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Patriots lose to the Jets in heart-breaking fashion: Response and Reaction from the Real Postgame Show

Oct 20, 2013|

Fred Smerlas, Steve DeOssie and Butch Stearns break down a tough Patriots loss that has many Pats fans blaming the refs.

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-- the real post game show. You guys Sports Radio network -- we'll post game show featuring bush Stearns and. That out of the shotgun takes the -- Slight slant like. We don't want big touchdown yeah. You know Ryan and rookie from Rutgers takes a bit distant geno Smith -- a bit sick. Old pro nose to go friends lists and Super Bowl champion Steve DOC Freddy dropped back stepped up. No the real post game show on the WEEI. Sports Radio network. Steve DeOssie Fred scoreless. Here in the real post game show two guys that played the game. -- you see a lot of strange. Your for the ball to the game and attended that. -- person ever. You remember game we've been left scratching your head. That's the way to Seattle sure Seattle in my field -- that was. Equality in the end zone we'll talk about Tom what -- which -- We're pushing. It's. You tuck rule game obviously it was a one call like rules -- right. Scratching your head I was those. Bars the -- to get a gets the calls everybody wants talk about this too controversial ending to a game. I'll give you what people are saying on Twitter patriots have played seven games they're five and two they've beaten the bills the jets. The Buccaneers the falcons and the saints they've lost to in the last three weeks they've lost at Cincinnati and -- played horribly. And now they've lost in the game they didn't play all that well either Tom Brady especially in New York against the jets they had their moments. -- it is a season where we're still trying to figure out who these patriots are. After coming into the season would know Wes Welker no Aaron Hernandez no Brandon Lloyd and -- Danny wood and on offense gronkowski returns today we'll get into that. But they are without Vince Wilfork and -- Jerod Mayo for the rest of the year and they were without Aqib Talib today he's -- and Kelly and Tommy Kelly. And it's actually gotten tackles which would have power on the ball and does it go. And the senate for a the Jetsons started. And he committed mangled may mingle with the typical matchup for the young young kids -- plain -- But all -- all big defense didn't play that bad -- -- sort interception for touchdown but pictured steeper it's gravel for touchdown. They they were getting hit pretty good but the patriots appointed time the three and out three and out interception threw out -- they weren't getting the help they need from the office. Again an unsportsmanlike. Penalty called on our Chris Jones the patriots rookie defense of -- -- -- -- -- -- game. But up until that point Mike Pereira the head of NFL officials -- weeded out a region between one more time that is the correct call. And patriots jets game the new rule this year is that you can't. Push -- teammate into the offensive formation on a field goal. Or field goal try attempted to rule 913. According to prayer team beat players cannot push teammates on the line of scrimmage and offensive formation. Mike chart he spoke with Chris Jones and -- other people but Mike has been tweeting and out and saw a couple of -- from Jardine said the Jones admitted he didn't know the rule. Bomb also called Pereira says examples of this report on the officials weekly training tape. Warning on instances where it wasn't called the season but should have been not sure when those weekly tapes go out but we do know that the officials were on alert for. Such -- century. Arbitrary scenario there and drama per -- very good -- does he also Tweeter wrote that this the first on the rules call this year. A couple of their way to a decisive point in the game right dollars for a score a third career -- -- retirement of mr. ogle what other team. On the forty what was reported that Ray Allen well Steve fortunate before but he gets that the wrong -- first off. Do we understand where the patriots screwed up this group coming on the second half finished up a number of things they should've been in the position that they were in. Believe they were let down by their offense in their defense time position I think we understand all of that but the overriding story right now -- that call. Just just a little -- Just so people arrested at a McDonald's we we understand what the pages do not exceed the patriots had the ball styled diamond and and -- -- a couple there's a -- brought their one foot. Was it once but -- for a thousand to Brian Campbell we blue -- trust me we're not old we're not overlooking. The more play of the pages by any means which is focusing on something that's amazing console let's go to the call let's go to the phones -- people are lit up and wanna talk about the escorted Charlie Norwood. Charlie -- on the real post game show welcome. Yeah I agree with everything you guys is that but it I -- get -- -- you guys more than smells. A little applause -- all spectators say -- But I think Monty euphoric this particular site I've never -- -- certain. You know politically you're an old time basically -- wanna make they just. Where we're at that door and it did try to make it's so it's even in the if. You have you'll barely in the play -- I understand. Date if the rules -- registered holding calls have the time -- don't call mile away and what what what motivation call. Certain things or do you like while wind they do that we'll call sometimes -- -- of one outlook but that. Such -- you carry it