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Red Sox Road to Redemption World Series Round Table Discussion - Hour Two

Oct 22, 2013|

Mike Salk, Michael Holley, Kirk Minihane and Lou Merloni and discuss the World Series bound Red Sox.

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My name its armor and I'm planning a trip to Saint Louis Saint Louis is there any added Saint Louis. We'll. All be there. Friday Saturday Sunday Monday. So alcoholic. As we continue the round table -- who wait for John Farrell who'll be on and just a moment where Jerry Ramey is we trade out Dave O'Brien and -- we bring in Maloney. -- -- -- -- -- -- Well -- all the horrible problem of them like that was -- you know to keep keep tipping off aren't as the DNC I think about we just -- -- forget in Atlanta that's fine we don't need -- relatively -- lonely old are you gonna tell works fairly young android actually German nationals dual format -- the dearly. This is too bad you know really sucks about this. I -- these great J. D. Drew stark jokes really the only guy in the return of the was pretty good he's good yeah and almost disappointing I was -- Leo yeah. He was created -- your. Chase was not perspective I would know -- the problem here with the with assault and Holley show and indeed see what they -- when I should have been arrested John -- -- -- you ask you -- you take more -- and everybody. -- -- Stewart first of all my interest in character assassination that hurts my feelings yeah. America North America. Should this well I no problem with guys who won't put you guys bring what you bring everybody's bringing something for our big dinner here it's like a Thanksgiving dinner we know Dino. What do -- bring. And Montenegro during not a lot if I know you brought -- notes that David -- I don't know we will Brian brings Weiner and his analysts and you guys bring -- absolutely nothing nothing they're gonna hang up okay what he needs and on her movies and old monk. I don't not unlike you what did you want I was open you why some food some one alcohol down your artillery and I'm sure it was pretty well taken care of real estate exam which is how is it. Appear to me you missed while the meals lately and now -- I see how it would have been put on the three guys. We want honest dissent on the western reporting that what I that's why I look at. -- c'mon I'm sure it was really. It was 193. Before I left and it's -- 198 right now you don't run with needs and knows how horribly -- on two and a half marathon Sunday mornings yeah. Marathon and for like a year to do happen -- on your listeners are going to have -- are designed with 7:7 -- will be their -- I don't -- there are going to be there I might -- the first three -- four miles when you went thirteen to the -- wasn't you know with the -- now. I saw I have this morning I haven't run they have better. -- -- you know the flames and only if you are you -- miss. Characterizing me I have run a half marathon but I am not for now we don't want it now face to face assault right now. There are bigger -- predicted that I have no problem. Exactly yeah. And on and destroy you your what are we doing -- -- any low calorie diet yeah and you guys would know saw all those guys the guys now we were just talking about MVP candidates for the World Series and Lou I know the guy that that I was talking about who who scares me the most. From Saint Louis perspective is a guy that you like look at that's Yadier Molina. -- absolutely. I think that he is a big X-Factor in this series it. It's not just the running game like it -- here are stolen bases. -- -- nearly 46 stolen bases against this guy all year long I think -- these numbers like 113. They just don't even try. Wainwright game one starters don't 240 innings 34 starts you don't base stealers are against him three for six. Six. I mean they just don't do it it's not just the base stealing its. You know secondary leads Burton -- get a big lead at first base wanna go first to third scored a double. Ball in the dirt -- -- victory a ticket to advantage of a ball under second third -- -- we we go rally. When he when he got a guy like Gatti with those the ball so quickly to first base and -- -- he just yeah it's almost like he can't even get a big secondary lead to take advantage. I hate to cut you off what's -- -- at Fenway Park right now we'll come back and breaking down right after blue jays had made you relief in this great situation in Toronto. And going to what the media was reporting on. As a possible bad situation in Boston given -- last place team. The opposite obviously happened. Did you see this coming did this did this surprise you that it's been so much the opposite of that where did you think this was achievable from the get go. You know I can't speak to what took place -- -- this past season. I knew that. When it -- been set out so. Execute his vision his plan and the players that he was able to identify that matched that vision. And when we assembled audience in spring training in Fort Myers it was clear that this was. A group of veteran guys that have come from winning environment so we're getting a core group back that was healthy. Guys that it had won championships guys have been all star caliber players. -- in as the season unfolded. The tight knit group that we know of today started. To experience some things and answer some challenges that. And we -- we had a good team and that close knit group has helped us overcome some of those challenges. -- -- Hi John -- a little bit about. Your experiences for most how they can translate now you manage every day but the post seasons a different animal and this is a different animal entirely what did you pick up maybe. From Tito and 07 that's helped you through here could help in the next week. I think the one thing that stands out in