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Buster Olney, ESPN, joins the guys at Fenway to preview this classic World Series match-up

Oct 23, 2013|

Buster talks about the match-ups in this series and helps the guys get an understanding of what the Cardinals are all about. He believes the Red Sox could take advantage of the Cardinals deficiency on defense and the back end of the rotation.

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Final hour Butler got 37 WE yeah I hear from Fenway Park salt and holly. Make it their way here as well we'll take over to get you set all the way until. Game one of the World Series the pregame show -- is not done on your radio today -- gets up the year two. I don't what you do at 2 o'clock when you're back on the air at six. With salt and -- in the pre pre game. -- your part of the broadcast. Tonight all the way. Throughout the World Series you're gonna be on the Rolex other relief I'm excited for this world on the road together. And you're going to be with stud Joseph and Dave in the boot not just the games here Fenway but Busch Stadium as well -- can be nice looking forward to nothing better. Well -- -- -- better than playing in it. Is to be able to still take Barton call so I'm excited about. As much like to be a player this week it would rather be here Boston to be honest with the cab driver might these guys could make it -- a -- -- or you can't drive from Boston you grew up here you know what it's like you can't explain to somebody. How to get somewhere you can't take a car. Downtown you just can't do it and so these cab drivers are gonna make so much freaking money. The next three days and I think post in two. I game six in game seven even more waitresses make money restaurants make money but. These cab drivers. The next couple days my goodness -- they're gonna get after 61777979837. -- text line. It's 3793. -- we're joined by the great Basra all the BS began. And buster nice enough here at the ballpark very early not a surprise he works his butt off. I saw -- coming out join us here -- studio buster but a little good to meet you good to meet you guys still first time in person you get really high chairs for someone was toward left center. Yeah I. But the two best names I mean you know no question Lou we're going over to your door to win it. You gotta be complete team and we're talking about the Tampa series are going to Detroit series near the start pitcher beat up a civic got to be complete. In his questions in the in the bullpen this questions on the base -- yet but this isn't defensively they weren't complete team. Cardinals are complete team I think and I think the Red Sox are misses the way it should be right. I agree and I loved going inside the matchups on the series yet there's so many fascinating elements to mean clearly the cardinals don't have the starting pitching tigers do. But they do have that unbelievable stable of guys thrown 95 to 97 miles per hour. And it's almost sounds like captain obvious -- it's always possible that this happens anyway but he does feel like the games are going to be decide what innings 56 and seven. In a lot of they cases in May maybe now with a Wainwright who can go deeper into a game. But you wonder about the other three starters the red sox' ability to run up pitch counts and when you look it would Jill Kelly. In Lance went into basically eighty pitched pitchers. And that's like three and 23 apple or innings for the Red Sox. Which means that that the Saint Louis bullpen. Is gonna be responsible for anywhere from nine to fifteen ounce in each game and you know what. They can do that now on the other side I would say I do think if you -- to try to pick out like a distinct weakness on each team. I think the range of the Saint Louis that position players. Is notable when you go around position by position only one guy had a worse zone rating. Think Carlos Beltran among all -- is a Major League Baseball Michael could Dyer and he's got to play right field here. Which is difficult. John. Matt Adams -- -- right in the middle met car under playing second base a position he transitioned to he doesn't have a lot there. So it will be it seemed to see if that manifests itself in the series. You mentioned starting pitching how is Mike Metheny is he prepared these bullpen pitchers do you think that he's told them hey. -- gets a team that leads baseball walks in the post season let pitchers seem all the playoff teams. Are these bullpen guys aware that their roles might change a little bit there can be asked to pitch earlier games beginning tonight no question. When you guys know the one of the cool things about the Tampa Bay raises the teen culture and basically the bullpen there -- the relievers they are told. Just be ready for the phone -- -- well Trevor Rosenthal told me at September that's what they have you know no -- says you're the eighth inning guy. You're the closer. -- this is you're Ning it's be ready when the phone rings. You guys remember 2011 when they -- through the run to the World Series Tony Emerson never officially named Jason -- is is closer and famously. And that's kind of where there had on this where I think they're all gonna be ready. When the phone rings if needed and if he'd just look at the pitch counts. Of those guys it's possible even -- Michael -- this case who's never faced a lineup like the Red Sox that they're gonna get deeper into the bullpen and