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Ken Rosenthal on the World Series

Oct 23, 2013|

Ken Rosenthal joined the show to preview game one of the world series. Ken said that this is going to be the toughest test yet for the Sox this postseason.

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One of our favorite baseball people Ken Rosenthal from fox and fox sports dot caught -- -- -- -- our favorites for a number of reasons not the least of which is. On game day when he is very very busy taking a couple minutes of talk to the three idiots that are Dennis Callahan and many hand good morning channel are you. Morning guys. We're trying to deal with our disappointment. But it's not the Dodgers in the World Series with Carl Crawford Adrian Gonzales that Beckett and week. All possible bought help us get past this where will the Jews be in the cardinal Red Sox World Series getting. In the sheer quality. -- team. And Robert Dodgers are an out at least -- security team. In many ways in the cardinals and certainly sexier Mubarak and prospective. The cardinals are. Not a mirror image of direct talks in the way they go about it certainly. A team that other teams MD and try to model themselves after and that is. Reflected on the field you're gonna see their Wheaties but young talent to -- economy. And the -- and see what they view on the field this kind of similar to the Red Sox Iraq and approached. And what I love about this series is simply that he's at the Q. It organizations right now. This is sue these two teams are who everybody else wants to be and the fact that for the first round and 99 the team with the best record in each league made the World Series. To me is very special. Again would you agree that the cardinal provide a tougher task than both the rays and the tigers did for the Red Sox. Yes and I've been thinking about that a lot. Especially compared the -- and Baltic it's that whole different animal cardinals and the tigers opened the hole. Thought process of the Red Sox that he hired series it didn't work early -- first game was let's get their bullpen. We get the ball pretty good things might happen. And actually that is exactly what happened in the series. It's not going to happen same way in this series and the cardinals starter as long not Sanchez -- and Verlander. Are certainly very good Wainwright is outstanding blocker is really cute and whoever else is -- will be. Someone rather higher up in arms so. It -- different Adam and I also believe that the cardinal have. Right now better options and tigers did you couldn't convert injury -- their struggles. To -- -- -- about technical pop prince. I don't expect then go into these kinds of songs and slump that we saw. Are are they happy just to be here I know they had a better you in the rents our question amid the playoffs one. 88 games Kenny but I think happy just to get this far. No and -- at the culture of the two -- commute very similar it's. Kate. Everything is awaiting. Our team and this is not a you know be satisfied and that'd be here now the interesting dynamic is that they are -- And that they had so many young guys and certainly -- export it trap that. Wainwright Belcher and Chris Carpenter and still hear all of the better. Day -- that. I want court shall -- that the united front -- and but the wet. Hey we're going to do this you guys are going to follow along you're part of this and it's very similar to that Red Sox it's different. And because threat but don't have as many young players. And they don't have years. Don't be -- course of the. It's not incorporated Bogart's. This year and and he's so welcome and get so well Carl Pavano at all they're young guys so I don't either out of the issue at all -- Are equally hungry that happy to be yours that is not gonna happen he's well. Hello Buchholz can you hearing anything other we've been reading this morning from local guys in Boston saying that you know do you brought through a similar click yesterday and Tuesday. A chance now the -- colts is banged up -- you hearing anything about potential. Skipping of -- starting game three. No I've not heard that letter yesterday was what Carol which is that they want to give local little bit more time. They -- your Lackey a little bit less time since his last start. And in the same period of Buchholz has perhaps not quite physically where he wants to be yet it stands to reason that. And it stand to -- the same thing with a number of other pitchers now obviously uphold that and more physical issues. And is more concerned. But. He's going to pitch. Then I would assume that he is reasonably healthy -- -- -- -- to -- a player who was hurt. You you Red Sox dugout or Tyler or cards. R&R. You have -- not a matter reportable. Again to Jerry. Two or three. Two or three areas that I find interesting are the two or three areas that up until this point until the series. The Red Sox always held a