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Red Sox Road to Redemption World Series Round Table Discussion - Hour One

Oct 22, 2013|

Mike Salk, John Dennis, Michael Holley and Dave O'Brien talk about the Sox in the Series live from Remy's on Boylston.

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Our roundtable begins right now Dave O'Brien John Dennis are with -- -- -- -- Michael college boys before I bring you into this conversation we need to ask Michael question we -- task. About 4 o'clock every day Michael would you like 1000 dollars I would like to 1000 -- would -- would also -- a thousand dollars go to WEEI dot com slash cash and enter the code word grant to GR AE and T at ten minutes and her -- Grant GRE NT WEEI dot com slash cash do it now the pages mobile friendly -- can enter the Smartphone in -- -- will be at 7 o'clock. Tonight guys we had so much fun doing the round -- last time we decided to bring it back out of a very brief retirement and we will do it again starting right now around like. You know what Brian what family dinner would you -- -- first of -- you don't show up to anybody's plate is empty -- Barbara -- -- doing so that was nice -- you -- -- doing so as a bunch of chicken -- over there and we -- -- to bring wind because he noted as anybody would need to -- I like to think -- older model wanna -- and I I at least it myself along so well -- that'll -- used to say music tonight as the year. -- -- that the a panic and fear against -- the mayor would say it's a good night dinner. -- -- -- -- it around -- -- -- I think zone a couple of things first of all I only agreed to do this if we're doing four on four I think it's 4 o'clock it's moral floor so. Either I was lied -- are going to report report that got her either -- was like do -- sponsored by the way we usually do Fort Worth this time who sponsored by young men. Marvin went no yeah on a Marvin windows and we're not doing and those probably blown up as we had. To make sure there's an annual just. For everybody get their opinion let me take this up with a funny story just and anecdotal thing I saw on the way over here and and it's Muslim is the mayor that's pretty funny. I get off the expressly come in for metro west a monster or drive. And there's that little pull off right next to the new -- library mr. drive it's little cuddle little you know breakdown little pull -- place. There's a van from KP LR fox eleven now in Saint Louis and the guys out of the van with a map in his. I. I guess it on -- -- GPS to Saint Louis and he got direction to take him to -- the mass -- -- -- -- drive at that point he lost his mind he's out of the van with a map in his hand apparently trying to effect -- Fenway Park it's -- in from fox eleven now in Saint Louis when the last time it was Latin guys used an actual map. Oil was little I sort of got it was high school vacation. Villa vacations -- and -- go to another country sometimes you gotta use them what you're successful cocktail on the car couple years ago only used it to Canada's exact kind of totally opposite side of about it that's a complicated bodies and you're the science -- and you got to remain to go left in order to go right unless anomalies are exact reason you -- library -- are plus or drive by the by the science is well yes to a stop and ask you -- -- You can spend your life here in Dudley and I were talking about this is somebody asked you directions to someplace. You couldn't tell you looked like a left on Dartmouth -- right on this and that the other ms. lake you know. When you get to -- -- take a left we get to this when you know visually you know we could you tell anybody how to get -- I don't know where I had to tell my wife when she first moved here around ten years ago how to get from East Boston to Boston College. Physically impulse yup you could not give directions from somebody to do that gives you got to get off Soldiers Field Road near the station right and if you could tell somebody how to navigate that intersection which has no street signs whatsoever and all the best to you in any event let's -- -- -- what did you guys learn. What did you learn that in the last series about these threats out there. Nothing that I didn't already know I think that's probably true of all four of us is as we sit here they just have this capacity to win the big game. The game they have to win but I haven't seen in a long long time and anybody but it. I think this is a different animal to St. Louis Cardinals I think the way the cardinals who pitched in with the addition now with Craig in the middle of their lineup. He only drove in 97 runs as they didn't even need him for the first two rounds of the post season that's a big difference maker for me that it's going to be a tough for an animal. It to kill here in the end. I learned that I think the easy part is over and now the hard part begins. And beyond that there's some like blast me with a baseball wants in the you know the MIT people in the