then than they've been their constant. You're talking about Carlos Martinez and go what happened I don't know 809 rather with the Red Sox out avoided in the impacted yes he's the eighth inning guy. And to me I gave the advantage cardinals because of the depth of -- this morons they trust. Now look at the Red Sox can they get to -- reasons why maybe you said which is interesting 56 and seven which I would agree with that because when he gets the eighth. Those guys are pretty legit and -- can hold onto that lead they got more depth they are both five or six guys that he trusts with Nina I think was barrel up three. I completely agree with you and they have everything. You know they have guys who can get -- ground balls they have guys and get strike at the two left theaters unlike Detroit that they can throw it David Ortiz I was talking -- Randy showed yesterday. A left handed specialist who comes from the size each other few times today and he said he had Ortiz is -- for nine against the Milwaukee and he remembered. It bat by bat facing Ortiz and how RTC's changed during that time. And Kevin secrets one of the great. Unknown underrated weapons in all of baseball left him thrown 95 miles per hour he strapped to what -- like the 200 around -- I mean just the classic cardinals development case. We talked a lot and -- came up with this number went back and looked at least explain to me how good got a -- got a relief -- -- -- base runners it pointed out Adam rain rights. 240 innings six stolen bases. So one that -- us six camrys for six once a month they attempted a stolen base and having not. Watch him up this year buster help me out is it just believe his arm. And approach is that good or to the pictures help -- -- the pictures on the same page in terms of trying to hold. Base runners because nobody runs against the staff none and I talked to David Ross yesterday. And ask him specifically that question and I would say. -- -- a letter from him -- Jacoby -- nineteen victory you know I think it's 80% mowing his arm and his ability load quickly and get rid of the ball. In his 20% that it's something that they work at it's part of their culture that they slowdown runners and you guys. You know for years here with a Red Sox they were always a team they gave up a lot of stolen bases well with the cardinals. They shut it down. In this is a team Red Sox team were base running he's been huge part of what they've done you know most efficient team in the major leagues eleven stolen bases in ten games in the post season so far. But I essentially think that just because -- is there. Except for. -- it's mostly going to be shut down and I also think it's not just still basis just talking about you know as a base Roenick playing against -- Okay the secondary leads weren't what they usually York. Because you can't get aggressive at first base to three steps to try to score on the ball the -- gulf first and third just to get their advance on a ball in the dirt. Because got he's got that quick release just like watching appropriate -- off. So it affects the base running and other areas not just missed Olympics and that's exactly what David Ross said he actually brought up pledges name in our conversation where he talked about those things that he does. So he has a tremendous impact there's no question about it and again -- that goes back to one more thing where you look at the teams and strengths and weaknesses. And that's something it's taken away from the Red Sox in the series here's re the director skip more offensive than they did against Detroit -- it will it -- underestimate. Is that a casual thing you've seen a lot of it. What Detroit's starters did that to me that was historic a -- -- on top of their game a four pitch mix for the most part off speed whenever they want it to go with the power. I look at Saint Louis initiate fastball dominant staff I knowing writes that the curve ball I don't walk has got changeup. But I don't see the third yelled at the changeup and curve ball you know and -- -- and occasional curve ball it's okay it's America's the other stuff. Joseph Kelly sinker heavy sink -- maybe a slider urinating occasional curveball. But I think that fastball dominance in the lack of a four pitch mix that we saw in Detroit gets this Red Sox -- more offensive against the stars. I agree with you -- in in the big picture I do think and it was a fascinating article on -- grabs dot com today about this. Other Red Sox lineup they do you have and it's not surprising is they got some older guys they're a little bit more vulnerable against harder throwers which we know the cardinals have. And Mike Napoli was one example site yeah. Jonny Gomes when he an example said I believe in all he's got to be -- of its own right to hit it exactly now and you know on that's that's said. What had the world's added he would ALCS change. When Mike Napoli hit in 96 mile an hour fastball often Justin Verlander and 10 game thousand feet that's -- so those things can change but going into -- you say you know what you wonder if this is something in the later innings not necessarily with a starting pitchers. And other mom Michael -- can really bring it I do think that that be something that can work against the Red Sox at times or -- only joining us here at studio live from that -- except for game one of the World Series last year. Up how you hearing about -- -- but what Allen Craig for a second okay they