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It Is What It Is Cast: Recapping the Patriots OT loss to the Jets

Oct 21, 2013|

EAST RUTHERFORD -- WEEI.com's Mike Petraglia and Chris Price detail what went wrong as the Patriots blew a 21-10 halftime lead and lost, 30-27, in overtime to the Jets.

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Welcome MetLife stadium here in East Rutherford, New Jersey the patriots losing game frankly they shouldn't happen. Thirty to 27 in overtime to the New York Jets on Mike Vitale joined as always by patriots expert columnist for WEEI dot com there's -- price. Chris how did this game get away from the patriot. Its third quarter they -- deeply horribly in the third quarter figure of 73 quarter points that's part of what we've been seeing all your from the -- company. But the ball in the end zone in the third quarter -- -- in the third quarter while. And ultimately that was circulating -- -- when we just put together that's really impressive drive and a quarter patriots were able to get back into with the keep thinking tying field goal but just couldn't get it done yet. Asked Tom Brady after the game about a third down conversions and he told told me. He would go one for eleven on third down you're not gonna win many games even if you happen to anyone timely. Exactly and and conversely the jets were able to get some. You include third down opportunities early in the game he struggled a bit midway through durable picked it up again down the stretch if you don't Smith has improved tremendously since this week. It's been solved and it. As far as the Patriots defense they were playing without three key players and -- I thought it showed one of the big reasons. They could not protected when he won ten halftime lead you were without the key to -- there's a shutdown cornerback. Obviously in the -- without Jerod Mayo and Vince Wilfork for the rest of the season. In the heart of the defense. What do you think really hurt. -- -- alert has to learn how to play without Vince Wilfork Jerod Mayo and keep the lead we don't know how long to be is gonna be out going forward but. Talked to double according about this in the locker afterward this this is the kind of thing they have to learn a way to get ability they've. At a lot of different personnel groups to this point this season so that really shouldn't be used as an excuse but I think it does take time. For a defense to be able to come together especially after losing. Three key guys like that again they're gonna have to learn. How can you -- -- each other run defense available and Donta hightower. Alphonso van and I thought frankly were exposed in this game and it's not gonna happen every week but I -- geno Smith that rake jobs. Kidding the Patriots defense to really move laterally. And when the patriots got moving laterally especially on a couple of -- long drives they were really explode. They were able to expose a lot of treatment he -- to struggle this year and a number of different areas. Not just that the regular stuff we talk about to leave and we talk about his ability as a shutdown corner but. You look at I did in running backs and that's where -- -- secret struggle a little today. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Part of that and again. It's far different quarterback with the patriots saw in week two it's the kind of thing where you're gonna have to keep it going -- me before you -- right to this point if Rob -- He makes his much anticipated. 2013. Debut seventeen targets a loving actions over a hundred yards. Did not reach the end zone but the signs were there that he is on the road back we did not however I don't see the old rock today. Exactly I think you have to kind of -- -- -- expectation level I think eleven catches over a hundred urgency via the there was fantastic I thought we saw moments of lust. Particularly on that last little catch -- he could have connected with connected -- this. Suffer through that situation. We're seeing situations where it looks like. She is back but he's not all the way back yet I would be surprised to see him back to full strength within a week or two but this was a good first start. I was in with reporters present after the game he admitted he's not back. We'll conditioning it was gas a couple of times that's twice on the -- of games a lot more than you normally would if he were at full strength. I think he's fully healthy and don't getting lots but I don't think beautiful condition and there's a big difference there. There's a huge difference there I think you have to look at it from the perspective of his teammates have had. For pre season games and six regular season games to this point. To get that conditioning Bill Belichick isn't and number of occasions you can just get -- mostly for Federer road track it takes time to build up that endurance. Buildup that fitness buildup that statement Gradkowski is not back yet -- in that sense but at least physically what we saw today. The back yard didn't appear to be of. There is obviously going to be a lot of talk about this new rule that Chris Jones was. Let's face it victimized by it was called correctly but it was a secondary thrust that they were involved or not for making. Contact with the long snapper which is what you know Michael I thought it was called originally but. Pushing a teammate into the line of scrimmage which this year in the NFL just starting this year. I was not allowed and is not allowed in the ballot check -- didn't wanna talk about it too much but he did explain that that was the rule that was the call what do you think. Where wild about it but again that's the rule that's the letter of the law and they got -- morning it's very rare little. I have to I have to go back and look at this but I don't think it's been called to this -- season. In any anywhere in the as far as I've seen I've not seeded colts from this point percent to 67 weeks of the season. I haven't seen it all to this point so you have to go back to go look at the same time. They were flagged appropriate I thought that was an appropriate penalty of the fifteen yards is very clear the rule book. What the rule it -- you know what what will draw the flag and you got flagged for a wolf it has to -- in the locker room after the game stood up. Accepted full responsibility for what happened but that was good site doesn't mean much -- grand scheme of things we can see guys do to take -- buildings that. I know you're writing about this on WEEI dot com after the game the patriots letting golden opportunity slip away -- They lose this game started it when examining and taking a stranglehold over the AFC -- Bills upsetting the -- Miami Dolphins 2321. Now the dolphins -- to Gillette Stadium that's Sunday night and in what is I think and much more important game then you -- today. For the patriots really establish themselves in the AFC -- There's still five into the -- and good. But not great shape and I think that's what's got to. They had an opportunity to put some distance between themselves and the rest of the divisions that given what happened in the bills dolphins can come in here and supposed to win and it beats me it's got to really kind of what have been your anger to disappointment suggests they'll still have a little bit -- into its very early this season we're not even Halloween yet. But you have to start thinking along the lines and several of the jets. Now they have defaulted because that's all of a sudden a much bigger divisional game and what we thought it would be a couple of weeks ago. The final again here at MetLife stadium in East River on the jets' thirty and that patriots 27.

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