationals beat -- -- now. You guys who are loyal to and you know. Right well -- national -- is on those stations for off for one reason one reason only it's a Major League Baseball thing. It has to do with there are rights. To the broadcast and of course our home base 937 has a Red Sox broadcast rights is most people know. But the the good news is that at least you're able to get some feed of the game and by the way what we're strong a team Vito. Or that -- operate I. Will work that we don't have your work. I -- lift some sort of look -- -- game. What kind of went and number very some positions where the heck happened out outlets superstition parties. You know. And change the power line was he the right guys on the radio Cordoba in the. Good stories popping up from all over New -- of people used to listening to Joseph and David look we we all love Joseph David and that's kind of that makes you feel more home because those the voice you're used to describe your Red Sox action but. -- in no way is it WEEI its choice. To have the network -- it's a Major League Baseball decision much like the credentials and everything else the whole ball park is taken over by the Major League Baseball group. And there's not much that the Red Sox or or ED IA as an entity can do about it so so -- period bureau wanted to reporting there will be well it if that's right if that's with a when you're listening to him was you get 937 there's always going to be. Are they get around and there are marquee about -- it's tough I know it's tough to deal with the 081 win here -- will get by. Our thanks for the call. Six front 7779790s. -- we got full lives have given a number out anyway action is one line openness to one filters vacated. A we'd love to hear from all of you wherever you are wherever you're going whatever you're doing. On the way home from the game. Or going from somewhere Rosa somewhere else ever -- after having watched the game again riders can rejoice a few minutes. What are you from every single hardcore baseball fan they can get through to the program tonight. On Red Sox review live from Fenway will be right back. What it is I tell you what it is. It's why not then three more victories in a Red Sox will be the world champions now. Or writer and I both know you know have been around long enough to know that this is cardinal team is not gonna just. Results under the press wouldn't think -- other good and a Saint Louis. At a gonna throw worked brigades -- and voters have to see what happens but. Did this -- -- because anybody that thinks a seamless card is gonna lose every game by seven runs or be totally dominated the Red Sox tonight different. Opening game. Boston strong. The -- of the military's sear yes throws out the first ball the fans are excited Red Sox get three runs in the first inning and guess what. The momentum was clearly there's. And I don't know if there's anything that I Qaeda iced tea. Okay a couple of line right now I have spent -- guys outside the Leno asked god how much you break the window yet rule. It. You know it's -- against god and thank god has bulletproof glass -- right now and that's probably the first time we've ever had appeared. Let's go to rob Bob and Brockton Obama. -- -- -- you know -- good what's up. It and actually called apple and -- politics -- -- rob -- -- party should. It sucks it is -- -- they're. Or Cuba. And tropical that's what we can agree Europe. He. Like it in expecting. Shortstop. Actually work. And probably looking at the base and defeat of this of the shortstop as opposed to the globe because that play. It's the pick it up the government not try to avoid the neighborhood call you know networks. That's probably where he was looking at these price look at doubt didn't see exactly how leftist love needs assumed it was -- Petraeus transfer exactly yeah and you can assume that. You know quite because of that that professionalism of these players -- as a rule that ball is not alone. And if it is it's it's on a transit and other reputation to book cosmonaut who's in there and -- bad preschool. Online florist Peter in Falmouth hello Peter. Did and I don't -- how he had anything but happy right now Peter. Whip so there's -- anymore -- -- a lot more -- of course we've. Well if you look like and think you know hold dialogue I actually thought. All altered from him. Our white socially. -- -- that -- want to asleep suddenly woke up or near Iraq now -- -- -- Martins -- that it's yours you'd be surprised at how many women have awakened because of erect tile dysfunction dwell on what what does that say WP. And that. My name's Brett and I say that's. I mean you know you're the guy who's name's Peter. -- brokered -- missed so wise so so what do you think it now what do you think as you think is going to be six games you these before me how you feel but after what happened tonight. You know. It's one game you know keep going back to give -- -- -- -- -- you know it's well you know much about we've got to win the next game. Well it's it's a far stretch I think to try to imagine that any ball club. Is going to be able to matchup with the Red Sox accomplished in 04 after losing three straight games of the Yankees and and by the -- game three they lost by eleven runs. You know so I mean that's a -- demoralizing. It's a comeback from that you really got declined to climb out of a hole -- -- the top of the mountain and that's what they did. I don't think any teams ever gonna duplicate that. And in the cardinals says he's won over a hundred games but but this -- this cardinals team much like the red sites has been very resilient him. Putting a loss behind them while we think about the Mets the Mets play the Red Sox in 86 -- they were they were two to 108 games. And -- they almost they came within a whisper and a miracle of losing in game six. Themselves so it's it's not even about the regular season record. It's about the constitution the team as they stand right now if Beltran -- out. Beltran for the rest of the series and then there's that huge look what that did to the Dodgers in nearly Ramirez and in Belcher on such -- force in the post season. That's big and don't forget. Like -- talk about their character. I mean it's a veteran. Which to which team coincides Ressa wrote yes well I yeah I mean it's not. There are better that support terrorism veteran presence on the Red Sox. But they also have a useful. Element to them -- a youthful exuberance. Don't most the guys that are on this team work here beat last time the Red Sox played the world. Students most -- he noted that -- most of these red sex players do have policies and experts been on a World Series experts most of their cardinals got a -- especially their bullpen. And really three of their starters all rookies -- they do have. Some veterans out here in the field including freeze won -- MVP World Series you know and and -- nothing is it the transfer between the nationally numerically and this is taking nothing away from. Wainwright who's who's been. Reputed to have tremendous stuff all year long in the area to three a National League ERA under three it's a little bit of a different story. It's not just about facing the pitchers but it's the way the whole game is played the National League had to come to Fenway Park. Game one of World Series with this entire theme of Boston's spur strong going on it's it's shaved into the grass etc. we know that from Dave O'Brien and you get the wall right there over your right shoulder it's a little bit more. I'm sure intimidating. That it is in any of the prior games you play during the yeah I wouldn't think. That I wonder they grow. Are anxious. And objectives more. The deck chair her. They do. Veteran leadership -- it to you Turkey and then you bring all the other guys and but like these guys became and they horse show. Up for our. -- are. Saint -- There are a little bit in the jitters I think -- -- different team ball. Well. Alliance. Those talks stored in the dugout and you know that it -- rookies are just a pejorative on that one game that's one game. Not a very good at that. The very good at an -- and they love playing here at -- there's no question about it destroyed sixteen I wouldn't think that would rattle Wainwright. Pitching here I won I wondered about -- Tomorrow night if or rattle him now so I think a year afterwards -- Wainwright had to say because is a tremendous curve ball Mikey. Was the that is in this cold weather we've heard so many times from pitchers I know that the off speed stuff kinda lose in the field for in the -- was. -- -- and because there at you that's a touch thing and him and if you if your fingers are slightly numb or not moist enough for whatever they can have an effect. Some of the specialty pitches these guys have Andy you know unity they gonna try to control one or the other but it's the breaking ball reversed that ago in the cold weather no question about it. A we have text message is coming at 37. And -- a guy here who says that. Just move it down -- bit. It's just adjusting John because this guy says he saw three. Scantily clad women chasing you down yawkey way yelling. Bleep the radio show come party -- -- Did that really happening yours and that was last night there was less talk. This is -- -- -- the sound like something something might have made up along the way somewhere let's go to Bob. Bob upside up up next -- after this call Joseph in California who's been on all the logs and in fairness but it's what we always do. We make sure that -- people are taken in order first come first serve that's only fair. Joseph and California. Maybe we shouldn't have gone real joke that the I had -- Yeah I've been hit until I also don't play until 8 o'clock yes yes it's early there yet you sleep at 10 o'clock in California -- -- lightweight. I'll tell you what. Can't