through. I gave it a while attending Iowa upset as I don't have a -- hurt. -- -- don't -- if it's true if it's true job is absolutely does. It's it's definitely I've got a similar -- instantly. The if the cases as much per tweets out of -- the first on the follows them cold. Don't choose -- bit of that refereeing would like to be able pull that flag Becky why would you do -- by the referee's name by the way is Jerome boulder okay a miracle and -- He made though right call I get it I understand it's the correct call to -- and as for park New Jersey are definitely as Olmert on the street crime. About it I'm not sure about them back to the phones or go to Brandon Franklin hello Brendan. Hello Brendan your on the real post game show -- -- him back on hold not sure what happened with him go to Jimmy and soccer's Jimmy what's on your mind. What I've already had a game out. Policy battle. In what regard. That about every way. Well a it's got out of Korea what what what stick -- in your crotch Jimmy. Well one thing the first time they did that. Then they call all year babies rapper raised. Talking about the call. Yeah well as far as the call -- it's interesting when you go around guys listen this here's a couple of tweets that are out there on Twitter first a ball from Jay Feely kick in the NFL. You aren't allowed to stack and push from behind as it this year he decided to -- the things that that was Bill Belichick. They did not -- what it was the second level Joan -- sent this tweet out. It's in the rule book it was a great call by the -- They try to protect the senators in the kicking game I wanna kiss that I. I don't know totals that particular line up in the senate had to be able. I was -- instead of capitalism. This looks like and these random tweets that were sent in about this. From a woman and I'm Jennifer Floyd angles sometimes you benefit from a nonexistent BS call sometimes a fake really enforced finally gets you hash tag patriots. Hash tag -- and push. The same old I was I'm blue Jay -- It you know that was a from. That's true but what's your reaction question we also talked about the -- -- -- rule was callable for protest over the jets game. What they called -- rule that worries that is what has -- involved although that was also very much a controversial. Lyrics as that is to your point Steve about injuries in the week it was a paired according to name to protect the senate again in frank Beisel. Says I love the NFL going after players knee is fine but pushing -- that's crossing a line laughable. Saying what he's not a lot of artists aren't able to your ticket and up to this rule is good. Is it not you know -- -- -- works for many years as arrogant abuse left the it was news. To live with the -- -- I understand what the NFL wants to want to try to make the most violent game is seat as possible you know command Europe's currency. Stay in the rule finally leave the sun goes down fine but the rule to protect the senate takes -- -- -- we used to drive four ahead. Right in the back -- -- pop idol for a draw it out who is not safe and what does it put that wasn't a rule against it's we stopped announced an avenue -- on his head. And I have -- job like -- element of her on that put rule. I mean actually we -- every single time field hoping that happened at Iowa. Let's go back to the calls on the real post game show -- these -- sort. Exit route where most of about one of the street from the article I'm thrilled about it salute from a shoulder and I actually you know what. Makes you the value of the scheme was to guide her political mr. Residents. His -- going to and I mean Greenfield and -- real post game show. Yeah -- they don't say that that call. In this game. Say that. Who said it didn't affect the I said that I should have sale let's not avoid the real discussion. That we ought. To all of us at when I -- was all about order when asked us I said that play. In effect of that push didn't affect the play at all entrances. And when when when two weeks when we see that that. You didn't affect yet you that you're -- him which it did effect play that due to a lower start you start again what do you usually have played in effect at play. And on this end up. The referees never called him and they did not call that the -- probably would work out scored when the game all basically the reps at the. Well OK let's elect an idea let's put no thought of us find your game and why we use social war. That the patriots. Were gonna convincingly come down kick a field goal and win that game they had the ball first in overtime. They went four plays and how in overtime. We weren't really turn up the whole second half more than. Maybe it well -- you know it is effectively game I mean soccer. I've missed the field goal you're seeing everybody really appeal outside near the flag. Then the referee called call it means. Well the -- flag observe the flag happened during the -- -- -- the flag happened during the play arts. You know I was curious what is its fixed it's that we're still holding well I mean -- It -- sixty I don't -- -- -- as the jets but but the -- I -- as five that's a fifteen yard penalty that makes a big difference is if it's a five got probably still fifty plus ya -- hundreds of us who put under the safety related scenarios -- and that's let's go to junior you know Marion California who's next -- Barry. Hey guys sorry there's a better. They yeah I didn't I didn't get a chance to see that I call it camp called by the I must no Westwood One. But. I gotta tell you -- member and when we're in regulation. Brady had a first and -- were reapply what thirty secure online of the -- -- up like