decided edge but I'm not sure that's the case. Let you run the three -- pashtuns who you think. A second base Pedroia vs Matt carpet you can make a case it was almost an MVP type season. For Matt carpenter it's always been a -- edge I don't go to the about carpenter closer it was Koji you know from day one now you have your Big Brother Rosenthal a little brother Rosenthal as their closer and big. Moment performer Beltran vs Ortiz handicap those three spots for. I ordered that all of those are either in or -- at 200 the other best. I never look at series. Matching up position by position that properly -- games played on the field but the point you're making good. In deploy is that some of these advantages that the Red Sox had overall. Might not be -- for instance. The -- well they're gonna run the bases well we know that we've seen all year but Molina is one of the best two players in the game if not the best. Curious though it's going to be more typical nobody is one area where they still think they have managed to beat her. The image. And the cardinals really have only two above average defenders if you look at these debt metrics. And out of the yacht he can be key partner at shortstop. On the -- terrible horrible apparently Wear socks or the lead at four positions. First base second base until right field and pretty that the others so that's something that could come into play at least in my opinion. -- the ultimate X-Factor in this deal will be Allen Craig does anybody on the face of the planet have any idea what to expect out of that got. -- but it's interstate. Where the votes over yesterday we're not going to be full player whipped around and still see that Allen Craig which of course. Is the only way to approach it. Obviously had a tremendous well I hasn't played a long time at this level. That to me is a difficult thing to step in India. If there's anybody can do that someone like Greg through the system pure outstanding hitter. But wouldn't be taken batting practice or what attendees can achieve for a month. You can't really run that well. It's fair question what exactly going to give them. The thing is if for whatever reason he's not right and it just sort of -- let them that you have not Adams who is a pretty good alternative. And it can you mentioned these are the teams that other teams aspire to be the model franchises. You think they'll change the way. Some teams operate in other words we know that the Red Sox dumped a bunch of big contracts we know the the cardinals lost -- pools and locker and return is is bad news for guys who were looking for seven and eight year deals and 200 million dollar deals. I don't see it that way because -- a lot of money in the game and just -- -- I couldn't then and got her back nine separately. -- was that how is that possible and I sorry edit your. Coach his team wanted to was slated for that he had apparently -- that Internet network while took to get back your question. There's still money that's going to be spent what each each team. The cardinals are quite a traditional model they've built to the draft and counting player development and it. Obvious throughout their entire team. Threat -- them a little bit differently and while they do emphasize scouting and player development and that come a long way and it's just it is tremendous. They've also done something that other teams will aspire to and that worked market position. In what I mean by that is the American type players who -- in debt and. That's what they didn't you would Crawford and to a -- and now they've got players now who it is style to their mentality. Hit what they're trying to do in teams are Smart. They will in the future. Try to do the same thing. Wearing the Red Sox do in Saint Louis Kenneth sorties by one game two games with a few know with the scenario where. That was sitting like crazy Ortiz is still struggling it's an interesting situation for Ferrell -- at least. Variation -- situation and the potentially explosive point. Because they Turkey. Is being hurt you no matter what he's doing at that particular -- and that's who saw you know yes. Want swearing capable series. So. If you poke holes and they don't like the matchups completely and happily to a street. Because. I don't see it happen. I thought the turkeys being there back -- The -- and the starters so to the extent that he would play against right handers anyway. I seen -- to street for political reasons and also prepare explores. Ken Rosenthal looking back at the tigers series with the Red Sox obviously hindsight is 20/20 but in particular Cabrera infielders failures. Knowing that you expect the cardinals' lineup to be significantly more productive than Detroit's west. Yes. Voted the same time it's the same. Thing that we always see in every post is. If the Red Sox it's the way they want it six -- Going to be tough for the cardinal and its strengthening goes both ways of winning