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Great Red Sox Moments in Mayor Menino History

Oct 22, 2013|

We look back at the great Red Sox related quotes from the honorable Thomas M Menino, Mayor of Boston

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And now the -- can only show weak link to present great moments and Mayor Menino and Red Sox history. 1999. Mayor Menino celebrates the Sox losing in the UCS to the Yankees with a rally at City Hall plaza. We were indeed in loser bill. And 2000 dream the Sox made the playoffs and will face the Oakland Athletics in the divisional series Mayor Menino makes the most unusual little beds with Oakland mayor Jerry Brown. You know they'll probably very. Here's a spaceship for Croatia vs in my group. 2004. Tired of losing to the Yankees and the mayor makes the ball rolling proclamation heading into the DOC ESP apparently enjoys cookies Sox slugger coffee. I predict. Last thing will crumble and pretty. Says basic shares. There are -- 2007. The Red Sox beat the Colorado Rockies for the title and the mayor just wants to play in the nice ruling rally featuring some guys named powerful moment drums kick commercially graphic Murphy. On the trail you mean you're something couldn jumble drama with a jumbled charms but at least the mayor won his bed with Denver's mayor I -- T -- from -- even just speaking about the -- and public events can Foster our mayor. We -- amazing. Senator Ron -- athletes -- action in the moment -- -- how am -- on it this way above fair Varitek split in half price. And finally including thirteen of the World Series returns to Boston and apparently this time we're playing soccer card and hi to bring back. From roasters comfortable. Four and 2007. So thank you mr. -- through these great memories thank you thank you. Know things you know thank you rob.

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