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Has Tom Brady "lost his fastball"? If not, what is ailing the Patriots offense?

Oct 23, 2013|

We discuss the Patriots ailing offense and what the reasons for it can be.

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Great job with those kids today it sounds like a great job like you learned them something good thought about potty -- ought to. I mean it which do you think the college make it more about well you know partly true that if -- -- or smoked pot. But the people okay yeah -- probably I don't I was out both most college kids are concerned about. You know to give you go to upon the problem of people in the thirties and forties yet they don't know I just water -- context how to get there. They've brought up Paul Palmer opened you know. Paul former former temple -- Heisman Trophy candidate -- the play for Kansas City in the pros I guess he went on their station and he talked to the nickname was boo -- -- -- Palmer something like that and he told them he got that nickname because he practiced. That. I said well that's not the stories stories when that -- right that happened before big game. But reportedly happened when he was two years old and happily with two years old that's an and we got down of the body trying to get my -- weapons I'm sure the people and it. -- basket that temple were very very excited about that actually the quote from Paul Palmer played it again and I've -- weapons and I don't think he can. We a lot of baseball to talk we'll get back into it for four and a half hour and then now Walters talk for the rest of the day tickets at 530 for game two will give those away if you -- John -- that's at 530 is well. And then at 6 o'clock -- Maloney stops by for the remainder of the show until 715. And then preceded or pregame show from then on right to love -- -- game time. Just after 8 o'clock tonight I do wanna -- some patriots though we are. A Wednesday in middle of the week thinking about the dolphins here in the midst of this little AFC east stretched. And fortunately for them we're not talking as much about the right now coming up about lost. I know there are those out there and myself included who think it was a bad call or controversial -- certainly that ended up costing them the game at the end it. But I also believe very strongly that they put themselves and at that position that they should not have ever put themselves -- they should be a better team in the jets I think they are better team in the -- right -- are and and they had multiple opportunities to win that game they did not doing Tom Brady has been inaccurate. He has not be in the same Tom Brady that you've come to expect over his career and I don't just mean because he hasn't won every game. OK I mean because he's been inaccurate when I think of Tom Brady two words always come to monitor tuned to rates won -- accuracy to decision making three leadership there's others but one and two are always going to be accuracy and decision making for me when I talk about Tom Brady and I think both. I've been lacking so far this year especially the accuracy. Which is not like -- not -- over to mechanical issue he kind of talked around that today when speaking to the media. But I ticket for a fact if I can't figure out what's wrong with -- Brady I have to ask the next question what the next question why. Also much if he's an accurate and we don't know why. Why are you throwing the ball 46 times in the game and running only twenty when you were averaging four and a half yards per carry well why am I missing here what country. And two answers to answer that okay. One. Tom Brady's throwing the ball so much because whoever it is whether it's Josh McDaniels Tom Brady himself bill ballot -- Tom Brady's teammates say. Like Aqib Talib did as Tom -- a martini Talabani yamana school so he thinks who is it's -- I still Tom Brady. Despite the inaccuracy despite the red -- consistency. He got Tom Brady and your team are used at. I don't ask but nobody's missing I'm not fun when he's let -- -- don't see where it's still Brady is still Brady that's one and then tool. Yeah the other answer is or the other question on to the exit to answer a question with a question. Why does he continue to throw when the running game is viable. So until games this year in these two losses. The running game has been very good. Terms of the numbers you have gotten the production. That you can reasonably expect against your own good tough. AFC defense is the angles and the jets. Maybe you'll go into the jets game saying we won't be able to run that well run the ball all that effectively against them and you surprised yourself. But who cares if the pleasant surprise. By enroll at that your average -- four -- have yards a carry. Against the jets -- -- it. Is that -- gain. I don't I don't that that's the part that's confusing to me muscles so it becomes that type