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The Red Sox will represent the AL in the 2013 World Series (How Sweet It Is)

Oct 21, 2013|

We talk about the weekend that was for the World Series bound 2013 Boston Red Sox.

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The Red Sox are better we talk about that they're evenly matched because we look at we we pick and choose. But this happens all the time we pay attention to it this time of year in the off season it would happen we can't help. In the off season we will talk about big names again free agency will come up there'll be somebody who is available on free agency. The Red Sox will not pursue them the way we want them to pursue them. They make other sightings that aren't that exciting and we complain about it and then in October. Will say oh okay. I understand why they chose to go in this direction so that direction so the Detroit Tigers on paper they got Prince Fielder and got Miguel Cabrera and got Victor Martinez. And they have a great starting rotation. So we say well if you take their starters or starters are better than red the Red Sox starters are lineups are about even that in managing -- this series. Now he's running. Out doing the quote unquote little things that are actually huge that make up your team. Builder tool the base -- and already this. A base running blunders at the tigers made from their power guys Miguel Cabrera. In game five awful. Also running the -- cost his team. Prince Fielder in game six. Inexcusable. You can't do that -- -- driving around at least be Smart on the basis and doing there to run the politics ought to get caught. No woman and as he's as he's diving back in the third -- a lot of shot of asked pictures jiggle you what to do our Honda cars after. We want. -- you can run rattled in tough guy that was not a good look for and that's not his best angle you know sometimes they tell you when your when your posing for -- not supposed to. Lower your head makes it look like the double -- -- -- that's what is best angle jumping and diving three or four feet before third base will be tagged out with a Beagle has taken the -- rod Myers. That's not a good look at at least 46 in ways that they're exactly that and -- Aware L a whale landed on the -- it's got a -- and he about the best look for prince felt that formats not. But now which wants the on national television but Austin Jackson to get picked off first base in that game they gave away two routes -- are -- somebody in the exact opposite party -- -- whether it's not ended up winning I think it was a cool stuff was. At the roster. Verses -- well they'll 25 man roster alluded to this last week. You based on the way that roster constructed the tigers which was. The relief duty offers -- -- starting pitching. And really not much -- -- -- It was constructed by Rita from people read different visions for what they won it on the team in the Jim -- had some say it like it would -- at 88. Pictures on the team right Dave Dombrowski had some say is well. And you're seeing -- -- the this series -- thing by an adult that specifically because of any disagreements those other two. But we use roster partly constructed is that Detroit one. Off the right off the bench -- -- Make you wonder whether there was more tension at the top that we. There may be an out you know Leland is not going to be -- next -- retires at the age of 68 great career I'm not shorts all fame career but. He's he's in the conversation. Won a World Series and got some teams in contention. You know -- three different teams in the contention and one of those teams won the World Series two World Series appearances for the tigers. But a look at it. And I'm surprised because Dave Dombrowski is a guy who knows how to build build a franchise he's built. Many franchises in his career and I saw a story for him over the weekend where one of the Detroit writers was saying to him. A lot of you have more speed on this team. These Ali you know we are our strength is our power. And you don't wanna have base runners. Getting thrown out in front of Cabrera and friends and Victor Martinez. Sure but there's something in the middle and I think we see we see it on a daily basis what's in the middle is but the Red Sox -- they've got. Jacoby Ellsbury they've got Shane Victorino. And they have there isn't even their their three hitter if that is a very good base runners well not your prototypical power hitter. But -- you wanna have opportunities for Dustin Pedroia the Red Sox have a power base yet they still have athleticism and speed. And I think the tigers are lacking that in the Red Sox were able to take you may well then. And they got a little extra infusion of both of those things wings and they undergo heart centers line up tickets special man. He comes up what eleven times he's walked four times he hit three doubles. He's played -- in the necessarily with his defense -- but it's been spectacular third base but it hasn't been -- at least it hasn't affected them when it's been problematic. He just he just -- something different many adds a different element the patience at the plate. The poison is fantastic -- Ferrell was asked about a -- afterwards because remember it took Ferrell a long. Time. For him to have any faith in this -- whatsoever he did everything in his power to delay and delay and delay it. And yet the book that he received on him from scouts is he says here was was pretty positive. You know and in the first walk he plays -- -- two strike slider that was just off the plate in and it was a moment where you know if you if you saw what I think development -- said something thome looked up bottom