in in all the you know. Numbers crunchers Smart people Smart beat right. Maybe that check mark when you do you know this dispersant that dispersant that may -- that check mark next to starting pitching. Is just a little bit over rated I mean we put all our eggs in that basket and think about this there are six or -- include Sanchez seven potential bases. No longer pitching. I mean you have. Price and more. Kershaw -- -- Verlander and insurers are. If you went and Sanchez they are all done and didn't check marks go next to those pitching passed yet but also I think maybe we over value starting pitching coming in I I agree with. I think so especially when you're talking about the the first opponent for the Red Sox Tampa. That's all people thought was their pitch or punish price and are there and talk about their lineup at all mean they -- they were -- to score runs. In a regular season and in the playoffs to put it on the other hand though yet these two teams are pretty good pitchers to failure like that these pages are. Home and they -- score that's -- but I just committee and in Dave I didn't learn something that it noble for. About the Red Sox. What they were able to do insurers are here in game two vouchers -- -- to what they were able to do get that game. In game two after being shut out and shut down. For the first part of that game and then. In game three vs Verlander I didn't see that coming from John Lackey. And I didn't see that coming from the red cent all you need is one of one run on her Lander -- that be enough I guess I didn't think. They had the ability to scratch out wins like that even though I've seen him do that all year but not get that ball. -- caliber of pitching. Don't -- let's -- that's a pretty fair point I just thought all season when I saw on that series in in the Tampa Bay series it was no different than what we saw over a 162 for me. Just the ability to win anyway you're supposed to win anyway you you have to beat a guy you're gonna find a way to get it done they have that ability and I think more sold in Saint Louis does as we move forward into the series. There's more power in this Red Sox lineup they can be two with a three run homer. The cardinals don't rely and that nearly as much very dangerous line every deep lineup interest in line -- to. Yet they don't run as Michael was talking about earlier is surprising to me. Cardinals team that doesn't run now imagine. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's part of the game you have to imagine just goes away for the Red Sox -- they're not gonna beat himself. And you're not going to be able to pressurize them with your running game how do you beat this cardinals -- I would say this horse to back up your point for just a -- could you said you sort of miss judged the red sox' ability to allow just a run and win the game wasn't that as much a function of the lack of production. From Jim Leland power guys with fielder Cabrera hurt me fielder gave up in like game two hours on end I mean if not for Peralta and an NBA marked they got nothing going on. All that all that money left on this contract to a man that was a I thought it was a pretty good starting at the time I used to be -- Prince Fielder fan as a matter of fact looking -- both of those guys. They both turned out to be something less than what you thought at the time when you when they when the -- when the and the Braves listen -- -- when the brewers were really don't yet. You had Ryan brawn and he had Prince Fielder you thought on this is a nice thing for Milwaukee now -- -- as a fraud and we know that to be true now. And their Prince -- sure he's a broad. But. -- just just not a good I don't know if something's going on in his personal or whatever but offered this is like eight he'd. Just an overmatched in overmatched player. His 168. Million dollars and till I think 2020. Will by far supersede. The beat beat pain and suffering that the A-Rod contractors got the Yankees but the pulls contract is is good because the angels that Zito cause before that I mean all these that would make him. But -- who -- I don't I don't know I don't know the Dextre will -- the -- for the Yankees -- I don't know any necessary I don't journey and that's his commitment to being good I mean. About this just in terms of of trying. And and and putting effort in. A perfect example the Iglesias bad -- clearly an ill advised -- I don't play I mean all the other -- -- what all went wide body in front of that total plays later a ten year old kid in the first row took a foul pop. Away from them. There wasn't very much -- dive back at third base in the game the other night but that's not his reputation I think that's what's interesting about that's not the -- they've played all those years in Milwaukee that's a guy that -- does a guy who got down maligned yet he's always -- -- -- now gets down while they got the cash on that one doesn't usually the question is is their pride in there that's gonna allow him to get