of game why not accepted it you can win that way some -- to. Still when network also -- -- -- -- 61777979837. For patriots fans around whether announcement which opens Stansky -- on whether you agree or not. We win it with me. They're they're Timmy is an issue and I don't think it's like going to cost them every single game I don't think -- disasters team. I think there's a reason that they are five and two with an excellent chance of getting to six and two putting them on pace for twelve wins this year so this is not the patriots stink because Tom -- stinks that is not the argument or the conversation I wanna half. But it is Tom Brady is not playing the way am accustomed to seeing him play and I think you would agree in not just the fact that he's got young receivers although certainly that has. Factored into some of the problems there have been drops etc. but they're also been a lot of missed -- now maybe they stand out more because of the kids and it's making me react differently to -- But regardless they're not completing a high percentage you'd expect less than 50% again on Sunday why are you continuing to throw as much as you are. When the running game has been affected even against a good jets' front three or front seven. They were having success moving the ball so I asked is it to Josh McDaniels thing. And you and I had a good conversation before the show you know this organization as well as anybody and I said to you hey. Is this it became a thing where he's just a one trick pony he can build a dynamic passing offense like Mike marks the different. But he can't do anything else and I thank you very correctly pointed out to being no it's not just. Yeah I mean you look at mcdaniels and -- look at him here. You know what he's done with the patriots so 2006 that's the most apt comparison. People always bring up 2006. When they look it would Tom Brady's current situation is. The -- we all know the names and we'll have to go from again. But he had a very limited receiving corps because a lot lost your top two guys for different reasons one of free agency one -- via trade. So you have those guys they're out Josh McDaniels still. With a limited receivers for Tom Brady. Comes up with a good game plans -- game plans they get to the AFC championship game in loosen the colts next year record setting off its 2007 Wes Welker Randy Moss. Jabar Gaffney. Donte' Stallworth. The next year after that first play -- -- first game of the season first quarter of the season Tom Brady goes down. Here comes your high school quarterback first time started since high school Matt Cassel. And you get you -- you get. Eleven wins out of that team so he's ever gotten -- -- three different offensive or -- it was if he's not a one trick pony wise to becoming one now. That's I guess that's the question and and and maybe I'm just looking for someone to blame because I'm frustrated with what -- watching it doesn't make sense to me. But mcdaniels is the one that's going to be in my eyes because. I I I have to imagine that he he's common sense person. They have Brady looks great you feed the beast and if he doesn't and the running game looks better why you keep throwing the ball 61777979837. Robson swamped. -- wrote an article that Iran -- -- it -- in -- if you're going to connect is as I can tell. -- watched most of the game is not all of them. Well I can see a serious. I agree with sports talk regarding the play calling it not only. A parent think when they should be running but then they're running women should be not -- -- utility -- to a I'm a documents you -- You know field. And overwhelmingly police were right up the middle of the field right into our allies called Islam -- emergency and -- Hardly -- but think about that first you know there are lots of issues with the patriots and I'm not saying you're you're you're toll often questioned in the play calling but that situation. On second and sixteen. You can make the case the most teams are looking for the past relatively. You know what you're trying to do is obviously not union not picking and pick up sixteen yards and a running play. But maybe five or six but so you can make it -- third ten dollar -- but. -- they Tommy offenses talk all the time about peace. About rhythm I remember talking to guys like Matt Hasselbeck -- you guys are worried about all the wrong things for me is a quarterback it's all about the rhythm that I'm able to get into from what I understand play callers can get into the same. Kind of great rhythm when everything's working in their catch in the defense off guard. And they're running when they expect pass and pass and they expect to run throwing deep and a double move when they expect a short out or something along those lines. And they they mcdaniels is just had trouble getting into that rhythm. About 617779798374. Months full wanna get as many of these calls and as possible because although it's a