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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - Sox and Pats edition - 10/21/13

Oct 21, 2013|

We talk about the two hot teams in four hot topics at four o'clock.

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And and now word excel -- Ali swollen painful rate Fuller report or ball for. Fun cleaning. Green card. Well we solved it -- and rate W. Or four brought to you by Marvin windows then what we have today. Number one in the Red -- have earned their way back to the World Series not too many people thought this team would be in the position they are now. But what was the moment this season that one moment that made you realize this team was a very very good baseball team. Well not to -- Gentlemen. But I did predict ninety wins where the Red Sox in the playoff appearance I did not think they will win the division I asked her that was a couple of years ago. -- an elite played out. Pretty much like I thought it would would be kind of jammed up and about the Toronto Blue Jays were frauds and turn up through fraud. And there was no collapse from the Red Sox you know you get to about June 1 -- Father's Day and your team doesn't go to a major slide. They're pretty legit so I thought -- early in the summer probably before the official start of summer but they were legitimate. I don't of the there was one moment and a lot of people are pointing to the first game of the season and the way they beat the Yankees all the things that were shown Jonny Gomes kind of firing everybody -- come around to score from second on the play at first but. There was one moment I just remember look I I was not as early as you I did not realize during spring training this team is as good as it was. But it a couple of weeks into the season and your memories that I think their World Series contender. Think they can win 94 games of the World Series contender. And it was probably too early to say that people -- I said look 94 wins puts you into the playoffs if you're in the playoffs your World Series contender at the moment though. But I think they really became that was a coach you are emerged as the closer once they got rid of the problems they were having at the end of the game and and a daily and does Allen those three guys just unable to do the job it seemed to solidify everything else that they had going for them to be that moment where they could really crystallized for them. -- John Carroll was an amazing success in his first season matched only -- Francona in his first season of the rights. Are you more impressed by what Ferrell has done as opposed Francona did in 2004 I am more impressed with -- what John Farrell has gone now Francona. Is one of -- not my favorite manager of all time I'd love the way he handled the Red Sox he was the perfect -- to come -- to replace Grady who by the way was the perfect guy when he was hired as well because they needed that presence in the clubhouse to stabilize the does that add an additional American -- -- and what a -- Grady Grady -- was -- -- -- guy -- -- it is the right fire and Terry Francona was absolutely the right got to commit to replace you know what. As good as this team is the team Francona had to have more talent. I mean I'm really impressed with what he did I thought he manages ass off but John -- his team's good I feel like he's gotten the most out of every man on his roster. I give him so much credit the that the -- it took over and they didn't have as much pressure is Francona Abbott had something else this this losing negativity that he managed to race. Well if you don't say you may be on the radio what's an -- talk about this. No I would go to you know. Because -- the mission was very clear -- you don't have any personal grace period there's no honeymoon. Your job is to come here. Yet to the World Series is your first year and win it because the guy you're replacing -- he got arrested ALCS game seven. And we think you were supposed to win it for the messages in -- it was supposed to win. You let that you didn't renew its contract because you thought it cost two World Series so. What was on Beatles play was pretty pretty big for a guy who hadn't had any managerial success in his career becomes and it does the job in the first year. That's that's a pretty impossible task and he did it. Done since they want. It was a lot of confidence. And he wasn't trying to be a bug was right it was great to -- there. -- ABC all of us to take a bullet -- all of us do you let us know since they want that he had -- we're back. Extremely. The St. Louis Cardinals have had an amazing run since they last met the Red Sox in the World Series they have won two titles and been consistent presence in the playoffs. -- the cardinals the model franchise right now on baseball. None on and and and and honest it's easy easy answers Tampa -- please give the bay rays. Are the model franchise model manager. They do -- the right way they've got a low payroll look at all the that pitching they have -- who cares they're one and seven and home. In their last eight playoff games who cares they've never won the World Series. Who cares they lost to Red Sox in four games and that Joseph Maddon mismanaged yourself pitching staff in game four. They are they are the model franchise and. Everybody matter if you wedge and trips well you're about the -- -- aren't -- -- bay ray's fault are you done. Are you finished the I'm annoyed with the fact that the answer to this is yes it is obviously the cardinals and they get there every year they spend money but they don't overspend to 160 million dollar payroll the -- -- they also let guys like pool holes go -- made it they said they spend money. I don't think they -- -- -- small market team they spend enough to retain the right guys they built around pitching young pitching every year they draft well lakes and the right guys away at the right time they bring in the right guys the right time. Two and and they won a couple of World Series for that reason. But I finally know I've always been sort of in the cardinals. All content you like the -- you'll and the cardinal not cardinals fans the best -- Our baseball great -- and whatever shop I think