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Tom Brady on the overtime loss

Oct 21, 2013|

Tom Brady joined the show for his weekly visit and discussed the teams tough overtime loss against the Jets. He said that he has to improve and not throw costly interceptions.

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On field goal and extra point attempt that defense information has been restricted. The defense can no longer have more than six players on the line of scrimmage on either side of the snapper they can no longer go low into the offensive formation. And they cannot push from the second level that down linemen into the offensive formation. And I heard the second level that's available at legend vice president of officiating. Dean. Land deal went Dino and Dino. -- two times they call them back in the our conversation with Tom Brady has brought you by northeast electrical distributors the cancer center. At Beth Israel deaconess and crescent credit union models always joins us on the AT&T -- them. They wanted to tell you where. Yet we -- well yeah I didn't know the rule Mardy you obviously see the players that they call so they've seen the replay but I. You know relation to come -- that we -- any other opportunities in the game that score points and really widened as gap that we have -- -- apps are going to be slaughtered in the third quarter. Fought back in the fourth quarter and had some chances at the end. You know got the book start over time so there's nobody to blame but ourselves. It's a frustrating day at the -- bit -- -- well we we are hermit in the lot for this week. Did you put her finger on what exactly went wrong -- and -- it's it's more specific than we didn't make enough plays for the third quarter was was did not look like patriot football. No it didn't. -- not really wants saying wishes for a lack of overall execution in the running game a -- game. Here you can't go -- quarters and do that you have to be consistent and we have. Play consistently. Throughout the game because if you. If you have quarters where you don't really producing it -- offense you really. Read the defense. Out into our aim at this three and outs that we had he certainly did interception return for a touchdown with. The three and out followed what street helped followed it's. If you know you really need to be perfect after that and you know we were we were truck and we we just didn't. You know make enough plays. You know overcome. What our difficulties -- circle. You targeted -- seventeen times the army committed catches was the plan going in. Do look form that often or is it just the way the game unfolded. It's a way to game unfolded and it's our big Tipper Gore ticket your target and someone that also. You know yes. A lot of chances and you know he played his butt off you know be about it -- this first game vacuous pretty. You know different brought them out the effort but he did. What was pretty you know just really credit -- him -- all the work that he's put it would of course the whole rehab but. You know the rest of the offense. You know those guys played hard in the line blocks -- at least you know -- -- -- erotic games. For the most part and we just didn't really do a massive air power in. They cannot wait till we get. Score points and at all about four point shouldn't hurt a lot of waste to get it done a lot of ways to score a point where it or not overcome then. You know the negative plays that were taken in. -- put ourselves in can be certain -- and obviously not. Doing anything about third down and force and -- could be off the field and not really able to doubt establish a balance in the run game and asking. You know we got to be better on third down we got to be a complete passes on third down there. There about sitting in the game it's it's I -- for this career. -- our possession without control incidentally portrait that it took 46 minutes interior -- I went. You know -- UC Tom putting up these you know these huge numbers since 07 really particularly look at it today years 26 and passer rating -- 29 I think the completion percentage second to last in yards per attempt to I guess I would just ask you know why. Well we're just we're not excuse so it. Nobody -- -- they'll come back to the -- saying it's not like there's. You all those are really a reflection you know our passing -- aliens -- You know trouble spot for so. In purchase something that we have to work on and see if we can prove what was -- and -- and it's not automatically go away -- -- we've got us. We got to do a lot better -- you know it you know complete passes. So that's it if you complete government at all those numbers get better and improve in the electorate now we're not sure what -- -- -- It's on my definition NFL quarterbacks are required -- -- expected to provide leadership I think most of us understand. What form that leadership takes whether it's on the field or in the huddle or on the sideline. I'm wondering what -- your mind must leadership take on a Monday. Spot in the facility after a Sunday loss. Well yeah of course frustrated it. -- it's the worst day of you know the week obviously what you and you lose like that and you gotta think about it all night and they knew anything about why don't you think about all night. And you wake up the mormons feeling crappy. And you go to work and like you got to try to -- and called us and they'll call me bitch. You don't -- we -- more crappy. -- and after that you put it behind you need to start moving forward but it. You know you try to learn. You try to learn from the positive alert from the negative term and no it's not all bad it's certainly not good car. But you know we got at some point did. You know start doing the things that we do well more often in the cities that would not go well yeah we got put behind us and there is something that we feel like -- workers not excuse what we got to make improvements are so. It's an all around effort. You know it's it's our offense and you know our struggles we've been good -- -- -- -- really the first thing that year and haven't always. Kindness and the idea that we've been very inconsistent policy we do really well like we did. You know those are the last couple. Odd couple -- we started off foolish on the and we just I have been able to sustain itself. Hopefully we -- -- to be more consistent as the season goes and go start to practice in being more consistent practice a little more urgency and as these games become fewer as we get down here the stretch you know they -- become bigger so were five and two rewards decent position normal -- and that of course and you know what RC and what we make or she finished let us so. Are you aware of these gains were in -- early and we got chances the world it's not like it or get blown out 40000. Are there you know we we we -- -- -- straight away from Egypt we got to do one. When the game's on the line we got to do more health policy -- thousands. You know that's you know that's it's easier said than we gotta gotta get to work without first doing a better job. Tom underestimation do you think it's possible that the repeated targets to -- gronkowski might have set the stage for Antonio albums. 66 I guess a mask -- but predictability here. Gone out the start of the third quarter of you need a shipment on the army units are crossing 1000. You know cut in front of the ball wasn't much pace to throw it do it anyway. You get a good place -- He goes one on one coverage and you know given. You know ground chance that I guess I'm that bad decision on the it's. Those plays you know you just can't make an NFL game so well that plays HTTP. There with a final drive stalled and Gostkowski had a kicked a field goal. To make at least 724. It appeared that perhaps grunt was open you put the ball on target but that he elusive in the sun were you aware of the son Richard background and -- looking into the sun. Yeah I mean there was a little -- On -- and you know you know just one of those things alphabet. Yeah I mean we have our chances certainly there and in the in the final quarter our defense -- a great job -- and no points few. A little bit loose points on another occasion. Even if we were struggling still as a -- And then we gave -- believe that we came back with sister pupils and it reflects typical way. Feisty at the end of the game says its focus on when the court explicit. Yeah we start the -- well that we fighter which is kind of the -- in Brussels see that we you know we do positive things -- there who don't do enough. That being overcome our inconsistency so. You know like I said there's nobody to blame but ourselves and argue that gets credit for playing -- -- to -- You know what that's for all there's no lack of effort -- those -- little black Mexican -- on the actual you know that's something that we access. Figure out how to excuse better especially on the pressure and won't go out there that do. You know lastly -- said the best offense in the NFL average in almost 35 a game and as as he has since 07 it's often been. If not the best certainly among the best will warn you of all these rookies new guys on your office. Does it work in practice so many you'd light it up in practice and it just doesn't. Transfer on game day or you are struggling to find it all week. Well it's still practices it's a very you know practice usually important Serb. For veterans where rookies and that's that's where you gain confidence -- -- doing out on the field so. There -- sometimes word. You know we're we're we're executing our -- ours were not. You know we have confidence by the time we get to the game that would do all the things that. We've been doing pretty well in practice it's just weren't there we go get the solid defense alert level like usual there's got to be heightened -- we got it. They're tough throws they can't catch isn't. It'll make good run after the catch is in the world you know that's what offensive football without so. It's body movement and -- they'll play they'll make it or not we are brought forward. Sometimes we do. Sometimes we don't. But that really leads to inconsistency. At. -- you come out of the game gets its first significantly. A lot of opportunities to score points and we didn't score forty. Tomorrow so I'm sorry Thomas how does that work with say -- this new rule book for these rules for differences somebody coming official comes in talks -- you guys. Are you then do you go do you study if you try to remember each one I mean how does that process work like this one for example. Well they go to road trip in -- the competition committee make. You know the rule changes -- -- -- and then we have. You know meetings about its -- changes and so forth and it's. You know you just try to play by the rules so. Unlike for the seat outlast players that's Lecavalier first. Yet Joseph let me just say -- comes affects you say you cities -- they have a meeting with you you just basically stuff in your brain in and remembered as the season goes on that's generally how works. -- that you practice right those situations over the course of the year or so here you go through your. You'll feel whole lot fewer bigger -- -- -- go through all offensive changes then -- you try to coach and then practice and then. Are -- -- -- -- -- single to try to break the rules and an -- earlier this. You know one of those plays. You know we're just unfortunate happens. Of course it would play their butt off all year he's. Very he. Certainly he. It's never intended for some like that -- happen but it lets you shouldn't even come out and we -- half century. Escort a lot more or he should play a lot better as you know we do that it doesn't come down like that. I'm sure bill endorses you telling everything you possibly can about your physical condition what is the status of your right hand Tom. Not like they're very they're responsive bruises and black Africa over the course fiscal policies and so. -- Alert you know to get treatment like always -- We'll be out there and try to be as. You know in -- one excuse or -- next week so conscious part of Opel. L a lighter note in a former life if you were a baseball player a catcher if I ever called correctly and I'm wondering even knew with Euro let's call it. Average foot speed would you run down Prince Fielder before got the bag at third base like Saltalamacchia did. Other great place -- so I'm excited for the Red Sox to. I hear right now many people so yeah this guy that they're