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Tom Curran on field goal penalty-gate

Oct 21, 2013|

Comcast's Tom Curran joined the show to discuss the sudden word change of the field goal penalty on NFL.com

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Grab the -- -- and current joins us on the AT&T hotline to Al aria. You know hey are we gonna have like a major conspiratorial. Furor today over the rule the rule change the redact Asian interests a two word from the from the -- On the web site. Telus does the timeline personable on the go from there. Absolutely. After the game and that. Obviously -- dispute about the rule. -- -- -- -- that the insert any sort itself in the air so our own web site it doesn't say anything. About where. It is certain that Belichick -- could write over data and share. It's a clear appeal at the hardest player out of the line of scrimmage at the now cannot Portugal on scrimmage yeah. Torture was contending for a post your press conference and expect to level. So accurately indicated because there's to a large that the artist from the -- now. That he could have that would -- it will -- -- -- look at -- that. Story that. Let's call it went through on Michael and -- themselves. Elected and look at that united -- -- -- -- -- Belichick turned upside that it. The pretty good gorgeous in person nation that was that. And I'm not sure they have stories about the same story that changed. Your argument so anyway. Are going to be ordered on my laptop and the story was updated 630. Now. Here's -- the conspiracy here. What been posted on line in the story -- proposal. But this was posted your number along after the rule had actually been changed. To say that any player pushing it particularly deeply feel vice president actually. -- many irons. On the web site and in a video second level. Look at where it let go Belichick got it in your mind that the notion of being able push from the second level with what was they're. But if you wanna be tricky legal bill quicker or be tricky triangle -- poll itself that. You can -- if you start apple artists and now so who won't correct. Call was correct. Yes these secret torture are educating the coach and make sure the second level was excited completely. Do you think do you think Belichick should have known the rule as it is the city of known on. Absolutely and that that's immediate. You know if you have a question what the second level is people are not clarify. Your way is if you have questions. Whether it's we will change literally or is it about videotaping from the sidelines. You ask you the local or didn't do it very well I think -- your child will all here. Strange spot Tom for the first time that rule to be. Called this year though -- and that's kind of a believable. Definitely and you know you look at it. In hindsight and see their. -- -- -- With this in Britain probably referees have been calling it my guess is because they look confused as -- -- global period may be all things we're doing this. You know lateral port where what is -- level. It's only the second level notion. And I concerned appear as well it's mentioned in the case. I'm example. As in the case examples are trying to help. The teams understand the rule change. Players and two point they're coming from behind. Would be there that they ran into the wind that would be an example a little bit in the line of scrimmage during the Christian olds here. So I'm guessing that the officials were clear and I'm sure they'll publisher of the the first. It's -- O'Brien we're not the first special teams coach who took combo to come up this or did this. But the second Crystal City saw the flag bill clearly they were up on. The officials where it would restart the -- -- can do that anymore or is flat so. In order to question. John do you know how many do you know how many field goals and extra I guess the supplies extra points as well correct. I think that they were all accused Mort you know on the long distance local and -- -- directory to write what we get that what sort of middle. But yeah the only field goals have been -- this year I think -- that I'm like 400 but with extra points and all that yeah -- -- so we're very crap or. All of us a little bit more little more specific so what do you think -- motivational laws and at that point in that game. -- my guess is that somebody in one of the previous four field goals or extra points might have done the same thing. What do you think Malcolm back or whatever his name was motivation was to say hey I know the rules. I think it was a clear example of it at -- very clear example pushing. It was a critical point and I don't know he was. Vacant or the other -- I don't know trees didn't see a significant -- port for Chris tell -- what. It against the rule right I don't know why people I -- -- is one part -- -- -- -- not correct order in the NBA yeah. So it is the cup but the won't write the rule was not re written. -- -- go back in that and help our our story which was merely a rule change explanations or not the rule itself. And upped its so that the proposal which hasn't posted. Because initially it was proposed a suspect leveled -- All the X. We've played the bland Dino sound -- quite explicit it's about. Second level. This is -- and I don't know Belichick looks at those videos of the plays that the team sees those videos but the VP of