and having to live it now after the first two series is there's. Probably a little more sense of urgency to the decisions you make particularly. With matchups on the mound. And sometimes she you kind of go a little bit more their -- with the way guys are currently playing as opposed to the the approach you might take darn regular season words -- in some ways maybe a little more numbers based. In the -- guys respond to the post season environment you know that that's the one thing you're you're reading on reading -- getting a read over the giving guys an. That might be where some of that gut feel comes in the play with some lineups that we've used. You know particularly with -- on the field situation making a change with Sander at third base. And those are two examples that -- -- time in the back. John how did you know that no one Davis is the right man to be your pitching coach. Having been a teammate of his -- kept in touch for them over the years. One he's an intelligent guy. But more importantly his genuineness. As a person. To me was. The one thing that would allow him to connect with players and that is proven to be the case is a very good pitching coach. And I think the sincerity in which he comes to work with every day guys feel that and they trust in his message. In addition to all the other things -- much about him the person and that is the intelligence that he has he can dramas on experiences. You know was a top flight young -- himself and unfortunately injury took that away so we can identify and have some compassion. Towards those who might be going through a similar situation. I can't. John -- has been done today at this time he might have the rest of the rotation and some thoughts on what direction might go on with the roster wondered if you do. Right now no roster changes. As of today we're gonna go the same Tony five that we finish the last. Series with so that hasn't been adjusted. John like to pitch game two. And yet on the weekend you'll have got a little more clear -- like it's closer. Red Cross failed to. Oh thank you -- He's done just wondering if you push you that you managed blue jays for two years just wondering if any relation it's got there anybody called her message you to. Offer congratulations and wish -- in the World Series. Yeah they're -- been a couple not only. Some people in front office but the couple players as well also. You know hopefully through all the change of some of those. Personal relationships that you do forge don't go by the wayside despite what might have come out of last year and appreciate they reaching out. You can have a long questions -- could have forgot about it. I'm always -- when did you know that I want to ask you John about that the tragedy this city went through in April and how it's impacted you was a person. This team. You in New York in 2001 the Yankees -- them through something similar obviously the tragedy was much for enormously happened late in the season how has that impacted. What this team has tried to do is to help the team come together having a cause and a sense. It it has and we we spoke a number of times about. That event being somewhat of a galvanizing force for this group. What's been most impressive is. Some of the individual outreach well by our players without any. Public acknowledgment without any. You know the genuineness in which the players have done that whether it's hospital visits whether it's leaving tickets for individual families -- first responders. I and I think all we tried to do was pitching in. Two there were rest of the city. To help those affected. And -- more than anything not let that day go forgotten and I think our organization throughout the course this -- done. A great job of acknowledging those who responded and those who have suffered. In and I think more than anything just. We've become a little bit of a vehicle. -- to keep that in the forefront. A lot of people's mind. And John is somebody with a a player development background how much you. Like the idea that the World Series has two teams that have a lot of homegrown players the cardinals a few more than you guys but that both organizations have tried to. Incorporate young guys into their tax this year. I think it's. It's a great example of a lot of work of by people that might not. Gain a lot of notoriety. Or acknowledgment that you know there's this -- who's out in the northwest finding a young guy from that territory or. A coach at this entry level in rookie ball. And their imprint is on the players that have started their career -- that original organization and and I firmly believe that the players that come through that path they and they have a maybe a greater sense of ownership because it is their original organization and that might translate into. The difference on the field with the way they compete the way they go about it knowing that they're playing for what they know is their home. In pro baseball and no one doesn't as well as the cardinals given the number guys that are on the roster right now. Very. And in the pitching coach here can you reflect. What. Journey was for Jon Lester from recovering cancer creation of seven to where it is now knows. The number one starter and his staff and how much of what he went through personally do you think made him a stronger person to see that number one pitcher. Well there's there's no doubt that his personal story. Is a major contributor to use today. You know thinking back to 07. When we send him out of spring training and I was seven so it's a start back in Greenville in in the South Atlantic League and and work his way back up to build stamina. And to build some endurance he came to this was sent back down to act as you've been to Portland late that season. Interest to see his. Progression to regain the physical stamina and strength