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Adam Schefter on pushgate

Oct 22, 2013|

Our NFL insider Adam Schefter joined the show for his weekly visit. He did not buy into any conspiracy theories regarding the late field goal penalty against the Pats Sunday.

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Wake up to coffee with Cumberland farms farm house blend with football insider Adam chapter of all the -- without and the coffee. Surprisingly delicious taste that's amazing price of just 99 -- any size only at Cumberland farms as always. Alan Shepard joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning -- how -- What do you have either any inside information or a particular opinion of your own. -- exactly how this -- gate thing came down. I seem to think Rob Ryan probably saw something. When the patriots beat the saints alerted wrecks and Rex chose just the right time. To say it one of the officials by the way keep an eye on display in case that comes up later in this game and maybe that's what happened. Well I don't believe that I mean a negative that not -- I don't believe that I think would happen it's. Is that there are many people don't know the rule book editor Bill Belichick. And I think that you went through the drills. And camp this summer. And -- these guys. At that -- certain thing -- -- deal. I think that there's a relationship discrepancy -- in the rule book and always being called a field of eligible those put in this year. It will not being an I think -- that was well. -- -- -- And under the idea that it was permissible. And in particular Belichick straighter -- Excuse the players eat there aren't quite that actually we thought very intricate. And that's -- -- cabinet that migrated to. Yeah this is like 400 field goals and extra plays into the season before somebody decides to throw flag and enforce it doesn't ask him a little odd. OK okay but again I had stayed replays -- I'm not really paying too much to -- the secular level lot of dissension doing area and actual court -- field goal. Like and that happens regularly I don't know. I mean this week we regular get regularly get to chicken got sick little pushing forward like that into the gotten. Well we're finding out because we got a lot of slopes here in Boston or trying to improve that this was kind of a arbitrary -- that in the game -- in the. Actually I would guess that there is more arbitrary like it they called it an I think it's probably looked like -- that's the first five. I know the first and it only -- it called. -- -- -- most of them read it that you looked up mode now it ranks right to look at inched -- to a close here is that. While the patriots stated earlier in the game and they do last week against the saints. It's and the jets stated in the game so this it's it's a stunt. -- one -- loops around the other and I guess that oftentimes when they do they push. And it's happened a lot it just so happened that when they called it. It was a field goal that had no chance to be good there was no way that kick was going to be -- -- it was going to be. A really dumb move on the part Rex Ryan if you're just trying to kick if there were no flag on the play so maybe he chose to kick right there and Nolan. -- think I'll be Mike at the. No way no way no way no way you're kicking their hoping. It's the sort of course that you're gonna see an alert the rest of the whole way. Or do what it can't -- period. Although -- some pretty dumb move and does that kick had no chance. But it would open seat belt or the kicker before the game. Cooke so exactly what particular strangest going into the game and I can't seem to focus its pupils from that spot. Let's three yard shot longer in this career best though. And I understand -- -- that they -- all probably traveling OK and and any sort that would give that check out what I'm so I think that -- Google wanted Reggie to share a table. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Suggs. Six -- they are all they know cricket or looks or it may from 56 basic go to -- from. If you -- they ordered that it is now you don't figure in that situation. But the coach has an idea with a kick to prop eight gross. We're going at that point and I looked -- where no uptick but also that it's a game over. So we're sort. It also would have given the patriots the ball the 46 and an. 56. Just to get three points but when you know your hand and bring the ball almost at midfield. If full missed the 56 at the think long part of ticket that ball below forty Warren. I think it's this I think that I get folded up their pre game he's making it from -- -- whatever. He has -- some -- from that you ever registry so look at one particular one place where this guy makes it. Warm -- Then we vanquished. Ought to -- You know fun -- do you probably think Oswald acted alone to write it. Thought. -- just -- they're out there that. Now we need but this is we also our involvement Rob -- because they didn't against the saints. Rob called -- his brother said lookout for this Rex knew that we're gonna do because he saw them do it first kick. And said you know what embassy this and when there again -- -- Did you feel it -- he -- and they're a lot people are now. Yeah yeah. And I credit to them -- if that's