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Kyle Arrington, Patriots CB, on the loss to the Jets

Oct 21, 2013|

Arrington joins Mut, Merloni, and DeOssie to discuss the Patriots loss to the Jets and the personal foul penalty called during overtime.

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In my -- on -- 37 WEEI. Get it's only patriot issues -- yesterday they go on the road and lose to the jets. Some people stuck around and did post game with Fred and with what you said they got an interesting take from fans yesterday hi Steve -- what's going on -- can't wait to hear what the fans were saying after the game yesterday it will -- the very understanding I'm I'm sure. Sure they work always irony here or gets these thoughts on the game in the call that the the certainly the play at the end which everyone is talking about the first. Let's continue patriots Monday with the overcast Kyle -- in -- -- Kyle Arrington. Is brought to you by Verizon stay connected to your patriots and hold and on the goal. With files quantum Internet an NFL mobile from Verizon that's powerful Kyle joins us this morning Kyle mama Lou and Steve how are you. -- -- Appreciate taken a few minutes it it seemed like the jets we're able to get some momentum from their defense Kyle that second half and I was curious do you believe in. We'll let him in a football game they got that pick six and if felt. It felt like watching it a different game after that you think that can happen in game one play can change the momentum of the entire course the second half. I mean no one play it. It was important that your outlook and current release somebody's arm out of -- anyway it was that we usually. But she's. To have that kind of lead. The last thing you want you know them to have it any momentum. And so it is this that is disappointing. I'll let you remote wiping it it was just stick together. And security or good we work in your great -- that I get on -- that. You know Kyle look like those first three drives you guys kind of settled down defensively but the first three they Kenneth. Move down the field an area that the Ryan interception for six but they come out and show you some may be though with some different. You know we -- we will get there there's. First. To a what -- car and you know there aren't they know we. Let -- run a lot of and I am not that run run a lot of -- -- There et -- that it was you know Latin out of creepy stuff on something you get. Senate now about that may make it just. -- kind of scheme -- personnel. Justice is you have to make for the for not having -- or to leave him there yesterday. I'm really you know I look at clarity darkness and money that -- and everybody has been well we'll -- that might sound. You know that look that much more you know -- -- that number. There's more we you know we try to play play -- especially the mail -- in -- and there. And you know let alone or -- you know it is. You know I don't know what you want -- -- that -- against. -- and -- to -- -- -- patriots Monday they had success the geno Smith did Kyle. Off -- Jeremy -- a little slot receiver made some plays defensively. When you're on the field and really it's everybody yesterday what makes him a tough wide receiver to cover an open space. He's one of those is quick. Just the guy who is in and -- very very well -- -- Disappointing. Oh yeah so we had a pretty. Again through is that we it is and -- you. I've been executed a legacy. We've got to get back together and and security for our felt that we were behind me. Gil and Nick Folk misses that 56 yard field goal in overtime it was thicker I've passed the ball good field position and a flag comes out I'm wondering. We elect a lot of patriots fans wondering well what is this what's the penalty I don't understand it or you Wear what the penalty was -- call. I'm little. I don't really know the rule on that I'm a desperate. It really but I mean direct. Like that would that would. This isn't going yet it was. Among all people are respectable on our -- you know we felt. This -- -- -- -- Letterman is a bit about -- reform. -- -- discussion of that rule emphasis in the special teams meetings at all when you talk about Google book. You know we we. We go where -- -- -- rule that we're all legal people all and now that we meet because I think we we we felt. It was like an eternity but they pick -- it was you had. Not much in the -- you can do about it at this point. I guess my final follow up on that Colby Kyle you know that after the game because probably heard like a lot of fans did that that's the first time all year. They've called that rule in between extra points and field goals has been about 400 attempts. In the first. You know what of 67 weeks of the season. -- did a body was the first time it's been called an ABC that we've seen it happen and not be called. Up until what happened yesterday into the game. Where -- don't know I'm so happy that the president. Unfortunately. Or studio best. Well Kyle we appreciate it is the time today in L -- talking next week. Kyle -- to joining a series part of our. Patriots Monday covered she's brought to you by air arrest restoration specialist deceive the