very straight. But it exciting for artwork the first period. Of tonight as -- So yeah I mean it's it's exciting -- here which we could pull -- -- of that excitement yesterday. But we have a lot of football left then we have a lot of room for improvement. There -- -- where you know really. Not really playing it very well offensively over the course or seven weeks where we're fighting to end. Leonardo -- so. -- we can play a lot better and they -- were hopeful that we can make changes necessary to make improvements -- seriously compete more consistent offense. That weekend. But -- type offense -- you know we think we can become so. Like that says that Beckham the artwork and commitment didn't get the job better -- here's what ultimately transfer that into the game and go out you don't make plays in the game. They tell me it's Amber's on this morning and at 7 o'clock and he you know the Rick -- store and talk to a meeting you guys and some pretty. Goofy guys as well we seen the video of the speech he gave you -- before the Atlantic and. Yeah that was great -- you know Basra -- -- been a big patriots aren't so sure it's. You know really cost each and a really nice young man in it and you know as nice to -- -- -- and you know mister Kraft is. We're really taken a liking good and they're trying to raise a lot of money further. For Jerry researching. -- has yet they can help people assess conditions so. -- what are what -- nice guy who's there and you know he brought us a lot of luck in Atlanta has. Hopefully bring a lot of -- they're down the stretch. Our Tom Brady question of the week finally brought to you by crescent credit union on -- -- crescent credit dot org. This has a bit of a personal touch to -- Tom I don't know have. You're level play as -- currently is is suffering because of mechanical or physical or mental factors but if indeed it is mechanical or physical. Does that mean you miss the input in the council but Tom Martinez. Well I initially the first -- friend you know as a mentor as a coach here -- every. You know it's. Guys I'm I'm working hard certain he would consists NASDAQ can be. Certainly things aren't perfect out there and I got -- you could do better and I think when you're barbecuing. You struggle our offense. Obviously I'm not doing a good enough job so. You know put -- on the try to get a better return about they're the best sites and work harder or else either because they're trying to do. Whatever extra. I need to do that are prepared to do in terms -- nobody feels worse about a -- to me any. -- they. -- trucks and especially to the jets so there on the clock they're trying to have my best week this week. Like double talk to down the road next Monday. Our guys thank you thank you -- talk radio with the housing Callahan on the AT&T hotline the nation's fastest and now most reliable four GL TE network. Our conversation with on -- brought you by northeast electrical distributors the cancer center at Beth Israel deaconess hospital. And -- credit union. On many who think she's hot stuff now because of Texas sent. That he asked all the tough questions. Did yeah did you know that god did I give Brady this man fell on the sword today. Well what to expect. Number I mean he really felt assorted seems pretty -- disagree would -- that he doesn't have great confidence in those people around I'm sure he doesn't and if you were to be cut up the blame -- the -- give the blame -- from the biggest -- of Belichick and the scenario and whoever. Said we'll surround them with new guys young guys -- -- Bible outsider got an over the will be okay yeah because he makes things work. They got one -- -- we we talked about that before the first game that story in. Sports Illustrated where scouts and just leave it to Brady it doesn't matter who is around him. Brady will make it work then and I bought into what you want in order writer kind of thought it looked like it and train it gets a good -- at training camp Hopkins looked brilliant now tell me. Now does he look like he has confidence all the weapons and all the play calling it. All the elements around him because if not I mean if he does have confidence is just comic in the -- He witnessed physical looks confident or doesn't look confident the completions are being made him completions are happening to excuses not there for a does that mean he's not company -- perhaps that's the case but as. Looked at me like little hesitant and ultimately we are the argument he was not. You agree doesn't look sharp the questions why why is it that much over the hill as he lost that we look and it. Match -- I don't know -- I don't think so I don't think so we'll get a breather but you know it can happen to definitely out of session the idea -- I was I was always in the you know listen to -- trust no matter what to -- -- and that's how we all felt that's not the case. I mean that's not the case focusing haven't given watney hasn't been great -- and an -- you say why didn't let it get to this point. They thought they 36 year old Tom Brady good to take a -- and you guys get guys and they thought they notice early stage two would to a younger group wide receivers will be Tom's guy is going into next -- seven Kirk we all remember that the most historic. Last year they had the best offense in the NFL right last year. Now. -- what 11 down in the third quarter against the new election and name now they can't score a touchdown. To put the jets away in the second half -- Pat -- eleven plays in the third quarter Brady was sacked three times pick and replays did not gain a single yard that doesn't sound like that same teams the saint quarterback right. Because they thought I guess so much of him that said. Will put these rookies with -- these new guys and I know -- and and this was expected isn't expected to killing one of them that. -- -- was there. Well I think you know actually I detectors so -- Garko was disciplined football team since January and the field yesterday -- Brady targeted it seemed like fifty times seventeen and I'm so glad to see you -- so -- yeah yeah. -- mark rob Tony -- and nick your phone calls next doesn't -- -- -- thousand dollars wrapped around 9 o'clock.

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