get this guy back a lot has not played in a while but the appointment at the age for a couple of games. -- -- concerned about the -- backed with him immediately to Michael against Jon Lester hottest team prepared to get back in the box in the world Syria to not playing. Try to hit tonight I'll give a credit Harangody was the first one -- -- made this point -- sports and yesterday and I talked to Allen Craig about it. He has a very simple uncomplicated swing his approach is through the middle the field and -- said. A guy like that comes back much more quickly he's not trying to drop the ball out and that's what Alan said to -- said. You know I'm not worried that in home runs and he's worried about hit line -- he is a great an underrated hitter. I do think that he'll be a force right away I think he's I don't think he's going to be able -- feel we gained 3.5. Helping eastbourne up along I asked him how he celebrated. When the cardinals won the first had a first street celebrations any said the first one I walked out to the second one I jogged out to the third when I was able to run out to. So he's getting better but I don't think -- still hasn't taken any ground balls at first base. But coming off the bench. Knowing that Mike Metheny a sport different spots -- he will pinch hit for what a weapon for them and I do you think you'll be a factor in the series -- John felt talk about the weekend likely -- see in the you know what will. Blessed is going -- elect is going to let that we can play itself follow we'll go from there it. Sort of brushed over it right nobody really thought much of the last animal -- -- Fenway park at 730. And watching clay how -- and Felix to brown walked in from the bullpen with -- -- Davis of the catcher and he just get through thrown a bullpen a -- when this is kind of strange as well. Then you start to hear rumblings that there might be concerned how concerned are they or is -- concern equivocal I reached out to people last night after. You know scenes and stuff that was coming out of the park as I left your -- at 7 o'clock and what I got back was we fully expect Clay Buchholz to make his -- And so I think he's gonna pitch I wonder is we haven't heard yet who with a gonna go in game three who's gonna -- game forty they say you know what we're gonna go PD game three and in game seven. Or do we stick with Buchholz but then there's a possibility we would go to -- running game seven if we against he -- is velocity down. They can play at several different ways but I agree we -- It is a red flag. And no one's saying that clay buckled to his right to -- seen that before -- were at night before something like that where a picture of going out of the bullpen guy who's not expected to start and on two different occasions pitching opponent John felt first thing going back out for another session. With -- the -- that. That's capital lot 94 series like that in the post season you see it in a quite a few times because every one. While you have the -- the regular season -- putting their plans we get to this time of year it is audible. It's Randy Johnson going at the pitching relief the day after he starts a game. And let's face it what we saw on buckles in the LCS it's concerning with a fastball velocity down without as much depth. And they're not gonna tell us exactly what's going on -- but if he's gassed at this point. Then maybe they they run the horrible but let's go back to game six because of mixtures are on the mound we don't always gonna win the Cy Young. I saw three of the greatest consecutive at bats. That I can remember anyone really Seattle Giffords David Ortiz I don't care if it's also I don't care who it is it was from a 21 year old kid. Be -- 0212212. Again. Have those at bats what are you hearing what are people saying about the performance so far was in a Bogart's well I'm sure you uttered this phrase. That he spat on him. Since so many just out talking about aegis battle on that slider from a Cy Young award winner after throwing 96 miles that they were amazed and you know you did hear comparisons and I actually saw as Zander asked this question yesterday kind of flinched. But he was asked the question hair you like Jeter in your presence at the plate -- and he ran from that sold so fast and so hard. But it does remind you of it that he's not scared and I know that is always this debate it is or something is it's so something. Actually possible where guys -- clutch. I think it's about heart rate I think it's going to be a controlled situation. He has it on the other hand and I don't mean to pick on this guy. But if you watched Josh Donaldson and he's at bats against Verlander in that series against Detroit and he would swing in my crazy when I covered Tino Martinez. Great professional. -- tremendous career he struggled with that Zander Bogart's it's unbelievable. How comfortable he is. It needs at bats and I give a lot of credit. Did John Ferrell the bench -- to be willing to make this change. In midstream and put their trust and a guy who is that little it apparently said Jeter and obviously it's way way too early and it's not about and it's not believe me it's not -- comparing Jeter career wise supported tax he had Jeter regret closures presents early in his career when you could tell. His heart rate was like pavlik checks at forty -- -- totally comfortable what about Andrew Jones because he is what yes he would -- Jones got the opportunity