but ultimately culminating in the game for a start that he had. You know. For for so many of us it was it was a great experience when -- But for John's case. It's it to be on the mound in the clinching game in World Series environment. I mean that's stuff that stories and movies are made and to see -- come today. That there's no question he hasn't forgotten the the journey he's traveled. And I think he serves as a living example so to many that. Don't take the field but share in a similar journey is yes. Buster John how dismally in its presence affect choices you're gonna make. Well he's he's a shut down -- on -- plate evident by the number of attempts against them this year. But in addition to his ability to throw a baseball you know they're pitchers do very good job of unloading -- what they're loading times as well also. You know we were worse and still trying to get our arms around trying to you know maybe be opportunistic in certain situations we don't know when they're going to be yet. But. He certainly a force to be reckoned with back there and you don't wanna take chances particularly is. As well pitched games as that projects to be with these two staffs. You think it might be a little run game and and. -- -- -- China Jones is our call that that game four start was kind of came out of nowhere what do you remember about you and Tito. Deciding to give him the ball there and it wouldn't put aside from whatever. The motion was involved for cancer survivor be closing out a series what did you see from him on the mound that made you think. You know that this guy has the ability to be a top top of the rotation guys going forward. Without. Recalling every. Factor that when we enter every contributing factor that went into the decision to the two appearances he made the ALCS one wasn't real good and fun right. And the other was I think to the third innings over Cleveland where. He was powerfully as dominant. And in coming out of the ALCS and I'm trying to remember if there was no with a starter is we bypassed senate situation. Though it was like right in we felt like it in the altitude. You know with the knuckleball might be a little bit more of an issue there. And we all felt that stuff power stuff you -- to get hitters out within the strike zone was key and -- coming off that second appearance against Cleveland you know Jon Lester was it was a clear choice. David John Mike Metheny was asked about the cardinals way how would you define the Red Sox way. That there's so. A relentless approach to play complete game every night. And I know that can be used to selling a broad brush but. You know we do we look to be relentless and every aspect of the game and that's a mindset and attitude that we've. We worked it worked hard at creating. And I think that attitude is what has allowed us to come back from Somali. Deficits this year. And never. Give an at bat away and certainly played to the 27 out overnight. On national formally hand similar to go Johnny. You're gonna talk about -- white and what kind of problems might keep presented Wednesday. A very good pitcher. A lot of strikes particularly early in the count we know we're gonna get -- pitch mix -- against -- that it's in when he get when he when he -- only 35 guys and you know 240 innings. You know you're gonna get a lot of pitchers across home plate and not just. In the strikes on some parties get very good command. As we talked about with guys on the Detroit staff its power stuff. He has -- ability be unpredictable he does a very good job controller running game in culmination of yadier. The key for us is if we get pitches on the plate in the middle plate somewhere is not a missile. At three on the middle and there. John. One of the biggest differences this year your -- Aries the full run better you give a lot of credit the one you this earlier. On two of the guys to the -- your stuff Buchholz and Lester you close when your pitching coach here. Yet to either may be worse seasons for them individually lives here. What do you attribute in Hamachi but did you do you think he's their bounce back seasons this season. Well -- got back to their original or or they're more consistent form. You know coming -- his start this season. Jon Lester was still going through some adjustments to his delivery that he he ironed out in spring training and gain that consistency. It's a performance he has which is back to it in the 08 to 2010 form that he showed before. And Clay Buchholz who was coming in the spring training. Not restricted physically you know -- it come off a situation where does go back and prevent him from being as effective as he was. Unfortunately his season was interrupted because of shoulder issue. But you know those two guys -- more than anything was just getting back to add to their original form and when we're able to get off to a good start their confidence grew. And I think the remainder of our rotation was able to feed off of their leading by example and but just giving them back to their original form. Our ads John Ferrell meet with the media across the street at Fenway Park we're Jerry Remy is Mike -- Michael -- -- Linehan and boomer Loney as well while the news that comes out of it. No changes there to the roster for the World Series which means Franklin Morales we'll stay on the roster still bit of a surprise to me I'm not sure what value he has for them at this point. And then John Lackey will indeed as I think most of us suspected to start game two of. Yeah I was gonna be shocked if he had announced Clay Buchholz as the game two starter just because of the rest involved. It would have to talk about buckles having stamina issues. You wouldn't bring them into you start game two with forty grass so it just makes a lot of sense that you're gonna have Lackey. But your game two starter -- -- -- buckles