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David Ortiz joins Salk and Holley to preview Game 1

Oct 23, 2013|

Ortiz live from the dugout at Fenway Park previews Game 1 and looks back to the ALCS.

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Get some of those some of that information for you before we do though we have David Ortiz and unfortunately gonna cut you off for him. David Ortiz joins us right now from the field in the dugout at Fenway Park David how are we have him. I'm doing good you guys on our -- a great -- get excited for baseball that's about three hours away Korea. Right now. You know when we were we were talking earlier with John -- -- -- he was going justice skip ahead in before we ask you about the first game tonight let's skip ahead to game three of four. We were talking about the plant in Saint Louis and he said you're going to be in at least two of those games. You know what's it -- -- transition like for you going from DH in the American League to nationally first baseman. Well -- on. The kind of that is out there every day we're. Some good ideas of other things that I wanna do when I'm out there you know. Good communication we have Pedroia and the -- the guys you know and tried not to be under way. Surgical -- territory in go from there not to do too much. How are you seeing the ball right now David. I don't know originally there. A -- -- pitching staff was obviously very tough they were tough on you a couple hits in the series obviously one of them is the really really big Grand Slam in game two of but he seemed a little in between at times how will things change with the Saint Louis staff. Where maybe you're even less familiar with that. Well I can tell you -- and Detroit series. I feel like. I assume some accuse some Muslims -- there -- regret that we hit it right people. Not that I can doable that someone that kinda got me out. And but I I. I was happy enough but -- or however is that people -- always quick Q and and and -- is where everything that was on who's doing some balls and got a lot you know I'm not gonna get myself -- night I know what I need to be when it goes on some event. Not everything going to be great news and happiness you know you go to Iowa you can go. All 470 in order of -- put me in a heartbeat that's just -- to a game where it. Or -- happy about the whole thing is first will be unit courses in the war. And equitable. Although it hasn't been so we did so this guys they have. That tigers have a really good business the they wasn't giving in at all. And that's with a few that would that's that's with a series it was all about so. Another guy that are targeted -- I know everything. And someone that bridge to step over make you just have no Theres. A lot of press took enough that I hit a Grand Slam because there wasn't supposed to be that guy. So that's the games ago. David I'm glad we have you on because we were just debating about five or ten minutes ago we were just debating. Adam Wainwright vs some of the pictures that you guys saw in the Detroit series. And Wainwright and walker for that example based on what you've seen on video out of those guys compared to you who you saw in Detroit. Well I must tell you one thing. He we've faced another feature make -- certain. -- party being from. Big time I don't think there's another preacher Richardson with right now. Is guy maybe eight -- -- whenever he wanted to. But in any situation with the ground breaking balls later. Changer for -- -- to any -- and I just they -- to everybody. So to be that accurate in an engine in redacted. I'm telling you Adam obviously a basement for too long and it's marketed to get to that level that's why they got -- so well and play. So would you guys it it was scherzer and if you're right we saw was that we saw that we saw the dominant especially. In game two but game six it seemed like guys had a different approach did against him what was it. Well what's aren't they more more beaches you know I mean. This guy was I mean he pound the strike zone really well. Wedding and game one it was the same thing that happened incentives packages. Either leading a race. In the first the first game and taking everything that was close and personal. That some day it would have different approaches go back to our game. And try not to bring everything in and but that is the thing that thing way this -- way Peter Rogers. Beat the rush to mean when when they see themselves in the fourth inning we 67 pitches. The democratic candidate with your own thing and that's that's how -- game you know we've -- we -- speech. We we wore them you know all the way down to that the people you know it's not like lately we wouldn't mind doing way. We are good and and and that's the approach of the city who beat him and I think. We see we we came amid fears that teaching was tough enough. You know I know they. Power pitching. By. I don't think I would because it was so we've sold all -- you you've got to meet you that you made that quality pitch. Q beautiful mountains. And do what you gotta do that and I think Detroit -- -- do what we do about it make the government's stake -- -- They -- quote we just like let them lose an engine and that was India's. Based on powers it was everything. They know the they need to go with a game plan when they believe -- the Versa. David when you look at this Saint Louis team. What do you focus on what what is -- who makes them go. Which -- Oval which players and their lineup and hit it if if band is not as familiar with -- and the National League team who who is going to standout who really who makes them successful. They have a lot of new players. What do you say the leadoff hitter. Awards. -- is very much the whole series against the Dodgers. That guy's a few years. Covered their best this a commitment. Let's get -- Matt carpenter yeah he is the few years and he's the one who started to get you know we we can stop them. And get to Carlos Bertrand -- and in Yadier Molina holidays. When. When Doug -- I'm very. I think there will make. I would features easier way that guy's a professional you have enough Malia are features. Get to be able to keep an open.

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