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John Farrell previews Game 1 of the World Series with Salk and Holley

Oct 23, 2013|

John Farrell answers the questions that are on all our minds leading up to Game 1 of the World Series.

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Both salt and all includes John Ferrell right now as it does every Wednesday at this time he's always brought you by our -- insurance town fair tire. And Anderson that windows John here we are you get your. -- World Series sweatshirt on I don't know if you've been outside the autopsy yet to arrive. At some point to the park and you get here early today but just -- -- the energy the buzz outside Mike Wallace or off the show by talking about it it is not like anything we've seen so far this season how much of that you get to say. Well we feel on. Feel good just with the magnitude of the workouts and and the number of media that might increase trumps you know divisional series to ALCS two now. Where we are in the World Series so we we see it on the inside -- we certainly don't get the polls outside the ballpark that you might given hourly everybody gets to the ballpark but still. When you come together and spring training this is what you have your sites set for him and we're fortunate that we've got a very good team that is taken us here. We'll talk about this matchup in the second but I remember when you guys went on Saturdays they're gonna savor this for 24 hours before we start. Prepping for the cardinals that's when asked you about game six going into that game what your feeling was about it. Did you have any sense and he can say it now he did any sense that it was gonna and that night. Well I think -- hopeful. And certainly coming back home that that's the feeling that we have coming back home knowing that we had to win one of two. We were very confident that the way the guys have responded here even games were you know we've been shut down in the first 56 innings. As was panicking as was the case and a couple of those ball games the last series. But there -- there was an overriding feeling like you know what that this is gonna happen we we're know we're gonna have to grind it out we're going up against the Cy Young award winner and likely to be -- insurers -- The way he got off to the start that he did was pretty reminiscent of game two but at the same time we we spent a lot of time breaking down his start in game two. And we looked at the total number of not only strikes have been -- -- -- his fastball he he probably threw more strikes in this fast ball game two than the and I think it any other time during the course of the season. Why you tip your hat to a great performance we felt like it's going to be very different and difficult. To reproduce or duplicate that outing so. Not to say that we took -- confidence from a -- we kind of put that and it's proper perspective saying you know he was dominant might have been -- the star of all year. Fortunately victory Roger Simon where we're sitting here they get ready for the -- surged with. Miguel Cabrera and then just a few more -- -- start focusing much more we haven't -- -- since last Wednesday with Cabrera obviously he wasn't up to as usual standard is not feel it's got the injury that he was dealing with how much. Did you guys factor that into the way you pitched enemy handled him in this year's. Well you it was clear that you know as we did our prep work from what we saw during the regular season and then what transpired throughout the course of the post season particularly in a divisional series against Oakland there was a pretty clear cut path. On how they pissed him we we studied that. Put. Even though you've gotten maybe some not -- -- an -- but if you've -- it's kind of a plan that you feel confident he stuck to what Mexican when we didn't. He drives a ball the ball park it's a double a central gap for me -- mean still you had to make quality pitches in three different times. -- came in with the game on the line and did a great job and in matching up with them you have a conversation with -- before and this is this is a role that we see for you -- we try to pump them up but I know something about your stuff. That will work perfectly against Miguel Cabrera you know what right as we get through September and we started to rebuild his confidence because it was shaken a little bit in September you know yet some outings where things didn't go quite as. Had been the case early in the season and we started. A couple of bouts of time to give him and get him out about 1 inning I am probably made a mistake in Baltimore by sending him back out because he. Have you got through the inning and about eight or nine pitches sent back out because of a matchup didn't quite worked out well. And just realize that hey you know what when he comes and what that adrenaline flowing. Let's capitalize on that a lot of times relievers when they come off after the third out they'll shut it down and that's been the case with. With with -- but little by little we started to gain a little confidence or he did himself -- when he was pitching. And then in the in their lineup it was very clear that Torre how honored he were two guys that we were targeting him and each time they rolled around he did a great job with them. Were you surprised when Jim Leland said. These are coming back next year or board did you had you heard among. Managerial circles that this could be last year no Michael I was completely surprised and -- his press conference to to know that or to have as he revealed that this was something that he said back I think on September 7 was a date which he gave. That was a shock one because. You know you you look across a field you see this that the state of given club in the and they are very strong team. Obviously had a lot of success recently in over a period of time. And then to know that this was already stated. Back that date that they that if of those three people that knew. Obviously they did a great