huge Red Sox date this is an issue to me and and and I don't know whether it's just Brady thing whether to Mitch Daniels -- or whether it's something bigger picture than that you guys are on the phone. He'll tell us next rockaholic WE. Mean they're blinded by Bill Belichick Ian eagle mean yak pack and in not -- -- in basically election the guy's career right now. In in not bringing in part I mean look at it joining -- it's like it's it's like -- around when anybody gets that talk that Bill Belichick that they never it's eight. Like why he's trying to crush Brady's career right now -- not bringing in great play is important tomorrow around them. We always reality he's probably get three good idea what. Kurt -- call yesterday and -- Lou and found myself frustrated as I was driving in the car and into Jerry Remy is for our roundtable yesterday Michael I just say and I. OK I would be happy to crush him if I felt like. He -- really done something wrong by agreed with -- take that they haven't given -- anything to work with and that they're -- the end of his career and I would be happy to say I think this is a problem I don't think that's true. I think it continue to try to -- always set things up to be able to compete year after year and I think they thought they had some pretty legitimate weapons -- Aaron Hernandez no pun intended. And Rob Gronkowski. Some of the younger. Receivers I -- I think they thought oh man had a team that was going to be very successful I don't think this is the GM issue. What an Danny Amendola as well throw him and Julian Edelman and that -- Danny Amendola and well well the -- -- I even I have to revise some of my earlier thoughts on Amendola and have a combination of -- Abdullah and economic damage on the games and women deliberately meant go to Oregon -- -- -- -- -- Two or three right aren't so and he's played in -- -- each participant. Don't you gain a lot of hard work out so he'll get imply he's well on his way to define 510 -- -- fifteen it'll be you know things regardless Michael jokes about my idiocy aside and there are many and they are plentiful. I don't think that's the issue. How the team and an offense -- capable of much more success than we've seen so far. Now so but the process some of it is a learning experience for the young receivers you'll continue to get better and by the way how. Continue to get better over the course of the season. But some of it is -- damp ball some of that is you're having success moving it on the ground but why are you running why why are you running it at some of that is also. And I know this is sacrilege Tom Brady he's well -- look the same throwing the ball as he has in the past. This is this is the question I have I think it's a great conversation and and that the caller yesterday who said that. I think he has people who agree with them they're people out there who agree with the -- mab is not the majority. Maybe it's not the majority of them but let's say 30% of people was still a worthy conversation what I would ask. The caller from yesterday -- others like him is. Do you want the patriots to be like Denver what you want to do you want the patriots to build their team the way. Peyton Manning has had his team's built over the years great question not and I do not yet. It sounds like. That even Jim Irsay as disrespectful as he was questioning. The guy who put his franchise on the map itself like Jim Irsay is even regretting totally way they've built their fifth grade and I think that's that's what I want. The right question now Edmund Hillary -- on the phone I believe he's the same caller that I heard yesterday Ed was like -- call yesterday. And it's not about running it. You're gonna try to run against the jets corner half yards to carry yet. I don't but it's four yards or not and the chatter right now. Carry the running on them -- -- over it like that I do look at it is not -- work at the doubt that the but the -- that'll pick this -- by. I know a very although I've been to -- right now in the thing is. You won't find people that no real I need to go well I won't make up but right now. Even better on top and make it work out at the below it's on now. Spot killing Brady's career. How was the -- this career I don't understand that part of that. -- -- -- -- there -- the Bill Belichick -- on the line. It kind of ball on one let me see you want what is wrong with you I don't want to lose them as. Ed Ed it has nothing to do I appreciate that that idea -- our president do it if I honestly believed. If I honestly believed that I that he would head screwed up as a general manager and was torching Tom Brady's career I promise you I ask more questions about it. I just don't think that. I think the -- is I. I understand I think what he's tried to do was a general manager I don't think this offense is bad. I think they're being mishandled by an offensive coordinator that has not done a good job of