kind of nodded his -- yeah like. He -- the -- took it work to walk. You know much like we've gotten all reports all your long from our development staff that is beyond his years he -- every time you step of the plate in this post season. He's got a. Right for a future a little flair for the dramatic to. It's the double as the huge -- ordered again on base for victory mean some of the things that it does it just said yesterday. He's been there before. Like you know most people meet people who -- it around for the 1960s but the sort of an old soul and they kind of understand everything. You know those people. I don't know when he won like I just -- -- only 25 or you'll only 35 or whatever it's like. Your your soul has been through this once before -- -- or not. I think but like -- have to do you yeah aren't. As much that you know a young guy Britain between Hulk and like I'm -- -- very much so that goes to attract. You like -- that horse racing and you know a boxing live and Pelosi all different types of butterflies. Butterflies. Go to Madison Square Garden for. For NBA double matters I mean I -- it was about nor should they wage it feels as if he's done this once before. And now he's back doing anyway at 44 -- and jobs out -- it's his job. -- I mean how can -- right. Is it I mean maybe it's shortstop maybe it's their -- but I -- well days well in our way out right now that. He's got he's got Stephen Drew we've already we've we've been all -- we're done Stephen Drew is not gonna lose that position. I don't care he may not get another hit it hit and it hit a World Series doesn't matter. He goes all for for game one with four strikeouts will be back out there on Thursday for game -- so so Stephen Drew was -- part of this conversation really comes down to. And it has Bogart's taken jobs from Villanova. Features and ability coupled to -- victory -- the inability to point that didn't make you wanna throw something television I mean look I'm excited as all hell about this Red Sox team excited as all hell about what all arts has brought to them that extra life. The Grand Slam certainly makes up for the pop up blunt earlier from victory you know but might not. Really you get it up once. Two people both of whom you would think should be should be. I too long their career have learned how to blunt successfully. Really strange game might I know everything gets wiped away at the moment Victor -- hits the greens and take the lead and coach in the closing an upper Islam Koji. But before that moment. John -- it felt like he was -- had his body invaded by somebody else in the sixth inning. Ultimately -- -- when he went to -- sixth inning whistles -- but are not criminals sixth inning just going tomorrow. That. That blew my mind national think about it and -- series and that was a great game. But I don't understand why in that process at that moment. Why he decided that critical moment in the game it and I -- the problem the initial problem was -- get. The necessary and it's what you expected to get unequivocal what -- ideally one -- that now ideally want a complete game but up in the six looking at. So he was out of it. You had to go to somebody else and I just think about it. -- who would you have used in a situation. Not that he would have been successful but just in terms of guys that you trust Mortimer -- -- everybody else in the bullpen -- and everybody else in the bullpen including Felix to -- Including Ryan Dempster including -- I I didn't get that and he wasn't feeling. So -- broke out out of it and the man who retire today Jim Leland. He had a curious move to pictures -- when he went when he should've gone Phil Coke and what the Phil Coke when he should go on Miley. And that same game. Is just all over the place yet and in this debate as to whether should -- take pictures are all plotted he had to edit edit everybody I think maybe if if you second guess the Leland. In that game as well if you wanted to go and when it's leaving scherzer in. Two pitch to Bogart because. Both for whatever reason maybe if the 44 regular season about the Bogart fan. And the scouting report was was mostly based on Bogart's. In the minors so the advance scouts today. Okay this is what this guy can do this is his reputation. Essentially 90% in your report is based on what he didn't use a double and triple. In the majors have been not of the book to understand. What can handle what he couldn't handle so as much as we complained about John Ferrero in the regular season go to Bogart's go to Bogart. I think it helped them and this series. Up up on the double. It was a 32 pitch in I was thinking hey. If shirt throws a fastball here this ball going out of the park now it was laced off the law so not a home run. Another 32 -- That he hired Max Scherzer. Facing Zander Bogart that matchup reserves or believe it or not. I don't know why. He saw scherzer well and other guys. It and and -- it right spouse yet the first part and fortunately -- season fortunately was able to he was able to see the borderline pitches very close and a lot from. I think before that a bad. Critical maybe. Maybe when sort of -- -- -- -- -- -- going to bears right gives up the Grand Slam and were much better but to go back statistics that we talked about it at a time did the show before the pregame show from Bradford -- we're talking about -- Think he can deal orally but I don't have any faith -- him to -- into the game -- -- -- just occur with him around the fifth or sixth inning where it loses that momentum -- -- everything command that -- at a early in the game at a time if he's still out there in the fifth and sixth I sure hope -- is next. Is ready economy and