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Mass Confusion. NFL didn't exactly make the foul called on the Patriots crystal clear

Oct 21, 2013|

We discuss the frustration of 'the call' and how the Patriots should have never let that game get to that position in the first place.

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And Bill Belichick might have more time now. Belichick might have called timeout to place nick spoke before the -- cold medicines. Then there's the flag pin was the flag on the wing wouldn't. That -- the jets possibly thought yards closer when the. It's like my -- Okay. The only good news with a field goal attempts. That is an incredible moment. It was -- say about him and his character quite a bit there quota meant Chris stand up guy and in his artwork security concern a lot of respect in the time he's done here and he he has nothing to apologize for. Thorough in the two -- earlier second day for Chris Jones unfortunately it ends in disaster. Jerome Bogart. Didn't and a personal love listen to -- the action deep southern accent -- this purple what's what are my favorites but. He didn't explain it well he said pushing an opponent into the pile that's not what happened -- whether the penalties at the penalty. Because -- in their estimation. Jones pushed his teammate. He pushed his teammate. Aiding aiding his teammate trying to get some leverage trying to get it output so they can block Google. That's why they called me that you can't do that anymore which is pretty -- I understand. The safety measures in football. And it and a lot of times we talk about player safety we've focused on quarterbacks receivers backs. And we ignore offensive linemen were like the mule and a felled they can take it they can handle it you can beat on them. So I think all the the linemen. Need to be protected as much as anybody else in the field. I'm not entirely sure this. This is the best way to do it when you allow other things to happen in football that are out damaging and possibly career ending crossing -- -- And this may be that may it may make some sense safety wise he writes this city is in boston.com eliminating the pushing in the field goal block is Smart he says I got behind Seymour and -- my hands on -- and pushed at the snap we would absolutely obliterate offensive linemen that we get to the point. Where couldn't push anymore I take my right shoulder and just fire into the middle Seymour back at some funds and nine times out of ten there was a mass of humanity in the ground I thought it was cool but I was always the one standing getting to witness it. I can just the magic with those profits of -- felt each time we used to crush those guys so regardless. He comes at a two or three things here from Wanda. Was -- a bad call. What seems to fit the letter of the law but. For whatever reason the patriots and other teams were of the of the belief. That this was not the law that the law was you couldn't fire a linebacker somebody the second level of the defense. Into the defensive lineman and push that way but that's not what happened here sitting next or next to each other they're both on the defensive line that one got fires out first. And then Jones fires in behind them so they start at the same level -- and so that's a confused. Whatever -- here's another problem and other problem is you talk about the letter of the law about. This is one of those things that is to talk. And it is too ambiguous. To be consistent on for the officials because. Earlier in the game. The jets did the same thing on the game tying field goal from the patriots and jets did the same focused on can't. I don't know I don't know I think it's got to be. It's got to be egregious otherwise keep it to be holding. You column called on -- -- why -- why would you choose this time a team a gain of Russia would happen earlier this year in overtime why would you decide without warning I think that's a key part and warned before hand. They were not able to do this anymore the next town hall that we reps do that all the time right civic -- penalty. It seems like -- that called -- if you if you know that higher shift leading up to that shift. The the rest interpret in the guys -- Lay off the hand off if you touch -- and eventually he ends up doing well. -- -- -- the explanation from deeply -- you know who's head of officiating makes absolutely no sense of that and that ballot to the one thing Belichick said it. That I think makes this a crystal clear conversation to that next Lester calls six point 777977. Soccer ball WB. On field goal and extra point attempt that defense information has been restricted. The defense can no longer have more than six players on the line of scrimmage on either side of the snapper they can no longer go low into the offensive formation. And they cannot push from the second level that down linemen into the offense. Formation. -- you wonder how bill ballot second in the rest of his coaching staff and players might have been confused into thinking you could only do it. From the second level that that was the only penalty geez I wonder it's it's we know Chris Jones didn't line up on the second level you could see how he was irritated at. With the way this was called -- off Michael -- we just. Talked to Bill Belichick play when his quotes here in just a moment the thing is confusing we'll get to the calls in just second but dean -- -- did not help the situation I thought at all yesterday he is the head of officiating replace Mike -- he was asked to comment Michael afterwards on on what exactly the call was why it was made it. And unfortunately this is always said. Because -- example of the new rule change that would implemented for the 2013. Feet and when you look at the play number ninety for a New England pushes number seven before into the offensive formation. That's a violation of the rules the fifteen yard penalty front left Iraq that it was put in for player safety and needed to correct. -- but that Mitt doesn't doesn't miss a couple of the things that occurred a why -- epic called before and beat. Won't even go from the second level so if if the penalty is only supposed to be pushing from the second level. Why was it called here. Well that's a really good question had an opportunity last night on a sports Sunday Comcast. An opportunity to speak with a former NFL supervisor -- -- name is Jim -- Apple's. So Jim -- Lewis. According to him this rule. Came into play because a player Washington player went -- the league in. Had some video evidence of what happens too -- -- linemen who lately that's to what Teddy Bruce -- got it on -- on its yet today. So that started the process of adding this rule as another layer protection. But apple listed and a couple of interest in things once they got the call right. He said -- they weren't calling this throughout the league so just last week. Officials were reminded. That you're not calling this we agreed on this new rule this new rules in place you're not calling it -- it's happening. You need to start calling -- It's old -- who leads to. This call -- although. -- as I mentioned about fifteen minutes ago it's inconsistent. Because it happened when the patriots tied the game of the jets did the same -- go back much to think -- make it up. Watch the tape. And you'll see couples doing it for the jet -- the thing is it's bizarre. Going to be if you're gonna call it right. You have to call it consistently -- was saying he's done it that they had done it even earlier in the game -- never been a warning this is his quote to us and from the fact that they've been doing it all year long well. My previously. On the rules a bit different or -- does -- push from the second level this year I've seen it quite a bit on film and now we've we've done it to. And buttons they're a lot of examples of that this year. There's a lot of examples of it this year and you can't tell me this is the only example of it throughout the NFL this week. Even if we say okay fine they were just reminded of that this week eight you'd think they would tell the coaches and this is another point of emphasis in PE. Why it was not called in any other game this week because they're under this one -- including this one it -- I think this is what they have to be careful of and that happens in -- think about it in baseball sometimes. The beginning of the year they talk about the ball. So we got we gotta we gotta focus on blocks and so. You'll see a lot of umpires calling talks in April early may Bob Davidson ad in the district out of for the rest of the year they just stop it. I think in this case. You'll see it may be for another week or two and then it will disappear the good news the bad news for the -- the patriots is it cost him an opportunity. An opportunity to win that game in overtime. The good news is. I think that league will will hear some of the criticism and look at some inconsistency right and this won't be a problem come playoff time it's bad that it is that it it. May have cost -- the victory in in their seventh game of the year. The good thing is is not cost the patriots or another team in a playoff game. This happens in a playoff you've got about -- people Coke is -- tell you what it costs them an opportunity but it might have been the third or fourth opportunity that they had to win that game and they they failed on every one of the previous 16177797937. Johnny came retired John. -- -- what's going on. Michael. I've done an excellent rebuild our objective I really don't care very much credibility do you interpretation of the rules because. You know -- had tried to plead your case for his full interpretation. Old fashioned through my brain and in bright neon colors. If you -- interpretation of the the -- -- despite days. I don't know why in Washington. Washington and he gets no love the latter territories steeler friend's house steeler fan fair enough. It didn't think when he makes the -- don't expect. And his interpretation of what the NFL trying to say it has not always been on the same page as everybody else -- excellent 77797937. The Hubble Larry who's in the ducks -- I diet I think the cold discussions of distraction from the fact that the patriot didn't play very well and it is kind of it's unfortunate because the bottom line it's been so much talk and spoke about that. You know we didn't know pirated we'll understand that a lot of questions behind wireless call but most of the cargo all of and excel and yet you know it about -- rather how the patriots play. I think that from -- Well I mean we're all grownups Larry so I think we can handle multiple story lines. The patriots were one for twelve on third down the patriots in the run the ball with any consistency. Of the jets. Dominated them in time of possession. There are a lot of things you know Tom Brady was inaccurate. For most of the day not a great game for Brady following a very good game against the saints here at Gillette Stadium so yeah that's part of the story. And that the call was part of the story. You know maybe they're not talking about on ESP and because they're looking for. The most newsworthy thing in their opinion to appeal to a national audience of an -- again -- the minutia of the game. Like we -- -- but we begin -- all that stuff to get the patriots had opportunities they didn't play well throughout the game they had eleven point lead Tom Brady takes exchanges the game. Absolutely. They you can say they should've won the game much earlier should come down to that but it did come down to. It shouldn't of -- -- it shouldn't. But I'm telling you what happened I know what -- -- actually perhaps I am not I am isn't the only word I know it is working on it to talking about exiting -- a bad call I think that it wasn't handled the right way by the officials. But I fully agree with people who think that you shouldn't ever come to this the patriots are better teams in the -- And they let opportunity after opportunity slip away after game Brady had a chance to win the game instead -- tie it late couple of inaccurate passes they don't end up doing it Brady gets the ball first in overtime after they win that court -- does absolutely nothing with that drive and doesn't get into field goal range they had an eleven point lead heading into -- got to happen. -- everybody understands that modular do but it's worth pointing out again I'm -- breaking news by saying these things but but it. Six year and say -- we lost because of a back -- yes it's true on one hand it's true but on the other hand it. You never -- crumpled beneath the audio professionals the opportunity to let it get bigger and better -- -- when the GameStop -- it so -- so I don't like the -- that that's -- I don't like to logic of that either because they had opportunities earlier in the game their big airports should be punished were bad cops say they should be uncomfortable I think they did the wrong -- the the the officials made the wrong call but the -- but the when you play well enough to be up by multiple scores do you take. Everything out of the hands of the officials -- take it out of their hands you don't let them beat you because you've beaten your opponents soundly enough. And in this in this instance the patriots didn't do that sort of at. Is on them get a chance to put the game what you failed to do so. And -- -- they don't deserve what happened to them -- play when they left it open for. They're playing a team you know part of their struggles on third down and one for twelve is pretty awful and if you combine it with -- what they did against the jets on that Thursday night game to win. They were terrible and third down there to part of it is there in efficiency. And accuracy of Tom Brady in the other part is quite frankly. Of the New York Jets got to give it to -- top three defensive line football. Are coming up player that's coming up here Red Sox will start the World Series. On Wednesday night here at Fenway Park Jim Leland has resigned. As the manager of the tigers what you may realize is that -- get the Red Sox won a huge favor. Before he did so that's coming up at 44 next alcohol WE.

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