taking it well spring -- and limiting we got fired. Had a party is that Tom Brady has just been -- in accurate -- talk about new receivers are you want there -- some plays had nothing to do with new receivers is just a matter of throwing it accurately to that guy. And he hasn't done it guys running open wide open. On the scene he under throws them or overthrow him and we saw that on Sunday well with the return -- all time even with that there was a play. In India and -- to -- was giving the defensive back credit and home no one employer blog I've garnered -- drew her daughter and her daughter now. What do was is an under thrown ball to him that's -- -- such a great football player they're playing great football player -- football well it you know it -- the National Football League and you say no way. But the other thing is. Do you believe that that do you live at the NFL. It has changed at a point where you can't have balanced teams can you beat Dallas to win championships. In UB. Good on offense get on defense good in the kicking game and win or you have to be. So extreme one way or the other to have to produce a -- argued. How I feel I think balance is key now I think you have to have the quarterback I think if you're balanced that your quarterback is -- with feet. You can be -- well because I can win Arctic and I at Delaware to their dog night quarterback just has to win -- it sounds like correctly from wrong here. But it sounds like your dad and others are saying. Surround Brady would do with the -- Weapon yes to the detriment of other and they don't they don't say to the detriment but that part but what they don't realize is that that will probably come at the detriment of other parts okay. I mean it's LA it's like Peyton Manning went to let -- let's -- given to revisionist history here. John Elway didn't say. Let me surround patent it Peyton Manning with these weapons and then we'll win a championship. No he recruited Peyton Manning. The Marion Thomas was there Eric Decker was there no shot Marino was -- so he had these people in place they already had Ryan Clady the party drafted him. Like -- marriage promise first round pick Ryan Clady top fifteen pick. They have these guys in the and they got Peyton Manning. And it made it all come -- just can't go out and pick apart -- their first run there a top ten guide their talk to god there and then we'll just set records that -- -- Because his -- as they shown this year depth is important may lose the top three guys and your defense need to find ways to fill in form Josh and cargo at. And it didn't take that. It was Brady. You know. But that run into that well. Maybe mr. where the it is every group we -- in. -- and a earlier in the repeatedly gotten it pretty died in the wrong way. We. On the run game but -- it -- it. You know two in Italy so you aren't that. There -- I gotta be honest I don't really think I understand the questions are -- trying to grab one more boats go two up Peter in Portland -- Peter. And how the gun guys today are I'd I'd I'd finally I'm happy that you guys are finally given credit credit are not credit but -- You know demand not Tom Brady -- -- I mean -- completion percentage this year I'd be quote a bit. And I haven't I haven't been out then you come into the -- Right yet as -- C it's the war in terms of completion percentage it's it's the anti if the anti Brady's season it's almost like. There's an impostor that's taken over me he's made some mistakes that we're not used to seeing him make. How -- he's missing some passes that he always makes. There's no question he is completing just so you know he is completing 55. Point 4%. Of his -- of his passes. In doe season of his entire career short of 2000 when he went one of three before ever really coming in -- Was he below 60% -- completion percentage straight out in 1984 war. Straight out of the early Michael Vick cattle I mean this is this is not Tom Brady 55%. The lowest looking here he was sixty point 2% -- three. Sixty point eight in 04 but he's got plenty of seasons 68 point 965. Point seven don't five point 9307. Was 68 point nine -- having their numbers are there a concern right 55 point 4% and you throw the ball 46 times in a close game because I'm sorry man but I don't understand because of the. You're you're talking about what you see right now this season. And I think they're going off of what you were reading from his pro took out. Referenced being out they're not them they're not the same thing right now and I'm not exactly sure how to reconcile all of that six -- 77797937. Up baseball tickets for game two World Series Red Sox and cardinals tomorrow night we'll have those for you coming up an hour and a half at 530 if. Sure will -- we get such great support we had as patriots and I know tonight's exciting night. For the city. In the -- went through cigarettes -- so it's pretty cool and hopefully yeah. Hopefully they'll