they've. Don't -- baseball they respect everybody they -- they happy -- they don't eat their opponent ever I want it to a horrible thing I want it to have much more so that -- -- I wanted to really true answer for -- Have you ever been a Saint Louis woman -- once I've been to Saint Louis one -- I've never been a bush state might not okay so you have in cardinals now but I'm prepared in Iowa but after. Our common askew after a -- okay what you think of -- I think you're probably gonna give me if I'm already you know I'll give you a thing salt. I'm kind of ornery and angry guys rent -- the like a lot of people yeah the Saint -- people were nice. I know other guys I don't have any doubt that they're nice I'm just expecting to be annoyed by Andy I wish you didn't see yourself that way you picture. The security angry guys don't like a lot of people I think and -- -- nobody would. People vote it people who would describe you that he would say they're very sweet. Reasonable I actually think your game is nicely and I thought. This could smooth but the yeah. The World Series starts Wednesday at Fenway Park thanks to Jim Leland coaching mail all stars to a victory. What is your prediction for the fall classic. Long series. It's going to be a hell of a series these cardinals. RE AM good baseball team it is hard to find a weakness. On a St. Louis Cardinals and -- getting great rotation. I got a great lineup. There well managed they know how to run the bases unlike the tigers they actually have some athleticism. Unlike the tigers. Yeah I mean they got the it is hard it's hard to see. Where you can expose this team so it's going to be a seven game series and and where Boston now say the Red Sox are gonna win it but. Well I'd be surprised the cardinal went to seven no. Said Red Sox are going to be the tigers 72 net. And only took six RIO I have no idea BA I was way off you are way off. You had no idea I have no idea what's gonna happen here I really don't I'm not ready then I apologize and chickened out I'm not ready. I don't know yet but one thing that I will tell you. I think evens the series up in and makes it. Even tougher for the Red Sox to use all of there weapons is. The -- normally. He is the best catcher in the game he shuts down the running game he's an excellent defensive catcher Andy hits a little bit but that's almost secondary to this conversation. I think so much it would Ellsbury Victor -- do when they get on it. It was easier not that out of -- bat -- but he's not he's not got Yani is right preeminent catcher in the game. Should be able to take away part of what the Red Sox wanna do and the question is can they be can they be. The cardinals. With the other parts of their game and they use power and they use their on base percentage and they pitch and they use their beloved cardinals I don't know if they're better than the cardinals and those tattered cardinals aren't there they. National League reps are they really are they're very very similarly built only with some younger pitching as opposed some veteran pitching that the Red Sox actually written and -- the question when it. Totally I don't -- David Ortiz though. That Carlos but now we've got David or 2:30 -- Thought they were to yes pretty close but he's not it's not him it's pretty close to me it's his first World Series. He's -- out Matt Holliday tough out. It's good that that -- the World Series I think area I'm pretty sure Ferrell is gonna called mills we get some hints on how to handle Matt holiday would upset. Two mills says what it totally upset -- Molina family tradition. If one day and I'd like Molina is Jacoby Ellsbury template and yes like I'm not at their catcher I'm actually fast while. I mean it it it's not a would be announced that it would be impossible. -- players not that's -- right he's not big fat like like Bengie and Jose. Pete looks like -- normal human instead of a huge factor and he's good he is going to be good better. There really is best player arguably the best player in the game when you factor in the position and. -- remember that Bill Parcells that you guys -- to Bill Parcells football life. Well or part of a Parcells footballer he's very close to Russa has his Bill Belichick. And they showed in. The spring training with the cardinals. And Molina walked by and he's talking. Odd year earnings going on and on that little report there and he mentioned that. He whoops forgot your Molina. So hard that it makes him nervous -- really really connected with so it is an and I can understand why -- -- it very easy -- like. Easy payment like. -- you're gonna have. Maybe this this takes it to a different a different level we were saying about the the tigers didn't really have anybody that she necessarily hated that was early in the year early in the season and earth series that's been trying to -- They are right but Iglesias I realized that -- Jose and then after prince fielder's remarks about golf you know they can't plays and that's what they're watching. It was little distasteful. But if you look at the cardinals. -- -- hit about hate their fans. I'm annoyed by their fans are on the team that you don't that you know -- Really now I mean like Matt Holliday have talked in a few times nice guy really pointy head. -- -- dot. Com. Turns to play well look like they're a team they're good team. I don't generally root for them root for Texas a few years ago I was written for the tiger I mean like I I generally rooted against Saint Louis since the Bob -- era. Genres that are particular -- Now see here's the stamping. Nice. Now but the the -- it's more it's the same thing as you with Tampa it's everybody builds the -- well. If so great and they win like Boston fans know the game they're angry. Louis fans are great they -- welcoming in their Smart and they're so nice and they let the Red Sox party on the field no fourth. Are -- enough they're nice people whatever from the midwest. They're back to probably rushing. But that they do -- come out about on the Pacific northwest and ultimately the business doesn't that there are so nice to know exactly hopefully that straight up now I'd -- and I don't believe that passed constitutionally -- that they're -- they're -- -- They