job of keeping it to themselves. And then he even -- on Sunday the day after not knowing what he told his team after the final game here on Saturday night. You know cinema text messages congratulating him and we reached trader at a couple back and forth and still nothing about Clinton. That's why it was even more surprised when it was announced and you know what you -- you tip your hat to a great career. And likely often monitor. Franklin Morales we've had a lot of conversations with him are about him on the show last couple of days. You went to him early in the game when Buchholz seem to be tiring in game six. He did not have his command obviously that day. I was more curious about the -- -- and thought process leading into it for the most part in that spot that you had gone to the resolute as our combo what was different in games. You know where we were making thinking that we were one run game. And you the last one run game that -- imposed Lackey situation where it that was in the seventh inning and we are an inning earlier. And what Franklin really start to emerge over the last 67 weeks of the season was his ability to -- get a strike out in the key spot with men on base. It didn't work out that night so where we were to lineup up against fielder left in her wanting Martinez to hit from the right side of the plate he was the got to go to. If we felt that that was in my money got to go through it didn't work out obviously with the big debate sit following the the four pitch walk. What I was careful not to go to Breslow because of we got into an extended situation in the you know extra innings and you always have to kind of balance that out a little bit. That was the reason. For -- -- situation -- obviously comes and goes back on the job. But as it turned out when they put Kelly in left field for Peralta Bennett gave it a run of 45 left handed hitters in a row. And it just fortunately worked out where Bristol sitting there waiting to go right through that part of the order. More often than not I don't have ulcers but Morales gets me officers at times I don't have the manager. Now Purdue. For a year ago. What have you seen from him because that's the -- the control issues -- -- Andrew Miller is the same thing when he's on he's really. Dominant that it times if you can lose and an instant where have you seen -- -- grow in that department because that thing. It's no secret that they control has been an issue. Overtime has put it -- -- a -- referring back to that 67 week period when you finally regained his arm strength where he'd been battling some arm issues really coming out of spring training things started to turn a corner form. -- he regain the velocity regained. More consistent strike strike throwing ability throughout the course of that last part of the season as a mentioned. Yet the environment the setting. You know the meaning to each pitches is heightened in the in the post season and but get coming off a clean inning and what she pitched over Detroit. You know three days prior felt like one who has -- and obviously and to leave at least got his feet wet in this series and was. No had faced that the hitters that he was stepping in the box of are stepping on -- mound to face that night and you'll want unfortunate to work. You say your roster now offer the World Series we've got your final 25 guys and you've -- your pitching rotation for the first two games. Is there hesitancy to set it for games three and four as of now. No I have some you know as a mentioned yesterday peavy and and the host of the children Saint Louis were still working through which which they each guy won't go. And I know there's been a lot of buzz on Claes physical no conditional where's yeah what what's taken place the last couple starts. Yeah he's he's ready to go and he will start. Are there any restrictions. On Buchholz because you start to tire in the last a couple starts. Router on the same time you know Michael at the game will dictate the restrictions you know we don't go in with a hard fast number that he's capable of four or anything along those lines you know the one thing we have seen you know the wind when he started to its attire it -- happen relatively quick. So that's what we have to remain aware of and if it's in and around that same timeframe -- of giving game it's going to be depend on how many pitches he throws in the stressed although so. You know what -- -- that he he's ready to start this weekend it's a healthy. Is he healthy out and if you wasn't healthy it was to the point of a detriment. He either current or long term we knew we wouldn't even hesitate we we pull the plug on going another direction but. Yeah he's he's raised our. We talked earlier about Jon Lester he'll be your game one starter tonight it doesn't happen much anymore but is he capable. Of throwing games 14 and seven if need be seen that kind of great debate particularly is viewed as you look at the the cardinals in which replying and you know what -- they've shown to be more productive against right handed starters are right hander pitching in general. So -- believe -- is does that tempt us. To go home games one for an seven but he noted you looking at it I'll tell you that's looking at a when you bring back starters this late in the year on short rest in the post season hasn't worked out all that well so you don't know. We don't we don't know I mean -- were set to go through the first four starts we know that but you know that's where we've got a couple left handers -- left handed them a bullpen. That if we feel like there's a better match up by piecing -- together with some lefties we may look to do that. But right now I wouldn't say that we -- looking to bring John back on short rest. You said Jake and clay gonna pitching games 34 just got short order. Is going to be what -- the what's the consideration on who's three and who's. Probably you'll both guys are aware that you know that. -- -- mostly undecided who -- on December which they they they both know