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Merloni's kid misses him; plus Menino strikes again

Oct 22, 2013|

Mason Merloni never sees Lou anymore and he decides to speak up. Plus Menino talks World Series.

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This season and humor and Loney was coming Red Sox games on the road -- Joseph Lucas and -- is some Mason was back home a little without him. And -- now in the post season moves. Continued covering the team out of little room in the manner even when the red zone or. -- he's totally covering them on TV and radio -- -- only. Even when given the truce between covering the Red Sox and celebrating Mason's birthday. And Ryan -- Rumor has did you actually spent that post game hanging with Nomar and the bad hand. So loyal almost everyone in New England is excited about this. It's. Let's get to the World Series. Poor loosen. Our. Just wanted -- to be over soon. Saying I can't because well lose. All Mason stood. Loves him or -- or. -- Do you kill me with those things Smith. It's awful. It's awful. Wow. Wow. How are you even sitting in this studio right now and not -- control both kicking his ass. One awful NA hole all -- god. While manipulating my son to -- mic and say things. Now and those are real things he said it's -- big Joey should have aired them mean those are calls we kept from Mason your wife all the time I think it's a bad. Bad move by Joseph putting them into. Into our show instead used your rights a hard not I'm choked up here. I can tell you want that everything is on its opening games it's been a rough two weeks. This can be -- three weeks. And that's why at I'm predicting a single six. Because of it -- seven yeah on Halloween ninety up. I'm gonna be pissed dissent. To say I love the game -- -- government of doing everything. But if I'm not -- -- my -- around Halloween I'm gonna be pissed at the conversation my wife on Sunday night in your kids like ten months yeah -- four as -- prime Eloise talking about -- costs in its last Halloween will be -- What's the -- to petition and see if we can move Halloween. In November 1 Bud Selig. -- -- -- Algerian November 1 the day after game seven a little walk around my kid about 630 at night to be ready up there -- my neighborhood and go in your homes. The day after November 1. Mean my son the only ones to -- Kennedy will come and the next night. That's neat all the good stuff anyways right people get like bags of candy you wanna get rid of all -- the kid's gonna have a monster but a candy -- trick -- treat and the next night if it's game seven are gonna be pissed she lets -- -- had to be Italian Halloween is -- for all delegates you get to go trick or treatment deserting a seven Asia Friday June the that this you know the whole state. Postpone Halloween. This is a game seven that's actually not terrible idea and potentially on November 1. For Halloween. A game seven of the World Series let's watch game six if it goes to seven. Yes Eric -- sandy how retain Red Sox whatever it takes my wife's a memos name's sandy -- the -- Good morning thank you -- And -- alone yeah I am who who Malone he's -- back. You know she's arcade there's no question. But at the same move Halloween to the next night as game seven I'll be doing it does let you know be ready neighborhood. -- -- -- 6630 -- jury. It's may elude -- kid -- is it around forever house we'd give candy until it can become the neighborhood and Erica lose that was -- else -- jump on the bandwagon change at the lightweight. Convince your neighborhood you you can do is you never -- you have heard the stories -- Halloween like around your neighbor you've told these off the jets -- gets -- All guys insane and it's like a big guys -- now right guys have different drinks at different price it's a party so why nick. You you I -- and it -- in my life and -- bustier from an email here but now I gotta talk about this. Because you are the most popular guy in the neighborhood -- I'm not yes you are no so they make game seven. If Massachusetts that wanna jump onboard you should be a document that neighborhood go Friday in -- -- -- -- product a better -- of the adult anyway because -- work the next day on Saturday. They wanna watch the game anyway so have you -- started this process in your neighborhood already. I know we're talking about that on the air -- it never happened what if things are gonna are off their conversations okay. That furlong guy that was not money or conversation -- that I know that's OK I was up there and gamble. In hiding in the bushes wheat from the comeback is great. Absolutely whatever it took. In -- matter so you're gonna postpone -- that's a good idea but it's -- will do this now does go to game seven and -- pour son left that keep Colin jelly. Leaving messages and you know whatever it takes but I'm gonna. November 1 I'm going to be do whatever it takes. When you -- but by the way and not because -- aren't that neighborhood. Even -- a Harley around. What's. Who say and I'm -- fans. Reggie runs he runs in my neighborhood yes -- and so I've been playing with a whenever it can. And