game three in Saint Louis. We turn this thing on her -- -- -- -- Four days yeah I think he'd like to have him start game -- he -- because that's the only real game -- get a day off after. Because now you look at a guy that's going go five Lindsay pitches game three public Jake Peavy with who really knows. You know in the three -- back to back to back it doesn't asserts but he needs a rest there I think he needs a rest I think ideally we get in five days then you probably would start game -- could you like Australia next day. Hitting off the he can use your bowl and only want now. Do you use evidence he's got five incident at this point and if what I seen the first couple games. First he starts here is it's five is eighty pitches in the sixties and you better get somebody up because he's -- the quick ball. When -- does come out in the sixth inning the last time we saw what was Franklin Morales who came in form I would hope after what we saw would have to see that again and yet he finds himself right back on the playoff -- give -- a high leverage situation where morale is in the picture this year I don't not possible -- time. I mean to what does that tell you what does that tell you by putting him on the -- seven man bullpen era is only gonna come in and then when you're down five. The need to kill inning somehow. If you want we actually do you have more valuable when you already have two other starters on your wrote me in your bullpen is up more valuable than an extra -- I -- I think you needed though. The urgency of the unity is used to brought -- -- Do probably piggyback and all these guys we look at the cardinal starters idea of the numbers against lefty righty stuff. They've blocked and only go five hopeful -- -- PV -- goes the other day that he did he only goes three and as you go right to do brought. Can you switch it up lefty righty on the real quick in the middle of the game early on in the game with a look at -- chase change the things around. We want to -- ready but do you wanna burn him blitzing scheme to all the -- game one out of nowhere right big jump all over John lack giving anything really happened you wanna protect yourself. This may be a stretch you could tell -- what you guys think about this. May be part of the reason you have. Lackey per game to a -- to game three in addition to the split for lackeys better home. How about defective -- Digisette eighty pitches so -- and a National League park. You've got one less guy to worry about Detroit the pitcher maybe you can extend you can get more out of Buchholz because he doesn't have to face. Even weigh hey and as typical lineup in and actually part of that possibility. Yeah it is also the only entry form early in the game we don't feel so bad right here he's still remain a -- black is actually deal -- like really gonna waste deserves the attention from in the sixth. You know -- of the seventh inning when he can give me another inning of Buchholz you know in the sixth inning and he's sitting there on eighty pitches you know probably -- probably done anyway. I'm disappointed in the guys in the press first of all nobody asked Farrell what the differences between being up one know the being down 01 after the first game -- that's we have to be there and ask the questions -- yeah. I mean unfortunately. He and Tony you know very very sad and I have much preferred to ask my genius question. Carol are coming up here current view of I've been so Smart that you picked against the Red Sox in both of -- The series they -- to explain yourself -- you're just gonna do for your pick for the World Series that's next we -- -- -- -- with -- and calling on WEEI. That you want leading the way. 24 year old lefthander deals and -- -- bought the metal act but I'll try it. I'll back the -- stay. On the ball was right behind the back of my disputed that back. Iglesias was very good about where that. Second baseman was crossing over as well and everybody say. Think she is that it is -- momentarily but could hang out of the bases loaded or victory you know. I don't know that -- the -- not in May have bit. He had it in his glove and then on the gonna charge you with a -- I was a tragedy just hate to see that. So sad for more Jose and all of this great followers and supporters across New England. -- -- Michael Pollock Turkmen and bloomer Loney 24 hours from now will be giving away tickets for game two of you listening to us tomorrow at 530 -- a couple of tickets. For game two to give away guys that you just heard John Farrell. And be on just what he announces regarding his rotation -- -- game to. His roster which we'll stay the same as it was the last two series. Kirk I wanna get your thoughts on on why you picked against them a second as well but just come back to his word deferral used relentless. It is a good word to describe his Red Sox team is usually not when you hear in terms of baseball more of a football term he is in terms of baseball. What exactly did you mean -- beat teams down time after time after time that's why he did beat Detroit I mean where the ball well they weren't starters out to get to the bullpen. It's an underrated thing he'll talk about law before series start now we figured out they do that against the cardinals general things and reason they didn't change green. Dorian that against the get that yeah. Are you -- -- -- over the pace and arms that we are there not a sweep. No no problem -- an utter lack of respect for the Boston I don't know not that I could see I -- the Red Sox to a 74 games the regular season not bad because Colin he'll reverse law -- -- -- in the first rally there at Detroit and now picking Saint Louis for the same reason I picked the teachers before too stupid not stupid. I believe the two stars for Saint Louis -- into more than one into the Red Sox -- about 