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The amazing Sam Berns

Oct 21, 2013|

The guys were joined by the remarkable Sam Berns who discussed Progeria, the aging disease he has. He is upbeat about the Sox and talked about his relationship with Robert Kraft.

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-- our number two on a patriots Monday if you have left your house just yet I would suggest that you stop pause and set your DVR. For HBO tonight at 9 PM eastern. It's a special documentary called life according to Sam HBO tonight 9 PM sector DVR. Sam burns embassy junior sixteen year old junior from Foxboro high school. He's dealing with something called Scrooge theory it's accelerated aging I believe only 20250. Children young people. In the entire world. -- -- -- what's Sam is dealing with and he joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning semis -- story fascinating how are you my friend. Under -- -- -- are you upset about the call the patriots last night yesterday. Yes you know. -- good disregard Colin -- I was not aware that ruled for the game you know if it's written and that's set to make that. I was really happy to have ground that -- See him playing in not getting injured again and I mean really really difficult game but. I think you know it's not about the division and it's early in the season actually is not that keep plugging away and make sure we get that. And that number one -- and the division. About this week. And maybe we'll bring you live for another pep talk as you get in the pep talk for the Atlanta game corrects him. Yes that extract and get a better idea and the Atlantic aimed at. Dying to -- out like that putt bad kick but luckily it it prevailed in the end. And most of us learned your story from Rick Reilly is great column on espn.com. And I don't I don't know why we had learned of before you're sixteen. Correct but. In this case orange area ages you eight years for every year in the movie Robin Williams as Jack it's only four years for every year. My right. Sort of -- entry -- is called. And a premature aging acting again because. There's an abnormal protein that made it tricky area. That every one does make it very not funny Jack and I realized. Does not like and Billy through -- And any accelerated to its -- Early but in that aspect it is going as. Aimed at the it is sort of premature aging and -- that as sentiment some intense. And that may be an older person and would would have. And you're almost seventeen correct Wednesday array does that amp. Yes London every day -- -- -- police say we're doing excellent big day I would like to let you know that was that is the day out game one of the World Series. And it 2000 -- 2007. Game one or both of those World Series on my birthday so I'm hoping that the set the guidelines and these these -- -- create the outcome that we said that guy. Your birthday is kind of significant because of what mr. Kraft said he was willing to do in terms of donation and you said just wait a minute -- we get to October 30 when he third. Would you play your relationship for the patriot owner how that all came about. Yes well you know. The Democrats did need a trailer for the film brigade field they'll let according to -- he had seen and a snippet from the scene. In which I was -- eight patriot like it's. And though he would kind of known about me and my my family. Truly and some stories. In the (%expletive) -- reporter. To react you know budget year even though. And they asked me if I would be willing to. Gaudin to Gillette Stadium which is only a few minutes from my house and the need applicant and the day before it. The falcons game when he had and and if we can just chat hangout that they and military aid to be able to get to know him and and here. What he was and as a person and as -- -- and and as a sellout but paralyzed so that you really. And really and against an excellent experience it -- to get to know if someone. It really is of such. I Taliban -- you know he organizational level -- the patriots but also as a person. Sam I'm looking nature of the Rick -- story here and it's amazing how you and I live pretty much the same high school like -- ally with the drums the marching band what was an eagle -- straight days. After dinner speaker Reilly says and decide with a -- and I achieve more articulate and you're -- you are now MIT MIT -- Harvard two years or -- -- -- regrets that really do not been able to accomplish -- you're sixteen years. Well you know I think I I don't really spend a lot of time thinking about. I'm -- negative things that. I can accomplish because apparently whenever I really really have a -- -- -- something I can -- that you get that accomplished. And I will say that is highly likely that any that I want to let you know I mean he's been -- But unfortunately in that situation the Rick Kelly is the benefit and but you know I try Q. Use that mentality -- Approach every speculation every. Every eagle that I want do achievement you know 99% of the time -- at the -- an able to do that even if we you have to make some adjustments if there -- obstacles created by -- -- in the process. So essentially Sam you don't allow yourself to have any why meat kind of days. That -- heat up pretty well. So tell the the. Bob Kraft initially was just gonna donate like is the change in his pocket -- -- he met you and said the hell with that. Would change in the plans is donation is now up to half a million dollars. Or. He's matching the donations other people come up with by your birthday is that correct. Edit correctly. Look there we broke into. The 400000. Dollars in the matching donations. We has today and that -- -- and Cleveland today left -- And that you get and -- is that the end of that that. That amount downside strongly encourage people to donate it to figure -- research and -- who leaking retract Golan. Mister Kraft. That set you up to that -- 500000. I'll probably a million do you know if by Wednesday we can get 500000. Out of just regular folk craft will match it. And how do you do -- I need to do that does -- make that donation. Well you had. He's intent that they didn't attend. Donation. And you have the number I hear that that and but -- and validation that you -- being pretty did you sell. -- -- Pretty area he's in number 80888. Entry -- it is spelled PR oh. The ER IAQ. The number X 80888. And so hopefully we can get. And after those donation did get to golf and this is weekend. And you know in every every donation counts no matter how they -- not. Like you know it it does all build up in the end and it really can that something special. In into helping. You know keep it pretty daylight meal my friend -- have -- There's also a website if people were -- -- more information it's pro jury our researcher managed sample in and out it's spelled PRO. GE. Your your folks are physicians correct and and and they're all about finding a cure for this. -- we have come together -- family my -- is the and