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Salk and Holley's Four at Four World Series Edition- 10/23/13

Oct 23, 2013|

We tackle four world series related topics that didn't make today's show rundown.

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-- now our Silicon Valley school. -- roller board or the four. Fun cleaning. Mean. Well we solved it currently. On radio WE. Our fourth or brought to you by Marvin windows -- young men what do we have today's that are. Today the MBA approved a 22111. Format for the NBA finals the NHL -- uses that format for the Stanley Cup. Should the MOB follow suit and get rid of the 232. Sure Simon and debate him this this for. This is from another era we have we have stepped into the 21 century we are well into the 21 our technology. Is so advanced and you think about this this is from this is from yesteryear speaks perfect sense to -- this -- don't travel. These guys don't they don't really travel you don't want of these flights now you -- well if you if you know what happens -- -- if yesterday. You're one of these team flights. It is unlike anything else they don't know that they don't say hey ladies and gentlemen make sure your tray tables were up for take off. They don't go for all the safety instructions they don't Patrick -- and I don't give. They're two hours ahead of time now. Nattering thirtieth hit it that that they don't make you turn off your I pod for no reason before you take off the food is plentiful but why and it's -- -- -- you'll walk around it could be in the bathroom read before landing. Let's say it's this fine. Get rid of that format what happen to agree to do one on one is a more fair format try to put little bit more the advantage. To the home team that in theory has deserved that now the one difference is. In basketball and in hockey the home team really has deserved it they have earned a home field advantage by being the best team in that case. Home court -- home ice advantage by being the best team in the regular season. The Red Sox have home field advantage because they're all star team beat the National League all star team and before that if you hate all star thing which I don't -- -- Thought it was just. Based on a random years even number -- is odd numbered years so. 232 does even that out a little bit I guess sometimes you can have that cross country thing which makes it a little bit more fair. I like 221 on one better probably the big deal. -- Yes we are Michael last 25 years. What has been the best individual performance you've seen in a World Series. The man's name is Jack -- as we saw him in Detroit. Jack Morris the man who means what he says and says what he means he has a ranch out in Montana or Wyoming somewhere. You can see Jack Morris. How -- -- tobacco. Out in the field all by himself. With the with this year is doing -- thing -- dark horse a management. Patterns. Ten shutout innings in game 71991. Braves twins it was the third time he pitched in that series he shut him down he. Is responsible. For their World Series title the last World Series title and in terms of the one moment like that one performance and Kirk Gibson is so high analysts took that home run Joseph Carter his home run. Both so dramatic. You know -- who as much and I find him and knowing you've got to give a lot of credit to Brian Wilson. Couple years ago with the giants and and last year Sergio Romo sort of taken over that element there been so many chuck Morse is an easy one part desperate. Excluding the Red Sox wins in 2004 and 2007 what was your favorite World Series as a whole. While. You know what it would have to go back so far. I still think that Rangers cardinals series it was something about it. Something about the imperfection. Involved in the you've talked before it's all about. Ron Washington some of the mistakes that he's made as a manager that's fine he made mistakes that series Tony La Russa made mistakes in punitive fit. He was called -- -- and was asked for one guy and they brought out another guy phoned in -- -- weapons just in terms of entertainment value in drama in this script. Yeah Rangers cardinals won eleven great great don't wanna have to disagree. If you want everything but that game six made it the best one city take the Red Sox won that in game six of that series the best single baseball game I have watched. Since one of the old four ALCS games maybe early and drive and then game I remember I was supposed to come in the next day I do much shown Seattle it was supposed to fill in for Doug -- that thing in the network. And Doug came back. He was on vacation like I don't know I've got to come back here and I wanna be in here for that day. And I've never been more upset. Not to work that I want like I was its man I was jumping up and down excited just to go in and have three extra hours to talk about I like my game because they were so many ins and outs and interesting questions and it was everything baseball can and should be. Best single here's my -- and so are here's the only problem with that series and still I government put it up there but the only problem with it is game seven it was a -- -- if that happens but index was so -- it didn't matter and that the first six game terminal -- New York Times legitimately use it okay well the Texas Rangers are bound to win the World Series -- to -- -- happen -- Nelson -- -- happen. No love for 2001 yankees Diamondbacks -- -- -- I -- look there's a bunch of on the you can put in their -- three I think was good but I know with. Unable to make what you saw Corey proved too great to be who was grieving with whom against some episodes and -- some friends do. -- 2003 I was unable to watch it was still too painful too soon -- -- I did not watch a single pitch of the 2000 and it found about telling you last -- is not very good merely noted this -- -- -- Philadelphia. Philadelphia area that was through the how many rent out your primary custody like a hundred double digit utility you -- ninth sucked as well that wasn't a great one now. Hello and think this kind of ties into the second question but outside of Red Sox World Series moments what is the most memorable World Series