34% Lewis knocked great. No I think is really good the lineup I think it's pretty good it's a damn good competitive series seven games. There yet it's gonna go seven games and are going to be miserable and be here Michael Corleone only that's right. It's getting us that he's he's -- so it is this is the better team like did you swing back home. After your show it to 2 o'clock -- go back home. Hang out their -- show didn't do is critical with the when you guys six -- twentieth and starts telecast well maybe you say. I don't know I joint don't know zone or chargers I write -- -- Off Somalia for about six what are we gonna follow me and Adobe did destroy evidence and it's a stock. And Xena and political right gets you. Helicopter around for something. A helicopter in or better ahead bring him in here is that you do some trick or treat her right around ten more to the output in Jokester Leona but it requested time remarks feel OK and -- we can postpone Halloween for missing and he never forgive you for this if you don't and hopefully today they'll never forget art art work he's full years all of Turkey due -- -- dialog get its best please -- -- zero. Soledad best daddy haven't seen -- I'm going home I'm going ask mr. ground all the better. I think this is the years as walkers and Torii Hunter turn -- pants up I'll be rock and -- credit. I I I this is here. A relentless approach from her commitment and I I -- like network by the way for the Red Sox accurate I think it really does describe how they attack teams how they attack the game. And it's not just what they do at the -- that's sort of what they do everywhere. Well it in -- one of the things do relentless. You'll. On the -- pass and I think the that's going to be obvious Giuliani -- these can be difficult to do you know and just we're tunnel for the Ferrell. You'll meet aggressive on the bases just stealing bases -- -- didn't secondary leads school first to third -- from. From sex first base that double it's taken -- pitch in the dirt taking propagate the extra bag and -- yet he keeps you close to the back of a secondary busy picking off. You know -- -- its iPod choice of plays that your young second base first base didn't matter what base you're wrong you had to be looked carefully secondary because he can pick you -- a heartbeat. But there relentlessly will be an -- at at the plate because when you look at these stars this isn't. -- don't have Justin Verlander go to -- when he five you know pitches in the game that they don't have that. I mean Wainwright to get a -- 110. You know some of the guys have gone one hand a couple of times. But in 95 pitches seven innings that's not gonna happen here in his World Series. -- his lineup out someone asked this yesterday so who knows better and who would win the series between the 2004 Red Sox in this team I thought 2004 in a pretty pretty much a runaway right. About five games maybe six games you're just look at the construction of that team. Okay here's the point. 2004. We were saying the same things about the Red Sox and cardinals remember that cardinals' lineup. -- 105 gain what you did better than this one yet rent three -- had Larry Walker obviously -- report old -- to amendments -- there at Scott Rolen. They were they were loaded. -- the Red Sox still to this day didn't have to pitch in no I can't believe -- how the Red Sox. Pitched to that team mission from now. I can't think with this lineup now it's I think everybody's here in the cardinals and there's no superstar lineup. But this is the kind of line up where you can you can you can neutralize. I was thinking about that I like -- your guy you -- to sign -- Belgium that's it right stunt. Clutch -- is absolutely. Is there anybody else know that's it there's not a guy you say it again Texas guy in the situation. All they aren't you sort of players if you if you make a mistake holiday ultimately I think got a Mitsuzuka you know Cochran -- things underrated be getting the -- -- -- bases early enough gee I keep him off the -- -- -- good player. He's a good player but we know they don't they don't run and and it's surprising to me. Then this is the first time that I've seen the cardinals team. That doesn't room. -- -- And edited the at a more -- -- I -- I don't run explained that and I I don't know I don't want to -- -- -- a lot wiser. -- lots delighted loves to just off the table right now personally. You know this lobster when I first started here about seven months ago said that if and when the Red Sox made the playoffs and went to the World Series. He was -- -- lobster dinner but I didn't realize I was not to cook the law to myself I don't gonna go come visit until now while very exciting let me just make it clear that it was Mike Salk who said. I'm sitting here looking at this lobster and looks like Max Scherzer who neither toil over months. I this kind of what you put a lot different probably don't want all want -- laughter in front of brilliant that's -- I can't they had kind of given you the evil I have -- one -- Are you afraid of the lawsuit. Iowa I'm not crazy. I prefer you know you have heard no launch -- I prefer that -- -- -- -- agency that I don't logic I see out of it now I don't I. Wish they consider the lobster you know I feel bad for the camp yeah I'm. -- put in some boiling water and the guess what seemed fairly good -- I don't think so with spelling of it honestly tell him probably won't like that to finally get to -- I do not like getting my hands -- that's true like a warm -- confident. It is one of the many things Kirk and I have a comment you know we just start thinking about all the things we have in -- that's just one of them. Neither of us relate to get our hands there is a true yeah do you think I'm that guy I like to go get my hands dirty little bit you're after all her opinion