back to being the player he was before. We heard this -- we -- in Detroit that he's a high maintenance guy right there within their club policies and I had never heard that until recently. And to Michael's point it easy is going through a divorce panel that you make excuses necessary other guys going through. Divorces who in batting titles he did drive and a 106 runs during a regular season so he can still play. But playing in this environment against high caliber pitching day after day look at what did chain -- -- David Ortiz Dustin Pedroia and ultimately -- I read -- you guys going through divorces were relieved right. I don't know I. I'm have a -- UN -- on his eight groundout to Dustin Pedroia at second base did he run hard ones. I don't care about that is the -- about data. -- it's about -- I did Ortiz doesn't get an out every I don't Zambrano is all happening to be a David tries over and somebody doesn't run hard on from ground balls you have a problem with a guy not running to first base and not in general right hand turn -- or -- there are specific guys that I thinking hey I'm -- -- Paid geyser OK not to run and tried. Guys were making more money than ever deserved don't deserve to try that's not the -- I was gonna go -- reasons I was. Say that when you have a player like David Ortiz I don't criticize him when he doesn't run out of ball to first base every time I wanna keep him healthy for the long term as for prince. I think he's got other issues I thought that his comments about the fans were significantly worse than anything he did out on the field I mean this -- sit -- and -- these guys could do -- -- -- -- get out here is an idea about that that is not the attitude I want. And the surprising thing about it is the guy you want to but the public guy. You would think. Growing up -- round his dad in that city is that despite. But his dad played for the Padres yes and then he now -- in Detroit news and understand how it works. -- was all of them all that the people covered the -- covered as bad. Until he knows. -- nutritionist for the team trainer could tell us the answer this question does he work hard to keep himself at that weight. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I think the Red Sox have to get back to swinging the bats and it's not going to be an easy thing to do but when you open up at Fenway by expect the Red Sox to score some runs and they did a couple of times -- -- in the tigers' series. They were just squeaking by as the certainly score plenty runs in game six enough to win this series. I think they have to get back to being a Red Sox and mauling opponents a little bit. And working counts and trying to go deep. Tough to do with -- Wainwright right out of the gate tough to do walker right behind him was a terrific young talent. But I think they can do that I think they can grind away and get back to those three and four run innings that made down and 97 game winner during the regular season. You know what we we talk about -- Wainwright we've talked about him many times he's a guy deserves all the credit in the world he is he is there racing is legitimate case. I in the National League who doesn't always. I get the credit that Clayton Kershaw will get for example. Or Zack Greinke for that matter. So I don't think your questions about -- right. We kind of given walker the only he's pretty good. Some questions about -- not his talent level but. It's just this stage is this sustainable here I mean he's. He's been on the believable so far in the post season but he's never use of Fenway Park yeah World Series so it's -- they have I know they're pitching is good. But do they have more questions and their pitching staff in the Red Sox do -- think so I would say so. No Uga Uga guys in the sox' rotation of one World Series teams and not the haven't they in this Saint Louis rotation by I think you give you want John Lackey to have the ball the World Series you want Jon Lester to have the ball in game one. -- after after the first couple of starters I don't think they're barn burners in the Saint Louis side. Well how how good do I feel right now about the other two guys in the Red Sox rotation. And we saw Jake Peavy in his last start can absolutely lit up -- I think he'll bounce back I think that was an aberration and not who we is. But I'm not sure have a lot of evidence to prove it's just what I yeah Clinton's model school I. Our guys -- eventually got anyone the other first start. Take a walk well what start -- Calls for the first five innings tonight I walked kind of make you feel like you know like scherzer and Verlander in the first two games here at Fenway Park I don't mean I would -- I think you don't nine I would not be -- 111 win rice does but but not not not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not apply that small sample size to -- who say he might melt in the state and I -- but I've. Think the same thing with him we don't know who -- is exactly could argue. You think about -- always going to be when he grows up for the player but we don't know yet price as they would -- we've seen it before in -- postseason are. Where young players have stepped up and they turned out to have great -- -- -- to. 85 and embrace Reagan you know he he was one these kids. Pool if you take injuries out out damn good pitcher I don't know I. Well welcome -- -- the scene early in in May the playoff roster and had a great career afterwards there there's gonna. -- guys and do it and then they just kind of -- I don't know if it Walker's gonna have to continue to have a great post season. Or if he just had a great. Postings and in the National League and I'm trying to sort of -- thing kind of -- I don't know. The difference I would put in there is part of what I think is so exciting about Bogart's in addition to his pedigree is who we didn't get strike coming in against some very good pitchers and putting up the kind of at bats. That he did and unfortunately for a walk or maybe it's fortunately. A National League lineup even in a post season it does not look like this Red Sox lineup is gonna look with a DH in game -- Well in and you bring up the point about not having the designated hitter when the club goes to Saint Louis. How big -- difference that's going to be it's -- future much usury -- for Saint Louis. You take out Mike Napoli the way mics on the that he personally went to games for the Red Sox in -- ALCS he's gone forward in at least two of those games maybe all three -- In Saint Louis and I don't think it is big difference. Deal or anything like I'm not saying all of a disadvantage I think that it that is overrated first of all along featured in her the Red Sox the last two times they were just fine in both of those series but I'm tired of them very well and -- -- -- won -- I just think that there are that you you build your team and during those games it'll be that way Saint Louis. Happens to have right now Allen Craig is a bit of a difference maker but many National League teams don't -- that extra guy that they can adding to a line up to compete the American League. I'm not saying it's not any advantage I just think he gets overblown little. It usually defense matters here -- that it does I'm. Why that I can I say don't 23 games David first based do you think you'll BA player or two nappy makes it David does not I think there will be. I think there will be -- that that's how you decided to build your team and look David Ortiz. Is well the -- you knew you. Decided to play in the -- -- and I do you know -- the end of the day you're gonna have to win in the World Series that's part of it. And that that's part of what again that's part of that okay that's necessary and an evening defense is that important -- -- and that. To separate argument -- it to make the case that the Red Sox if they have to lose their cleanup hitter or their number five hitter. To make the case that they're not losing much I think if I am not saying they're not losing much they are obviously -- some significant but tiger but their -- -- abortion but Saint Louis isn't built the same -- when they -- -- rarely in League City and they did -- -- significant upgrade from what they get -- -- -- is not as good as David -- we're -- haven't -- to take the -- away from the -- it seems like it -- -- -- -- Richard Allen -- That's not going to from Richard a date or title but other team doesn't have a pitcher the other team -- David Ortiz he lets you hear the cardinals that. -- had I'm aware that but -- ever playing in the league that doesn't have that hater either I just I think it's overblown and I think -- -- by the same rules once they go out there you play the game and do your best to win it 61777979. Arizona laboratory like that I wonder why -- -- earned it and abide by the rules were -- point seven. I day or let you guys jump in here as well as we said 617779. 7937. We will take John Ferrell as he speaks to the media coming up about ten pounds five John Ferrell will meet with the media get his hopefully his post season roster. And also his rotation is gonna wanna ask you guys about that what would a big. Would you make a change to the roster would you make a change to your rotation heading into the World Series will do that next -- -- Michael -- Dave O'Brien John Dennis all together here at a roundtable WE yeah. -- might -- -- -- big that I can't all of the every. And you know the. It's. You know. There are moments where one of many from this post season will be the great montage coming up here in fifteen minutes the roundtable continues. -- all along with Dino and Dave O'Brien is well. John -- meet with a median of 4045 minutes guys will have to give his post season roster at some point. And have to set a rotation at least two starts game two we are told us that Jon Lester would start game one would you make changes to the roster what would you do with the rotation. I'd think about Jake Peavy is a possibility leaving Jake out of the rotation really -- -- what we saw in Detroit. I think that's at least a chance that that might be the case I doubt he'll go that way or do -- -- -- by a I think maybe shorten up the rotation that's possible. Going shorter rest if you need that. I was disturbed by the fact that Jake. Could not throw strikes. And walked guys that he had no business walking and it was. That was in a spot where the Red Sox really needed him to deliver strikes he was walking guys that. He would typically gotten out very routinely in his career that bothered me a lot. I think on the on the back into the rotation -- colts is obviously concerned that we talked about this. During the break he was throwing 808089 miles an hour when -- once he hit the fifth or sixth inning. And he's going to be on a very very short leash the bullpen has to be even better in this series than it has been at this point and I animals can be much better. But you know it's interesting and into your point about Jake Peavy Austin Jackson remember had been demoted -- The eighth spot Jim Leland said I want them a wanted to relax. He walks Austin Jackson on four pitches. Could not throw -- strike you're right but. Because of the -- colts I don't think you can afford to shorten the rotation. Because I think that's why you want to -- season average of problems and I think if it's a very real possibility -- -- Dubroff would be the guy. Don't feel that at least with -- to replace -- you're gonna get four. Quality innings at least Ahmad five plus five in the fifth his velocity goes down and then in the -- somewhere jail if he's he's he's starting to lose it. I'm mature we have that same faith in in peavy at this point by the way his -- he's an estimate. Is not spectacular season resume is a little misleading as we've talked about -- as the boat with a busted -- the first time -- the next time he pitches in San -- -- game three pitches for the Red -- he was fantastic against Tampa until he was taken out early in that game and -- gets lit up the walks that concerns you. I for whatever reason have some faith and Jake Peavy I'm not sure that it's as I said I don't think I can prove that I can give you guys numbers or stats or anything to back that up. Other than that I still have a good feeling about imminent in his car -- the it's also known as the Jonny Gomes in hand and that's what it is yet again. And about a didn't work out a way did you want him to succeed they are in -- Daniel he wanted so bad I can taste it. And it is probably had to kill him that he can out of it you know that. -- and over ramp he admitted yes it was totally over a ramp he has the settled down I think you're right I think the way John Ferrell go is Jake Peavy will be part of that rotation. Do you I would lose game two I think you I would be shot -- anybody but Lackey just because. What we've talked about what Buchholz in the fatigue so he asked for days since his last start if he starts game two. I don't think John Ferrell we'll put him in that position to give -- extra rest. Even though ideally you'd probably would like to have Lester Buchholz then Lackey for game three -- just. I still think the schedule fell that was. I don't want Lackey pitching at home I was going to be Lackey right. The vagaries of baseball in just a twists and turns it. If indeed ramp up or am dumb questions they jacked up. With peavy was the problem. Maybe he could have used at seventeen minute power delay testing to do John Lackey a lot of good wealth and Saltalamacchia talk about it you know barely say he was he was a little too hyped up in the first inning in -- of -- are really similar stuff as he looked in the dugout shaking his head about the -- be about it seemed doomed. It did did it is for you you can't plan for the seventy out of the way it's always -- -- in uncertain and and -- I'm sticking with what got the Red Sox here because he had an opportunity to bat for Victor -- the other night. Before you get the Grand Slam. And I and we at least floated the idea that Daniel -- who might be lurking somewhere here because this is the spot and no matter what -- did he could match -- there's a switch hitter he stuck with them he -- the -- he stuck with Jonny -- -- street Jonny -- has started every game -- world certainly you know. Imagine right -- -- especially veterans he has such an ability and Terry Francona had the same thing to stick with the veterans it's a little easier to go away from -- middle Brooks that is to go away from Stephen Drew who is a veteran now as for Franklin Morales I don't know whether he -- that same level of faith. Is he on your post season roster 'cause he's not LaMont. I would say no he would not -- -- mine but again John has stuck with guys even though they have a a lousy out during a lousy performance in its history with with -- -- in the Jimmy wasn't around for much of the year can you don't -- on in January when he was coming -- -- Up with anybody secure no no Franklin Morales the. Strikes -- -- strikes hoping you watched