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A look back at the ALCS with Joe, Dave and the Boston Red Sox

Oct 22, 2013|

A montage of ALCS highs and lows featuring the Boston Red Sox... as called by Joe Castiglione and Dave O'Brien.

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Red Sox are here at Wimbledon shared this series here's the free -- He's -- -- -- this isn't -- hot streak then she went down toward me again this time my slider and there's strikeout number eight bash. Ball land Bob champion of the beds like three. And that's it for the Red Sox they go 123 and strikeout for the tenth time of the game. It -- -- this is pride parade. Twelve strikeout to host the Red Sox have ever had the post season game against the single pitcher. Giuliani drive right field. -- -- I just wanna say one thing. News the 31 pitch. Trying to hide even Delaware senator racing back Jackson turning. Mind Natalie just destroyed one you know the first 1 I am most crushing break down game and maybe -- this world can do that. Welcome opportunity. He's got Cabrera to. -- back gigantic strikeouts from cobra and and feel learned on a misty struck him out call do you look back to back days mused about. Yeah yeah. We. I -- the. You ready -- they don't kill. -- detailing include. I almost.

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