business solutions. And Boston laser. He he says the -- was unhappy they made the call obviously is a patriots manual are. -- Bill Belichick of the different handle on it today yesterday. In his -- -- Stephen and you you heard a lot this yep. He was talking about how they thought the rule was a -- -- Pushing someone on line of scrimmage in to the offensive line. The way they've done -- for. Dozens of years where you -- -- -- linebacker behind when your big called defense -- you'd try to push from. Through the gap that's -- -- always been on the scene and use him as a split it trampoline so right I'd stay right they'll love that a couple general obsolete correct you know while that a couple years ago this was the next extension of a large that this was actually a rule was put forward. By the players' association -- they brought to return to the competition committee met and Toby sensible bought all the injuries -- big jump on right away. But. Believe the fact that it is the reason that it's irritating to so many people is because. It hasn't been cold this year. And you call at the most inopportune time. Available. And I guarantee you that if you look throughout the league it happened yesterday at some point there was. -- less important doubles going on there. I like -- a little bit too. -- -- -- -- You know there's going to be tested a fierce there you go there's going to be people tore a muscle each other rub you -- But if the guy gets the ball you're not a -- passenger -- because it's the end of the game. And if he gets the ball. Against that defense when he's gonna get mode then that's it that's all restored not committed American. And the game -- penalty in the end zone suits would give the other team a touchdown if there's little time left on the clock. That looks exactly the same scenario that that bush had absolutely nothing to do. That was a -- Doctor -- single time perfect opportunity for the rest to keep the flag in his pocket are white and. Yeah I you know you look at is a pass interference on a hail Mary and I went -- I saw that call your YouTube bitch about it as the timing of it but I can't help but think. On the other end of it you know tuck rule here I mean. I know was called earlier that year but nobody knew what they held that rule wasn't a defense. That we've told people against that it has been pay a role as a rule right let's -- you -- rule is the rule my question EU is as being a long snapper. When they made that rule. Was that something -- -- yet they needed to make because of my past this is I can see why they made that call how much of effect does -- as -- as a snapper. Oh you've got rolled up all the time I mean they would have they would absolutely. Because the most of the times I was a linebacker -- snapped usually there were. But it was senators that did is that back then we didn't have bureau dedicated long established for the most part. I was linebacker had to -- -- linebacker duty and then and then play the and -- -- -- after snappy -- he played defense that's fine. They would do they they just looked -- as the as the weak link because your head down and then your legs are spread further than normal wide base would. Would you be good enough barrel so they've overload you have Reggie White being pushed by yo Mike -- stood trial here give the gap. Again it's Smart it's not everything the league does. When it comes to. Avoiding injuries is Smart whether do we for the right reasons I don't really care is all they do. It's Smart to have that rule their -- The you've got to have some discretion if you're -- got to have some ability to understand the bigger context of the game you you don't. Decided deciding game on that played there that makes absolutely zero -- Well specifically on that type of place Steve he's as you were talking about your spirit with the did you see guys get Kirk as well Montgomery said the players association push this through. Will Montgomery did this because. He got pushed by two offensive linemen hurt himself and call Paul Dee Smith and senate they like to work on this the players' safety thing which volatile league. Any sort of new player safety rule they love they'd lottery idea of them trying to protect their own players. Meanwhile they're still blatant helmet helmet that are not called -- I game inning game -- basis basically what they think is an easy rule put in my question is. Did you see injuries on players like that are what Montgomery. You know kind of Al liar that he got hurt on a play where economic I was pushed. In -- in by two different. I think I saw injuries of regular guys would do it usually around my ankles knees because guys are used it to lock your legs when -- step into the separate your your you've got. Via the leg of the guards next year basically. Buttressed up against the back of your knee never saw a bit the other guys led by stretch my -- will be at one time -- -- -- Nothing to the -- that point accordance real fortunate. Don't -- -- I was happy just have a start job linebacker could afford to let anybody else -- will receive play with a but there were. The word is soon but no more than any other play -- game no more than any of the plea