fortunately I got. Because of flight issue -- a World Series so -- receipt just in ten days -- I told my life -- -- -- for the item I told our travels there's like one actually. To -- -- -- my kid by the is that though people to thank him but he's an actor it's going to be enacted. Comedian actor. All right I -- -- we can't play -- now we're up against this. We we have -- to play. RIE edit the people want it's what plane if we get I get yelled at for going up against design you we've heard these great Menino clips over the years it's what he's known for. It continued today in a press conference city of Boston held in regards the Boston Red Sox in the world here. You mean any bets that the Lewis on the missions while McCain vet says take Georgia halftime but you -- not a good. Person and that's great. Paper I mean he's a guy. You wanna do -- and the mayor on a little in my mouth. But it takes towards staff time to restaurant. They're free to live there don't want we're gonna we directly Rio for the games we don't play games here on TV. In this team as a team. I'll work they all work together the new hero every night. That's why it makes his resurrection so so good to -- different guy every night stands out he comes in more we need him. Are you concerned about security now must secure online you know I'll take care more about probably -- plant place that'll work and a -- make sure reassure people that let's say to a ball game. We've never done. Threats are us. Who play her groceries. The last. Nine years. More important how to bring back. The -- because there is comfortable and good about it. And 2007. But this Red Sox team and ladies and where a lot of pop. You heard it there we needed again -- that those who miss that you know it's just kind of snuck in there in case you missed it. The rule the World Series divorce like we did in 2004. And 2007. This stretch Argentina. Plays -- -- -- I know it's not it's not so great brings. It. -- bring that World Series cardinals boys bring that World Series cup home to Boston. We've -- -- bring the cup home which cup do you like better. The World Series cup for the Stanley Cup which do you prefer out of what's the World Series cup is this is special you know being a baseball guy talked to receive a cup. You know all the names inscribed. That's special moment you would oppose -- the cup the World Series cup what you would have if they had won the World Series in 04 you had your day with the World Series cup right. OJ Abdullah the World Series cup if you would -- one and in the in. You know three exits as a way to go there you know for what say didn't you just wasn't Joey put a clip again Americans a moment while you would have -- you everyone -- -- you know everyone wins the World Series -- -- on a team -- today with the World Series -- -- around -- What was your take in the world -- -- up Gupta on the promise all Framingham public gonna drink a beer on the cup. They always -- I well would have done a World Series heat -- -- We got the pick -- the special. Keep bring -- both three YouTube. We want to -- seem to get me a lot the company has returned where he lost the cup where you want the cup. On the way to get that an event like. The they want the cup but now. They say why didn't give us names I wanted necessarily mean it's early it's early -- when you're submitting it to wait -- they win time. Saw. Victorino always hard 'cause our forget about it -- eight. Any names. -- we're gonna get when they when he does -- parade thing of the duck boat when we went up and when the Red Sox win by -- say we began to issue. When the Red Sox win the city wins he'll have a press conference those who are rolling rally and you'll -- guys next. Thank you at. Any any radio host who says we deserves a shot -- -- Chris -- did say we might have might as well set week -- it is ridiculous cardinal analysis and -- is the same guy who travels around the Stanley Cup. The guy that wears the white gloves and -- -- a World Series cup at the same thing. That the same deal coming years at every every year somebody needs to take off a couple of new ones on. These -- things we need to know my whole land where fans and I. Is that a -- saw from six to seven point. We want the cup -- real proud -- a at a roundtable thanks -- A lot that chant the roundtable tonight rub against it before gets the breaks and that's 1 o'clock of this right now your chance to win. A thousand dollars. Your chance to win go to WEEI dot com slash cash. Enter the code word transfer the collar for a dollar you got ten minutes to enter. And to the code word transfer. At WEEI dot com slash cash right now. The pages mobile front leak in and tear on your Smartphone repay bit the next shot -- is at 10 o'clock so ago for clocks gonna WEEI dot com slash cash. Enter the code word transfer now we'll get an update will come back and speaking unlike salt. He's set a lot of dumb things on ratio quite frankly. He said what I think is the dumbest thing I've -- today. Yesterday I like -- blowing in my you'll hear that will react to a next.

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