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Tom Curran, CSNNE, explains what bringing in Andre Carter means for the defense

Oct 23, 2013|

Curran joins Mut and Merloni to weigh-in on some Patriot related topics. Tom looks at the desperate situation on defense with injuries mounting on the defensive side of the ball. He also evaluates the return of DE Andre Carter and possible trade targets as the deadline approaches.

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Here for Fenway Mott and reloading ID 37 WEEI get a set for game one. Of the World Series tonight. -- baseball pretty much all day Basra -- gonna join us just after 1 o'clock some other. Special things planned for the next couple days we get set for a couple of World Series game at Fenway Park. We take a slight Red Sox breeder and nobody better take a football break -- Their -- Tommy Chernoff Comcast sports and he joins us here. On the AT&T -- like Red Sox -- cardinals in this World Series stuff -- and vote. But yeah it was America what you idiots talking football if if we break -- some whim blocks in the and knows a thing a little bit but. Who'll gonna keep it to where it is right now and a couple of nice things to see a practice looks like today -- to -- and -- -- both back at practice. Yeah absolutely not moving too great yet Lou so -- Amendola. We. We additions or addition this week I think it's encouraging I spoke to him. We're -- I've met on Monday and they'll -- of that nature of the injury -- occurred. And -- and -- that you would be back this week but. It seems that it like that where -- and like Thanksgiving injury. But he can't because we're -- there's never going to be a question about it willingness you know there -- willingness to stay out there was -- the ability to stay out there -- The question. -- you think this team ever let's their record results dictate when they wanna bring god back in the loose of the jets on the road. Divisional loss on the divisional team coming in would with the opponent and the loss last week in any way affect trying to get a guy back on the field. For this team. No not listed in age but sort separate document the vote we acquiring or requiring players but if you -- I'm saying he would get a guy out there I don't think at this point you'd be in a position where they say electric I felt it was questionable. Player not I think that a player who might be available to play. As we saw when they itself -- so torture. You can protect otherwise -- at the end of that. Some of the Bill Belichick era in match you know we don't want you -- out Errol very sure -- used to accidentally. 2009. Finale. Because it's -- under certain risk. So I think that it is good -- -- But I don't significant that I would say well. You know until it closed at the end you'll get back where he was it just kind of -- through the cracks and get back. -- Serbia a good idea. Sure nobody CEO under Carter fitting in the mix and expect to see a lot of him this week. -- Lou I find that to be a very interesting time because when you look at the front seven particularly the defensive line. The police that they. Suffered here. Losses would -- -- to tackle Andre the next player Jim Jones and that's where Rob Ninkovich is an expert you have three guys who. Or at least the two most. Consistent and high level performers that you have on that decent slider and and you just added another. So to me that meter -- trying to -- So those inside a little bit more options and run some kind of scheme extra energy dispute. Because you don't want to. No I OP ability but put democracy -- 310 pound dissolved. Why an interior perhaps rush. Well it would not great -- are there to me it indicates Lou the change change. And honestly. Think you're really that desperate situation before and very much so that we haven't yet seen it but over the next few weeks we're going to. Didn't start from a start up against the wall. If you sticks because they're that they're last week or you're in. -- can't boot will work in Chile in mail him to leave and not have a significant significant drop. One and it goes back to me what I as a player acquisition part of this right to talk about the injuries up -- you talk about it try to get guys back yet. I thought they'd go wide receiver here I really did enough and I feel like Tom. They're gonna look all around that's Andre Carter only or are some more trade peace between -- now on the 29 to try to get. It's more bodies up front after given up on an average 157 yards on the ground since they're injured Vince Wilfork. Wide receiver question. Mark. As. One that I discovered for the simple reason look at Israel's. Orton. -- who perceived to be available for a curious question. About their off field activities. Remarks echoed talking about the patriots and audit the way they hire players. Book that one was the reason that I I was -- I think that's true. You who are in the hope or. Inclined between. Billups and pumpkins at some point police if you re edit -- -- will certainly played better. Oh I think offensively and about Julio. They could go ahead and sign a receiver. But if you looked at -- they've