in in -- percentage wise in the NFL. But it was an easy thing it was a -- think. You're not gonna block review blocked kicks happened such a low percentage of of the time. Why ball there allowing someone to have to have put. Somebody Nielsen in the remove even with vote even when their pollution like that is to our blog our kicks normally -- fueled if you have a -- And there was that thing to kind of bother me -- was. And I give Chris Jones all the credit in the world after this team. You're taking full blame ducking responsibility saying I made a mistake I should have known rule that Belichick -- -- today. The American sitting in April was a mistake he just was doing what he was told so it's almost like everybody's doing the right thing by Belgian exit they're saying you know what. It was talking about this -- since he's come over here and everybody is love them and -- party plays and what a great teammate years he takes the -- that is coach comes back and says it was a mistake he did what I told them to do. So people -- taken bullets left and right which a beautiful thing. A 56 yarder -- a full -- -- my career high might have been 56 but at that point I'm just you know. Yeah -- let the started lol and sometimes that's when you get the kicks blocked and everything but. AP hit that 56 yard you tip your hat almost and do so right that does seem. That you know I was gonna help. Agree didn't and maybe bring you like you -- it may -- because of the 56 charger to spinning a little bit lower trajectory on the ball maybe feel a little push upfront. But that was when you really the only question I have last night was this kid do all his own. Or was he coached to do this. I assume because he was a young guy young guys usually don't go out of the box to do their own thing I assume that it was something of a technique that have been coached. And in that situation. That room that's on the coaching staff now the -- -- steps up and so that's on us which is exactly the only question. I had about -- -- and -- ethical responsibility like you said trio Belichick would not let him do so today's press conference Belichick said Chris is obviously trying to do the right thing by stepping up and take responsibility. That's not his responsibility it's hours. It's not his fault. That's on me in the coaching staff and Belichick was asked why. You know he thought the rule -- a second level which he said after the game yesterday. Because obviously we are wrong -- -- that what else is that are say we are wrong and the reason there was confusion about whether wrong or not is because. The league is to blame for some of this to the way that it was presented publicly not privately but publicly. You know there the NFL rule book is a PDF file -- -- -- -- okay. And you go to rule nine section one article three and it clearly states this -- -- in the line it's been their from the beginning for 2013. Team -- players cannot -- teammates on the line of scrimmage in the offensive formation. Unnecessary roughness of the penalty loss of fifteen yards that's pretty. That's pretty self explanatory right to says team beat players cannot -- teammates on the line of scrimmage in the offensive formation. The reason it's not that clear because publicly on nfl.com. Which is -- tech owned and operated by the the right league. Their story posted on this thing. Had the team -- players cannot rush from the second level to the first level so. They had a word it in correctly right technically on nfl.com not the rolled right but if it don't check -- gauntlet he did what we always do right. You try to -- -- and I go to -- Belichick after the game yesterday -- the global -- the story -- -- Texas Tech -- -- -- -- on nfl.com right of course I got it right but he was he receives a level before it can get to Google the and that I was at a at a big bills that -- rushing back to a computer unless and because -- to get the -- already here -- because not only is -- a story that story nfl.com there is a video. David bland -- who's the the new Mike prayer was taken over this is the accompanying video. All the article I just told you about that is still oh this is still on nfl.com footage. On field goal and extra point attempt that defense information has been restricted. The defense can no longer have more than six players on the line of scrimmage on either side of the snapper they can no longer go low into the offensive formation. And they cannot push from the second level that down linemen into the offensive formation. Web site they can't push from the second level video of the VP. Explaining the rules as your. It's it's a miscommunication really didn't cheat the patriots -- this isn't a conspiracy to go change the website again which they did it just. It's it's a sloppy job of the league guys to not have this present data run directly lead this great area whether it you need to be like well. And then you compound that with the conspiracy theory because they changed it yet on the NFL website and change attuned to the correct. Boarding of -- so now all of a sudden you're hearing rumors last item this morning about the NFL went into their website they changed the rule book and you know