pull off does thirteenth so you know we've. I would hear wild side got see a lot of Red Sox fans over the years and watched them win a few championships of tonight's. You know I don't think he's for bankers. You don't have to overcome again and that Red Sox had a great years. What they've done. You based on what happened last year shows everybody. What. Fight through adversity is all about -- guys have a lot of mental toughness and it's great indices breaking to watch. Perform you know last place would there -- took -- for listeners. Well based on his recent history this year Michael I'd expect that -- to be about 55%. Accurate. -- man. And I can't struggled can't struggling with her fractions well no slip up it's not that you can't have imperfections I think you can there be a work in progress Tom Brady certainly has this year but. When you do think it's fair to question what's going on I mean you don't get the hall pass forever he's Tom Brady he has. Earned the right to be trusted -- any sort of struggles that he might have as I said I believe he's as good as it gets in the NFL and you know the faith I have in him is enormous but that doesn't mean that he's playing good football right now. Had to sit here and say it's just the young wide receivers or just Belichick for not giving him the right weapons. I think it's not paying attention to or picture Brady has also been inaccurate and Josh McDaniels has not called good games this year. Those two guys need to be looked at the -- meaning it can be fired cut traded or anything like that. But you can still look at them and say why is this team lost some of the games they have -- the offense not somebody needed to look at these two guys who say they're part of the problem. Even if they're also part of the solution. Well you know what what we could be going through his is something very simple and to go back to. May be the first week of the season. No Bill Belichick was talking about how we got -- -- -- on his usual got to coach better we got to. There's got to play better got to think better and we got to run better and walk better and eat solid veteran on and on and on all the all the stuff that he goes through. But at one point he did say. Went when I asked them well giving more specifics when you say you've got to coach better what does that mean and said we have to find out. What the strengths and weaknesses that are. Of -- so maybe. They're still in the process of figuring out. What the -- they are. They have. Right now a little bit of an identity crisis and it hasn't been helped by their injuries I think they were starting to settle in comfortably in to being. A team that was led by their defense at least for the first half this season until the reinforcements arrived and and by that I mean -- and possibly Amendola. But you can't even think of yourself as a he defense a primarily defensive team when you have no will work for the season and yet no mail for the season. Tommy Kelly's gonna be out for a while he had no keep to leave last week. So I think what they're going through with just trying to figure out who are -- That while it that they're struggling -- I think it's a very good point identity crises. Are not are not welcome now better that they happen in the beginning of the season as opposed to late in the year they still have some time in a week in division they should still make the playoffs. But I'm curious to see how the shapes itself and sort itself out let me quickly give -- the lineup for tonight it is out for the Red Sox game one -- Ellsbury in center field leads off Victor -- went right Pedroia at second Ortiz DH is. No surprise Napoli at first Gomes and left field has been suggested. Zander ballparks will actually -- seven moving on up just Stephen Drew is the shortstop. And no Jarrod Saltalamacchia it will be David Ross. Behind the plate for Jon Lester so that is the Red Sox lineup tonight. We have tickets for tomorrow night's game which we will give away an hour from now 530 if you missed any of John -- with us earlier -- -- four also at 530 spoke I thought very well and interestingly about Clay Buchholz and his help. Which he says is okay and yet there's some debate as to win he will start navy game during May be game for. I wonder just how OK he is 61777979837. About touched on in Florida high -- Let's not shown any. Or I'm. We're talking about quote I wouldn't and it -- of the -- better but the big picture. The big picture. That. But I don't treat what is that. I know he picked up aren't cocker. Yeah really not all the -- Very much percent of what we locked -- -- Other acquired through -- now in order. That the item number eighty Belmont. They got it -- you're doing it that quick point I I gotta say I disagree with your point that the defense. Has been the biggest worry. Far from it and in my opinion I know you can't lose. He can't lose that too defensive captains who are the