president had separate -- research and you can buy debt can't support him and I think the and chief medical researcher. And Dan until I would -- other parents at many of the other parents. Of kids who have pretty area and that come together Q. Raise money to -- and we -- has by and more treatment. And eventually cure for pretty area we are ready and and because of frontier area intense on the genetic level back in 2003 so we're hoping that you know we've come. He'll file already -- on one treatment for PGA at. Hillside and it would be and we feel as if we can go part of that -- -- if we keep you in -- daily keep Kelly at a pace that. We really lucky -- that we can now get to the -- get to Chinese here. Sam before that you don't know yet to catch your bus for school Bob what you get famous the paparazzi and TMZ starts -- around you know we have a text to keep in Ameritech's Linus as high. I'm Sam's fourth grade teacher Sam celebrated his birthday and Michael -- in the World Series and 07. I guess he also has the best ER a in playground tennis baseball is that -- well he's. -- -- strength let's say let's a lot of finally does Nike Kinect again used. Really really great. And we had had a lot of panic stage baseball matches and I kind of dominated at times but you know it. In this the spirit of competition. We would mind if we pastor name along to Charles Steinberg of the Red Sox -- maybe. They would like to have become as their guest to have the brought to her is introduce up and yeah. Yeah I guess shall I need anything you'd do would be fantastic and I know I'm really thankful to be part of the -- and and comedian day but this sport and is especially. You know after that tragedy that happened last April we really. I feel like that -- and community can really come together can make great things have. -- let me put on the spot -- say -- Red Sox over the cardinals and how many games Sam. Anna I shall not you make any ad that predicts -- I think we have to take it one game at a time I've I -- I would say this it can be done so we let -- -- Samberg is a pleasure talking to you best of luck we look forward to can we did down the road maybe we'll see at Fenway Park during a World Series game and pass along the information text. Our approach Syria PRO GE 880888. Sam good luck to publish. Say you very much it -- Samberg Tbilisi Callahan on the AT&T outlining AT&T the nation's fastest and now most reliable Ford GL TE network. Well I'm not -- Because they feel about it. Right if you think you got got issues or something to complain about just take a look at port Sam. And -- he's not fields are burned so what do story recruited a brilliant job on this and others have picked up -- it. And you know what. It's say what you want about my craft this has nothing. To do with publicity we need to know about this snow until recently up until rob Riley I mean none of the Boston guys knew about it. It was on boss no TV no. Kraft is gonna pony up. 500 grand. Wednesday to match we think we -- yeah we're getting closer and thirty right now 430 yes and what's the website again if you wanna -- more than ten borrowers cheery I'm on the right now purge your your research dot -- I am making a donation as we speak it does not much. -- box really for you -- and he's an incredibly impressive kid does. He is more articulate than any host on the radio program every September detects number and if I go to -- amended to host an -- but just adopt panic get me and it was mostly -- And let others know cure and you know if he's looking -- He's got a real tough life he really does so -- He's looks like an old man and as Riley points out it's it's tough what he's going through if you saw the movie. Robin Williams doesn't really turn into an eighty year old man he just the only total -- this area. Any graduates from high school innings whatever is groups valedictorian of the movie 7580 years old. And it's funny and it's cute but this is real life and this is with -- deal with. And there's no cure you know why there's no cure -- -- it's not that comes my drills or what to -- TO RT which our friend have a lot of passed away from his. If there's only thirty or fifty or hundred kids who haven't. The the medical community the research community would be all over focuses on something -- yes because there's a lot more cases and a lot more urgency when the something else because this is so rare. He doesn't get the attention that obviously. Salmon -- that would like to. They call pro jury of one of the rarest diseases on earth and I -- early 200 people between 20250. On the planet. Who have pro -- And Sam as one of life according to Sam premiere on HBO tonight at 9 PM eastern. It's a mossy and obviously. The young man is engaging. And he's intelligent and apparently won the hearts of Robert Kraft when he met him for the first time. He really did speak to the team for the Atlantic yes the -- -- Which is pretty cool because he's obviously very articulate and a and they think we all need a reminder. These guys need reminders of how lucky they will last Brady about it. When we when he joins us and it was a -- -- -- number memorandum he won't name his favorite players is that wouldn't be fair it's a team to team game you know not single out individuals so. In keeping with -- on the patriots team from the pursue global you know all 41 and one for all. But I think he would be a good choice to throw the ball found what I'm saying of course yes thank you and I really got a great -- -- tennis -- -- -- I'm -- -- -- I -- and when I was at my house and his -- rates sixteen years old. I was on the radio access would be able to have to speak at all yes I know that -- on his agent and there's no way he could handle I would just be in my room of the upstairs and yell my parents had closed the door. And you'd grunt -- reform and you if you actually worse on the phone with some adults. You'd grunt. Doing my. Them fund mean or whatever whatever. Go on and ended in nowadays you'd be texting -- -- things that he would be used somewhere word and use that and such -- different -- -- conversation. I think he says persecution yeah. Are suited me also tell you again if but elected donate ten dollars you can text approach urea PRO GE 8280888. And if you collected donate more than that check out their website which -- approach area. And researcher shot or a jury research dot bore his name is Sam burns sixteen. Junior Foxboro high school a compelling story marvelous young men who captured the our heart of Robert Kraft to capture yours we we're in trouble focus I think he missed the bus yeah yeah. I mean if we raised like a hundred grand I think could be worth -- object but I think he just missed the bus out -- the principles and make -- -- us is dale movie start. That's Wednesday Wednesday are one game one yeah 61777979837. Tom Brady will join us in the 8 o'clock hour. Your phone calls -- with the NC I was patriot Monday.

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