that. Keep -- wonder Glock and. One hander we listened to it on the radio. The -- you -- got a little catch you haven't seen that does the replay of the net so I still can't really comment -- -- yes so so I -- -- -- -- to give it got a lot of credit you know first game back. Game like situations are different and well when you see that very let let us just -- -- that when you see the replay when you see grunt it would have been. It would have been probably one of the top highlights of the week easily it -- -- one handed catch could have made it do we expect things from drunk like that yeah let's be honest but it would not have been a routine catch that's for a butcher it -- And they and even the guys that were announced and it. Herm Edwards and the other guys said the same thing but they hadn't he cure passed a lot. Tompkins in a look like Brady would collapse out with a because he didn't come back towards the ball in the and it was like second in cash and. And that was was moved back -- here -- the I want to back children so ever those was you back shoulder roll and he's in play well -- to make it back shall throw and also mostly on that on -- plays in the India all the time top order with a Tompkins. Dollars and I was adoption. Dobson has stepped Bartolo -- what trolling through all the sort of heat through your grunt on the scene number for a touchdown in the under through it yet so there is a -- rebut. Interesting on the -- could not catch when he jumped up and yet he never brought his his -- I'm up to help catch it heavy but -- -- it looked like that bought a position has he brought that -- up it would -- it would -- allowed to an extent you can extend further with one on the camera to try to -- the -- chipped it is our -- I thought it was a -- Patrick and Connecticut you're on the real post game show with French -- STD -- -- up front. That I got a problem with the clock. I don't got a problem the rule. Empowering the conceded that probably -- played a Patriot Act. My problem is you don't make that call in overtime on CP -- -- It's called -- Apparently had no bearing on the play. Accurate and considering that it's a corner Mike Berger it's never been called this year billionaires and Patrick I agree with you but I wanna go back to what Steve said to open the show here. The jets attempted four field goals total that doesn't count as an attempt. But did did Chris Jones or did the patriots do any of this on any of the others -- -- big legislative hold on if they did Stephen friend. If they needed Arnold's other ones and if the rep re -- did they say to them don't do that again we're gonna start. Call it doesn't that happen in the senate and luckily we don't know what we don't know when he and I hate cycle will look at what trust we will look it up will -- what went public. Like I don't know myriad indicating they would play you're gonna have a children's miracle it's us. A big burden of all you don't step and say. August epidemic that caught. Pressure put its missed badly -- -- -- bull put put on put in this perspective view rent freeze which just told we think it's this week we don't know reference to -- told. In their vision weekly video updates. That this play has been happening and has been called so maybe it was on the fresh on the market and I don't call us though. If the play makers have -- at all long enough that was what I -- that nothing was said. But if you don't have -- not call I'm probably getting ripped for this by patriots fans but tell me if I'm right or wrong on the guy that probably made this call. Was focused on just the line of scrimmage right. So he's mile -- He wasn't looking at the field goal attempt he wasn't looking at the distance he wasn't looking at the situation of the game where you know it was only look you know it doesn't matter who might yet you know. But what am I right that there's a guy that probably just focused on the line children's and we're -- saying it doesn't absolve him of the time of the game or any nothing you can do his job I agree he's he'd do his job is -- -- There's a lot of things that bring in two quick question the timing of the call first off the fact that Mike Pereira had an official says it has been called yet this year. Of the second part is that it's it was a point of emphasis in their video updates this year and the third thing is the timing of it is if they had if if it happened on the previous -- terms vendors and how interesting which could you bring up the point that was the rest of super cute about it right if it is. And they haven't called all year and the rest at a film Charlotte -- a reason why they didn't call it didn't affect the play. 61777979837. To -- we get three Steve's on the line Matt and -- that's all after the break and when we come back. Are coming up we will have our post. Food honey bunches of votes player of the game. You are listening to the real post game show on WEEI. Real post game show was presented by -- plant -- insurance at the plants -- they shop. So you can save visit complaints -- dot com today. And by post foods honey bunches of votes and also by any AT&T. Was. Flag on the wing wouldn't. The jets possibly thought yards closer in the. It's like I've done. The -- Okay. Really did this with the field goal attempt. That is an incredible moment. That's Bob watch fusion on the ESPN New York the jets flagship station. The jets beat the patriots 3227. I'm one of the strangest. Strangest endings to a game we have seen in a long time very controversial because -- group -- And I figured that the definition electric maybe patriots it. If you line directly behind the guy and push them. Right that's