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This JD Drew Interview with Salk and Holley may just surprise you.

Oct 22, 2013|

JD Drew didn't speak much during his days with the Red Sox, but he joined Salk and Holley to talk Sox, the World Series, his career, and how his brother is doing with the Sox, and you might just be surprised how candid and well spoken JD is.

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When it comes to this position here. Swing and a fly ball to center field that well back on its side tracked by the plant -- Taking a tie game they can if for nothing Red Sox who go on that to win now one and win a World Series per week or so later J. D. Drew. The man who hit up all joins us right now via the AT&T hotline JD how are you -- Hey I'm good death -- gone out there. Want to go very well get ready for World Series to start tomorrow and I -- I would imagine when you hear that call that there is a flood of memories what -- remember of that moment. Granite that's incredible artists to come over that call about the last week little MLB radio. About a week ago and and not a person the first among ergonomic -- caught never actually heard it -- at that point but man that is. Now the rough year going to and -- post season a lot buying almost bill a lot of playing golf appeal that it deal is good left the US that's. Now -- -- great year for me. Well I was gonna ask you about that house things power things going I think it was zero victor's son at the time was going through some problems. Yeah outlaws are of course what -- he had bilateral display it was found out in the middle of that -- them of course are missed. Report names that are on our own -- abbreviated homestand and and he went through. -- pretty majors seven and a half hour surgery and then it -- now it actually. Jump around a pogo stick government -- your -- your. If that -- recovered to do. Just being a bad. Bill -- they look -- in a mine at the limit outdoor who are grew. You know watney did grow up as. That -- of our first and only did it up or not seven. Since that point Thomas -- retirement a red. Do more centric -- got four altogether announces that one Tom little boy last Friday so work for Bolivia. Tank in diapers right here. I think that's a Michael I can definitely relate to that's most of our life we've been watching your brother here now. And obviously know him as well as anyone. What what did you guys have a conversation. Before he came here did he talk -- you did he ask about playing for the Red Sox played in Boston and if so what did you tell. He you know or Stephen. You know a lot employees for the most part last year could ever back. And they're trying to recover from an absolutely ridiculous -- that he had an. You know they ownership there's -- more highly critical of him not coming back all the BL early in the and you know I was. Quoted a couple thousand years republic you know when he's still decorated tree you never know what your recovery but it might be in favor of what was. You know really. This kind of our constitution are still very gators. You know record over -- -- -- collect the most was doing really well and Cisco's speaker. Arms -- golden or does it create your through we negotiated a one year deal which was understandable arm. -- Baltimore -- into one like the courses and I'm -- new. You know I thought what the dream -- looking like I felt like especially when. Art -- what America -- other than Edinburgh out to continue where we left offered her other malevolent. Here offered public collapses -- Hamburg in particular runner so it was pretty good bella. I talked with J. D. Drew brother Stephen -- of the Red Sox. Is there anything -- -- to it to your brother about. Of the pitfalls of Boston DC look out for the as the go to those talk radio guys account for the media guys. -- -- Man out and it never let the talk radio how hard was dealt a little volatile it colonel Curtis on all all those front but. The name of the game a -- follows -- have a six in embryo would go up there and do your job. -- the -- Europe ground of course everybody's gonna look you're playing well. And the highly critical look you when things are going really well so -- I think he understood that we yum dealt with some controversy right here at the end it was a Diamondbacks and can -- it. You know maybe it maybe everything not roses and and you know he never really had to seal it up or at times. And about playing with him a lot. Reportedly critical of him an entry crawl when he really never had. Any any of the territory and regard for marijuana at the -- you know. A little over a year and -- I think now -- artery Kurt locked the sport vs again after the -- where he really really pleased that we get back. Iran and lowers your good return excessively -- the crisis. There are you were able -- -- -- broker works -- other -- either under through our belt with a ball the continuity in the series he's a -- orient. Because -- he went upstairs and play the game ardent and you know focusing and Greg you know trying to have quality at bats -- -- good -- and then that might have worked out you know. And it ever work on the World Series driver ran a -- -- -- or you know. And JB you mentioned they get their criticism. And here and there were times you were criticized you had your commitment to baseball question yet your your toughness questioned me Tony La Russa. Wrote a book. Three nights in August -- buzz this finger and he was critical view in that book. Talking about your commitment were you aware of these things and if so what did you think of of that criticism. You have that that was brought out later although there are you know for argenbright Oscar -- -- -- well you learn certain words we're we're. You know -- about you know -- never Limbaugh -- playing -- patella tendon and it. And again inevitably had to have a major circuit you know -- and yet these have been critical of the guys that you know is this course more every day from there build light because you know -- run on. You know 50% when I went out there -- a lot while it shouldn't employ it and now. -- opinion that surrogate in the year but you know those guys are neither here or they get asked. Up -- thank you have to wait you have to go out there and do is understand that. The most part -- you're seeing night. And in the -- -- plane or you don't loan you can look at him and be on the site face and they committed when a ball game. Thank you that there is up for Europe and I audit. Maybe put all the -- from the media not produce enough. He's charismatic leader on the field. What he wasn't ultimate goals and there are forming. At a high level. Especially. Grounding out at bats they're playing incredible defense right -- let's look first and foremost now. You know yet he credits that are not you know up front that you know I want to Curtis Cup or. We're not being flashy enough or -- -- -- -- there are that nobody not baseball players thought he ought not to be decided he ground out. All the deal valued -- -- and right in the placement and expect. You used the phrase injury prone earlier it's funny Michael and I've had a lot of discussions about what exactly that means whether really exists what is injury prone what does that mean. What you know you get -- -- -- and it it -- probably by all. Go back to understanding