officiating says. Clearly second level. Yeah I think just the fact that it in the vernacular is explaining the rules so frequently. It leads to the confusion. -- -- -- we can do it sort of first level but again I think the onus is on special teams coach and head coach. To go and ask to make sure so we can still Porsche is we will aren't actually go into that are critical for fifteen yard penalty in overtime it was in. -- current thanks for the clarification appreciate information. It Kermit Dennis Kelly on the AT&T -- well that's that will be no conspiracy theories well did spin there's little part but. That'll match and land Dino and we can play that sound again wish I am glad again it's it's unbelievable. And this game where one of his presentation was to esteem would know its on line. -- -- I guess for anybody receive grants you would think. If you wanted to duke players to understand the rule change yes you'd play the VP of officiating in his in his video to wherever it wants to learn about the new rule on. Field goal and extra point attempt that defense information has been restricted. The defense can no longer have more than six players on the line of scrimmage on either side of the snapper they can no longer go low into the offensive formation. And they cannot push from the second level that down linemen who into the offensive formation. He's its second level that is the VP yeah -- -- man now Belichick did not know the rule Belichick screwed up like the stock simply -- -- -- but. Is this -- says current says -- can understand the confusion that's pretty confusing yes if that's not even part of the rule that's not the rule that -- medical. But addition changes -- -- -- talked in the special teams coach after the game with the help what is this about he's saying this is the rule. You guys yes either Moscow -- Belichick right thought this was the rupiah now and it's not men on the door of the problem is current. Is right it's an nfl.com. Story that was changed not the NFL rule book right but still it makes you wonder. If you don't check going after the officials use he was wrong here. And limit. Now he might have -- even if he were it would be understood the rule it's still -- -- why you -- call that absolute BS a car -- no other way about it budget agency -- good morning. Hey thank you -- the technical. You know I mean -- just I still don't understand why this rule -- it exists I mean is that the safety oriented. -- that's bendable explains in his column. Redskins setter will Montgomery get ganged up on by some defensive linemen -- field goal formation he said there were two. Two guys both got pushed so four on one he said the hot and he fell down in his shoe fell off -- pull those into your elbow and pulled this hamstring. And he -- immediately emailed the more Smith. It's that we need to do -- about the so blame will Montgomery. As they did something about it they banned this pushing from. A teammate whether it's second level first level and he lovely cannot push -- team. -- -- -- -- Well I mean you know out five and two were still on a good position -- -- place is at play stability. And -- -- Broncos for formula right now you feel like they're in good position. No changes every like I don't. It just feels -- the last three weeks the last killing -- Miami and Pittsburgh next and then the line that third quarter left to their bodies into the -- -- just functional about the offense would you agree yet but if -- -- -- -- game you feel good after Cincinnati you feel bad after saints feel good that you feel bad. Look at that one -- on them hail marry essentially to Kimbrel pumpkins away from me on three game losing streak yes. How would you feel today effect -- -- companies as a -- -- or breeze gets a first down or whatever they had a million chances the saints did to win that game right. If they close it out -- don't pull off that miracle finish it -- about. The real good about Murkowski -- Yes and it's -- bit about what you saw offensively in the first half obviously the wheels fell off their profits of wagon in the third quarter and they got a gift from geno Smith. It's just us and just gotta -- from top. And a right you don't expect the flags -- probably seven to -- at the at the -- -- -- yet to be yes -- with a win win ugly really -- You picked -- fine. -- -- Did they -- play -- -- they're 72 with a by. I wouldn't payroll these next two games you'll think about this they roll it seemed if they click offensively but if they continue to struggle offensively if Brady's still 31 in yards per attempt Brady's 26 and QB rating and -- I'd like some -- -- that. He's behind Michael Landon an impasse between eleven and Smith you don't women QB rating it's unbelievable. They're they're average. Points is half with the Broncos scoring -- would Denver scored that's a problem such -- that even if they're 72 you know. Denver scored 33 last night by farther -- points this year 33. To look at this way Miami Pittsburgh buying. -- got Carolina Denver at Houston and then. Cleveland and then Sunday December 15 doubts about when -- dole will be back -- which that Miami December 15 talk like that. What does Miami and -- fifty put poor mental. Everett Steve Tony from -- what you'll be -- as we get back you waited patiently Greg and also and nick and Somerset phone calls next DNC.

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