fall asleep after that what a great -- went out to a popular city and we're in the Bay Area. Matt my friends one of whom live in Boston with me when my -- and I look back important out here. Went to -- all the Connecticut Yankee. Run by you guys who left Boston and 88. Moved out here are the barn it's a reflects our political Connecticut Yankee but there Red Sox fans I don't -- I ironic I. Really weird how they do in the winter. I don't know what they do in the -- -- Putin is the guide dogs -- But I'm it was just perfect great way to start which friends. Camped there in person so it's meant that they want some extreme and a -- after the first and might he exactly. The same feeling it's like. Almost certain -- we're in control. Yeah yeah. -- you know what's what the oddest thing about it Joseph is that for some reason. The ALCS. Always seems to be more of a sticking point oh or more of a tight. -- series I'm not just talk about 0:4 and 0:7 am talk but even this year you talk with the tigers Syria they were were top that was a nail biting to the court it was not what -- bitten in the entire. Bob Barr no I I don't like -- died and it is absolutely in fact. I think this -- that's because it was such a great game for a short and that. After -- -- or garlic or. Or what the Hispanic. Actually almost boring for compliment. And I keep saying that because I don't want to be any higher want them to be winning by that but it really couldn't hold our attention well they started doing something again later. No it would should really be Tyco weren't Lester will be Lester shut him down that they score those three right EF 4123. Innings tonight might be right in and I felt after that. After that Napoli double even though it's only three run game I was like all right. I felt pretty good about it this president and and they added to an all right and the way Lester was gone with the cutter and I'm like candidate cardinals are. You get to their -- for five runs in the first two innings I guess everybody can relax at least a little bit and most people the ballpark did I went outside the street. -- always -- they have a special smoking area on yawkey way were you -- like really it's like a leopard I don't know anybody you know I have beer volume it'll smoke it out there now that's not a very good nor house. So I doubt have to admit that's rabbit TVs brother. He does have -- there. But it the idea is that people or so com. That they were able to say I've let's go have a cigarette like after I did have sex only have a cigarette afterwards it's Sunday it was like kind of a nice feeling for people get a -- beside Jim -- -- -- I think it's -- 11 thing I just don't really interesting though with that hole on. Episode with the changing of the -- call clearly. In a replay on television it was all a place there was no question about it. But I -- the fact that -- at least I don't know if you saw this could hear this on the broadcast Liu where you guys. But they had audio bit like umpires. And edit it down and that he gave you -- later yeah her and what are higher sent to the guy that our attorneys today. This five -- so we are all a 100% sure yeah and we just want to get it right. According to put the whole thing to bed -- you know the -- had to -- argue -- had to come -- argue first because obviously it was a wrong call. How big -- gets out there they change it now -- -- has come out there. And are you even though he probably -- -- right but he asked him that's his job yes stick up for his players. Yeah I think basically is saying something so along the lines of well if you're gonna overturn that one other thing -- can overturn that -- -- at -- make a symbolic protest. All of the process of the potential that could argue the call. No -- -- -- -- again whoever argues that call -- -- -- made it called incorrectly -- fights for his -- -- ground he's gonna look like it shark once he goes home and watch the game unplug and importantly about a replay it is. So everybody did the right thing there and it ate it stunk for second for some enormous -- for somebody has the call is made wrong and it agreed to stop talk about it but. Any final analysis nobody can argue with the results. Well guys love this show love that you guys take it. Seriously can't take it felt like ardently really on the listen to a disgraceful had a good game one and decided that might be I actually do want to go six to seven so we can win back and bought. That's what I have been saying II I I don't wanna sit through losses that may get close 32 series or whatever it because nobody likes to have the attention of their lives. On the other hand I really do crave a -- party in Boston in this ballpark so that all the fans who haven't seen that happens it's 1918. And by the way whose lives. There was a -- in 98 my grandmother yeah how old's your grammar and she's over a hundred she's really yeah. Why should get her down here Saturday at the food -- -- maybe -- can join us on this show. Now aren't great it would. Happen that on Halloween night out there will be. You -- Vegas telling. Well yeah -- well we won't see event. But you don't want to a Halloween night I you have to take kids out circuitry that's why did for the war first time in my life from thankful it's 807 start. If it does go to game seven because. I don't -- I don't know. Just saw my little kids on Halloween by deputy were taken trick or treating its cycle and it's not point seven Mike you resides would no question you -- that the accurate about that 617779. 