a violation but when clustered in there that I wonder what the ref called grow more and more from -- -- if you're all charging kind of a wedge pushed him. Write and direct different levels so not a let's say don't linebackers 2.4 alignment initial shoulder -- driver his leg of that can be called. Well -- -- -- to your point about lining up behind him after reading a budget tweets in the break. Not many people are questioning whether it's a rule not it's a rule I don't go -- saying you know by -- I'm getting different. Number two. What people are questioning is whether there was a bush at all or not. Nobody's noticed don't know all that sort -- saw us there was a push know several people on Twitter question I don't know if that's pushed him I was really see a push I did you get pushed. Its content as well we'll look at -- -- -- -- -- wasn't doesn't know what you're one step to the -- got behind and we -- here's where the little -- little rule -- convoluted and you -- probably Colin. Most of the time. When you are charging a -- I just watched the pet expert skills they were charged when I was ahead the other guy kind of came behind him he has to put -- -- -- So if you slide behind a guy and push him is that going to be a penalty. Did you did line up behind did you think that wasn't deliberate. But those deliberate push -- and now let's say guy -- and his push is that guys like a net and you kind of -- let -- and you have -- than referring to as the year the discretion shall pushing is pushing overly reliant upon what you. What do in the got a lot right low running behind attention is there intention principal. Abrams saying. You can call that. Half the time mr. system optional I'm sure you really can't -- the start -- -- particularly when you're doing until -- potential scenario like that it's much more obvious what is -- -- which is interpreted intro was. Really you depend -- well at all that potential but more if pushing behind the guy is going to be a penalty whether it can actually Kabul to push him with Floyd just. Lol what is actually and you could tell the difference between intentional scenario and and who doesn't pay attention to what was your -- applauded the rule will be has to be adapting to whatever but the rule states right now. That was by the rule book and if I don't association they -- line up behind -- in if you're pushing that cluster you know that you go to give you got him pushing. Yeah sure the Boston up wasn't intentional. I looked at. Put it but what -- -- -- injury but what's different intentional and we've got a few club what about an -- by mistake it's still clubbing and had agreed -- -- all those have to be called agreed but the book computer. If I'm about to have the due -- -- Sitting here and you intentionally take -- step to the right to leave -- a little bit behind the guy -- -- looks like he's untouchable wasn't intentional so guys I decide to put your report linebackers probably gets behind -- estimate I also have a penalty that's. Juarez the rule to piggyback on your conversation -- just handed to me. A new rule this year a ban on this now this is two parts to the rules of foreign. A ban on teams overloading one side of the defensive line one point after a field goal attempts that's. That's the headline of the rule of being on teams overloading. One side of the defensive line are going to have for a field goal to what the rule changes here's number one during a field goal attempt -- try -- no more than six. Teen beat players can be on the line of scrimmage on either side of the snapper at the snap there's a penalty for illegal that was called earlier in the in the year. What has sought him maps and that's an illegal formation penalty by the defense it's a loss of five yards from the previous spot. Point number two -- rule number 202 this team beat players not on the line of scrimmage at the snap. Cannot push players on the line of scrimmage into the offensive formation that's the key word right there. Not on the line of scrimmage it was almost penalty for unnecessary rough first loss of fifteen yards from the previous probably -- -- against -- got a good point -- -- -- team -- players not on the -- a lot of a lot out -- snapped trees or not -- players on the line of scrimmage and you got to line up behind every dollar scrimmage or. Because he was flexed slightly he wasn't probably the ball the other Defense Department. Maybe they consider that being off for us there were two beautiful than they -- to flex defense. When we're no doubt as to run him off it doesn't matter what those guys so -- a seven it was like an offering of guys this truly doesn't say you can't push a guy it's his team. The players not on the line of scrimmage at the -- cannot push players on the line of scrimmage -- -- opposite in his hand was down on a line of scrimmage right. So by the letter this rule or is correct battle Kurdish -- -- want to -- hand down on the line of scrimmage doesn't say whether or not he can push a guy or not doesn't signal -- period a -- about it the guys that aren't on the line of scrimmage -- so therefore you couldn't be behind two of the key points and we got to go to the calls why the change was made. PAT defense of teams were rushing through the gaps creating the overload. After looking at a lot of tape and it's a competition committee members found too many injuries were caused by this formation. How would impact player health and safety quote they will no longer permit defense of Russian players team -- players to push their teammates through the gaps and overload. This proposal also creates a situation with -- snapper now becomes a