him warm up did you -- is that his -- you know scared us to get out of me was. Even both. For anybody stepped into the box yeah he was awful as watch an act that I didn't understood I still to this day don't understand why he was brought to that game. I think he's a guy can handle that face our team we he's the guys -- you would say. He's the last guy when he usable anybody else -- like to be had to use duke brought I'd like to do brought over morality -- -- Dempster over morale an -- -- -- -- -- -- and our local -- over browser urged voters don't like it yet but you know Victor -- you said he had an opportunity. Or guys floated the idea that. You know maybe they pinch hit form in that situation has just thinking about Victor -- he's the guy I mean that obviously new addition to team like. You know him well and if so give us an inside and you travel with the team in any insight into Kuwaiti isn't what it what he's about. Well you guys have been around them enough you know that he is a live wire he is the liveliest of live wires and he can talk a mile a minute and he you know he plays the same way. As he communiques I think he said as much to do with the success of the red -- this year's any single player. And he's a guy who. Obviously goes to war every day beat up beat to smithereens. And you see in the next day despite all the ice and all the TVs out there again. And that's rubbed off on a lot of guys on this team and I think he's had heart and soul as much to do with the successes seem as anybody. And John Farrell took a little bit of getting used to him as the season went along but then come may and June he realized how much better the Red Sox were when Victor Reno was in the lineup. Defensively that's a given -- but also with the -- the ability to drop down that line. You know take that pitch take dead base when he needs to steal a base all those little things that you need out of a number two hitter hitting from all sides have played a good chunk of the season I thought it was a perfect at the receiver in the same kind of intangible so -- psyche of the clubhouse that locker room that that Doug -- does. And different players -- different skill sets I just mean in terms of the -- the Michael used intangibles are great question I think vocal -- it's Johnny and physically it's -- good point I think Victor -- shows you by the way he shows up every day a gamer and yes and and so is Johnny but Johnny vocal I think the one thing about -- that. You mentioned the things that a surprise this season. He is really thoughtful with his answers even in David Ortiz of the two most thoughtful guys talking about hitting and what it means in -- clubhouse on this entire team and I love listening to Jonny -- is always says something interesting to say and it always has to do with the other 24 guys. 61777979837. Did you guys involved as well here with the roundtable Dave O'Brien. And -- knows what this is well John's in the car hi John. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A little -- a little bit on this whole. A PH thing and and you know I can't keep -- -- -- -- or -- album by. Where we're he'd become an update it later in the game and we're going to be able to pinch hit ripped him. Pictures later in the game you can't go away and we have schools better hitters two pinch hit -- then Saint Louis does I think. We still gain an advantage there so. In other than that PH I don't think it got bigger to deal. Given -- Napoli strike you as they eat lightning in a bottle one at bat kind of guy I mean don't you get the -- he's got to grind out 23 Betsy some pitches I got a couple of times. And then the magic happens yes. I agree to that yeah they eat eat -- eat a little hot and -- is streaky but. You know when he -- property reliever he's -- -- for the first article also I don't think you know it's not like he's learning something from them. When he hits come later in the game he hadn't had a starter that's been a major against Detroit. To me isn't a question of -- Mike Napoli had a meaningful at -- I think he will have meaningful at bats in Saint Louis to me it's you want poppy and Napoli in the same line right. Justin Verlander and the reliever this winter I don't think there's no -- he's not the Detroit closer I don't think he does -- sometimes he has -- sometimes it does a little of both I think it hit a home run off just in -- and I believe that don't have -- 617 sentence after 97937. Go to Mike in -- I'm Mike. They got it all you look at it that the age. Not in a nationally if you look at it from the pitcher's point of view. Others say though it has to come to blunt in its story number nine under which all -- benefits as. Now you go to the National League. It's like it's in Europe B network benefits the reds are. Is that helpful to them to have a number nine Pickens pitched you know pitcher come up phenomenon but at that spot no doubt that other pitches. Might like it -- -- say lord you know in America president argues there's