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John Farrell Postgame Press Conference after Game 1 of the World Series

Oct 24, 2013|

John Farrell Postgame Press Conference after Game 1 of the World Series

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John can you relate the case you -- -- had a news after that play happened at second base. Give buster I thought from the dugout view was pretty clear that. And -- ball just tipped off the the fingertips of his glove I think were we're fully accepting of the neighborhood play. -- -- in my view is that no there wasn't even that there was there was really no entry into the glove with the ball. And to their credit they did confirm and I think that is the one thing is we we just tried to get the call correct them. I think based on their group conversation I'm. Surprisingly to a certain extent they they overturned it and I think -- right Johnny can -- -- journalists and -- Yeah Johnny you know I think the way they came out aggressively swim as fast -- early in the count. I thought he and David did a very good job of getting his curve ball in the mix a little bit more so. Create a little bit more separation to those pitchers in terms of velocity. And once he was able to establish that I thought he had a very good -- particularly some backdoor cutters to some right handers. And the key to me was you know that the double play in that fourth inning come backer to on the 123 double play. I and then as you get deeper in the game is starting in his changeup in the mix a little bit more and I just a solid solid outing by John tonight. Stayed standing in the back up. John can you talk about the importance of get in this first win -- when those game one does not decide the World Series that does sometimes that -- can talk about. The tone that you hope was set tonight and the importance of being off to that very early lead. Well I think once again we are able to take to go into the game with with our approach. That we had a lot of quality at bats that. We're able to build some pitch counts against Wainwright. But -- -- -- -- -- we view this is three different series inside of 12 game set here three over there and and possibly -- back here. I always always get that first one out of the way it is a good feeling to continue to try to build some momentum. But I thought we played a very good game all around tonight. -- John. Deal Lester Ross our relationship is that emerging in your -- that's something that you'll continue to go with. Yet nick you know I think the one thing we've seen the last probably six times John's -- -- and David is -- caught him. They've really develop I think a really good report. That their ability to read swings. And make some adjustments from that at bat to a bat or or it's time to line up. And we did it you know in the two games of jumpers against Detroit so you know they're everything right now would point to that same tandem. -- -- in the back then. As a manager have you ever had your argument over that call to that degree. There's there's been some conferences and I can't say it's too often. Particularly in this setting haven't been in this setting before. But typically you know that they're probably gonna stand pat I went with a decision that's made it. In the moment. But tell you set out there and they got a call right. -- Can you speak a little bit about the historical value of the Red Sox winning nine games in a row and World Series going back to 2004. Because it says that. Our guys regardless of who's on the roster and probably David is the one that's linked everyone together. You know what we're we're more than prepared to play. Our guy is seemingly in this setting you know through that the nine games made reference to. Have gone out and executed. Consistently. Particularly on the mound and and that was the -- in the night. John VQ could you talk about the job that Mike Napoli did it take him Canada -- -- person and I guess in the sense of what he's done all post seasons ago. Yeah and actually yeah from the ALCS on you know it is his extra base power is clear I think that the nine hits he's got six have come with you know the extra base variety. He got on top of a fastball you know in that situation and and he's come up big force and particularly. You know it in in game three. In Detroit and every game since. And he's been right in the middle of of a lot of our multi inning or multi run innings so. We talked about it evening coming out of the the Tampa series you know we we ride the peaks and valleys with him he's got some streak and just whose career path. And when he's in the the good side of those streaks. He's she's had the ability to carry us and he's doing it right now. They won -- here. -- going back to. Reversal of the call one more time arm after that the fans are going crazy now we have the -- it teaches. Described -- momentum like two days ago and able to carry that basically there at the end. Well but he hit it is pretty big swing moment even though you're not fully expecting to point that first inning. But it instead of being throughout situation runners on first and third run bases loaded situation where. And there's not a whole lot of margin for error in terms of strike zone and the ability to possibly. Have wind right expand the zone on Napoli and enforcing gets into account. And a three run double -- -- it is a big moment and were able to capitalize on the mistake and you know I think we've seen that when you give the team extra outs. As good as the teams you're gonna play this late in the season it can come back on. -- questions. Johnson any change in the status of cliff Buchholz for games three -- four. -- no -- no change he's gonna pitch it likely that. You know after we went through some -- today he did throw a little bit outfield will probably look to give them every extra day that we can and that would point to Sunday being game four.

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