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Bill Belichick with Salk and Holley: Chris Jones did the right thing, had no need to apologize

Oct 21, 2013|

We discuss the Patriots loss to the Jets with a reluctant Bill Belichick, but he still clarified the team's position on the call and what they knew.

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The coaches our brought you by Mercedes-Benz and buy drinks cakes. Get back to some what we heard there from John Ferrell. Did say that I guess stick with the same lineup which means sorry Daniel mama gonna stay with Jonny Gomes and left field despite whether there's a righty lefty on the mound all right is once again for Saint Louis in this series anyway Bill Belichick here -- the coaches our. As I think I said brought to buy a Mercedes-Benz and -- cakes coach. Watch your team yes yes and I had a chance to to see the film how to do you think the team played overall on Sunday. Oh well you know and it's a slow going good enough for many -- so. Close game over time. A lot of key players couldn't swallow where the other we just didn't get enough -- and so we'll get a better job. You know build a player that everybody wants to -- is the play. In overtime key play for the jets. Look like -- mr. Hugo you gonna take over with great field position. Unsportsmanlike. Penalty. What was your view evidently thought initially in stories game -- several times now. What was your view that would here interpretations call -- to the right. Well I'm are there any comment on mentally talked about pollution and a much more so -- -- the NFL league and welcome explain it all its own bottom line is -- that when against Towson. And and they kicked another field long -- so. Our our our member play. I think -- 2002 against Miami. Where you guys and wasn't competitive game but you guys got called for the first of all people that called for. Are launching off to a player from the second world. At a called an unsportsmanlike penalty that led to a score I think for the dolphins but that was different. -- did you see you outlets but it's what you see them benefit. Of of the rule in the first place supposedly it's for safety reasons to use the how that rule is beneficial or it adds a layer of safety for players. Yeah that's Ireland my job and have to talk to the competition committee in the league in total there. You know they're the ones that are experts on the the move that was tried there with Chris Jones that's something that you guys had tried on previous field goals that something you've done before that the first time that you guys try to. Well my -- previously. On the rules a bit different those are common -- does give pushing the second level. This year I've seen it quite a bit on film and now we've. We've done it to end but you know it's. There are a lot of examples of the this year. -- a situation where you might expect three years one of the officials to say something along the way. Hey I saw you do that and if it happens again and oracle penalty that's supposed to call in any key spot without any warning or. Maybe there's a warning given an album -- the question. No warning you and beaten you talk to them -- why they call what they call when -- Cancel. Christians throughout -- -- stepped up at the end of the game and says he takes over analysts now that's right now it's they -- Christen and -- he did -- -- do -- -- -- done and I heard you say that again earlier my question is more or press about it. Is it of him to step forward and say I didn't even know incident was -- say about him his character. Cordova -- -- man Chris stand up and in his artwork security concern a lot of respect in the time he's done here and the he has no cause for. It seems that rescue maybe three or four weeks in a row about Rob Gronkowski and he was an actual finally he did play his first game of the season. What did you see from ground. Pluses and minuses. No I thought rob you know competed well well he certainly came as some clothes first and they split along time. When I'm sure they'll get better as he gets more more playing time more practice time more morphed into play. What was he was -- thought going in in terms of his availability for snaps was that was the idea that he was gonna play half of the game war we've got to play it by year -- is. To see what the game presented. And as well with it. You know it was an all in certain personnel groups and so he was on the field for for those and then also we were in communication with him during the game Aniston and I was done. The stamina. And it was overall. Well physical condition so. Scary combination of those two things he seemed tentative at all times to -- or organ do you think he was able to play aggressively as he needed to. Well and ethnic problem out there play -- thinking of us in everything you have a distinct that he hasn't played in along time in the as he plays Torrington and it gets more in game condition through practices and games than. Like any player that that don't improve but there's no way to getting game condition without playing games and he did that some. That's one step and I think there are many more take before he gets to his. Whatever that -- You know peak level is where that -- whatever that ends of -- common. But I think that he took a step towards -- yesterday and hopefully technical and actually console -- What was your thought about the one for 123 down conversion rate that you guys -- how do you explain that. It and -- enough -- in this situation period. And missed couple third ones missed some third mediums and we. It was driver six there and ten losses which we'll know those are to convert. Like Philip -- Some percentage so. It was a good down there down on the offensive Ortiz and -- And tells us that problem. To the untrained guy it appears as if Brady has had some inaccuracies throwing