that. -- thank coming in the air quite volatile part of playing in the in the steroid era analog out on the field and and it will record earnings. Where -- almost superhuman. So then you are all the pervert army and -- -- -- apparel and an injury that. You know. That that property you could you -- sucker for piper. And you were kind of labeled as injury -- got site for very more than more now than ever that I can remember. You'd seek out -- -- ball on the DL just so they're ready to go. You know down the stretch and again you know it's not record. You're not gonna thought that it was out first coming up. In our I determined her own you know followed me. From the very your hero -- not a lot but a lot of that had to do some allure is criticisms -- You know backing me up with some of the injuries and outfield -- Early in my career he was critical of those announced so called me around but yet those those are. I don't know experiment from guys that you know maybe get labeled that way -- you know spent a lot of time over the air or wherever -- -- -- You know lot of -- -- -- -- a lot more than Elin never get labeled that thought yeah Abumrad via. A little the -- there was a sprinter Carl Grunow. Now we're not that you -- the type -- -- but did you know that even without having conversations with some of the teammates that you had did you know that those guys were doing things they should have been doing. Our our air cooler we're talking about steroids -- -- -- all I know I had no -- -- not came in the game of bear. Very raw talent. Court that -- on my career sports stable and I got that greatly -- talk to rob Bradford. A little bit last night about some even these as well learn to -- and go on and now. -- came into the league -- the wrong bassist Johnny jet's data on you know gallop her respectively while also -- like such an approach got murdered. You know article are a lot of the girl pregnant so. Then Allah -- China learned that they're a big league level would not very much our -- superior earned. That stuff. -- count at the billion dollars. You know -- very long after that that we started testing in the dailies in and I was I was pretty invisible -- up but it really no going home. So right now your brother as has been playing shortstop for this team almost all years injured a little bit we saw some Jose Iglesias and what he meant defensively for the team in the playoffs. Unfortunately the timing has not been great with a cold streak hitting for your brother there have been those of Boston who said -- They would like to see Bogart's played shortstop middle Brooks play third base. What is it about your brother that deep that you believe John -- sees in him that allowed the gives him the confidence to keep playing him -- direct talks streak. Even in the class. Well post season play I mean as long as you're winning games and fortunately you know I used to -- you lose a little. They -- faced some pretty incredible pitching in Detroit you know squared off against bigger -- bird com. I think the big key is isn't long answer -- and the key goal what's working what's worked all year. You know at any point economy it's your victory in Iraq I got all that they are here parents here. You're an expert in our in the lineup and they keep in key spot will. But it hit a Grand Slam and people are you know our our question him anymore put him in the lineup but not the opera stuff about. You know put nodding don't apparently bickering no extra when a flight but you know -- -- sure. On a lot of the critics on that plane but not quite the big state but it's clear that young young young guy like Bob marketing Mike the routine plays and there -- yeah. I'm not a big league level and have experience there and you're gangs street up a little respect I LP yeah a World Series. -- -- -- got -- there and they're like this for Walter. And you know hopefully -- a little bit slower defensively. Well Baghdad and -- immigrant or it would look pretty solid middle all year. You know mica asked you about your brother I want to ask you about all your Brothers because I think. And in some cases you know your kid growing up your dream is to be a first round pick and play in the major leagues or just your dreams your first round pick. It has it has happened multiple times and your family pretty amazing is that something that. Was -- a dream of yours is that something you guys talked about or did it just happen. -- is really happened bubble you know week. I outplayed we play a big football town in your -- nonexistent other than perhaps -- all these people well where does take. I kind of payment of baseball slow your roll after the play and whatever it was currencies in the backyard with friends and family in more -- are deployed -- I'd rather see amateurs but he and you know corporate policies are quit football after -- grade. In high school -- her to focus on baseball on always had a -- -- all of Florida State and then kind of transfer that dream -- point right all the I don't look at bank policy -- nonexistent now here -- -- what -- We weren't bank and you know we gotta get drafted are they disagree that but you know you -- me what I wanted to do out of some of the pro baseball player and not happen. You know a lot of people. After what my favorite thing was no court. Atlanta was pretty much nonexistent -- -- Early ninety's how did not school where you know we never had cable TV at all about a single you gonna go to. Two the college and so I'm never really lost a lot of baseball -- look closely employee and you know Barry Bonds -- bringing -- all like kind of deal happen it was a with a bright person the tires so yeah definitely we definitely had. -- that there's -- place in pro ball that you know with little that we know would all be directed the first traveler we were worked property used. Well you got -- a year your fingerprints are all over this series you play for both of the teams you were traded when you went from a when you went from the cardinals to the Braves you were traded for Adam Wainwright who's gonna I believe start game one so you you're very big player in this series even though he won't be playing in of course watch your brother tomorrow night JD we really appreciate the time thanks so much to talk again. -- you know there's J. D. Drew who joins us they're via the via the AT&T hotline that India back in the studio just tweeting he shocked but not chagrin that who would. No J. D. Drew was a really good baseball field. Yeah and here's the other thing. As. Based on what you've heard about J. D. Drew who you would not guess. That he is known in the media as being a long -- guy. Yeah it's weird right he's the talker didn't talk a lot of what I wanted to talk you to go on and on and on Tuesday I got there there there are great -- let's -- -- J. D. Drew more often whoever. Which should give back. Let's talk to J. D. Drew I was kind of fun all right -- roundtable starts in fifteen minutes John Dennis is already here we're waiting on Dave O'Brien will be here shortly as well up next -- wanna talk some football just for brief moment to back to a conversation we're having yesterday and also some of the greatest moments in Mayor -- Red Sox history including some you don't hear very often that's coming up. -- -- Michael hall here in WE --

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