best two players -- defense and feel great about it but I still don't think the defense is a huge concern about your which are pretty point. Agree I -- greedy finally. Career. There have been recruited -- an -- where he -- a wide open. And at the end there receivers. More -- and whatnot but I think -- Danica now there there are not playing or not all that much yeah he. Yeah Charlotte -- and I think we agree is it's not to say Tom Brady's bat but that doesn't mean it can't be. Deserving of some level of the criticism -- there's a blame -- for this offense where is usually would say Tom Brady gets almost none of now all of a sudden that number starts to creep up chosen his car. I GO. Yeah OK yeah got almost you know everything that's probably how valuable that's what was that this team. You might have been my it would be. The team but he would really valuable to the scene with Tom Brady or -- -- and I also believe what -- is that nobody struck at about that they treat you different is anyone -- You know that most important three and 13 in 23 and three. I'm Austrian always done I would say 80% of the time and what was there -- eight and you'd you'd get top. What -- going to carry that in the main reason why. Britney is a. Why aren't looked joke I accept that as a premise -- in this brand emboldened by ten feet. Why is he missed Rob Gronkowski has been another security blanket -- by five to ten -- why's he throwing low and high in over the head and not to talk John when he needs touch or vice Versa I understand that those guys were guys he liked but he's lost -- -- guys he's like before and had no problems continuing to have great years Troy Brown. Eventually was gone and he was fine and and Randy Moss was gone yeah a lot of it was fine -- turn over Google turn over. And and moving on from players saying give by the players has been pretty much the hallmark of the patriots and and you think about it. And it -- it's a number of factors I know who. We all want to find that one think OK what's wrong with that is it this thing to do that and his point about Danny -- head shore is a good one this point about Wes Welker -- ago when. But even when you think about the replacements. Four for both of those guys what do you have you have injuries so the replacement for Danny Amendola. -- she's in the replacement for Wes Welker is Danny Amendola you think OK maybe he's not as good as Welker. But he can step into the gap into -- -- a reasonable job he's not here for you tonight you go to the third guy. And the same thing -- -- -- Danny would head to toe getting what had good player. But we don't necessarily wanna pay him what he's gonna get on the market so we drafted a guy in the second round. To eventually become the next Danny wood and if he stepped in he had a great game against -- Below what happens at certain he breaks his wrist he's out it's -- now you're going to the third option again and not to mention. I -- the patriot don't wanna mention his name but we don't work for the patriots contrary to popular belief we don't work for them. So we've got to mention the name of the guy who was here last year it was a productive player Aaron Hernandez. You can't just say well we're not gonna talk about that anymore they can't. What. Are you crazy you think you can just -- NFL teams the patriots or anybody else can you just lose. Aaron Hernandez Rob Gronkowski Wes Welker. It and it snapped right. Why did I just keep going. And it's so many more than that -- it doesn't matter it's those guys plus you look at it now -- -- Plausible. Plus would that you mentioned plus plus Vince Wilfork plus Tommy Kelly plus Aqib Talib. Plus Jerod -- mean the numbers are really enormous of guys that they have lost so I understand. This is not a team that is being in the that is fully healthy and running on all cylinders and Brady doesn't need any more than his fair share the blame but at the same time. All of those things may be true and if they don't explain in accuracy they don't explain it. Why Josh McDaniels is so hard headed is to say yeah all right I've lost all of those guys but I'm just gonna keep throwing the ball. Even at the expense of our running game that is actually having some success. Both of the things I don't understand six point 77797937. Bryant and that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They I just -- -- critical -- are probably. I I don't know I don't know what the numbers in front of me or not but how -- draft -- Bill Belichick spent over the last you know 23 -- -- four years. That defense this side of the ball under one theory it was his first thirteen or 11 AM ET yeah built missile defense yeah he rebuilt a lot. Exactly exactly so. In an aspect you really shouldn't have to add that many defense of players I mean great to react or cracker it grand old great ones are picking darker. But I think he is actually used a couple of drastic draft -- I'm not