defenseless player and he gets helmet to helmet protection that's from quote unquote Jeff Fisher. The rams head coach who's on the competition committee one final thing what players are saying about it. I had a game we played the Bengals and I had two guys over me and two guys behind them pushing so was basically -- on one. My foot slipped and I actually went down into this split and pulled a hamstring them like this is ridiculous. They don't say who -- that's washed and -- is -- senator. Will Montgomery. Like it's over -- -- apple was old news -- on top of the senate had to snap. But I think that's. Might have been where they thought they had a little -- you can't lineup item like a linebacker. A guy this year and -- probably consider line of scrimmage let's go to the phones go Stephen Chatham -- Steve. Our guys. It was a bad call let don't really matter at the Arctic the debate that next. On but. You know I think it I think that Sheen is not as -- -- record. I think they are one and done team I think it's a shame that -- probably would take out Belichick and clapped that at that the way that -- eight million dollars under the cap. They left the hall main quarterback. Two known name wide receivers that Bobble the ball -- time that almost every time followed. They don't run the right routes for Brady told frustrated. And they left them. Really would not -- to -- -- -- and Ana bella whose mostly on the sidelines. And alkaline count is coming back is at stake here and nobody will take that attacked. -- won't do -- want them to get in free agency just wanna Wes walker here did want some real supporters threw -- out on open. I squabbles traders not coming here he was traded he wasn't a close your whole -- -- poor second line he was traded he wasn't he wasn't freeagent was -- we traded here. Well election it was Atlanta it was a six proper equipment are okay assault on hole do you think that that that was offered to a Bill Belichick. You ought to where -- -- or go to amount to about in order to transact a trade. And offer has to be made an offer has to be accepted do you think they're very many teams in the NFL got wind of that trade at all. Or think or think it was done it's just it was done. And quickly and quietly would you pick up picked up all that and start making a fool took the wind and that we could call. General manager -- the other day. -- give -- and then general manager says I would like to do that but the problem I have here bill is that you're competing with us in the AFC for championship I don't want to make your team better. Don thanks thanks for the call. Thanks for the call you know a traitor to his brother's team right. Thanks for the call. No that wouldn't let you know it can happen in oil senator Sanders as Steve -- you guys to Steve's point. Do you guys all the regional hold. Do you think that that would have been it wasn't how hard and they couldn't ala the quick and the dew on the bold in putting -- -- as the war on his point. That -- John from brother the brother no one else was -- does not Bolden. His overall point we'll just a patriots aren't spending all the money that's in there. In their toolbox and they're not doing everything they can to surround Tom Brady moon with a chip and -- don't want the details of who they want to brokers only zipping them up. OK so you guys were elegant and and as you agree with the overall point. You agree that they can't that they have to spend the money I think they have to do what they've been doing for many years to compete for championships as Arabic. Okay whether with a company main -- was spent on who Mike Wallace. It would take more than him and Djokovic was given a thought a fifteen million dollars on track is real likable -- -- Obama Qualls was the top. Receiving Prius and think that I think a more of that. Soul and the patriots don't do that I probably would identity that they made they made attempt on the other experts who was. Sanders Manuel sent agenda says the men and those titles I would make it must of but the Pittsburgh steel was matched they had -- they had the right of first refusal. So do you agree with the point that that in Steve's not the only one that makes it that the patriots Bill Belichick and Bob Kraft in particular. By the resource is that they have in the actions that they did. Despite Hernandez situation to my -- and an industry -- what was the is that it's all part of an 800 over a hundred yards receiving still banged up the daily Hernandez's -- Was they would want to take a bit different schools to do everything and empowered Tom Brady -- enough weapons. At this point in his career to compete for champion over could no more usual I'm sure that you have. But so amassed a -- but what I want is what. -- -- that it's very easy to give this umbrella statement they should've done more okay good and that's why I asked -- caller what would you do. And he said -- that. Boulder as one of our text -- said. The bold and deal was done at the dinner table -- -- after the super ball that's when that's when it was dubbed -- we take a break when we come back right to the phones the real post game shows presented by complaints -- insurance here and WB. At two plants can be shop so you can save these complaints ski dot com today and high post foods honey bunches of votes and also by AT&T. He drops back steps. There's been picked up big but yeah it's. Yeah and good afternoon. Yeah -- had a cross route. You know he flashed through it good play and as -- and -- Anderson as you can't do that for hours for touchdown. That's one way to get to the. The patriots did get -- thirty to 27 you're listening to the real post