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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Musical caskets

Oct 23, 2013|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the discussed an unfortunate cremation.

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Offer a preemptive. First headline -- it'll be very brief OK okay I graduate happy seventeenth birthday. December's -- are guaranteed -- well seventy that. He is gonna have a -- elaborate -- he has he's gonna and be at Fenway helped -- ultimately help -- get the feel -- craft probably -- media helping get the feel ready when Dave Miller and -- -- -- -- -- and he'll probably meet -- to hold the Kenny -- Jon -- John and yup he's gonna have a great time and if you watch that documentary which is. Fantastic it's on HBO on demand -- like for example you can -- it up watcher watcher watching you wanna donate money. Two for jury but you watching that listen all the kids are really tough spot among those kids. Not talent to crash but he looks. Sounds and feels and moves really well he sounds the best daddy's parents you know and his parents were told that he wouldn't -- past thirteen -- seventeen beat -- by four years -- -- -- and anymore -- and before you think really nice guys for doing this let me just take it down -- the other level -- from the 603 says my daughter lives in chesterfield. What hotel you're staying -- Does that depend on what his daughter looks like yes it's did you already sent a dance that's obviously that we've got a chance that's obviously been done. -- what do you lined up in just a few like that not enough out of -- I got -- there are Jerry moon's family. Opened his casket to see the final goodbyes it's funeral Monday this is in Longview Washington. What they saw was not their fathers -- it's inside the casket was the body of an unknown man with a plastic bag over his head. Even worse the dead man inside the casket was dressed in their father's close. At a picture of their mother tucked under resolve sounds like the first chapter of Harlan -- is all right did you say there was a plastic bag over his head yes it's -- The story gets worse. When a fairly try to track down -- bodies to bury the right man and they learned you already been cremated. Too bad moon it explicitly told us showed that he was terrified of being cremated in never wanted onto his body. Where was this Longview Washington the guy. -- a guy that's that. Our officials with hospice care and long view not told him to believe the -- mix -- happened after the funeral home received his body. They also noted a 97 domain -- the hospice the same time his moon in bowl percent to brown mortuary why did your guy. Of Assisi and heard -- -- But I think that that was murdered. Very strange -- have an answer for that that's that's why I wanna be cremated. You do what I'd be terrified do you wanna be cremated. When they first opened the casket. The body had a plastic bag -- his -- Brian there was sickened thinking brown mortuary had left the bag on his father Jerry moon's head. But -- his brother realized it wasn't even their dad's body in the. Cascading occurring you're kind of -- myself three times -- -- I am not him not him gates makes me feel like he was treated as a number. And not a person and then came another shock when they were told what really happened to their father's remains. He has been confirmed that my father's been cremated. On accident and my father was terrified of being cremated but on the level of mistakes and there is no excuses I just can't believe. The second happen I just can't believe. Your business. Will not be booming at brown funeral home alone for probably not I would the father. I'm terrified of them but I don't think he actually suffered Q do you still live at the time was due to a decrease was about. Yeah just because I wanna be on the on the mantle and be overlooking the stuff you know why that's yeah right you can't see much in the grave I wanna be sprinkled in the ocean. By you wanted to Ashburn you're. No I -- be a glass bottle now sitting up on top of the mantle piece in somebody's house you know if it's you you know in notes to you know they'll be sunglasses on the back. You wanna. Have. Got open casket then get -- white area there all open cast a generational thing right it's -- why would you what's the last memory of anybody you or your loved one to -- this this. -- look and plasticky look and made up what -- slam shut in nice picture on yeah. That and they said they wanna say goodbye below one problem right wants to go to heaven or hell right dead had we gone just does -- exist floating apple regarding all the way operate -- public trip to agreed always sought to instantaneous so yes it's obviously one that was Jesus health -- thing. Well I think some people's way that there there really pearly gates should. Pretty city would get there addressed and I need to do our best round. That's straight at the casket reminds me that there's a there's -- -- and that's really shallow -- -- -- movie out on television. That call me crazy but I wanna see. Bad bad grandpa Aaliyah I heard guys opened this weekend. Johnny Knoxville we'd love because of the stories we heard of him in the -- yeah right -- it was a fairly well yet and they said he was great and he hung out well. Mr. Bush and John Silvia adults. Mean the winners when most under rated more reasonable Patrick is a great family -- you'll think it's funny kids learn a lesson. Anyway Johnny Knoxville told stories of all those things that they did and how they had to get you have to get permission from one to include -- -- it's all. Jackass stuff -- -- people up right. And most people say they only if they would pay people if they really have to people right so Johnny Knoxville or his people were calling you. Tell -- you don't want to be in the movie totally. And sure but -- maybe it's because it's called