you -- trying to picture. Roger Goodell would -- in a dark room with a flashlight on mode with a few -- and photo I can't really does have a cause it was it was a that lends to the conspiracy theories that -- hole all you need. -- conspiracy theory is. A kernel of something that might resemble troops and you can do would that -- -- all of the fact is the rules in place. The big problem was is that how long Google. Was the emphasis placed on the referees was this past week. The the referees get that training video that show them that they worries point calling it great and outrage the other part of that equation is. If the rough freeze gut that point of emphasis soldier of the teams the teams do not your doctor to give something to the referees. And and show them video and give them an emphasis on a rule they're ignoring. And not told the team because the teams don't wanna be caught blind -- that's the issue there. Teams get notified as to the -- reason how long was -- doubles last week was two weeks before I don't know I don't know but Bill -- stepped up Jones stepped up. Received a guy but I do this and wrong boom. And the bottom line is how the hell we whoever that position -- with -- and you look at it terrible on third down. Her -- third down defense -- furlongs left and right. The running game movie wasn't as good as you muted although that jets defense is pretty good against the run. Of them run defense and could understand that without guys that Wilfork and Carol you mail you gonna stay in the running game of the run defense will be difficult there were -- reasons. The patriots were in that position. But and the gulf storm they've they've been there have been very good coming out starting the second half remember how good. The patriots always were. Starting the second half -- though Belichick basically started the idea of deferring some could have the ball. W.'s second and basically he did they were money yeah they they were money there they have been terrible this year coming out second half offensively. There's tons of reasons why they lost his game. It's just of that one call is the most glaring ridiculous thing about the whole game there -- a lot of the reasons they lost. They lost because eighteen that is usually reliable on third down. Was one for twelve XT just sent in were numbered one a year ago that there are clear number two years ago. 4847%. Respectively on third down okay. You look today and they're like thirty together towards a bottle league there's the teams that are actually worse than them. When it comes the third down conversions are that the dregs of the National Football League its teams like Arizona it's teams like Jacksonville. That's where your team is right now in terms converting third downs and as much and you thought the defense would struggle. With drug without male and Wilfork and then Talib. I thought the better than one for twelve on third down and be elect secure and they just consistently all day include expression -- third quarter could not make plane -- There have been a third quarter a year right immunity of school Inglewood and a half and may be Lewis. In the last drive that you know that was the way to softens it looked that -- last drive going in to have you know they had the ball all three timeouts are printed -- -- -- put up three points here somehow right -- and it ends with a sacked in and they don't put up points that was kind of we have with any c'mon at second half and it's just. You know sacked -- six -- three and outs that they have taken it -- three of them three drives -- three and outs after all that stuff as well one for twelve on third down. Who would mean Rex. You can't have that number even -- And the jets are ready. Mid level you don't put up 27 but I don't you want for twelfth title. Does what could have been if -- more efficient -- -- kind of going on here and there were still few drops in the -- stole of those still have a lack of -- -- gronkowski -- And calling helping a little bit used to have a lack of receivers to -- to there's any number reasons why this offense is struggling but. Affected you can't. You're not that good yet where you can struggle against those mid level teams and just expect walkway with a win last year. Struggled offensively and you'll still find a way to struggling to the patriots last year still went four yards of offense -- probably 22 up and points so. Margin for error so much smaller now and to sum up the third quarter great job -- price. A WEEI dot comes putting its implicitly for dummy like me the third quarter of the patriots ran fifteenth place. They gained 31 yards. That sums up the third quarter struggles right there 617779. 7937. The phone number 61777979837. You can text us. On the eighteenth tee text -- 379837. Your reaction that roll call. And implementation there at the end of the game in the patriots struggles. The struggles that Tom Brady crawl was back Steve and the Brady was like all the sudden he looked good again not a great game for the quarterback wanna get your thoughts on him. And all your phone calls the -- in the house here in Sports Radio WEEI.

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