think it's a better wide receiver in your help out yet that you just mentioned. Instead use -- or -- -- -- to -- doctor -- I think he's trade fights in particular so you mean take the draft picks -- trade for the guys and don't use an. Per couple under accumulate even Hakeem Nicks he gets free agent after this year he wants morning. He proving that better wide receiver who is very good in played in the clutch. He's got up my my my aren't actually big Brown's inside all of that you're at the agent Josh Gordon. He's just I only one strike away but you don't get to the fire them and army guys try to. Our right now I just don't think it's that important to protect Belichick -- it's done is it's not his thing it's not it's just not his thing we were talking about four. The the average draft position. Of of the receivers that Bill Belichick is taken in the average draft position. Is somewhere in the neighborhood of 135140. Well you know over all the years all the years the head coach after one guy in the first round. A receiver in the first round I was I Cleveland 1994. Derek Alexander Michigan should have known better but. -- and for the most party looks at deposition and he says. Okay those guys are gonna be involved a handful of plays but they're not gonna control the game -- a controlled the game from the defensive side of the ball or. I'll have a quarterback who was good enough. To work with the number of receivers and that's what he's had. And for the most part Tom -- thought Tom Brady's receivers how many guys. If they're they're guys in barber -- right now across America guys with with wood fat stomachs in and and you know. In in. It all kinds of bad issues gonna what the right now who have said. Oh yes. I caught a ball from Tom Brady in the right. You guys have caught the football from Tom Brady who were long retired long gone long forgotten boom boom Freddie -- -- -- that. Bone forming up on and on and tons of guys. In addition to givens and branch. And mosques and -- Welker all -- are absolutely on okay let's talk. You admire -- full agreement there it's not about the wide receivers. So what is it about Brady he spoke today he was asked today about his mechanics and whether or not there's an issue with them that is led to the 55%. Completion rating that he has so far this year by far the lowest of his career a player that's on next them back to baseball soccer -- W media. Our soccer ball at Fenway Park game time 807 tonight it will take until 720 -- Maloney will jump in at 6 o'clock. As we become the pregame show. John Farrell you missed it very. Very interesting comments about Clay Buchholz and Jake Peavy will replay that Korea 530 also then. Right at 530 we will have tickets for game two tomorrow night so 530 tonight to stuff under an hour from -- forty minutes from now we will have tickets for game two tomorrow night it's been listening right here -- 937 WEEI also talking a lot about Tom Brady -- completing 55% of his passes Michael it is not like him he's a 63%. Passer in his career he's way off of that and it's the lowest number you've seen in a while he was asked today down at Foxboro about his mechanics he said this. -- I don't think about ever thrown right -- left it short or long feel that your mechanics are vineyard decision makings they're going to be pit -- You know those are often -- -- -- be so you gotta work on both those things. And then you and hopefully that'll help you. And lead to more completions yet. Well it depends on what the question must. Eight in I can see the question maybe somebody. Kinda danced around the question and -- you know Tom can you talk about your mechanics or how often do you think much of mechanics. As dance around it. Or you get to what you really wanna ask is. Why -- off this year you -- your completion percentages is lower than. What we've come to expect. There's something wrong with you are you hurt. And and I know what I know you know how it goes there to you you asked Tom Brady had about an injury or. Or about him specifically. He won't talk about the injury and he'll find a way to asked to turn the individual question into something about the team. So you won't you won't get the answer. It's a very difficult and it's much like Bill Belichick only nicer. And that's really at the same thing you know they're they're not that different -- my -- nice about it that's about the only difference is much much nicer capitalists opera 61777979837. Mark good year here at W -- -- I think they can make -- -- to pick it up Altman now and the opry under under a bit more. Throw the ball at least you blew it could be you. Up picked up by it. We -- on the ball to run play action passes don't just. Budget to run the ball first in order to set up those play action passes. Part and -- ought to something else but it but it the and I agreed to run the ball a lot -- -- -- not to. They do -- that had some success don't think