797. We welcome Red Sox fans from all over new weakland. All six New England states we know or all into this -- broadcasting. Across -- and as we always do. We'd sure love to hear from -- we got some real hot girls outside the window out. -- thumbs up north daddies hit the thumbs up from hot women -- -- out there industry wet yet. I wanna thank you for that. We did it take your calls into text messages beat writer. Up till 2 o'clock in the morning right now let's take a short break and we'll get right back to the phones live from Fenway Park. News -- 22. Swing popped him up on the infield round pitchers not only to racing toward the pitcher who's gonna take it. -- of the cardinals look sloppy. He played for the pictures and why didn't back off. The problem metres to the minute it's up. Wainwright it's stands up and says I got it I got it and then looks to believe. Then let's back up again lets it drop. I'll come bottle so let's not pretend that ever happening you know in Little League. That cardinals keystone cops so yeah that was left. Again you all you hear about this cardinal teams that they're you know fundamentally sound tonight and I believe they are as a bad night they had is really what we had a good night for the Red Sox did summation that was sent -- last -- and we do have some issues a little bit in the outfield defensively now -- but Jon -- in holiday at times Libyan adventure -- usually there infield defense is pretty -- -- at first a little tricky. Yep but that's all over now 821 game what is the books its history October -- third Torre thirteen Red Sox win game one. Of its 44 they were -- game to got a day off Friday. Well have a complete planet Mikey show. 60% on Friday evening Saturday down -- saint Louis the rest of recruit goes. For some live broadcast pre game down there three games there and -- back and you know again photos or is anybody gonna be upset if they sweep of course not. However if it gets it and where the point where they they're going to be game six. Here at Fenway Park and we all hope that's the case we -- we hoping that they -- that's that's the case and they will have a big celebration. The Boston unlike any you've seen. We don't know what duck boat tour after -- four that was great but that was on a really cold day well after the fact. Where it if the Red Sox win the World Series are this field with 38000 people in the stadium. And everybody all the bars around the ballpark it's gonna be no -- it didn't -- riot gear just to keep -- happy people out private polls and but. Unexpected you know you you look back before the season and -- and we know people are sick of hearing about last season but also that the tragic events that happened in April. Exactly and that's really the key assault and that's what the national news angle is on the Boston Red Sox team this year. The national news outlets are saying well remember what happened on April 15 really it's the start of this Red Sox season sword so to speak. You know patriots day. Marathon day it's a huge day of Boston and everybody refers to that they refer to -- these services are bleeping city. And all that and it's cool it's a very cool thing and we as we hear Dave O'Brien mentioned during the broadcast. Bosses strong shaved. Into the grass not -- she's gonna feel that boat shaped. Up opposite Brockton hit your next on Red Sox review big Bob what do you have. Eight and -- thought man got very very popular it will be thinking. In Boston. I don't want more -- stronger aptitude and for sure. Looked up. You don't want to -- like John Smoltz a lot of the other national pundits talk the -- tall grass roots -- should be you'll leave their -- But we'll never get -- night. And you don't do very patient right in before you -- people what -- considered in all fifty pages. Settle down to that did a good jobs given the -- benefits settle down after that but. Yeah and eat you know you only have one walk this entire post season heading into the -- I know I know it but you know it's it's it's kind of like. When you get in a situation like that it's not even the amount of pitches he has. It's the way you pitch when you have a five run lead for Jon Lester. When you're up five nothing. It changes everything you don't have to be precise but you know you can pitch to this right you could