added straight Atlantic player. Offensively was in 2000 government brought Deon -- back -- -- -- Seattle that was -- mid October. Because he has that kind of ability to be a complete player I don't think court interpret what many -- -- would have -- what can play ability. You know women so I think the more dire circumstance right now absolutely Monday. Yet that a defense coach leaves -- doesn't play last week and he kind of saw the effect because I thought Kyle Eric has played well for this team all year long and now maybe you're asked a little bit more of him and after getting burned early on he almost lost -- that game as well mark please call was in there what what did you see from him was just. Asking him to take that lead -- corrosion -- -- that. It was that it was the fact that I think communication wide but Aaron it is is really good player. When he has helped whether piece from our lions. What from the defensive. Players around he can cover for a period and fast he just doesn't. Another. Well see these very slightly built player doesn't open up that -- -- the first. The -- that turned inside out he's not. We will -- to -- Or. Illegal market that -- who while absolutely still move much quicker welcome it's good front but quicker. So they had to evolve and it was cold there. Again I I really -- and a good player but I think a lot of who will had to do was very smartly going. I would guess -- Arrington in the position. Where they knew he would not use -- straw. And that's where you live mail as well much as police and they would be out there in May be trying to communicate from the defense play calls they outlawed. And the offense personal shield -- two quarterbacks in the -- if you I think she was sorely miss. Last week in terms of communication. Those little things you know a lot of doubts. It's all last one for me on Sunday morning I read your column on Rob Gronkowski and -- always very. -- was interesting was entertaining. So I'm guessing you're not surprised the -- is now hosting this social media day for women. Where you gonna get together on the bye week and they're gonna watch the game together in the country Kron TV's. During the bye. Except I don't -- a reportedly had one conversation the past after the the porn star incident. Is there another conversation coming between the team and -- saying idiot what. Football least publicly ahead of events like social media day for you when a -- went. -- like I think of that ship made its sales and the patriots will have to swallow -- except that it signed to a seven year contract. As much as we like to look at the patriots being able to quote -- control what players do. What -- little term commitments to them or accessible were taken your warts and all. And you can get pissed. You can -- -- his teammates well there -- about it you can read agent. But in the end if you have -- up here orders were pushed -- under direction to a preacher Graham. In your agent -- inclined to ensure brand. And you just go along with it regardless of other -- -- muted now feel I mean let me. I -- back -- you know number it was purely a future. When he came back stroke war. I'm pretty liberties you know what what was it is basic element or will look at -- aren't there a future release. Delivery agents announced. When they're ready to go wherever it is kind of an appetite and an important and a lot of patriots signed up for the that's that's what they got they got a operating and in addition to -- football so -- also didn't -- conversational really what they can do about it. Beyond -- it was -- -- that with -- coming back she's seventeen targets from radium is the supposed -- do the same thing you'll what did you think from Rob Gronkowski was. Was there anything different in his game. Only played really well for so where it was little cardiovascular. Plastic back in shape. Eric had credible protocol and so you know. It yet but I think a clear policy could kill others there to please come one when he was fired by the -- little -- tried to don't want him to. -- Please -- see -- make it would assume that he'll make it. And article until the other guys get stuck I think the remote suffer under. Tom great stuff is always appreciate the time and appreciate joining us at this point the show we'll talk to suit. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You've got to get on his game one tonight it'll -- game two tomorrow I'll hit it -- -- all but it is fifth at the accurate but a birdie on the yeah Tommy -- he's brought to you by Tom curly haired doctor doctor Robert Leonard. Call 1800 get hair it's 1800. I get -- 617779797. The phone number AT&T text line is 379. -- 37. Odd couple -- tell you about or kept up Austral it's gonna join us just after 1 o'clock. We're gonna take all your phone calls between now at 2 o'clock and we come back. An opportunity to get to game two. Of the World Series your chance to go to the World Series for game two. And help -- a really good cause in the same exact light we'll tell you about that and get back in a Red Sox and cardinals next here on Sports Radio W -- ER.

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