and if it wanted to. -- -- -- highlight just gently out of hand -- and do his beatle mania I'm very excited and pleased about where we're talking about the young cardinals and speed which is pretty well nonexistent on that team. Is this almost like the like the race situation where he circuit don't like Longoria -- -- in this case it's Beltran. And everybody else OK pitch with some level of caution but they're probably not going to rise to the same level -- Dig -- much battle that ended in Tampa this is not long -- nobody else I mean. I David Kris talking about a guy that I know he's banged up his ankles are all Jimmy. You know but it does -- tuchman MVP I don't know ballot -- gonna come back and do anything with the time that he missed. But he's an easy guy that you don't let him come back to be comfortable with the same thing -- brawl as always I can be right. Adams got some thump Yadier Molina not only can he -- she can get ahead a possible it is an entry and -- that this lineup. I know this this is the best lineup you've seen. In the best -- then you've seen. Was daughters that maybe aren't of Detroit's caliber of pretty damn close. That's so I think and unwell close -- not check yet they're close -- Michael walk is a different plan. I don't know Wainwright and I don't like -- right now walker is pitching he's on a different planet right now I don't know. I don't think he's a first round pick I don't he's a guy they got when they lost Albert Pujols they drafted him with that slot that compensation that. I don't know we did you don't like beauty you've got -- And saying well this is only -- somebody asked me how -- deletions in a -- extinction is gonna wake up tomorrow awesome because in the moment and not be good though. So but I don't know how -- I don't I don't know how good he is either standard. I know right now is good but. Who apologetic let me talk -- -- -- facing better competitions and the programs -- now becoming -- -- Compared to somebody in the major leagues right now you -- we can't have you seen him have a -- that yet doesn't get an early and never seen anything. Don't like oh my god this is a kid you're right now -- wondered if you wanted to million and compare to anybody because. He's going to be a superstars -- yeah he's young coach Rodriguez I don't bore hole is I think he's got to get out the other -- -- -- getting stronger. We'll see its flaws more when he -- next year your tires. Until this or here's what he did get from him you do get to see him against very good pitching as good pitching as you're gonna see song take -- bats against guys like shares are you saw those and they were great. The one thing I can't think of all walkers and he's pitched to an American League lineup. I haven't seen him pitch to a line up like the Red Sox have assembled. And that doesn't mean he's gonna go into shall be afraid of the moment but to show up here at Fenway Park in this environment in game two may be his team is already down a game we'll wait and see how does it reacted to come combination of the World Series Fenway Park and -- legitimate American League lineup that led to -- run in runs this year. I think that -- -- pretty good very good and I don't know I don't know my attempt wasn't there. But that's a very good line. In I just. Still play some NFL he's a two pitch guy though that's the only thing -- fastball changeup but it is the angles he throws of that that there and the change of the curve balls the occasional show only you know shall we -- first pitch. That's about it resonates fastball changeup. You know nothing you've seen it's -- of this in the guy in the NLCS in the NL DS and regular the regular season does is the World Series that much greater than an LC SI mean it's a bigger -- G -- I don't see Santa Bogart just go putting -- hole would give me that if that's just like I don't see this kid just grab. Over and so while meanwhile we saw some comments today in the Boston -- from a former manager of the Red -- that make absolutely no sense if you've yet to read what Bobby Valentine said -- we will read it to you next and react as well I promise -- it's coming up at the roundtable -- -- -- him -- salt and -- and WE -- Know every start learning experience and you know find go -- that don't draw something -- that'll hopefully help me tomorrow then they'll be great. I was Jon Lester in game one starter earlier today Kurt -- bloomer Loney or whether assault and Ali. On WEEI in the Red Sox road to redemption roundtable. Continuing on second time we've done this year -- grammys and great food good atmosphere good spot to come by right by Fenway Park if you're gonna be around tonight tomorrow the rest of the week for games one and two. Good spot to stop by now I assume you guys saw Bobby Valentine's comments -- -- this -- yeah -- have to read them right I'd like just think he says that if I came back from my second year that given the changes and improvements. I would have been able to do the same thing in -- did a great job this offseason rebuilding the team. I don't think I've ever seen anything like it before usually a team. We'll go after one -- two free agents and hope they work out when you're signing seminary guys and they all work out and blend in together as well as they did it. That's amazing to me that's that is Bobby Valentine saying that if he were a year they would still be in the world's. Yeah about nonsense to say his firing. Was a necessary step to. The change everything that's going on here at this that that is absolutely ridiculous it's delusional and it's pretty accurate with the way he's been to be perfectly honest with you. There's a chance and now their playoff team the same as the -- -- free agents agreed to come here he still remain frozen let me say this in defense of Valentine which I don't wanna -- with