game show will go right back to the phones. A controversial call helps the patriots lose today does not change the fact. That Tom Brady was 22 of 46 once again completed less. In 50% of his passes does not change the fact that Tom Brady threw no touchdown passes for the second time. In three games it did not change the fact. That the patriots won a twelve on third down that the jets had the ball almost twice as much to duster as the patriots -- -- Collison made him in the forty to the island doesn't change any of those that you can look at the game to a gold -- -- affect all that's irrelevant when you get to -- we have a chance to win the game. When you read the rule you -- the real the rule that rule states itself. Behind a line of scrimmage. Can't push another guy. It doesn't change that they had an eleven point lead at -- aren't all -- -- little bit -- drives out of six in the second -- -- -- three you know what -- about what it promises that -- in the game -- because they had this -- -- eleven point -- -- what -- -- -- about Paul -- the game if you wishing for candy and -- Didn't play well Brady you know what he doesn't have the greatest shoes were at a hundred yards across all the throw me under from a throwing inception right almost two guys canceled all -- -- is a late Brady how much blame does Brady deserved for the teams. Performance over the last two out of the three loss I think it was huge in this game that pick six right on -- twenty yard -- never throw that aren't doesn't throw that right and he didn't throw it was just put the ball out of what you guys who -- popular -- Dobson was -- on the sidelines. You'll find that not the end of the game also under through bronco on requisite -- just sent them all those things that consideration got to get a game a guy makes a rule and what Belcher said. Right appointment of the rules says the guy from behind which will be a linebacker can't bushel apple -- scrimmage and other quick question before we go to the calls are gronkowski had eight catches for a 114 yards. He had a thirty yard catch that one -- the scene he was targeted seventeen times. The closest were cattlemen and Dobson would seventy Brady looked for gronkowski too much today your guys -- I think a much time did you play over the top brownies nominee seventeen targets eight catches to the TV in -- your eyes tell you that he looked for gronkowski too much that it was a factor in the game. What you're alternate them and your alternatives other guys are dropping football your alternatives. You know you go to elements summertime you can drop off to the backs. Your best. Chance of of completions and yardage as we move gronkowski. He missed him a few times. And there was decent covered previously covered publishers -- -- approval want to see me wide open for only twice did I see him throw it in a situation where probably would have thrown -- other receivers in other words I want Tommy threw an -- and I'll give grant a chance to make your way through that yet and he didn't want to distribute those at high end up -- a little bit longer that's a look at it's from Knoxville. You don't and you're in to talk about all these are. Receivers in real rockers records probably about 85% as far as physically running catching all that -- come back will be. But look at how tougher is for the on the cover to a 100% Broncos -- 100% and and his. You know you might be a little -- better than what you all right now but that office will be dramatically different -- -- -- -- Stevie on the real post game show. I really think Mike Pereira said the -- called right and hatred describe this guy stopped them with -- sensible line again. Like stunt went behind. The other alignment. I don't know and Mike -- said it was right so apparently. Q you know they show the guys in the we'll have a call in all -- so -- re not legitimate but the Olympic gold industry chick chick can't they go all the way up -- So I'd love to know what happened there. Because this guy -- -- -- it all play out up to this young guy did you decide to do that penalized him I think he felt like is that a problem is somewhere but that's the small matter. All of us before -- If you're reading what he would -- I think that's their interpretation. That you have to be -- you both want the line of scrimmage of the rule verbatim says team -- players not on the line of scrimmage at the snap cannot push players. On the line of scrimmage that you brought that it was on Islam wherever it's wrong and -- -- -- I -- drag -- -- -- -- -- the courts rather like stealing of articles. -- -- and know -- check it right there I'd QL. Thread who they should've went to yet. And steeple of the other -- -- thread who they should wait to get. It doesn't mean nation that went to get -- but we're going to be selling out it was all -- You're meant W -- talk about all these harsh light issues -- -- -- describe -- also Obama also traded at before he went to. He went straight from Arizona he was rumored to want to the ups and grab an Arizona. Ford went to Arizona the patron to city records or points or opt for a round out. And in the end of what's -- configuration Steve what's the bigger issue. Mega rich you win it's him or say dead. He separate that into its efficiency. Of -- All these regular season win since 2005. And Mac app. How many of those games and there's a coach -- forget go. Who's happy. I don't know -- as a tolerance level every went off he went -- -- -- -- the receivers are available. For a there's some there was some guys out there possibly you know Greg Jennings was. Bureau. In that million neighborhood there were some a few other guys who were we