evidence that -- Iraq. I don't get that break every three innings are all the so you get to get out of a jam and I I bet -- -- -- David in the lineup and have an easy take it on the ninth spot right now and on -- two yard just just you guys they know our order a -- you know would you care to guess that Mike -- to pinch hitting numbers. -- your career in his career they're not pretty. In 46 plate appearances as a pinch hitter. He -- a career 105 hitter goes to John's point who 61 on base percentage 132 slugging. He has not been good never hit a home run has only three RBIs in forty -- me in 46 plate appearances for -- evidence. Go to -- you into Adobe said that Jonny Gomes and eloquent guy that's part of it you know we were asking Jonny Gomes got him on the show one time. Wire -- -- you so good at pinch hit home runs and he's one off the team record at that step by Cronin. -- Joseph Cronin said. He once he started to figure out once he started to think along with the manager now are okay this is what will happen if this guy comes into the game. I'm probably gonna be up as a pinch hitter so he has thought through the game. And therefore that's the -- the things that's why he's been success. Let me -- one thing that they've lost a little bit with the way the lineup has changed -- now with golden starting almost every game in left field. Do they pinch hit the way or as effectively as they did throughout the season my car. Great throughout the regular season has not shown anything in the playoffs is taken a couple of tough strikeouts not that maybe could've gone either way but he hasn't shown you anything Napoli if you lose him to the DH hasn't been much of a pinch hitter in his career is novel alone enough to convince you that they have bad. That deft that ability to pinch hit for the pitcher or whomever late in the game I guess -- -- middle Broxton that equation but is that enough to give you confidence -- -- -- base runner will little -- whole public to know -- very lucky break. And now that's another. Think when that happened. Where and when Gerald pinch ran middle Brooks for -- -- did you understandable that the time. Well I knew it was coming -- -- defense. You don't know -- -- my first question is is Miller Brooks faster than Bogart's well no well that'll be not. That's why do they do is is meadowbrook and always a nominal PG and the natural third baseman but is he got much better defensively. The Bogart did that -- that's our six a little mechanical times at third but is his middle -- that much of just trust -- upgrade. I think would one Michaels is absolutely true he does trust him in the in but I don't think that means he's gonna live Zander in the ninth inning with a one run lead from this point forward. I think he's gonna stick with the -- the the only re the only question would be is if you decide OK I don't need Franklin Morales on this roster and so I have another spot to play with a -- don't add another pitcher. If you don't have any trust important and you don't want to bring him one of the other guys. Do you then go with -- -- a foreign way or Jackie Bradley junior somebody can be hitter or if you do have some concerns about late game defense. The US John McDonald to the roster just to come into play third base at the end of the game is NASA's -- I would say no all based on what we know by John Farrell and his staff that's gonna look exactly the same -- one possibility. And -- Franklin Morales. And switch there do you think Bogart's base running blunder where he should have scored and tagged up has something to do with. John Ferrell saying let's to a middle Brooks running here might be death might have very small little banged up but it might be just a little tipping point to make the needle go that -- Are we are we're just a day away from watching all of this play out John -- will meet with the media and less than half hour we'll hear what his thoughts are on the rotation especially on that playoff roster -- -- you a great look back at some of the great calls here. Of the of the ALCS as exciting as it was it's a great montage coming up stick around with us this is the roundtable -- -- -- Dave O'Brien is here it's also salt -- and W media. Other great sounds of the ALCS is a Red Sox. Train just keeps on cruise and right to the World Series now Dave. You plan that called hey let's go to the World Series is that first. You know my -- guys -- -- they -- the first thing they came out to be honest it is just it's that's the first thing innate I have not ever plan to call in my life. Have a couple of things I might wanna save the Red Sox win the World Series which you may want to tune in for but the they'll they'll be. You have like -- whole a little yield relative or just a couple of -- -- thought it wouldn't have been surprised foreigners anything really I'd like David Ortiz kind of surprises known nothing whatever you say say three times in Iraq. And you. A lot of us have produced as a text message to Teixeira