pitch to to put the ball in play. And that saves. The arm of Lester. And it changes his whole approach with each individual hitter again he's not gonna toy around with -- -- always gonna go straight out of him if he only walked one struck out eight he was he uses its predominant as -- always -- We're -- -- blog it is more experience in short tonight. And and dedicate all your beautiful -- situation because it -- you tonight. I was hit -- friends and -- graphic like you're. I actually don't -- we kind of making me out quite the Sox in the squad game in weeks of school or. Also kicks him to completely sick but -- You know if they didn't deter the hiring lawyers and I think they can play right circuit and I hope someone. But that's just like that the yet in the leg -- see what you. Can get to. Yes. Yep right now he's I mean he probably saw it right after the say -- probably showed 34 times on national broadcast. At somebody back there -- backed -- with a videotape was able to show home. I you know. And by the way it's not like he probably didn't know even before he ran out there and argue. That I'm sure it's -- -- we've got to when it happened get away with a one there because from his seat if he saw the ball like nobody else to go off the glove and wasn't watching defeat of the of the infielders -- -- imperfect at orbit. Yet question. It into. It and you -- -- what it is still. No laws -- able to the same perspective well I hope I got you know -- it could happen. Well again he's not gonna -- Bobby's -- we're goat horns because his it is crewmates bail them out. By really overruling Abbie every other one that would -- -- -- was doing the safe they watched the ball. As opposed to defeat of the yes shortstop trying to make the play at second base. So -- -- all straightened out I'm sure they're all cool -- it and he's not gonna we're goat horns forever never it tomorrow in the media. A blown call yet but it's -- to kind of blown call affected gave so it's not gonna be worn on his face like a let's go to -- Falmouth. Again we we are so number one in Falmouth -- -- writers some believe level that is his decision like number one down there -- Leo. Or comment that what are your thoughts. When you round. Mike you mentioned that saint Peter that it's called for Obama. No I don't know it differently but you know John there could be more than one guy named -- Falmouth I know it's just or reduce -- repeat -- I did -- in the afternoon sometime exists six Mike -- in the studio I know it's incredible. What's going on -- -- Carter won 30 or in the morning there. Wild and -- -- so what do you force. But -- future that would -- churn up your radio I appreciate that so the fact that. My dad and I east I -- or Framingham the majority votes in -- -- the Celtics are passable so yeah. Sorry I Syria on that one yeah like -- or question do you think our news. Who's the pitcher. Tomorrow. First Saint Louis Lockett blocked a walk a walk -- Michael -- got. You see it or mr. deer in the headlights turn as saying like I mean penalize got to see. It Romania to close in on him. Yeah and it's it's going to be well -- gonna rule out the possibility that he gets a little bit freaked out by the situation but on the other hand he's here he comes up with very little experience ago I was pitching college ball what less than a year ago. He's gonna come up and he's -- either be one of two kinds of people. Either the guy -- guy that he can be affected by it or the kind of guy who absolutely doesn't give a rat's behind. About these what the scenario is he has self confidence at -- sleep tight. He's shown he can work either way that's what's going to be fascinating about tomorrow night but he's shown so far there NLCS MVP. He almost threw a no hitter in his final game almost threw a no hitter in his first post season start throws about 98 miles per hour and as an unbelievable changeable message to -- -- is to pitch pitcher occasionally throws curve ball. But it's just fastball changeup within minutes fastball. Can touch you know hi nice straight just straight changeup and fastball -- so. I I it's -- us. -- how many that's positive drug because again as can be a cold night tomorrow and I didn't it will lead change appears effective. Well I mean let's let's face it over the greatest pitchers of all time as sandy Colfax was to pitch pitcher. The problem was they couldn't hit either rubble because the fastball was so precise in where he put it. And the speed at which approached the plate at a curveball was such a twelve to sixer. You sit on either water or you're gonna be embarrassed half the time. Well -- I Africa it was the immortal pop well the immortal Nick Punto said after the after the series. The Dodgers cardinals series that -- Might be the toughest victory ever faced because if you're used to give fastball and you get that changeup advice Burress city's nearly unhittable and you have. And