debated this in the break the bottom line is I think we agreed that the patriots felt comfortable. Coming into this season they cut the veterans the guy Donald Jones and others. With the three rookie receivers with the wrong when he would come back with Amendola that he would stay healthy enough. An adult man he felt I had Ryan -- and Marines -- this -- -- -- -- felt comfortable enough right there why does it feel comfortable about that whole quarterback and what I what I thought we don't know what else. And what else I don't know possible as a possible the rookies I'll play those guys. -- Evelyn how do you -- got to make a team on. Effective -- veteran affect real -- it's so when people call up and they say. It's a shame what they've done it Tom Brady at this point in his career in European and you don't. Fully agree with what I don't complain it would you would have loved to have a -- Muslim group absolute -- on first off first and foremost. I'd like to have was -- of course yes of course. They -- him an exact Leo pretty close to what his value will -- that's in Denver kept out of love to have them have tremendous beautiful and healthy gronkowski. If not Welker Damon told the could stay healthy which is probably marine. I drew the most guys are over all right come out and another top amateurs who were absolutely who. Greg Jennings maybe. You know. Was it to a Tampa was the Libby -- was was fingered with Jules and Vincent Jackson was available and that maybe that -- sure. I I would've liked that. -- the fact is. The way that they've dubbed this. Is what they thought they could get away with is that the state. What are push Israel to beat -- just marine back come on the back to a -- how important he wants any injuries have been a factor -- have already in Amendola. Wrong and in it in hand and Hernandez a back to that this Dodd who -- and you don't -- have a 5% on -- goals -- and as in jail for life. Ever read and people can't forget not a bad -- he was would be it was a weapon and we don't have that kind of the back go to nick and science is next inaugural post game show. -- going -- -- to become not -- you know I'm not repeat it lost that game before that all of perhaps the most time. What I'm understand you know they feel they -- -- -- part. In -- rebellious at a loss of saints game to. Well it it all the thought well this right critical if they miss Sheffield -- -- a position -- -- game. It started with then all we know that it was auto body went Perino you know couple times and in the last drive of the game. It was in -- -- -- yours ago. In New York who -- 32 and not those -- -- please let me call that play called. Why I think in order for the pitchers improve that you can't play the best they could they would all in -- have. You know pavlik and not given lately and now. I think -- it is a run in the ball a little more and -- how you can become greatly. The reason capacitor earlier on the moved up -- down the field passed -- but. They didn't lose a game before that after the game was tied him missed a well although the what he's saying here -- -- we had a lot that's saying you a bit of course is not nitpicking the score what he's saying news. That there were plenty of reasons why the patriots losses came the penalty being one of them. The other part is their start in the second half the way they came out and basically coughed up fourteen points without even blinking. The inability to have to move the ball at all. In the -- -- recorder six you know I'm in order to repeat it again we're still seven it's still a tie -- -- -- -- nobody's dispute -- -- that the point -- you'll -- they like there's solutions for our last drive cause I understand what that last drive of the third quarter the patriots had negative yardage which I know third quarter ended outscored fourteen to nothing all that and he heard what all that means they had a chance that they were hide in the game we'll get the ball back portrait midfield. Right but it took an eleven point lead and gave -- you're always recall either on his reform the -- could one other organs into the -- point was basically that. The Peters played poorly enough food to put themselves in the resolution -- current position to win you don't need -- refs call to play employee. To end up putting the nail the coffin to a Stephen Boston on the real post -- shall I Steve. Hey guys to pick them off. It shake my stomach Leon. I'm gonna call it. A an incorrect. On all. I understand that it sure you don't write all. No we don't know that. To read a call that triggered that would. Abdullah correct that's not that was -- caller I -- -- all don't know we read a whole lot of books you read the call -- -- -- But I think the thing that makes it Ferreira saying it was a right call is about people's as a right -- because he did push them but the problem is in the rule. It's say the only thing it outlines I'll read it again team -- players not on the line of scrimmage. App. No he was not -- him she was analyzed Obama's -- right cannot push players on the line of scrimmage. In -- offensive formation for those that do that it's a penalty for unnecessary roughness. Loss of fifteen -- or anything about the -- having overload one side automatically making a guy that's removed from -- from a slightly normal one discriminate that would have been a defense of formation call and that would have been a -- -- us who's gonna talk about him being -- offline. -- -- complex WB out of the ball here and -- parliament. Let's call a controversial anyway no matter what. I would love to know. On the you guys should mention that the referees -- and I head -- you know we gotta