put -- a off the frequently been at. Up by the way that was a great job. From -- A great job from peak gust and if he was involved I'm Auguste and likes to have some credit thrown his way abuse involves Andy. I think it was you in concert that was terrific great stuff -- really really well done. Collaborations. He says it's. -- he's a diplomat he said before these plans that the Red Sox I believe would not loses more than one game in each series now so much of that -- you're very close and that's I don't say that isn't -- -- -- -- they beat Tampa what would only losing one that they do lose two games to Detroit but I mean -- close. Five winning in five majority winning in seven. Many -- Merrell Michael I have 10 sure there will Mike Fisher Dario Mary pop up I said there. I think the easy parts over the hard part here with the exception of the starting pitchers and as we said six or seven -- are gone. Into. Is there any portion of this cardinal team that is worse from the tigers and they just faced I don't think it is the lineup is deeper. You have healthier guys you -- more robust and personal bullpen. I mean the Red Sox made their bones on the Detroit bullpen a much tree that they're going to be a very cardinal. Chatham five times for ESPN on Monday night baseball this season in Saint Louis and every time I came away I thought. That is an American League lineup you know because they do so many things in the batter's box -- remind you of teams like the Sox and and some of the better teams in the American League. Grind -- great in the clutch a little bit of power and the reds are seven advantage there they can hit home runs Saint Louis and rely on that. No team in the majors that I have seen in a long long time his -- in scoring position like the St. Louis Cardinals 330. During the regular season and that's. -- and how about their average with two strikes or average with two strikes -- to eighty. Yeah and that's that's silly yes I mean -- people realize so good daddy you think about you you know you're at a disadvantage and that's when you are that's off the job -- you you're one of the best teams you're the best team in the league to strike. But this lineup wise I mean we know what fielder didn't do we know what Cabrera didn't do we do know what Peralta did we do know what the market. Carpenter holiday Beltran. Molina correct communal Craig's and bring hasn't played since September 4 but that's helped a lot better -- -- straight. Almost it absolutely Iraq you look at that if you're Jon Lester going game one year figuring out weir yeah might outs and -- where my gonna get my out Sony that when we were talking about Detroit leading into that series it was how do you handle -- Big Five guys in the order no you're right you've had four other guys that you probably weren't as worried about although one of them was a -- -- at 300 this year so it's -- like he was a joke. We a lot of the same concerns Michael we talked about them. Throughout and then they just went right through that one of the exception of Victor Martinez and at times Jhonny Peralta there wasn't really anyone else who gave them trouble. I don't know I don't know whether the same will be true for Saint Louis I agree with you guys I think they're deeper I think -- better constructed team. But I also wonder how Saint Louis handles playing an American League lineup that doesn't. -- itself the way Texas did a few years ago with bad defense in right field some bad decision making and quite honestly that managing as well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I wanted to do I wanted to submit an MVP in this thing before we got to tell us quickly. David Ortiz is the favorite. Who would you say its second biggest us not I'm surprised by this I would have been third and discuss a coaching. Koji is not even in the top ten okay yeah. I'm gonna go check. -- you go we'll know he's 77. Ortiz is the first -- Pedroia is second. Beltran is there no other Beltran would be little that would make more sense visually the -- and holiday fourth attend one Molina twelve to one. -- twelve to one -- twelve to one Lester twelve to one. Wainwright 141 and walk up fifteen when your top ten of our putting one in dim view would be Jon Lester. I put -- else. Yeah Ellsbury left and right and it kept up pictures -- -- get hot I'll take Ellsberg. For buck if it's on David Saint Louis I would put in Molina if it's the Red Sox and the got to go with the favorite -- David -- loyal to their moment to get it going -- -- Ellsbury to be doing that the country and Scott Boras has endorsed that. Let's find out what that roster will look like what the rotation will look like as well we'll get to John Ferrell coming up you're just a moment and that will bring in a couple new members of the roundtable little Maloney Kirk Linehan will join us here -- grammys where the chicken is fantastic and so the birders come stop by and say -- here at W media.

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