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SoccerCast - Matt Reis

Oct 23, 2013|

Matt Reis talks about his career with the Revs and the important matchup this Sunday. If they win they are in. Young Ben lays down a challenge to Matt.

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I saw her past I'm here -- and kitchen also known as young banned from the salt and Holley show. Today with me. That number one in your play books. Goalie for the New England Revolution Matt -- Matt how are you. Here you sound a little tired are you exhaust -- -- via. Everything going on trying to make that playoff push happen for the revs. I think it got let my children waking up at 630 or so every little bit more than me playoff push but it all and all that together so. I it's it's been nice to be able to. Be involved in and try to make -- again and be one game away is. The so that the interview ridiculous second -- The great every year -- changer in colder start. Oh how important is it for use someone who's been here for a long time seeing some of the success that the residents hadn't. Gone through. But basically a dry period to be back in a position where you're in the playoffs aren't -- of a realistic shot of making and potentially making a nice run. Yeah it's it's just been -- -- -- for -- I would look you know the first. And here's some records in the playoffs every year. Once you're out here here on the outside military and you know how much it means that you just have to get that last sort championships. You know it's been great to be here for the whole time -- to go through that the process and -- have a chance to get back in two the prosecutor there's. The great. Some real about your matchup this weekend with Columbus what do you expect to see out of them and what do you expect. Your guys in front of you to do to make your job easier and how do you think this match has counseled. What you know it's gets great press because it's almost like -- You know drive round of the playoffs. We were playing at home and away oh we won our game and vote. Without going into Columbus. You know we got to get a result and much like we did up in Montreal we have you know it's going to be a 100% -- -- -- probably -- to get as many chances as we did last week in we have -- chances. We get killed. How amazing was it for you. This past weekend to -- 26000. Screaming fans. At Gillette Stadium to see you guys play how important was that for your teams around or was that for you personally. To see the fan base really get charged up behind you and get back into this. You know I think in each every complaint -- America especially if -- -- Even more special and you know -- Momentary remembered it gave -- good could order a penalty kick. How -- the table and erupted after -- we've scored. You know try to photographs have gave it. And this goes -- bases. There -- Have you been keeping up with the Red Sox and all of what's gone on them. What is it play. There aren't enough hockey you know the debate he. Yet they're the Red Sox yes that's our view. It's exciting it's a pain barrier Eritrea where the World Series. You know. You seem to -- their beer. Emigrate here -- Make history. Does that help motivate you guys when another team in town is. Making Iran does that give you extra motivated seeing another team another fan base really getting into any kind of they've put little pressure on you guys to perform. Well I mean it I don't think she's -- whenever there's that you know a revolution we're about replenished view. That helped you -- You know there's really help us out well. I'd expect to get -- found that works better and that the people get behind it. Like these we. -- to 30000 people out there last week here and you know they've been there is the content. We appreciate when we think control and they do for a. And you guys have done a lot for them whether it be in the community. I'm going out and seeing people shaking hands and raising a lot of money and the Red Sox have rally the room Boston's strong. And obviously you've had a very strong connection with the events that took place this past April he talked a little bit about what that has meant to you and how things in your personal life with everything going on has evolved over the the past six months. Yeah I mean tribute to mr. share you know a big thank you to do it very you know -- media. You know over -- -- these a great job for a lot of other victims and raising money is. Which is amazing to see it. The amount of love and amount of support that we got term you know. The city of Austin and all the victims task. Targeted it several outweigh what. For one. Terrible lack control on bit of cowardice. Love and support of -- -- -- -- region that is you know the really is it's very touching it it's very. -- obviously very real so. There's an and an introduction of surrendering an achievement in the city and you know we're we are hurt and it's gonna take all of us to try to -- loans even so -- or whatever you know. Now you've got some younger players on the team a lot of people that aren't from this area and you spent a lot of time here obviously. Did you ever find yourself time to explain. What this community is like and how it treats its athletes and how much pressure is put on people to succeed in this market. You know everything that you have to figure that -- yourself. You know with the younger guys -- they've they've had -- they get it and there are willing to to learn and Q. You know -- information so you know they they understand what they're they've played here regular it's a bit ago. Long term achieve in the morning -- the papers in a much this course means -- better -- We're aware of it obviously. I'm sure in this city -- patriots where appropriate where there. Do over in Iraq to -- those dozen bulletins and yeah if you French. Your country's cricket tournament and surprise surprise our children are created in -- elected consider it -- kicking. So I just wanna go back into your life a little bit growing up. I'm assuming you're a big soccer fan who was some of the players you looked up to growing up. Oil is for me go to we've is that the TV and Internet know that isn't really is. In your -- says it is today so you know actually a bit of extra back -- later my older brother -- there what you did meet its soccer. In. In a sportswear kind of a big thing in our trailer but that -- -- -- within -- -- really sit down. Follow -- all that much. Joseph from -- as it was my older brother. One of the things that people -- as it looked up to their siblings and sports and what does it make it over them it's just kind of an interesting dynamic is I looked up to my older brother playing sports growing up. So one of the things have been asking I've interviewed Andrew Jay heaps a couple of guys. When things I want to know is. World Cup prediction you have the World Cup prediction. All Latinos in the World Cup yet I can't make it proper prediction but. You know it's going to be staying. Teams that play at home usually have an advantage so -- to Brazil's the front runner. But it just it's