leave them you don't get it to the situation we haven't -- hurry up to get some -- for sure enough he comes back in the sixth inning does not look anywhere close. To being the same pitcher that he had been thought there upholstery exactly the right -- no problem with him take them out of that game. He was clearly done but what struck me is -- was throughout these playoffs and especially in the -- in this series he's -- the right no matter what and what -- in the sixth inning. He's gone to eighteen Breslow and Allah and Koji and if you have to stretch those guys out a little bit line I agree every single person and was preferable for everybody -- But beyond that. -- -- -- The way it was don't -- them at the eighteenth to catch of the sixth inning and maybe help you through the seventh and if you Koji in the eight. Yard. God understands that ninety. Our religion I heard I heard Lou on earlier -- -- or month Lou talking earlier and a -- -- Lou. You know why go to morale says that we should why not go to Breslow. And -- said because of the inning I don't I totally disagree with that. It's game six Europe three games to two you're trying to protect you know who you think rounds are going to be scarce and now Republicans grand slams come until John Farrell is mark you don't you don't know what's coming this might be the game for you. You've got to lefty. Available in your lefty is -- you go to hand and and you figure it out from there because that's a critical moment totally that's a critical moment in the right. I just. A Republican at that thing and and we are you at the park due. To around one dollar currency I want to offer more I want to more -- was about some balls right. It was all right now warming up it was awful. It was not his night. And and a lot of nights aren't his right now in September. I guess that's what -- -- We asked. About it on Wednesday late in the -- -- talk about the World Series game one. He may referenced the September stats for morale and September's ERA it was up to -- did well. But he's still not sure he's got your preference in that situation nobody. And it was also just not consistent with how he handled himself and his pitching staff throughout the playoffs -- very surprised by that -- ultimately Victor -- makes it not matter but 617779. 7937. Get you guys involved early and often here today before Bill Belichick. Joins us at 3 o'clock a lot to talk about with him the events transpired yesterday. Not only with the final the final call made that the very controversial call made by the refereed. But also the game generally that they gave back eight lead that they never should be given back and they had a couple other big opportunities to win that game long before the referees ever got a ball -- point 77797937. Start Tony in his car hi Tony. Bang guys are you doing Qatar and -- go to -- phobia play -- they go all the way in they're gonna sweep there. In the World Series that -- can back up the net that are afraid of the Saint Louis that they can step they're pretty good. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You're absolutely right. Rick the -- took so. Off the hook but it sort of what the Grand Slam -- the Mauresmo whatever herta Britain during the -- outs if you wanted to don't wanna bring in the great I would go to the broad net situated would never know from well. -- -- This team is un believable when you look at the way that they -- living beings. And it's just. -- down -- that that this attack and that there's no way to get a -- this will sit with the way they're going. Everything -- keep it -- the -- One game with Tampa. This guy. They're date yet it's still walks in school is both and this game with two walks and a double up he goes to run at it and it's just written in the this year. Oh didn't -- at all don't take our opponents and hey there hi we don't need to hear anything about the cards now it's not go there you just said you're afraid of them. Now don't don't bring them -- ball. No I'm I'm afraid -- -- -- that they're going to be the best team they -- think the church of retiring this year. Happy early and -- -- price went up you know seriously if they went out on the campus -- the -- -- everybody Barton said. Goodyear had they adequate job in a emblem would have been status so what date. Tag you know but it would kill -- I would -- hear more about the great Joseph -- in the -- Human strength but at all right here Jim Leland pitching move out here about Jim and Jim Leland is pitching clothes while now they are at least up for debate. As I think -- -- -- yesterday -- -- called -- by Tony agree with them a 100% across the board I don't understand at all. While Morales is in that game -- left in the game. OK fine you bring our -- in to see what he's got -- -- in the lefty on lefty get Prince Fielder but once walks them on four pitches. What is still a pitched. Victor Martinez's. What's what is the thinking that has no control morale -- for -- on -- where's the advantage -- around to meet a guy that shouldn't be on your policies. Now on -- on the roster but in case of emergency break glass and go to this you just desperate. And and you need a pitcher and he's actor TI don't think so I don't think that I don't think he needs to be on the post season roster anymore I would not have them on the World Series roster and I heard what Lou has some conversations about who should replace them talking about. Maybe go to Matt Thornton one of the other pitchers -- -- completely different idea I would drop from the roster but I'd bring in a position player to you next salt and Ali law or your call 61777979837. -- WEEI. Are about Jim Leland. And who's upset -- -- aliens pitching moves. Do you want want the world's fires the first pick it. Up yeah. I think coming into the post season there were there were a lot of questions circling around our guys says to Bridget to Koji and they couldn't pitch anymore. Consistently more effectively. You know what what president and what hasn't done -- tonight outstanding inning plus on his part. He leads that was then. Now and are meant to everybody who Richard everybody that's led for much took the got a totally stunk ignore that to sign him ignore it left unsaid that. Is what Franklin Morales did I can't see how he helps you. On a post season roster for the World Series so you have a couple of choices if you elect to drop. You can decide to go with a different lefthander you've got important I guess in theory you're after Britain who was sent back down Florida you can go with a different right -- much that any of the other options there. Make a whole lot of sense or go another position. You've got. Tool starters that are sitting here and eat up innings if you must. They have not really needed them all that much a minute this has not been a team that is really needed to go to -- -- National League rules you all likelihood -- Mike Napoli from the lineup for three games theories. You have some guys that he'd still like to be able to change it for including the future. Doesn't make sense that rivals partly at the John McDonald McDonald to play defense if you need to do two for one or apartment and other right off the bench. Or right handed bat for love our way makes sense. I don't see where McDonald -- What are you what are you gonna get out of him I mean are you replacing. So he he can he's -- guy utility guy. Can play all over the infield. He -- him to pinch hit for somebody probably now. He's not gonna come and defensively for two for Pretoria he's predicament defensively for Stephen Drew because Stephen Drew one cannot be touched -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I look at the team it's I don't know that they meet as many guys in the and is they've had they've merely used them and they've just don't -- guys -- four over and over again what what value does that extra pay gap -- to another and I think which could really use we have John Ferrell -- former pitching coach on the report pitching coach ever thinks that wearing. Those guys. Look at and -- you never -- I understand it's a seven game against a hell I mean it's it's not a bad Obama is not a bad idea I think would be either another pitcher who. -- -- -- way don't you mcdonalds does and there's another back out there that I in -- mean I guess it could be Jackie Bradley junior I think I'd rather see Brian what partly in a big pat and Jackie Bradley Junior -- -- -- -- 61777979837. Go to Josh is in Maine I Josh. -- got it -- a job they'll just tell you get Jon Farrell's press conference in about fifteen minutes so here -- whether he has any early thoughts. On this roster construction for the next step for the next series -- Josh don't you know that's that's right John -- fifteen minutes and then Bill Belichick after a certain environment. Okay the thing about it your target but the morale thing earlier. We don't know Hedo is that it that's stuff I would say at hitting it better pitcher out bright bummed but do you think. John -- Pick up straight Britain who actually do it on a roster but would they change -- anything about that. Well you know -- in Britain what are you getting out of Britain that you that you can't get -- or Alice I don't trust him either. So I don't I don't know is that is that a major is that a major upgrade -- -- Alice is just a different name but is it is that truly an upgrade I don't think so. -- yeah beat do you think so John I think that's what leads me to say why not go Lavar -- -- the I don't trust Massport at all. I definitely don't trust literally written I mean at least Matt Norton -- -- you look at his history who you know Matt Thornton has been a good a reliever in the major leagues. So you'd you know what to expect if he got it. Especially if you're just looking for a couple of -- right. But he was a bad reliever for the Boston Red -- we -- hear this year but we've yet to see in this city anyway -- quality Adam how important was getting older no longer I mean it used in ninety mile an hour fastball from the left side that was dominant he just hasn't looked like that pitcher. And again I don't know what what situation. I really want him over Felix -- -- -- or Ryan Dempster so -- just look at it took a look at it may need more pitchers if you're in a National League game you're double switching whatever else and here's. -- have the extra -- -- become that and become. The double switching. Four for reliever like Morales or Britain or important. It is your extra inning game that's what happens. To get past 88 certain reliever they want to get past your top three relievers. And you're an extra in -- eleventh inning or twelfth inning. Just hope that -- -- and promote things nobody is that deep in the -- and everybody you. You YouTube -- to for the -- I'll bring up a lefty and let the guys really -- him but I thought balloon over anything. Dammit I got to use somebody and I guess he's the best I've got so that's a situation where you would use those guys that we mentioned. Ideally. Are you just have that terrible and keep everybody cut right. Get your eighteen mile Koji who's the ALCS MVP and for good reason he was spectacular write her -- Was it John Farrell knows -- Who said that he was the best closers can ever remember in the rats are confused about what John for about one of the many tight -- and tired you said