nineteen years old hadn't played all three men same place. There you go Ed and I. Took it out of there compare to what those guys did it in and it Jones and -- -- out and you hear from violators all the time about that the players and carousel. That they have a present it'll since Simmons -- guys haven't had a chance talk too easy exact same way they just has. He's comfortable I can't tell you why. Virtually every guy like that who comes from there. Seems to have that can -- chance in the dodgers' closer when he talked to him they all are very well educated now might be part of it. Heal the competitive side he played against these guys than equal respect for a lot of players and and I. I hurt for Torre owner you know along the Red Sox go to the World Series -- territory because he's such a troop professional won the class -- guys I know he deserved being a World Series at some point. Now look at a guy like Carlos Beltran who deserves to be in a World Series with what he has done in this post he's now -- in the goal for twenty don't get me wrong being a Red Sox fan. But this guy and a big stage could be exciting you know I might not be good for Red Sox fans. -- got the big stage we look at some of those post season numbers buster and they are off the charts. And I talked -- early this year about his legacy and he's well aware of that is he knows Indies nearing the end of his career. And he knows where he stands in terms a players from Puerto Rico switch hitters all those things we talked about heart rate I mean he's like those guys. He's very comfortable to the degree. When I did a matchup thing the other day I do think that if you're the Red Sox and you looking a lineup that has Beltran to holiday three. Allen Craig for maybe Molina five. I think that that's a linchpin spot in this World Series where it some point if I'm John Ferrell on synagogue and since I'm not -- Beltran beat me. I'm going after Matt Holliday is a terrific hitter but led the majors hitting into double plays. I'm going to be bringing in a Workman. -- -- -- -- we harp but for that spot in pitch around belt for a talk about hitters preparing for certain pictures of the cardinals do anything different face coaching here because he was so dominant this year -- dominant the LCS all the Detroit players all talked about the ball -- a way out they were ready fort. The court is doing anything different try to prepare for him and I think you know I didn't hear anything among that the players that I talked to listen to yesterday as they spoke. I did hear of them have the awareness where they talked about -- what they learn. It's the deception in the delivery whatever it is. That they're fooled by the the by the trajectory of the fastball and they're aware that coming in the series. Last one for me is bigger baseball question what was the executives responses you talked to for the templates can deal stunned. I got I got text back where people are saying that is absurd. It's crazy. I it's only general managers going into his contract talk with a like that's easiest call ever he give my qualifying offer fourteen point one million. If you wanna go unsigned somewhere then will get a draft pick and we're fine. But to give it two years at 35 million coming off two seasons in which is CRA's four point 76. In which is fastball velocity dropped a couple miles per hour -- you know he's a little guy. Who seems to be losing you stop I know it pitched better in August and September. But people -- the teens were going knots in on the flip side even the agents were kind of taken aback. And I feel sort through the -- -- for you bald -- as or Ervin Santana to go explain to their clients why they can't get that deal. People think the giants. When a mix Sosa not it makes no sense what you would go out on that -- -- -- two year deal right and a averaging who should be less than than the call followed Jack. -- think right two years according to funny perfect or one for fourteen -- writes a no brainer. Natalee went so far in the series entry or even a prediction we all think it's going to be a tight one. I think it's gonna go seven we're you with this I get Red Sox in six and had very little confidence that picked up. You know it's it's very it is very tight and I think like the Detroit series it's gonna turn on a couple of bats. But yeah I I've got I've got Boston six I do think that the defense and -- talked about. The lack of range in the cardinals and I don't mean that disrespectfully. I think a manifest itself dealers he's eating. If you have to now right. You know they didn't and they may have -- -- -- but they didn't give that one. Which you which you picks articulate what -- on the spot here -- go out. You know I would go Ellsbury base and how he played and I based on the opportunities against -- right hand pitchers he's gonna says Scott or sorted out hands raised yes that's. Not -- great doctor we creek every studio we'll play our upstairs associate Saint Louis over the weekend OK guys -- -- it's -- -- be ESPN he joins us here. At our broadcast spot then let's do this get a quick break we'll come back. But we'll talk to the guy's been fielding ground balls with with -- Bogart's and at its a gotten it has been around the game a long time with -- team headed to a World Series John McDonald. Is gonna join us here in studio next right here in 93 point seven WE yeah.

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