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Jon Lester Postgame Press Conference after Game 1 of the World Series

Oct 24, 2013|

Jon Lester Postgame Press Conference after Game 1 of the World Series

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John. John was just talking about the way the Cardinals came out swinging how did that affect the way you you approach -- -- from that point forward. On really didn't we kind of expected it. We know how aggressive they can be at times and then you know late in the game they they try to slows things down take some pitches after that so. You know we wanted to set the tone and and give him swing in -- it's important. From my game is ours you know get that fastball -- involved and make sure that they're not. Able to just locking in in pinky on certain areas on the. Standing in the backseat. Could you talk about the importance of winning game one we all realize. Game one does not besides the World Series at the same time it's the game both teams want to win to get off to a certain how important is a win like this you feel for this team. Very important especially home you know you wanna. You wanna make sure you get hopefully get these wins. You're going to Saint Louis is going to be very tough. And you know you just you really have to bear down in the situations and and try to get some play good play good baseball. And you know try to get some of these from the home crowd. John right in front of me here John how much -- the experience you gained in 2007. On this stage help. Those transition into tonight. I think just the preparation involved. Know obviously there's going to be a lot of festivities a lot of you know introductions the fly overs the national anthems and everything is. It's quadrupled because it's -- World Series so you know how to handle those situations. You warm up time. And so forth so I think. You know who we talked about it yesterday as far as every game's a learning experience and you learn. For me each game whether it's in the World Series or it's you know April 15 you know you've got to take some promise and being in that situation 2007 definitely prepared me for tonight. Karen Jordan telemarketing. -- does that fourth and yeah I was big. Obviously with a score some early runs there are just wanted to. Fish in those middle innings just try to get as many shut down innings as I could get his guys back and pull up back in the dugout. And no I don't got a load a little away from me but misfortune not to get a pitched out of trees there and get a ground ball on. Rossi did a great job of of making sure that we got -- the first one home and then maybe good thrown out so. That was obviously beginning for us it -- to shut that down and not let any -- score. John your relationship with David Ross's. Is as good as you've had that as a -- are with a with a catcher. What's going on right. You know I think. -- -- it was salty you know I think so too did a great job force this year for whatever reason right now mean Rossi just kind of -- and so. You know that's nothing against what salty does behind the plate and and you know we've had many good games together so. For whatever reason it is. Think you're just working out right now so it's not a matter of I would say you know I like -- -- -- an insult to your vice Versa you know. Just like -- -- for whatever reason. Where we're going Gooden and -- frozen right now. -- Couple quick ones after the fifth which also you have to pick your way out of a little bit you seem to like. Get into a groove and Thursday came out of the game what what went on in the fifth of what happened after that. I don't really think any one thing clicked. You know early on had a good rhythm. Kind of lost a little bit those middle innings this farce just just. You know getting quick outs had some long at bat -- a lot of pitches. Six thing just. Current back out there and try to -- same thing we've been doing all game and that's a quick out so those those big first pitch going out are huge especially this time here. You talk about in years -- are seeing now has won nine in a row in the World Series you've been part of five of how does that feel. It's great. You know but. That's something that we can you talk about it is at the end when everything's all said and done. You know right now we're focused on -- will. Enjoy this one and then come in tomorrow own and be ready to go for game two and so we can so we can worry about our analysis the next one the next task at hand and you often lack of southern and does -- good job force. And I bury him. Going back to 2007. How do you compare your emotions your adrenaline going into -- in game four to close out that series and seven as compared to what you felt tonight. The starting role at start of what's. I think very different on being at home obviously. Hopes and everything out. Game one. Is a little bit different than you know 30 going into game four so. You know I think the biggest thing is just being able to control those emotions and pitch under control and not try to throw throw the ball through the backstop you know just. Rely on location early on and try to get into that rhythm try to feel. Did you -- Andrea -- Alexandria. Excuse some pitches to both sides of the plate. And we're within the first inning. And then just just went from there. Just take a couple more because -- -- him. The number of -- stretcher getting with your cutter on was that surprising given how aggressive they are what what about that was working. -- that -- was surprising I think this is -- it -- the way we attack the guys early on. How we went right after we went kind of amendment. You know made him try to turn on some balls in and when we're able to do that you talked looking swings early. That opens up the outer half of the plate so. You know we tried to force emerge out there and they -- -- often. You know we felt four seamer and you start the cutter just off a little bit off of that and have a comeback. You know most of time they give up on it and it would do you some some. Some victory strikeouts force not the John after a series it was so tight. Every pitch 2005. Innings. You get a little bit of belief what what does that do for you tonight what pitching from really a lead the entire way while I think. You and you can go 12 a's with -- you can kind of let your guard down take a deep breath and go OK we got the lead and not really pay attention to the next inning this time a year you really have to. Think about winning each inning and once we scored in the first to go out there you got it you gotta win that inning he got. You gotta put a zero up give these guys back in the dug out get them up to the to the batter's box. And you know we are able to do that and we ended up score a few more runs in. You know as big first brush against a pitcher like -- there. I have two questions boring. Job -- come up with some big hits you guys flailing. Any of those three run lead in the and the first thing you just talk about that the hits that he'd be able to take to get the guys who we've been able to do -- play. Yeah I mean. It's it's been all season you know he's he's done a great job. You know the thing that that incident has impressed me the most about him is just the amount of pitches he sees now seems like every time is up there's two to 32. And you know just give us. I think he gives him the advantage over the pitcher just seen so many pitches and you know he's come up big like you said all year for us and especially here lately against some really good pitchers and to to have him go get a double right there in the first inning. Score a couple of runs you know David chug around the bases you know it's it's fun to see when he when he gets going so. You know us that was just a big momentum change for us right there and like I said to go out there and and get -- -- back in the dugout I think isn't as big. That's question temp job as the season's gone on have done more comfortable with it behind the plate I was that happens and then also he tyra -- navigated through a lot of that. Yeah I mean obviously. David missing some time you know I think heard a lot of relationships do through the pitching staff you know took some time during spring -- -- us and and for him to miss some time. I think was rough on him. But ever since he's come back it's it's been a seamless transition from -- saying earlier. For whatever reason you know I mean him kind of fallen into little bit of patterned a little bit of a a routine together and it's worked in. You know just keep grinding it out -- to the end but he's done a great job navigate through lineup tonight you know mixing in. We haven't really gone to the backdoor cutter a lot lately and you know he saw that it was working their given up on that read we kept going right after. Yeah he did a great job tonight of like you said that game helped me navigate through on.

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