US Bobby Valentine that question is he supposed to say you know it. -- -- -- I'm incompetent but we're gonna win 69 games -- -- done a good jobs only leaves open and if nick guesstimate but Nichols over wakes him up and -- some of. Question for -- don't have an answer about why I don't know. -- miles -- answering the question I just think he's wrong I mean. That he has to protect himself and he should believe in themselves will lose your right or get run over how many of these guys actually show up but he's the manager you -- is the right -- he -- -- is delusional -- -- was don't want a couple times if you are interviewing the guy in the guy is absolutely. -- it's been threatened punctured. Now he didn't throw -- dark chocolate surprisingly it didn't didn't get to know we don't want to diligently and eventually get a hobby a little bit more time trying to had a second year and come back for second year right and got -- talked occurred more often I'm sure we'll learn that about. I think if I ask this question earlier. Do you think Red Sox ownership understands. What happened to me -- do you think they understood what it all worked out well for them. There's going to be extra money for the reds are not ignorant in it for the money for the extra money for the rest stuck to this postseason run. Seeing all the great things about bill and Jerry -- and John Ferrell on the team is likable most of ratings are up across the board. Do you think they know. Why this is happening. Do you think whoever was I don't know -- Larry general that was John Henry Tom Warner all of them together. Who decided that Bobby Valentine was -- guy. You think the lesson they got was you gotta provide resources in the ownership but. We got a lot of people that we hired to do the job. Yeah well listen I think they are Lawson I think they hired Bobby is a short term. You know looking to give them credit -- in the no they hired Bobby Valentine it was such a -- and open up everybody's eyes to make this deal for the Dodgers it was a short term -- -- -- always in their odds. -- 100000 clearly goes bad as it did. But I think you learn the regular a lot of by -- -- But the GM picked their manager say you know that's number one let's start there me to pump. On the general manager my personality I want I want it to kind of be a want to match the kind of guy that I want you running my teammate and you know this. -- -- -- match you don't think these soft mild mannered now in the public I've been sharing deal is that all like my own like Bobby Valentine -- play -- slicing he was part of that process of understanding of me in the culture change. The culture change wasn't just bringing in Giant -- with Bernard -- You know -- appear to go to change was also. You know allowing -- allowing me to make some calls allowing to bring in the right personnel get the right players and everything else and that. You know the way we communicate is a coaching staff from coaching staff the general manager that all needed to change. What's amazing is it about this team that trade was a huge leg press two if you go down this team's payroll for next year. Look at each guy I can remember in my life in baseball you could say the Red Sox you can get out of one contract pick one. There's a point that you were keeping every single one of these guys every contract right now. It's a good contract which proper big budget team is unbelievable and unbelievable there will be doing with what -- doing Mike Napoli. Who doesn't have a contract army and some guys you can decide to sign right happily salty happily and and felt I was -- a cocktail there but those are good problems to have and financially especially well. It's a good problem to have because your team is winning but it felt -- doesn't -- we're talking about last segment about. MVP -- who who could be the MVP for themselves or if the Red Sox when it. -- -- -- -- -- That's not necessarily play well and it didn't work this -- to abusing the press conference after the tree was disciplined right isn't Ellsbury classic case. Of discipline you look at that he's gonna want the kinda money in the tiny years to pay insurance and I think pretty clearly doesn't wanna give a player so he walks in you know what. He's got the currency right now nobody's gonna. Right and in some ways if he does end up as you said is the World Series MVP someone who will drastically. Overpay -- almost makes it easier. For -- can say look they offered him so much money we didn't want any part of that if it was close maybe there's a debate millions of getting overpaid badly easy to just say look they gave an insane money you don't want us to get caught up with some. Like the idea of all the guys they have free agencies taken of each and every one of Beckett skeptical wheels for one year. Each and every right now that you for a one year fourteen million dollar deal to Napoli salty or Stephen -- if you want. Yeah I won't give up a first round pick we don't publish your holding on to -- until the first -- -- Josh Hamilton. I'll give up a first round pick for Jacoby Ellsbury. Could give up the first round pick for chairs of the market is Stephen Drew or Mike Napoli the only argument three year deal 47 million dollars that not. They're not those guys to give it all kind of like any of those three guys and all my propagate any of them for one year of fourteen million dollars because I just don't see team. You know we didn't give -- first round pick it you gotta do they -- you before -- deal right three year for you do those guys -- -- and I just don't see any of those guys giving that they have. Thirteen think about the Boston rats -- what you wanna give up a first round pick from Mike Napoli. Now they brought him in because there was -- I think not no compensation attacks storm right that's what they look