such an amazing time approach. An amazing. Cycle of four years to see it was a -- through the United States trying to qualify and everybody is assuming that we will every year every time. And it's a lot harder you know we are giving credit for and to be in the tournament and to be at the last group team in the -- the World Cup designated. Well to be fair to those fans the US has dominated on their way. Qualifying for World Cup this time. Well absolutely no it I think that there are huge southern. You're gonna let them captive you know we did dominate -- we did. -- we got a lot of points on the road and we took ever vehicle is right there you brought up and it. Played out to the. See it on your off time -- soccer do you watch. I actually don't want to get to watch a little bit but I don't really adjusted got to watch games all that much. Partnership -- every kid. You know better time world go to bed I'm pretty pretty worked so I was there it was supposed. A few too much into what it whenever I get a chance director what about it. With the computers and everything nowadays. -- with similar swept that he can -- Put -- game then. You know it's that kind of aware of -- and in Portugal we get it. -- you've been with the rest for a long time over here decade plus with the revs you've been one of the outstanding goalies in the MLS in -- at some some great matches. Who would you say the -- biggest rival is. It. I think area in the eastern coveted RB DC I think a better -- tribal. You know Chicago has been there to lend America in the order I think there's there's attributed the period. You know in the -- -- obviously -- then. You know -- -- -- would be to revolution the first time that that having lost twice to 08 great dispute that it's hard to. And outlook -- you can also. Your final questions going to be really really difficult for you. It's already come down there enduring goal and I had ten penalty kicks how many what do score. -- now keep in mind I haven't -- -- -- 60. -- you have absolutely no knowledge -- -- I haven't played organized soccer -- over fifteen years -- kicked a soccer ball -- over a year. America and I look at that -- I view my eight. Not scored well. Challenge accepted. One -- out of the ten you know you never know what's gonna happen tired. It is. Averages the newcomer. -- -- gonna -- -- down as one of the and that's and then I'm gonna put it down is that because this is being reported right though. I'm gonna keep your answer and I just -- Ice I assume by the tenth when you're just in to say he hasn't made nine. I feel bad forum. I'm just gonna purposely dot. It memories thank you very much for joining me it really appreciated good lock on Sunday. And it's gonna be wonderful sport stay here in Boston for people and they've really must check it out on Comcast and watch the game and watching guys make a push for the playoffs and get back in it. And make a deep run Matt thank you very much. Those Matt -- joining us on the soccer cast a quick little interview he's got to get to practice and get ready for that big game on Sunday and are things you guys need to know going into this Sunday where you can watch the game. Watching -- Providence. Benching on Dorchester -- Boston in the stadium bar and grill on 148 State Street Boston which is an amazing place and watching game. And like -- -- we're talking about earlier 26000. Fans at Charlotte now we've always heard the stories about great. Seattle is they fill up that part. How -- Portland is. But I know this market can and will appreciate the reds they need to make a run. They need to get into the playoffs. They need to do some damage to get some eyes -- -- it's tough time for them with all the focus on the Red Sox and patriots right now but the -- have a legit shot that got a good team they turned it around a lot last couple of years -- -- -- a phenomenal job. This is going to be a very important game on Sunday you really should check -- you've got that space in between the patriots game -- The World Series game. So you've got that time in between perfect for the reps check him out if you haven't been checking them out then you're most likely not listening to this podcast soaring to stop selling. Couple of things take care of here. November. Is the month of the mustache is most member and the revs are literally showing their support from November. -- -- -- growing mustaches as part of the charity work for for the reds and as part of the analyst works soccer kicks cancer on November 2013. Campaign. It's a really great cause. IE and it's when he years olds that can't reform process so I will try my best to participate you support is great to. And -- the can donate time and money it's almost irrelevant just by growing out of mustache. It puts it in your mind. What it is you're doing what it is you're supporting your trying to cure cancer that's the goal. And just doing something as simple as growing a mustache to show your support really means a lot of people and it can spur people to. Donate help try and find -- here. That's real goal here in the reps have been an amazing part of the community here in Boston have been very charitable -- to a lot of great things you heard Matt talking about. Some of the stuff that happened after. April bombing. He was directly affected with that a lot of us were. And they do great work in the community they put a good product on the field it's exciting it's fun to watch. But almost more important and that is how they hope this community -- How -- -- with their charity work and they're great organization burger run organization I've interviewed some great people from the organization thank them very much for all they've done all season. Participating would -- coming on the negative. Entertain you guys and enlighten you to as little -- and share some information about what's going on some personal stories it's been really fascinating it's been really fun for me and I'm really excited to -- Sunday's game and I'm -- really excited. To see them make a push for the playoffs and relief. Wanna see you get -- I wanna see them do some damage. IE don't have high hopes in the world. But I think they can do well once they get it I don't see too many powerhouses in the east that can really push to browse around and receptions are players out there. If you meant watching Diego you've been missing now. You -- watching Andrew -- progress you've been missing out if you haven't watched Matt -- desert bizarre red card in September you've been missing out. It's been a great time watching the -- this season it's finger time following mom's been great time talking to them. Had been a great time talking to you and having you guys be part of this and be one of your only outlets for the -- here on the radio so. Thank you guys again for listening this is the WT -- soccer cast you can follow me on Twitter at young Ben W the EI -- young men WB EI. You can hear me daily for a clock -- in fort forums sultan Ali shell again thank you guys very much for listening and then kitchen sega's next.

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