moment. Leaving Joseph Carter. -- -- 1993 -- Gibson gave yes oh happy jays. Joseph if Gibson did not -- legacy is sent a message to the mighty oak remains. That is going to be a real series against the Dodgers you look back I think Kirk Gibson was the MVP of the National League -- here and you look at his numbers. Not to abruptly at 25 -- -- if not nothing special. That team couldn't hit that team that team pitched -- how out of the baseball but not an impressive lineup. In Oakland. Did they have everybody's so I think that sent a message. But -- Carter won the World Series they went back to back World Series. -- -- -- To wolf in two strikes on. Here's a good job the way you swing and okay. Good. It's. Is every. World Series champion. If I didn't like the blue jays I don't care that would pay us what that moment still asserting it candidate children at a new NBC Joseph Carter. Leaping around the bases the boyish smile and a straight. To me that's that's clearly -- I don't know Kirk Gibson to me is growing number one Joseph Carter is definitely on the list I mean. I remember a whole lot of me bring up that game six the ball -- home by Nelson Cruz in the outfield is a moment that's gonna stay with me. I -- the earthquake I don't what's an actual play but but just watching on TV as there was an earthquake and that was. Surreal to watch. A couple of final Luis Gonzales hit 2001 and -- a bunch of -- McConnell certainly got out I know with the fact that it beat Mariano Rivera -- know he's great at the time little flew by and go Kirk Gibson number one. Ben how about young then how about a night Kirby -- it would back grab at the wall as it. Gets up there but that could have done a lot of them. -- -- -- when you don't his Lyons here's one we left off. And and of course new York and yet but you would be all over that's when. Most your greatest individual warped World Series performance -- did not mention Reggie Jackson hit three home runs. Off three different pitcher. I know one that Europe and you'll -- He's -- in the. -- apparently right on we're. Blogs are right to our hogs on the horse riding on stadium much worse trouble Brosius and Jeter getting the union Cameron back to back games that was pretty lame. Therefore those were brought -- those 300 or more now sorry about that. I thought I thought we want more to go I was excited about another World Series I would just -- there aren't caught up in World Series moments -- made it will be a memorable you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- Florida what do you have the Red Sox one think has their -- the Red Sox World Series to that they've won their. We're not all that dramatic and then when I think of the dramatic moments from all for the end is certainly right up -- I guess it's a more from the ALCS Semitic issue was it soup and falling over rounding third -- in those trying to send them and yet kind of confusing and a Ortiz having the room out of you know her base but you -- -- I don't think -- great moments from. Those I've seen I've seen a lot of cardinal Smart and Bobby killed these home run for a lot of cardinals fans walking by here. Today if you want to play to a cardinals' ground for memorable World Series moment on deck and all but they were really. They they had that was stolen from them doubles in world -- you look at mistakes like that. How is they're not. Even with that. Okay all right Mike Napoli but Mike apparently wanted to keep keep we keep -- and what to language now now that's ridiculous anyway. What -- language get out of here. Got a little view a little glimpse into Michael Holley at home talking with kids in about five years along and I did our province and watch your language is. Guy it has taken Mike Napoli bearden you've got himself low confidence here but if you if you look at that call. And how blatant it was and how they got it wrong and it cost eighteen in World Series game and that was in 1985 I believe. Should not have replay. In 2013. At critical moments like that operating out widely heard dogs book two years ago. Hey you're missing a great game or something like that and he said the book that he he if you've been thinking quicker. He would have taken his team off the field in forced. And forced to replay system at that time like I'm not going back on it that you'd you'd think the commissioner did at the time -- Peter Ueberroth giving Peter -- what does it okay. You don't bring your appeal if you -- your team back to the field. You will forfeit a World Series game five I don't that you would have done so he said that's what he should have done to force his hand. I have to tobacco -- -- devastating what you mean that have a victory taken away I don't have a seven year rolls around I don't I don't remember it in at the time all that well that's like the first World Series I remember -- 8485. A little bit and then by 86 I feel like my -- -- pretty good idea now I know thankfully I am so glad. I got to remember each and every moment of the -- the misery that was 1986 but unfortunately I do or at least I feel like I do that talked about it so many times since we will be talking a lot or baseball today rob Bradford steps in around 5 o'clock tickets. For tonight's game if you wanna win. 530 in the oval replay John Ferrell who talked quite a bit about about Clay Buchholz today I looked up for tomorrow -- game for game -- to the tickets -- for tomorrow night's game game to start with a clear. We also -- John Farrell. Oriented just to just to be even clearer. 