what happened I give credit. Yelled ordered another check. Islamic service in it if Rob Ryan hadn't -- alerted Rex writes that fact as you guys believe we're sense. -- -- -- That Rex wouldn't see it. You reviewed earlier had you ever know that you shouldn't try to spot where you gonna need that technical. Well and made all the difference you know 56 yarder no chance. For 300 -- But it dead earlier in to try it right so you're looking for every advantage if you want to work for. To me is that sport that. Well maybe maybe he maybe he didn't used the bullet earlier in the game and the patrons didn't do that stunt in any tick up to that point. In other words you know in pregame. After the if they did -- -- And -- it. Up until that what how to count doesn't try to knock -- their illegal attempt. I -- we're excited that I mean that's great. My mind. I know. I mean if if there's no stop that no. Tickets. But Adam. Rex Ryan and Al east is kind of a swashbuckling takes some chances but if that. -- no penalty on the play he looks like a fool. Punt kicking -- fit right attempting to 56 yarder to kick had no chance and then Brady's two or 31 downs away from Google territory. We Gostkowski who would have nailed one and the patriots win. He would look pretty bad if not for the penalty. Or. That I think Rex Rex is pretty. Bolt turning guys. Number -- I think you go like competent and he spent -- and integrate it first down defense okay. Right or wrong that he believes like his defense so good that we checked out anybody and it did a pretty good shot that -- Of all the features aggregate it duplicate jobs -- thinking you know what. I'll take my ward and kick and a warm place. That beat the patriots. Like it to stop them. I don't think -- will optical about this. Yesterday and I are watching for -- to get into acting. You're here where we're smarter than that I am I don't think. What do you heard around the league about Tom Brady this season because appear. -- -- statistics. Are just incredibly. On break and like an. -- pedestrians at first I was 31 two yards per cent 26 and QB rating trailing in -- Mike went in and and and match job and just really unusual place to -- Tom Brady up to seven games other people in the league who think he's -- and it had a. You know it's it's -- course I ever think you losing this. And were cut -- the greatest player ever played the game area right. But I'll say that it is. Short -- it that rating or that at the players that -- it again. The picture to put this -- encouraged him on Twitter. -- -- -- -- -- -- For -- -- that whatever less -- people are questioning -- And notes. That Estrada. Seven play -- New York police are -- Ketchup as a great that's incredible place -- incredible finish -- to -- since it would be great once again -- saluted the greatest now. Not a bad people saying I've been people saying that she follows -- that's what I have heard about it she is it not been overly short. Not that great decision is not -- separate like the ball which is essentially borne out by the statistics that you just cited. He has been all. I don't know whether it actually at war it's a second language. In undrafted free agent rookie chicken crap they -- rookie. Wide receiver who struggled in the field due to their organization and system. They were a revolving door their I didn't mean -- didn't know what was going on to a rock came back at -- seventeen times. On Sunday so. Felt I would consult their cause teachers. Are not in. And sure he's been ready and I don't know why and it's a debate is just it is not finishing it is not in the game and not. I don't know if it's it's a great question but it's going out and I like we also noticed this now. That people who is this a while back. I think day every day. But it became diabetic. Can result epic -- It -- that. -- -- -- -- -- -- It was not shot we normally gets and how he got 36. To meet the era that still or court actually rather have. And I don't -- losing. I think it's. One of those years where a game machine. All of that surrounds people how to affect them at any thought of me. Yeah so you can just truck guys out there. An incident that she continued at the same level exception and Eric goes to show you that is good he is. He didn't tell. Other people and it was slow learner and this -- -- got there pretty important to him that -- -- -- them because both -- Is mailed it is mailed us Ahram as mayor of a tipping point when you look at forget about winning ten or eleven games -- division is mail finally sort of a topple Wilfork and Hernandez he found tipping point you start looking at the patriots is a championship team. Championship import. I think that it blows for the patriots. Further further back -- And I noted that one thing one injury mixed them. Let's have a Super Bowl champion and contender -- that Asian contender. If he can't make it. That much closer in -- -- that their margin of error sliver. It removes what or element that gave them an advantage even the playing field between them and other people. And we're watching -- went in -- -- find disconcerting. Is that -- the first. Place that check out physical who. And the different sort that you just with these mistakes. And this time they got physical get. And just hit it big poster