for. Literally special guys you do that that's what's got -- bitching about right to -- -- get the client you -- get the client builds bridge that teams might do that with the match. If they want those guys victory they'll get. Yeah although the qualifying offer for significant money -- like those guys and I didn't screw -- you think that's pretty -- -- yeah yeah yeah it's a -- way of saying -- and we're gonna wrap up. How we already arrived. But redemption. No good just to -- mormons geez you guys are pros and tickets generally good. Have already arrived to redemption and -- -- road to keep going nobody feels this team has already redeem themselves I think they have put but it's still the process of redemption here right continues I. They're done whether you think you're going to lose you forget about it the Shawshank I don't know where I feel like we're there I'm looking around. Red Sox three is what does -- do you always great early you always quick before job was done is that your sense to me a lot of kids. It's gonna run at lake -- that a bullet point we'll -- yeah. She's you'll -- -- -- why should we deemed -- guys are so I -- cynical -- Perhaps only in the us. It has been redeemed thank you might not mean the you know continued down the road to redemption to see the gleaming. That is real -- event. There is a regular rainbows at double rate that is just the sunshine emanating from Kirk. And generally fall was the only person more cynical but you can't -- that told us that there's a race. Well this is very excited and Oksana I lied about it yeah I was very excited. Yeah. -- -- New York and that I don't -- nomination of candy in New York -- I think don't you got to put those together -- more -- admitting yeah that's pretty. -- just as politically she'd go. I try not to you know I try not to specialty what's special. What do you want my business what is special and I've read it doesn't he didn't really -- I don't know what we're trying to do better I. -- -- -- -- She's been great series define great to be what's great yeah five and not be great that no Santa Claus and I just. It's pretty easy just listen for the word that you wanna jump in on and they just attack just doesn't telemarketing ombudsman let's try to yeah Saturday hasn't been. People who aren't just fine Ben charitable word we use to describe in -- electric and I -- yeah. Ideally -- electric to finally had to plug into a war. Electric part of me that's fine and about one word now if you are what what kind of award would you use to describe venture into. Stupid questions let me think one -- to the -- -- -- professional. Does that competence. Smart Smart guy that's what nine words it's a general manager he made the greatest rate. Public in the history of the Red Sox if not the city. And now he'll be bad moves he made. -- -- -- -- -- -- The only bad move because they got hurt a battle that family deadline this year you say Graham deadline but overall -- -- her and beat them port. Al thawra organ -- Wellington were recorded I guess -- I don't mean it. Hoping to -- those permanent no general manager as you know is going to be perfect rounds are pretty small ones are back in and he actually built in. He built he built in redundancies for those right. -- and doesn't work out -- doesn't work out you have to them and he had coached you who turns out to be the best of them -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- really built in redundancies I think he's a very Smart guy Michael and I were talking earlier. If you think there's a possibility for him to do this longer and more successfully. Than Theo Epstein did here and I think the reason I think he's capable of it. Is I don't think there and not that the it was a huge ego -- but I let the ego got in the way a little bit that normally doesn't chariots of. Ben was Hugh what was first he was what 98. And you can't get rademan guard since he has sort of sat back and watched a ton of things attorneys setback -- seen some mistakes he's. You know things now gotten back to -- he saw what how to build the team basically to get those seven that he basically sought a cripple one great. And break down the walls and she collapsed and now he's of actually getting back to building another team some of the fact he's been the -- that we like to think you live and learn. In that it would never happen like Danica. Mean think about all the general managers who -- talking about -- don't know the general managers who have come through here. Without being Red Sox general manager Brian Lee Thomas on scaffolding. Is doing their job today. I got this started jot down -- who is this action Michael -- -- you sound like Mike -- Monica -- Doug Melvin you know Rahal was here. -- as an assistant general manager rooms that diligently for a while. You know I think he may have made these -- their success and just do their jobs may still be significant but look what he's got a lot of different guys interject all sort of miserable. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know everybody else. -- that -- intensity gets paid to give anyone successfully inventor electricity and what does that what does electric there -- true what is it -- and a little Maloney thank you guys are helping out with the roundtable today did we learn. Enjoy your programs tomorrow and see guys in Saint Louis as well thank you very much we will be back tomorrow of course John Ferrell will join us as he does every Wednesday at 230. We'll have tickets to giveaway for game two at 530 don't ask where they are they're free they're free they're a great deal gets at two at 530 UN tomorrow afternoon after John -- at 230 stick around for much rob and Alex the boys from WEEI dot com we'll see you tomorrow to go by everybody from -- revenues.

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