that's it was so frustrating about the game the other day. On Sunday they were run the ball well for half yards per carry they just stopped doing it. They just decide to keep throwing and throwing and make no mistake look -- -- some success he drove down for the game tying field goal you know a secluded on a map on that drive yet more than enough time to put it in the end zone in they have the ball to start off over time it did -- gets -- it. Both things are not okay those are not Tom Brady when he is being Tom Brady finds a way to win that game on. So you know why this is it you know why this is happening you've got the worst you've got the worst case scenario up everything. On offense with the patriots would take about. All you know about the patriots over the years you've witnessed this the these three championships in this whole Bill Belichick era and you even if he. It is not always warm and Fuzzy during his interviews you've heard him speak enough where you pretty much can -- How he thinks about certain things. So do you think he wants this much turn over at one time. On one side of the ball absolutely not. So if that was the worst case scenario has happened you've had. Tom Brady's struggling to regain his form to get into a rhythm you've -- the projection for ground. How cure what they say about -- practicing when they didn't put them. On the pup list they expected him a week three week four he doesn't play until week seven. Aaron Hernandez situation. Danny Amendola. Getting hurt now. Normally what they want with the rookies any rookies if there is to develop them on their own terms and not. I have to rush them and not have to count on them before they're ready. Yet they had to do that because of the injuries injuries to Shane -- as well. I mean you think about everything that could go wrong on offense. In an accident moved in yet. Their drivers to exactly right. Let me just take -- more -- -- don't go back to some baseball cardinals lineup is out we'll get you that just the second may be one or two surprises in it is well -- on the -- -- -- -- you guys gave great -- -- -- shall make you mad about pay almost three hours three hours away from baseball out senator. Net. They are a lot of talk about Brady just sort -- Yes. You know it's it's kind of obvious to me anyway why he's been effective. Well they're lives -- special at 102030. Yard T. He -- -- like nobody else. And he needs to get a little touch on the ball you know thrown thrown downfield. That put a little locked on -- and in dropped and the guys aren't in. He's just not doing that. And I think he said that he recognize that said it today in his meeting with the media that he did need to throw a little bit more touched. You're right he does but it just -- it that this would come up day in day out week in week out from Brady. Really hasn't been all that -- -- all this year -- let's move on will get back to him on short this conversation is not going anywhere the Red Sox will eventually we're -- and here and the thing is not going to end with Brady -- mcdaniels Belichick and wide receivers but out cardinals' lineup is out as well now Michael looks like this Matt carpenter leads off at second base. Beltran in right field Holliday -- left -- Craig does DH he is re activated from DL he is the DH in its fourth. Yadier Molina hit fifth catching David freezes at third base Matt Adams the big Fella at first it in center field and batting eighth. Will be Shane Robinson now I think that there's an expectation might be John. Is the shortstop for the Red Sox Ellsbury victory and a Pedroia Ortiz Napoli Gomes Bogart's now hitting seventh. Stephen Drew is the shortstop and David Ross will once again catch for John -- Are now you you were saying before you get a little worried your little worried about opponents. Just before the series -- and -- I'm I didn't -- so worried about Detroit. Until it was -- to stemming outward about -- I'm sensing yeah. That your little worried about the Saint Louis car. I'm very worried about the same most cardinals you don't -- the sense that I will Sayed Al -- I am very worried about this St. Louis Cardinals team now some of that I would need to you is -- lack of familiarity and I am easily convinced. Of another team's greatness when I am not that familiar with them because I hate the idea of thinking somebody stinks because I don't know that much about it. That being said that there's a couple of players on this team at to have be good and frightened tell you are well what it means what appeared just a minute we do that I was gonna say. When the Red Sox win this game tonight yeah. Don't come in tomorrow saying they're gonna sweep the car I will not do that I don't is going to be -- -- when tonight or not are I think this will be longer than a four game series but I am unwilling to make a prediction yet it's alcoholic W --

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