we're gonna start and I and I think that we take we might take a look and see how tomorrow night goes to see where the better matchup. Because that one of them. Has the potential coming back a second time. Is so that that's got -- were looking at right now. This cardinal team looks good. And I -- you know we just start to look there and I know you -- watching video on them and preparing yourself for the -- seem at least to our eyes like a more complete team than either of the two that you faced previously. And the guy that stands out almost the difference makers Yadier Molina you guys like to run you've had a lot of success running what does he do to change game. Well he he's he clearly controls a game for them from a game calling standpoint to the ability to catch and throw with the efficiency in which he does. I'm sure you know in the nationally he's probably at the reputation of you know -- going to bother don't even don't even attempt. But in combination with his throwing skills the pitcher's -- good job of -- in baseball in in in the short amount of time to. Limit the opportunities. As well but that this is a very good team you know they they they -- or second in terms of batting average from -- -- position. Their first -- some fifty plus points above us. So you don't they do a great job of staying inside the baseball what I mean by that is used in center field to the right center field approach. With their right handed hitters to left handers can do the same in the opposite way the senator left senator. And it just allows from the tracked the ball and make very good contact their. They're fundamentally sound they're gonna run the bases even another base stealing might not reflect up -- run the bases aggressively. They play very good defense on the infield in and their pitching you know youthful as it might be on the whole. Extremely talent. Wanna give back and ask you -- to pitching in the second but the Molina question -- something else for me -- I look at the American League and that the best catcher from my untrained guy it it defensively is readers where does. Where does readers how does Molina matchup with leaders. -- -- as far as they're they're casting their throw I think they're very similar when you have guys that threw throw out forty either 45 to 50% of the base runners you know you're there there are trying to set the bar. And there's a probably a pretty big drop off the guys behind them so. That being said that they compare very favorably so where we have some familiarity with leaders we don't with yadier. On field. Experience or familiarity so. You know that's why we've got to be calculated. And we've got those continue to do our homework. To identify possible opportunities to not only take tiny feet but look to to steal by got right. Did you feel confident that we have enough of the report that. Oral scouting report on Michael -- I -- had a great post season run. And he's a young guy hadn't and that the body of work is not that large but what we've seen is is pretty incredible. It's really incredible considering you don't have fourteen months ago this guys on the campus of Texas a and M. And now he's gone through the post season as good as anybody that you know his pitch this offseason and we've just come through starters and in Detroit. That you'll historically -- set the bar as a group that this guy has been no less dominant today you think you've figured what's the point four ERA in three starts he's made. But the thing that stands out as the number of young guys that they have to take to mount a lot of confidence. They have a lot of physical abilities to back up or give -- -- conference in and walk is no different but you can also look at Martinez seekers. Rosenthal Miller you know. The list goes on and on and we were gonna get power stuff thrown on us and guys that are not afraid to throw Walton play. Does that change your game plan at all minute against trade talked about being patient and and knowing that even if you got down into a hole early you might be able to bounce back late in the game this bullpen seemed better than Detroit to talk about your team being aggressive. Alex Avila throw -- like 17% of base runners just -- here is about 45%. How much does how much do you need to change your game plan for the team -- playing or you just do what you do. Well what we can't do is gonna say you know what we've got to change how we've done things all year that would send the absolute wrong message to our players. Oh we have shown the ability to adjust within Saudi given game and that's a testament to that awareness in the smarts. In the baseball players quote unquote that we have they're they're gamers today the played to the game situation that's going to be very similar to the series that as we projected or anticipated so. We we can't take away from our strengths and that is to grind out about will be relentless in the batter's box. But if we need to swing -- -- early in the count we've shown the ability to do that against pitchers that have attacked the strike zone throw a lot of early strikes and given -- back. We're asked about a lot of players and your team I think the most popular question in the last couple weeks -- week and a half has been. What happened with Daniel Nava -- Jonny Gomes. Essentially take the job full time. Nothing's -- Daniel Nava an -- to his credit you know as we as he and I have had. A couple of really candid conversations. He understands it and -- and what that it is is that here's a guy that's you don't hit 290 plus or or 300 for the most part of the year. In and all of a sudden you know against right handers he's not a lineup. If and as -- instruments and hey if this is a regular season and you were playing in these situations. I would completely understand why the red flag would go up. But at the same time I said there to me that there's some things -- some momentum there's some intangibles things that we can't qualify we can't put a number on the and that's not to be. Disrespectful