the ball that certainly I'm not accustomed to seeing with him. Is there something that might be leading to some inaccuracy or. Where where -- that stem from. I think as a set I think it's that's an execution level by everybody wrong. And protections are growing in route running catching. And coaching them. Some of the plays that we had weren't. Probably great plays for you know what they ran in those situations. Some of them were OK but we didn't execute well for one reason or another -- -- a little bit of planned to be shared by everyone I don't think it's any one thing one person one vote collectively think all of -- can -- need to do that. We haven't talked -- since Jerod Mayo was lost for the season. We all know his skill level all the things he brings to table. And one of the things is -- he's got the green dot on his helmet getting communicating with the sideline. What is the level of what is the level of complexity of that job and how to high -- Italy yesterday. But I did a good job and and to those major issue in the game. You know general is a couple little things that will come up and it come on. You know what worked through and are now but it wasn't anything nature. You know we had a don't waste time outs to get the defense call that type of thing. But on the complexity others. It varies from game again and you know when you called the defense you don't know what the offense gonna come out and they come out and the conventional formation or could be something and that's a little bit out of the ordinary or could be supplements. You know you haven't prepared for that's that they just drawn up that we can. It's unexpected so long to difficulty levels Gunner on that the jets. You know how a lot of different personnel groups this early in the game a lot of different formations then. You know as part of their script which we were expecting but let's so we got some. -- in overall that that handled pretty well. But you know again it always room for improvement and sure as he does more. You'll get more familiar and comfortable with everything that it's. There was some direction -- to begin their from the signal caller to the his teammates linebacker but also to the defense of line. Working in contention in the secondary so it's on different levels depending on what the situation that is. Could be -- coverage thing -- be used -- thing can be formation adjustment could be. You know can evolve into those areas he did at an element. Oh yes hidden. I don't patriots fans for many years of her to talk about the roster the importance of having you know 53 guys that are reliable that can help you win a game but. You look at losing -- four pre season. A captain but it was losing mail for the season a captain as well -- -- right up the middle. Is it is it unrealistic to say our guys step up or. Are you looking to mean that -- trading deadline is about a week away. Do you have to. Rethink what you're doing when you lose two of those guys. At this point in the season. Well I think when you when you put together roster at the beginning of the year problem. In pre season and then as you get an -- camping on the final 53 kind of depth everywhere I mean it's unrealistic to think that everybody's gonna. You know be healthy every game. Every week all year long it's going to be great but that's just -- reality NFL also. You gotta be able to adjust to it and so that's what we'll do whatever. Whatever happens we have to be able you know deal with that that hand we have bill so. Do Dustin can with the preparations and when it happens that we have to. Just figure out a way to make it works a little bit. Our bills dollars time for the coach's question of the week is brought to you by your local Mercedes-Benz dealers. The all new Mercedes-Benz. CLA. Has arrived I think that's -- class. It does it's the only heard all about it over the numbers are -- current law offer a lot about this that's above my pay a toll on Tuesday not an entry. Are you out of still above my -- the. Mercedes-Benz CLA has arrived seeing them on the web at MB USA dot com this week's questions from John. And Boston I think he's probably trying to bust theories he wants to ask the coach. The best conference what you think the press conferences in college football I among the victims so maybe that's what we've talked about. And -- well others are Italian are really follow college football. That much during the season to be honest and you know pitching game here and there and but mostly college football and -- after the season and I don't watch a lot of but then that the -- based -- -- players that that are expected be -- ourselves. Acted very quite a bit you know certainly. -- you know. SEC ACC. Big Ten. But he pac 1012 whatever is that he. Where the big it is now and you know and as a lot of great conferences in college football. And -- great players and all the schools. That some of the lower division school so. You know I thought it guerrilla enjoy all the little wanna get a chance to -- You know spirit rivalries it's the different game and -- -- vote. A very exciting game and that's the football -- under it. They eat like it will that the big big -- the big twelve and -- -- a slight eighties. -- -- -- -- There was the big event like an old school as you see anything -- that's for sure are absolutely coach we appreciate our conversation with -- coach brought you as always by SP ally do Tedy Bruschi didn't get affordable dependable like insurance from this -- the company that protective over a million families since 1907 go to SB allied dot com. Today 61777979837. It is our phone number and certainly you heard coach Belichick's explanation. For what he was told or wasn't told on the final the final penalty call there on the team. It's -- reaction give our thoughts and axle I'll WB yeah.

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