bad -- -- bad Santa could be but the scenery back into the into the casket coming in the body you'll probably cast it was very fun and talked about the scene where he gets his -- cut in the rental machine. And people like ethic meter and all the people who watch it happened and it sounds hilarious he's great and let's go see that -- in -- that's more low levels and some meaningful like what we call the call me ANC support -- received fourteen year old -- for a whole movie by all the will we see a bad you have bad grant -- what we -- -- -- -- you know like -- the -- Paul. Has caught on with the Internet -- mean this is a box. It tells you what movies and an uncle spoke -- and buy tickets online that it really is sort of that's one lady in town do the number -- -- have called the other number it wouldn't get -- connected. And a little commentary should do as a good idea of the you know I mean I like to seek out a lot in common enough at Bagram plot gravity of Casio -- but that -- I have a pot before -- -- -- Bagram. -- captain Phillips and gravity there'll some. Checking into account. -- Yeah misses a first class. Now I've seen IMAX cost more though in on three more banks sensing -- -- course we are you told you'll run it up. All right -- Phillips Axel there's. And now you got to find -- where we can catch the patriots dolphins game tournaments like crazy. Net. Us what's what's first sex drive and which opened two months ago in a bid to take prostitution not Zurich streets has been a success via. He said Tuesday after two months I can say this guarded prostitution site is working the director social services said. This is literally driving you go off the highway there prostitutes penalize the -- on their goods. If you like which received -- fenced in Hugo. Drive into the thing they closed door it's almost like a garage to garage closed behind you do your thing drive you leave to applicable failure to pick cash which I don't -- you what. -- like well. Switzerland Switzerland have this in chesterfield. I not to my knowledge and we agreed to do it if it -- where that aren't like dying to get that pick until today a lot of go to -- one bowl back in the next. -- -- -- -- He brought it to that story about the guy that runs most cynical cause of the blast to -- so he's there to elaborate on pace a little bit. Define what slippery and the energy he brought to the roundtable. Urges thing. The ones bitching and moaning and travel. To you I'm gonna need elegantly -- lonely. Everyone's -- have was named as a participant in earlier triple homicide by a man who subsequently shot to death for being questioned by authorities according to a filing neighbor but to prosecutors in the case against his brother. Monday he spotted yesterday off and killings right number eleventh 2011 he -- that he attacked a couple state police investigators -- -- and killed generally handle. In Orlando yeah and this guy that was -- made a US citizen believed. How is that possible that they didn't solve this case or he wasn't correct I mean all the -- marijuana cast member of the guys yeah. True -- on the rise in money on the on September 11 he knew one of -- -- well beaten. Does it seem like it wouldn't exactly take Colombo to break this case I think so. It seems pretty simple yet you seem like you put a lot of fun to know now I've from the globe this morning. Milton a motorcyclist who police say routinely drove his bike and hundred miles per hour. -- interstates 939524. Leading state police other options for the past month was apprehended. Early Tuesday the suspect identified as Daniel rebel -- 29 of Somerset. And engage in this battle with over the last six weeks talking Arlington police officer Friday and roared when his motorcycle. We Saber bill -- headquarters of -- Monday posted escaped a guy's tape that. When you call the mantra yeah doggone they don't that's just so over the line call 911 -- -- His luck ran out at 730 Tuesday. He was arrested by Randolph police who found him hiding behind a parked trailer tractor off route 139 and -- Why he couldn't get away at that time. Because they looked him in the eyes he's been caught in traffic stop on sidewalks is gone wrong way one way street -- dots between cars. -- he gets up and I -- and could not get away. They got a melt the -- get these kind of future in some don't know what it is the jury ultimately us all how how -- yes. -- the fifteen page driving history since 2000 -- -- speeding tickets let's just please call in how many different towns and all the sounds that where he was caught speeding and arrested for speeding. Randolph Abington by Dartmouth New Bedford -- Somerset twice North Hampton -- Fall River. Westport also wise at least one traffic violation in -- right well real well miles M one -- -- run red lights he's gonna get motorcycle. You don't yet have always -- -- motorcycle on a nightly prime brush like that at the fifty in the deal on a motorcycle guy. Are you gonna take a helmet off when you cross into me not now be put some out and do that -- just seems dangerous stupid and you know what. Think of kids he got little kids not by fifty it -- be OK we knew if you don't need you anymore that's when you gonna die by point. If you go 3040 miles an hour on your side on the highway and look at Melissa organisms that could kill him so -- just -- -- -- a couple inches that guy. Iced it with a low flat they're dead right now we don't flat on I would them Ortiz went a hundred no breaks out like I don't if that's true I don't. And talk to us before you -- that occurred is that your midlife crisis potentially here. You know what what you get that golden fingers might have all the respect -- toy line just a couple of hours at the gold finger. Our Red Sox tickets we will give away at 830000. Dollars at nine Ken Rosenthal will join us at 905 will be right back.

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