to -- on anyway but. I look at the six game to Jonny Gomes started and that. He's not the played every single time and people out there might -- listen the same and this guy has lost his losses gore here coming up to that that this reasoning. But the -- six and there were six and only games in which he started he gives us a presence gives us. A different attitude on the field. -- and whether that rubs off on all the guys to give them confidence. But I tell you at the proof is in the -- that when we've scored multiple runs inside of a given inning he's right in the middle of it ends he's an exceptional base runner. He is. The and on denying he will in the box and on the field much like Dustin Pedroia and if that's the intangible that I'm referring to -- so be it. But we we can't step away from the way we played and he's been starting on its okay to a committee drive -- crazy and exits on the bench for the entirety of the nine minutes and I know we don't you really doesn't he really doesn't but I tell you what what is that a lot of we we are able to do more readily take advantage of those intangibles rather than he's sitting back and not being. In between alliance and again I don't want that to be you know degrading today in a nominee anyway because I think when we get over Saint Louis we play in a bigger outfield -- -- stimulus field. Well speaking of value are gonna have to play three games there which means you gonna have to make a decision at first base with David Ortiz and Mike Napoli how will you make that decision do you have a sense what you will do yet. Yeah you know when we go up against Lance Lynn and Kelly. That there's more pronounced left right splits with those two guys as there is with Wainwright. And walker so. You know David is certainly going to be on the field one if not two of those games at first base. -- there's this is no matter preserving energy -- preserving. You know durability. Who we we've got seven games left potentially and and -- won't mix and match and put the best guys in position to succeed that we hopefully camp. Is it a is that a pain to deal with when you and you build your team a certain way American League team with the DH. Going to a nationally situation where you have to take either David Ortiz or Mike Napoli out. It's not a pain EP you'd prefer not to take your 45 holes that are on the line up. But you know the I was even ask a question of the day do you heard it for a one game thing do you put Napoli behind a plate with what we're not going to be that we we would be shifting away away from anything we ever did during the regular season. But unfortunately one of those two guys gonna have to sit -- in a pinch hit role. Until they take the field whether it's -- replacing David the late inning defensive replacement. But still that unfortunately we've got the the best DH and history of the game that. In one of those if not two. He's going to be limited to pension -- This -- and one more trick question is thought of it mentions in -- -- victory and always in such a slump. Before that Grand Slam than it ever cross your mind to pension plan. Yet did. And thankfully I didn't do anything. I'll be quite Austin because they're the number conversations at Torrey and I have throughout the course of the game -- we get down late situations. Where you've got guys at your disposal. You know it ends. The thing about it is a win when we get into bases loaded situation I personally take the whole recent history out of the mix. Because that astronomer I was forced to throw the ball over the plate you're probably not gonna get guys chasing as much. And fortunately personal curveball that the third one in the sequence data metal plating indelible part. So who we're gonna go what I was thinking -- right there but. You -- -- sometimes you're better off to stay in that Callaway and let them go play. Keeper wood at a Grand Slam to you would have been -- in a way right talk to me quickly I know you gotta run but we got to -- quickly about the kids in a ball Arty he is such fun to watch. At least for me I do enjoy watching him hit I enjoy the patient the poise. What are the characteristics that stand out to you in and have allowed him. As a as a kid his age to do what he's done so far. You know -- probably the things that you just described an end. The thing that stands out to all of us today and the coaches and everybody in uniform there's been a number of situations where he's been in the 32 count. Because of visibility and it would stay disciplined at the plate. And I've been on three occasions in this post season where he stepped out of box called timeout. And almost three groups so his presence of mind in those moments to regain that emotional control we talk about. Steps back in a box -- take a borderline pitch for for a ball for an NBA again it in the midst of of building an inning and just to see the the pulse rate stayed so calm. The smile on his face he never it never leaves and sold it if he's anxious which I'm sure he is hope he does one heck of a job of hiding. While it's been a lot of fun watching him watch in this team and as we said the energy here tonight. Fantastic for game one at John -- always brought you by -- insurance town fair tire and Andersen windows. We'll talk to you next Wednesday I don't know what all of occurred by them I mean you guys. Could be in a completely different states you maybe get ready for vacation that you may be still a little thanks and next Wednesday we will talk again we'll look forward to. Yeah for sure look forward to it as well and you're right I think the the energy in this ballpark as we've seen and won the thing that our our guys thrive off of and what we felt was important to you don't gain and maintain home field advantage -- -- certainly played out we're hopeful that happens in the series are they go there is that Red Sox manager John -- most important thing he said that neck sultan Ali at Fenway on WE yeah.

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