doubted that Nick Punto is not a future hall of -- he's not -- -- -- she's not Tony Gwynn at the Sybase big leaguer I mean I'd venture a guess that Nick Punto probably had some tough pitchers it is high school careers at. Because he's Nick Punto must -- at least. Marks in Malden I don't sorry I'm a mark is coming up in Malta but reform before we do market mauled and again I try to be equitable here when accompanied when it comes to taking these calls in order Bob in. -- Well but. As I don't know but I'm in Boston and it yeah of course at this. You know today I'm Wilson and into. In Cuba that exports and and you know Saint Louis and Saint Louis items that might actually come and gone. Ultimately they're concerned Willis and -- at the same do. President -- -- -- -- reason why as well and I did some research and I colonel and a. -- -- -- seamlessly this year they get a lot of wind but putted it up speaking to each division out of it out against Arizona. The medals and -- reinforce and desperate move and recognize and and get some -- was connected to reinforce. As the Dodgers it was enacted in nineteen they had when I reckon where it was against Washington. American -- but -- Wondered. When it must beat the living crap what everybody else that too in 97 games if you talk about all those teams that losing you know it against who may have losing records. I you know I I I know that they played well when it counts down the stretch when Pittsburgh and Cincinnati and a person right now out in the top central division Saint Louis emerged on top of that -- most were all three good baseball clubs. But you whats there if ports are given us is correct -- and I believe it is. Then that's enough of a positive. Information for Red Sox fans. You know the reason why I'm thinking you know you hear about it decent and I'm great -- so -- for the amateur compliment and are differentiating. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think it does have a great night. Actually -- it YouTube meant 617779. 7937. We're gonna get to all your calls I probably should that may be able to south from up. Of the post game press conference as well but right now let's take a break live from Fenway Park this is Red Sox review 67 right -- Wainwright -- -- -- It's. OK okay. It's. May not beat around. It's. It's. Okay. Yeah hours and there. West -- and I -- that way writer named as you know and everybody else walking around ballpark. Very very happy you know -- I go way back of the Red Sox as you know but I do I actually got my first press credential for World Series in 1986. -- -- experiences that was. I also went through 88 and nine -- I went to Oakland you know it actually you save lives and a trip so I did I hit -- nice quantity. 95 I was there for all the gave me a bit at this ballpark for every single playoff game that happened. Up for the Red Sox since 8686. Hit a playoff abroad don't say playoff and World Series right you know ALCS wherever it is. And a bunch of those this one feels this particular series in this particular team. Feel better to meet and all those teams and and you know -- since the 014 was very special but let's face it nobody felt special bottom when they lost 98 were down three games than an audio CS. Every thought oh my god this is the most horrific thing ever received. Until suddenly was flipped around and became the most miraculous thing people ever -- post seven wasn't the same. You know the Rockies had to wait wait wait. And then guess what they get together with -- -- -- sweep of Red Sox have now won nine consecutive World Series games yes that's so insane. It is in. Yeah 04 -- they will be. Maybe the most special to ever -- really depends but yeah I -- I meet all four in this in this team this thirteen team if they go on to win the -- -- are very special deal to a -- -- and I know the idiots -- -- -- get the -- this season but just. The unexpected nature all for you expected them to be a playoff team that's treacherous ice this year -- many people expect the reds -- to be even a playoff team. No and that's what makes is to in this -- each team visceral unique personality. And this one here is extremely memorable even though it took awhile for people to warm up to or believed they were for real. If that's what makes a great. The Boston strong think ticket and off in April and then the constant growing. The snowball effect of the fan base as they started to believe this team -- it's been a remarkable run and we're not obviously -- and yet and there's a lot more yet to talk about it play. There's going to be anywhere between three and six more games are played before we we finally figure always gonna win this thing but I take it it does feel. It feels pretty good right now on his one game but now all it. It's kinda. You know all the different did the walk off wins all the come back and victories this team has had this season just you know it galvanized