of station took over and bore -- that. So what's the most states. And it -- Get that victory and I just think that they did -- vocal coach -- -- -- is dead since the great players they are not there so. It's more complaints that the best way of saying it now I still think that they have. Championship coach championship quarterback split effective up playing well and sort of they chip -- attitude. It's just strategy to do the same as it's done in the past. With the very sources that the a sort this season. They had to file a final question I think we had this conversation about a year ago when injuries started mounting up and some sort of like the view from 35000 feet it's seems to be. But one problem. On the NFL landscape that the shield and the people running the shield cannot solve. Every single weekend. It's several if not a half dozen big stars going down where there was -- in play the early weather was Cutler and Cushing and Vincent Wayne and may all. Big stars every week are going down are back channel conversations other concerns and worries. In the offices of the NFL that our game because they're stronger and bigger and faster and tougher. Are just we're we're we're you know we're just killing ourselves with the product. With all the people who cannot answer the -- from Sunday to Sunday. Think you might -- Motorola I think that there are a lot of injuries every week I just think that it just so happened that -- like this weekend. A lot of big mean guys I don't know the percentage increase in higher if she can. Compared to others when the spotlight -- purple orders Hewlett graduated. Where quarterback that Jay Cutler quarterback -- -- effort to it and number one overall pick. Actually really hear about but. Every Monday. Those training rooms across the league are still the same number of players that didn't think you might -- and I that this very thing we're doing. By the shouldn't certain history mr. entry or your week here and out of there with more Bill Polian had -- -- was telling us a study. That it W people here that they were second at eight or nine straight years. And they found that the incidence of injuries. Always increase. In the middle this season around weeks 6789. And then after -- nine. It leveled off. And the other part that instinct about that in and this year. -- -- -- and fortunate to be a buyer -- your work here are some export people out front in the war -- are here today. Which report that the Google it in the last few weeks and I've really enjoyed talking to him. And you thought that the peaceful player and I think it aren't -- the -- -- always made yesterday that interest flattening out do we -- I wouldn't hallmark talk English. Is that that they bought or that -- Atlantic Ocean in our bodies don't go out and beaten up. That you could -- -- -- -- the play of the game just like that happening you thought they would on. -- -- -- -- Couldn't -- I don't regret it it just kept coming up but I don't think that -- Without -- of this applies to a. Well -- huge concert let let. Logic like -- and -- increased increased -- always he did in the state that commission across believe it. -- -- -- -- Actually guy out -- now. Like some of the playing through it it -- of course something. Catastrophic sidelined them they can't come back from -- that I think each become promptly. Gordon went. And got it right it quite illogical. Connection like get that connection of helical. Robert -- Well baseball's -- grind it can see where like you know it would it would Wear you down in sort of a -- glacial likes speed football is just violence and collisions and you know Cutler example of the case may -- it just seems -- seems more instantaneous. And and in more devastating when they happen but. Although -- explain how you explain. This started it all day that -- that interest. Slow out forcefully at do we not. Because all the good players who were really fast and talented and hit hard and -- -- most talented players are probably in the training room and you got the seconds. A bunch of lesser lights out there playing football maybe the quality is not so high in the violence is in July I don't know. It is it is I can still I mean they are having absolutely in theory but. I think that the galaxy electable that training camp and you'll approach because their body or not. Used Q right the shop where they are and that there are certain guys that just are they're like urgently. After a 189 streaking or that not contacted Kuwait or the ACL. So that's horrible period their bodies are built a struggle to -- In this case your work. You know Reggie -- to freak accident that that the actual or full report that particular likewise every year that Darren McFadden -- DiMarco -- it bigger -- You know what those guys that hangs in their sadly -- dole is not our conversation with Adam has been brought to you by Cumberland farms fall in love with malicious -- -- one copy today and DCU digital federal credit union. What in DCU's save you and Michael play Penske is insurance but -- out of we'll talk it out broad. At a -- after -- -- on the AT&T AT&T is the nation's -- and now most liable for GL TE network. The NC right back with -- lines open we'll talk with you.

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