530 today yes you have the opportunity to win and but the game but the tickets are for tomorrow yes today you can win tickets for tomorrow -- apologize -- that's confusing I also wanna come back here Michael to where we were few minutes ago talking about Tom Brady. And when you bring up his completion percentage you repeat that stand out. 55 point 4%. That's the number that's the percentage of passes Tom Brady is completing this year he's never been anywhere close to that this is by far the worst of his Greece had multiple games. Under 50% which just does not happen in 2013 two good quarterbacks let alone the one of the two or three best quarterback in the game. So what the heck is going on what Tom Brady. Some of it is clearly the receivers they've dropped passes and my guess is if you add back in a normal percentage of drops. You know I mean not every one of them because every team's gonna -- -- but if you were to make them somewhere in the league average instead of the worst in the league. Number would rise and maybe it would start to creep towards 60%. But he still has not been Tom Brady this is not been 65%. Passing like we've seen for -- in his career 63 and a half percent he's way off of that. What's going on with him I think it an -- anything it and there. Have been times this year where he has been Tom Brady yes a couple weeks ago we're talking about. Tom Brady how amazing he was. Down the stretch against against the the saints now granite. He did force one to Julian element that was intercepted and we all thought that was the game I know I thought it was game speak for myself it's. But when it mattered he was able to march detained on the field even -- perfect in three perfect pass to Kimbrough Tompkins and back in the end zone that to get the victory. There and that -- aren't even in that game he was a 50% passer and it's Craig you look at just about -- the numbers by game. 55 point eight. 48 point seven great against Tampa Bay 69 point four great against Atlanta 64 and a half and then 47 point 458 point one and 47 point eight. It only two games has he been above 60% passing. That is not Tom Brady. So what is going on with him eight it's it's we've seen the blame what we've seen the frustration -- and it's not just in the one game against the jets we saw this Sunday. Right near the end of the game really upset with Dobson after the back shoulder throw and then proceeded to take the next two or three balls and throw them nowhere near anybody right. What is going on with Tom Brady he said today. It's not really the mechanics but he was very elusive and giving an answer he was grasping at his finger a little bit moving around could be an injury to his right hand. May be but if any of those things are true. What's up -- Josh McDaniels why are you throwing the ball so often if it's no longer as effectively threw the ball. And for an average of about five yards per thorough against the jets they ran the ball for -- And yet if heroic forty. 46 times and run it twenty. I'm very confused and as much as ever wants to focus on the bad call a controversial call at the end. And it's fair to it really is a tough fair thing to -- -- -- -- -- -- up to what his damned they're two are pretty sure doesn't Tom Brady. Need to be looked at all the. All the criticism if I think it's fair when you talk about what that some of the decisions that they've made these games and I wonder if he's just the way they view themselves. I thought about that the Cincinnati game where Cincinnati I think was very comfortable you know they've got them I like AJ green who's better than anybody who's on the patriots. They've got a guy like that they say at times if we need to win this game by running it forty times a controlling the clock and winning. A thirteen to six will do. And they committed to it. As evidenced by the 39 -- price with the patriots in that game they ran it eighteen to. On Sunday against the jets they randomly around 1920 times. Why don't they why don't they think. That they can play in these type of games they can't I can't answer they can UK and you can play it. There's not a -- matters not one team in the AFC with all respect. To the Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs in Cincinnati and the jets that the two teams that have beaten the patriots who have. Drama classes -- there's not a team. In the AFC. That is so dominant. That the patriots can't play with them can't run on them can't stop that. -- -- this on what is going on with this offense and and I don't wanna hear it's just a wide receivers over and over again it's beyond that. And it's gonna approve it already has improved we've seen them get better throughout the course of the season and I don't think that this team is gonna go from being five and two to all the sudden losing 45 straight dropping out of it. But Tom Brady does not look like Tom Brady and Josh McDaniels part of the problem 617779. Stupid things 7937 which go to Mike in Nashua high much. They got that particular call. Wanted to comment on Brady's accuracy and and I think. It directly related to the -- receiving -- not. Not really what you're saying. Let me explain a little bit -- I mean I think in general we all see that he's got a new receiver -- and they're not in -- they're not jelled yet. And what -- when I pointed -- bit. Backed -- ultimately affect Brady's confidence. And he's document have the competence of Larry on the ball and on the -- like he wants how are you get a -- ball sailing you're gonna keep all that. Don't look like Tom Brady out there and it's a direct result. Of this you're receiving markets even if not directly related to just drop all the things of that nature. Food you buy that Michael. I gotta be honest I think it's a good theory but I don't -- mattered -- I'm sorry man it's not it's nothing personal I just don't buy it. Well not contradicted his receivers that he's not throwing them in your attempt to some extent. I I think that he -- -- got colder -- going to be. And -- in general it just it. What are right in front by -- and her problem when they're right from a -- a couple of times in the last couple weeks I can think of touchdowns. The plays that should have been touchdowns where he's under thrown the guy OK so on Sunday it was grown. He knows he knows -- clock registered practicing hasn't there hasn't just been Dobson and pumpkin yet been wrong and then how about somebody in emboldened a couple of times and -- him badly and went below one yeah I mean the end and one of the you don't have game that you -- there -- and -- throws that one quarter accurate and I want cornered and everybody thought you know other -- up over on that side of the table 6177797937. It is salt -- talk of football talk -- pitchers -- -- Brady and mcdaniels. A W media.

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