whereas not blocking it on to Kelly Lance Lynn were del potro -- RK. That's where the advantage from then so. It's simple but it comes down to simple excuse and -- can't put any clear. Obviously. Both teams are extremely account that. And you do not have with the cardinal an injury issue like Cabrera and we don't know Allan dykstra likes shielded because canes haven't started yet but they haven't had one. To this point to that extent so. -- really interesting news to me. They're curious -- in the rotation diverse and more actively. He can't that the one operator in the bullpen I give the -- of the cardinal but not a great deal. So what we're talking about a -- pretty evenly matched against. Closer you said the bullpen in general slight -- to the cardinals what about -- -- closer. Koji because of the experience and what -- accomplished this year and he kept it in the edge. Rosenthal course throws ninety -- -- hundred and is a really good and it's certainly show and the animal control so. I don't worry about either but because courage is -- because he's a better yes arguments. Have you done the family tree to see if there is any life. No it's killed on the that. I'm not related to any -- -- yesterday are you related to can and he said. No unfortunately. Well so unfortunate for him it's important for me that I'm not related to him and that no athletic ability. Well but you do a great job as -- though say it's good to see it like a real reporter down there in the -- -- -- does Joseph. Does Joe Buck let you hang out with them we know he has is own airplanes he let you want to. But the fact that you don't want to blow to it is we all -- -- and -- dog parks and we go back cute so. Are socializing time. We are very coached and hey this can last World Series and it's a really big deal for all of us. I -- -- more likely to get lunch on the road with Joseph or Darren. Are more likely to order -- service. He won't Ellison and released an interest resides hagel and literally wrote it nearby -- I don't get ready so we can confirm that you have been on Joe's playing. -- Reluctant -- so it. It awhile but yet so we all that -- isn't much that shared with other guys -- -- -- -- Marc Bulger all right but it back. On. -- or are you go back tomorrow Friday if it. Is it or -- Is it big and roomy in there stewardesses on short skirts and -- David over the it all right listen this guy is so you'd -- thing I would joke that he as the -- and -- choice. Friend of mine I am happily. -- go to -- when I suggest here again you're suggesting networks such as the -- is the candidates is ideally I thought I. And wipe it out of -- can. Let me -- with that a bit of a baseball question I find fascinating little game within the game with -- -- game I -- to see how the newbies do. In the bright hot spotlight Bogart's. And and walker is that something that interest you. Yes but I don't expect deeper than to well. And certainly his track record -- locker during good pitcher to pitcher out stretched Bogart's played. For the most part brilliantly need to -- an -- yet so. It's not a matter of worry about. These guys now we did see a glacier is the big error in game six and certainly that was the useful saying that there was at all. We're sure he rushed for the -- and thrown the ball. But possibly yes they make the kind of mistakes repeat it but my goodness you guys. Pretty -- He will have the best seat in the house for any and all World Series games Ken Rosenthal fox and foxsports.com. As always we appreciate your time is certainly on game day when you got a lot going and who's the boat tied for tonight -- You -- service organizations and the good when they assist. Stanley for the US troops to provide services program entertainment and it's a great group no question and understand that the cancer. -- the World Series of leaking for a unto others as well. That's great -- -- watch it has always -- appreciate the time this morning. -- Good Rosenthal with Dennis and Callahan. On the AT&T hotline AT&T the nation's fastest and now the most reliable Ford GL TE network we beat them and we -- and yet somewhere deal for -- write that down in general was on jewel box placed in the other room and -- camera. Once you're there -- chemistry again it's different -- have been good for you really think Erin would get in the and the day we say he had service alone. That's a good point -- room service lets get real duo the macabre farewell on today I mean Brigham and whole new -- on elimination games stuff like that game like in the third inning but the bring in the -- blocks he loved blocks -- of boxes. Maybe show -- little -- -- adjusted nicely yes cardboard box like when you're younger and cardboard box and entertains you throw the circle life like. It were your parents like into Washington -- -- I hope karma club avenues that several around the kitchen floor.

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