effort and as somebody people compared -- -- but. I think people right now I was around for a but the 67 field because of the unexpected being absolutely immense. And that's why it's army -- -- hardy hardy winning a bad team in 67. As unexpected -- really expected as it was for them to be successful. Was a very very youthful team the manager of that team hall of Famer Dick Williams -- thirty was 37 younger than poppy younger than Koji. You know me and he's the manager -- the ever change the ball club was 45. I they had all young guys 432420. This cardinals the jazz was the old guy was 28. Right Metheny is what 44 and most somebody guys on this cardinals team like 2223. But you know. But it was gonna compare it. We're gonna grab all these calls let's try to rattle off -- these calls is gonna get going before we make way for the cleaning people -- are coming here yes they're vacuums and stuff like that. I would just take -- ball in order 123 Alex of Boston go. Oregon hi Alex. So I want to talk but with Jon Lester tonight. You know you -- 94 mile per hour perhaps spot and that's -- seventy's or upper seventies curve ball it just popped the table. And then. My big player who has slightly -- fighting for me when bases are loaded and they've -- up yes I was a little concerned about that. I'm wondering. In an expired picture in that situation. I wonder if they showed the composure. That he shows to. Take -- second and just make that play at home and get double play. That was the big play of the game for me. That was huge play it when I could believe it you know -- think Hudson was fortunate Lester we've seen all of his problems throwing to bases. The Internet -- -- toss to home like news of Forsett on the ended up getting a double play out of it. One thing to watch too with the cardinals and freeze guys is and he's doing would -- -- Pretty bad ankle injury right now and -- the -- -- you know you look around that ball club and you say -- -- -- they don't really have a lot of speed it's not like -- you know -- Molina is is on the -- side. Our veteran pitchers ever fans -- is relatively slow the first baseman has a lol yeah JJ you know Robinson's speed that's about it. That's -- but they don't don't get on base again if you don't sticky can't steal first base at an order get and you know and in this they're -- hard time this Red Sox pitching rotation I got news for you. That's the place I'm most confident is that -- the Red Sox for even if you're talking peavy and it reduced effectiveness Buchholz. They're still. Fort difficult guys to contend with in a row with Lester coming back -- we've been sparkling. On line one market mall and go ahead mark here -- next. Maybe you guys don't they -- -- up I love you I love you so the Red -- have been holding all the weight. Okay I'm tired because normally doesn't follow Red Sox pitcher in this nap while Obama on nine the united did and when this -- -- no matter what. You're still an -- I am doing it. That's sure you feel anything else yet he drinks and ice and reignite the -- David. No dispute on what they have an adult areas tonight symbol that. I -- thank you allow me. Guys you said that thanks a lot appreciate the love. You know that I -- to go -- guy hates my -- on the street -- black -- the exact -- this -- was a big hole where reefer -- look at -- Any and it's like he walked up to be just for the sole purpose writer telling me he hates me. I haven't had the biggest sign of respect I think I think it's correct laughter I had left my -- was so funny. -- -- -- Randy Johnson was it was not just he looked kind of used to make fun of him a -- -- looking dude you know it looked like you've had some kind of -- bottoming. Are we going out problems. Sean -- the car Sean. Mikey it was it wasn't the Sussman look at it. Sean what's up on top of the content you're there you go out and out now you we're how's he wouldn't do that. It probably. -- Broadway -- -- you know you're gonna not say what if you read a fight -- associate you better have 44 foot arms that dude is a big. Only 611. -- -- my -- thought he actually liked but only daughter oh he's huge man he's like sixty Anderson is even bigger. 611 thing. -- in the John Black belt will double forward. You know to get into trouble -- the get out of trouble. Not -- you -- really going. He usually struggle. Now they are able to pick -- out there right trying to get -- people there but he may have been great move. A special double play with the guys who I mean I'm about and that's what people are volatile mentor about. And get a law. The one thing that people need to really cheer about and to -- got it out MIT -- got you -- It surely -- chocolate I read doctor -- what was and that you. All I doubt I doubt bedside since my privilege to really my -- Was -- you know are right up -- that's what happens in the pecking order of radio station okay you get your morning show. -- give -- -- -- here afternoons now every getting everybody gets pumped up you know I'm not so sure that it's not just. The guys on the radio station wanting to usurp all the prime time attention. Before the bodies I don't care because we're a team on this radio station -- salt and holly wanna go five hours six hours. And totally out preempt my sorry yes that's perfectly okay can I. I -- -- around what John Ryder after the game. And I get to -- -- Mikey. So lucky that I know trying to hospitals many times he -- -- Let the truck about. Opposite golden. -- you can republic together that -- a little let it -- -- any -- that that. -- manipulated. Brazil any event that's like sprinkle in the oregano and look at that. And I shot. -- lady has of the mag wheels on his card and sprinkle Lenny megs is this a little advantage you know Joseph in Rhode Island next and Red Sox review -- trying to you know squeeze these calls in -- Joseph. Bye guys they joke -- solid solid win. All across deployed no complaints at all just wanna date I would love to see the Red Sox winning. He then went with -- -- -- I think procurement its earliest possible are you don't give them any team. The week gone because you don't want those bats we got. -- it's silly it's silly or to root for as. A six game series just a -- at the party here but I still think about it and on the other hand did this Red Sox team won't knows. Especially poppy guys have been through before Pedroia. We will be waiting for you in Boston when you get back if you are so. A adept adept and it should wonderful a team to sweep this. David -- -- it doesn't matter we're gonna wait for you won't wait with a party don't worry guys OK don't worry about it when I'll be here. Right we're gonna party anyway whether it whether it's good what's bad -- it's been Rhode Island. It doesn't matter actually. Until it we've wanted already -- I don't know I loved the beat me I don't let -- -- -- a solid wood or Joseph or maybe we'll have the party you're house seeks no right. I think the Red -- party could be all over the country. Because that's the way it would be we're -- Part of August 19 and actually -- the meant a -- people were happy -- -- -- ballpark tonight I talked to Saudi people you know I stand outside a walk over his -- all I know I like I said it every you're the ambassador you really -- I just like I hear from their families the people you're a man of the people and they're all smiling they go ahead of its reactors -- you know -- we got there yet and that's all good as -- -- but the problem is it's not over. At tomorrow's going to be a whole other game with a hole to different pitchers I'm confident about Lackey get in there and do you -- -- -- his stuff. Against walker. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And make you -- on on. -- pretty good here. And -- AM I met you earlier today at the in the smoke detection. You do reject Levy's brother. Know that I wasn't. Went out and soon with carrots and not his cousin that I think yeah I was I was there with them out of out of there requested and you said. One of his sister and I would let that -- Senegal amusement seminar let me -- -- you Atlanta with a beautiful sister. Yes but that I remember you guys course. -- -- Quote I I called all the time -- and allow calling though. Now about your sister not just -- she is a very lovely girl at you know it's funny how every piles that area every was. In that area at the same time because of -- such a bill that five up to meet -- so I -- pregnant -- I'd go smoke without investigating you know. And decadent that take -- moment underemployed came on about whether -- -- The game was over in the first in the first inning. Now it was a bit the best picture I'm going to -- reminder let's get that feeling like right -- and they're gonna come and that's because the way the reruns and has it turns out those three runs would have held up what you should know that at times so it didn't take out any of it has but I mean I -- out like out in the pocket and people of this you've had a -- like that that like you know because both the government and get done now you commented on are you coming tomorrow night's game. Did you coming tomorrow night's game. You know what I am actually apply what you've had are you bringing your sister to be gained six -- doing -- -- -- reluctant oh and I did listen -- we're out of time are you bringing your sister. Hey Mikey she's. You know 21 -- I just want you guys for cigarettes are given a -- here walnut violently if -- can -- can make me look at the look at that. And then a dog now and I just did not just didn't she started smoking section and that's what they were -- really good. We're back got a tomorrow will have a similar broadcast schedule and similar amount of fun at at Fenway Park tomorrow night. For John Ryder but it tied WEEI crew everybody bad.

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