earlier my business to sleep deprived but it's been here before. Just like John -- I just keep all the -- -- go in the 04 was so good and so dominant. And it's so many innings I think that was about the president gets whatever they were splitting hairs com injury. It's him it's to our and it's -- that your eighteen Workman is probably York. He minus B plus team and that everybody else is on the -- team. Right I mean -- what else like work when scanning your swing man if you really need someone early you're not ready to go to the other guys and I guess maybe he's kind of in between the but I don't have a tremendous amount of trust in him right now we -- so and and the more you can hit Koji on the mound at the better off you are really is amazing to see that this bullpen has become mustering for the Red Sox after being really scary thing heading into the playoffs 677797937. Marks in his car. Gelman I'm good afternoon remarks good afternoon it's grant him a target -- -- -- -- to cardinal point. For the pop star I think the only team do you consider are either Matt Norton org Jackie Bradley junior I don't think the barn -- Has shown anything at the plate I think Bradley their at bats. Over the short course he's shown over the either and and I don't think the speed of -- Bradley would be more useful than anything apart ratio. Are you -- -- -- what Bill Bradley and Bradley didn't due to agree that the latency in the. The Indian great Michael but he had -- I don't think I've ever seen I don't mean anything battle our way Bradley had a home run. During the war in Yankee series at Yankee Stadium where they basically. Not the Yankees out of it but. I just don't think -- -- at the -- in the right. It's written he says it out of me he had a better year immediately and one home run in limited back to Q2 99. And he hit the ball pretty well I think -- I don't are handicapped or member that you actually went up against every east in the league he -- started the game first it was sure a Verlander and it was -- and he looks again. And then Africa the other guys on that list would like every game he was going against an east of and other staff. I would guess I don't might appoint the twenty bit player but until the car I just think probably the better player that'll Bartlett and they had the -- -- I think the biggest difference for this series is it that outside of walk up I don't think that that cardinal remedy our -- repeat. I think Wainwright is a bad. But if -- watch people breaking ball guy and he's very in in -- did would be victory now we'll be seeing a boat that cobalt and Mac guy. But Ned Kelly Kelly good decent eat more looked like -- ball ground ball guy and what it when is it got power you'd ever strike -- out. But but they have been big at the -- accept to be advanced the biggest bands other -- more contact against the cardinals than they were able to again. BP got tiger. And I think one of the things that was that was very interesting and it's an act look it would look -- on the broadcasting Madonna is that the first -- -- the rotation. The Red Sox took the first pitch every time and -- -- strike in every single time. He would Knight and iron for and then the second time around our nation is win so Barry with the very aggressive in that. After the you -- Bogart. Crucial at bat a value of the game the player of the game and being -- outside of that Victorino home run but. I agree Arthur totally agree on it it looked there were times when Bogart's looks like the best player on the field for the Red Sox -- -- just the combination of everything the fact that Pedroia is slumping right now. The fact that Ortiz really slumping right now a real quick. -- say that's a good call about a way and I think they're called mark I just wonder though about the cardinals. I don't wanna sell -- short though. Now you may be absolutely right about though wane Wright and now he's not as powerful as some others but Wainwright is a guy. Year after year who who continues to pile up impressive statistics and the other thing has played Dodgers team. That can break. Coming your target is even Carl Crawford every discovered his and that is limited power Hebert rediscovered in that series that we give god Gonzales. I don't banged up Hanley Ramirez -- guys and a team. Who can hit finish camera down and the cardinals destroyed there will be talking about them a lot of over the course of this week and early in this -- get ready Joseph Kelly and and Michael walker have been -- eye opening but. Don't slip out of Wainwright is the best pitcher that nobody talks about the big leagues we mentioned that last week and I'll say it again real quick comparison the happening looking -- both of them next to each other Bradley boulevard way. A -- Bradley this year 25 more at -- -- plate appearances. And other than runs scored he's behind -- and -- significantly. In every category hits home runs at an ever I have more home runs but everything else. Batting he batted 189. -- it was a -- 99. On base percentage to 8312 in the -- way if you need one more bad on this team I would think you'd be pretty obvious candidate especially when he's freedoms catching duties to just be a hitter which seems to be what he's capable of doing at this stage in his career aren't what changes. Would John -- make this post season roster does he have a rotation set yet could you see John Lackey moved back to start game two in this Buchholz then bounced. A two game three based on the performance as you saw in the Ailes yes. Those questions hopefully and more we take John for a press conference live. Next on W media.

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