are phoney to your statement -- you want things to your face and then they do something else -- they don't. The stadium doors for Red Sox fans like that out the stadium so they can come in without tickets to celebrate their team's winning the world's yours -- that participants noted is what midwesterners do. They don't like it wants and now Pacific northwest you know pass the -- at us they'll pretend like -- like you then they'll stab in the back. Now they notes that in the back pages they are paired. They just are not very welcoming and just not as having do their little condescending they are they can become as much more condescension and anything else but the outlook. I don't nobody loves them everybody says that the greatest fans in baseball and maybe I'll be blown away when I get there but I'm prepared. To be annoyed -- an action plan and actually won something other outlook beyond the -- I know they've won and got but it never seems they have great pitching -- a really good team LaMont overlooking them. I'm not gonna make the mistake of doing to them what I did to the Chicago Blackhawks which is completely overlook what they were capable of but I I. I think the Red Sox should be able to beat them their American League team to play in the stronger league date date they should have better hitters allowed rural elderly. I don't know I mean. The tigers are good and they were they were obviously better last year and they weren't here just got -- I just like shut down like that level of of offense that you get in the American League -- the pictures up you were so much about -- pitchers coming to the American League yet. I know that the discrepancy. Is not as big as it was a few years ago when it was really dramatic -- charged one master -- go cardinals by international -- have one have won pennants and recently I understand. I I understand that that's happened. But I I still believe that the American League overall is a strong I'd. You know I don't believe that -- because it. The way the American League used to being and then you know pads made it even more pronounced when that you've got to DH him it was really a dream to Europe heads that helps you out. I think the way the the Red Sox are built in the cardinals bill that's not necessarily an American League nationally nationally thing anymore. When you have reduced the amount of performance enhancing drugs in the game. Emphasis now is on playing baseball the right way I think that's why the cardinals. Are so impressive and the Red Sox are two totally the Red Sox -- what it would do the same thing in a nationally it's like. They are built or certainly if you put David Ortiz at first base in the National League you would embarrass himself. Oh but if you definitely the field at -- 162 games a year I mean you have to -- you probably what bright idea but probably -- a 1000015. Games and people. I know teams believe that the American League is at the disadvantage morsel in the national leader and vice Versa that's true appointment or it's ought to probably have to remove Mike Napoli. From their line up and and that hurts on the other hand it. The tigers don't count and that the cardinals rather don't Abbe David Ortiz. In their lineup they are having ninth guy -- they'll bring in somebody to DH will be okay. But he's not at the level of David Ortiz and -- -- -- perhaps some at Evansville thirteen. But a look at this way you get it at a hitter right -- the cardinals whether it's David Ortiz or not you get at a hitter who's not a pitcher. Wears a Red Sox you're taking away 23 home runs 92 RBIs and a regular season and a guy who is a major power threat and who hasn't won a. But then in the painfully in the American would direct talks get to -- that back into their line up where is bill -- adds something else that it's minimal with many adding that it after he. And -- and if they are after being in the national park for three games they add it back into their lineup -- what I'm saying well. But it's. Fairly clearly hurt the Red Sox more than than nationally that there's no there's no debating human and you lose. You'll lose one -- regular I don't see that whereas opposed as opposed the cardinals. Don't lose me right now but the person they're adding is not necessarily as good as what you used to. Don't compare it to the Red Sox compare to what you normally get to do are normally playing against the dogs they normally play the north. Totally against. It it's it is the hitter they had going to be better than the pitcher. -- like so -- an advantage but. Well it's not an advantage I don't think it I don't think so. Right. About the hitter that -- out of course -- better in the pitcher in the reps so it makes it better than a pitcher. It just didn't -- any. -- -- that's -- there but when they play each other the -- are the same might understand what you're saying but there were the Red Sox are taking away when they lose Mike Napoli the other team doesn't. How somebody like when used Mike Napoli. They're playing -- other American League teams right. When they were -- out DH so we take away. The hitter. You're going to play another team that also tells -- that's it evens out I don't think that is big disadvantage as everybody thinks it is like I don't see it that way at all it doesn't even now because the cardinals have been playing this way all year but there -- approximately in the fairway they're not. Losing -- the but the Sox are Red Sox and lose what the cardinals are gaining is not as impressive as what the Red Sox are eating something. The Red Sox are gaining the in the in the the cardinals are gaining in the universe that they are playing in the right that nationally -- the American League they're just -- the same rules so they're not gaining an advantage I just I don't block them is gaining an advantage I think it's it's it's a straw man argument I don't think it's his relentless struggle who's in -- one I think the people who -- -- -- everybody has that it's a huge advantage it is -- I don't know why I don't agree you know everybody's saying. Because ticket I think they're look at their line up -- disagreement 6777979. Victories at.

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