look at this it's not being called what about fatigue at 88 are features you know it'll give it up. They usually do very -- usually if there's if there is a comments store or a point of of note that the referees get the the teams would be won't get them to -- pretty much standard procedure because the the teams don't wanna be left on the coldest of what. The league is telling the rest to do you ever come -- you Freddie before game or your defense of line and say hey we're gonna be called an -- Tuesday. Not to take your -- the ball stop punching a guy in the nuts or something that is doing to the guy. And what what a lot of the times to make him bad calls -- the color off sides in the -- with the ball so there's enough that there's a miserable it would they come to a certain games -- call this one tighter shipwreck off -- stop door to door to him and had a -- well a lot of coming to reward I would -- take a break when we come. Coming up we'll have our post honey -- voted player of the game. You are listening to the real post game show on WEEI and the real post game show was presented by complaints insurance -- cup plans ski. They shop so you can say. Visit cup Lansky dot com today. And by post foods honey bunches of votes will have the post foods honey bunch of old player of the game coming up next. And also by AT&T stick around. Real post game show. Yeah and Sports Radio network team we'll post game show featuring -- Stearns out of the shot. Right -- right. It's. Touchdown play. And Ryan and rookie from Rutgers takes a bit distant geno Smith of the six. All pro nose tackle Fred zero lists and Super Bowl champion Steve DeOssie Freddy dropped back. No the real post game show on the WEEI. Sports Radio network. Are you listening to the real post game show your phone calls your tweets. You are tax on the eighteenth tee -- On -- 37937. Are all welcome and there are tons of them. If you go to -- Fred scurrilous on Twitter at WEEI on Twitter or at what Stearns on Twitter I've just tweeted out an article. That Mike Pereira has just sent out. With the latest updates and the latest summation of what happened at the end of the patriots game been read -- you very briefly and they get a comment from Fred and Steve. On this Mike does a very good job in this article outlining what happened but here's a couple of key points that he notes. An article starts with this how about this the first time a penalty is being called. In the history of the National Football League a specific penalty turns out to be a game deciding. Penalty goes on to outline the situation. Where the jets had a 56 yard field goal attempt. I'm from Nick Folk that was why it did not make it but the penalty was called on Chris Jones -- the patriots I'll read verbatim. For the 2013. Season the league -- get extra points and field goal tries. As they were concerned about the safety of offensive linemen were blocking the defenders the league made two adjustments. First they said the defense -- team could not overload one side of the senator with more than six players the second adjustment. They then addressed the situation they'd been talking about four years. When they decided to not allow the defense of team to push one of their teammates into the offensive formation. Here's the key point according to Mike Pereira it makes no difference where you are originally lined up the whole 913. The new rule says quote teen beat players cannot push teammates on the line of scrimmage into the offensive formation. That's exactly what happened in this play and then his final point I'm sure the league would rather than the first call in history of this rule. Would not have been at this point in the game -- these ramifications but it is the rule it easy players' safety rule that was put in. To protect offensive -- -- Well it was an app Alaska mr. Zanardi perhaps the last moment he the law as if you're like -- -- if there's a cluster and and it's free odds back. And but -- politics talk about the -- second -- you would have a rule we don't know where that ridiculous this rule came from the at the -- To try to find out what is Belichick collude to effectively was the second tier player. That's why you could push and so we gonna wait to find out what the exact rule is from the from the rule book in the Internet age he was pushing it was an accidental it was absolutely definitive pushing designed exactly to do whoa whoa what the rule says it's against -- fifth -- were saying that the rule states. That you cannot push on the player than not the last scrimmage while also he did push a line of scrimmage -- -- was moved before pushed them. Really -- that was they realize exactly that's exactly are all clustered in the -- how to order and I differ with -- What Jones did. Was exactly the intent of the rule that's exactly what they're talking about he purposely pushed another player. Into the offensive formation -- accidentally push from its not a -- doesn't blow Williamson doesn't matter who did the fact is he did we're not so much hypotheticals who -- what do you actually did. And I don't put him what he did was push him intentionally. And that's against the rules whether it's a rule. Well Fred -- region to keep that we're up against from Pereira it makes no difference where you are originally lined up. Rule 913 the new rules says oh team -- players cannot push teammates on the line of scrimmage into the offensive formation. So what I'm saying news and you seem to be get a little heated Steven if you're also and I don't know I don't reject it's -- during a game outlook to watch Google Google blocked. They've got to someone's gonna run into someone and pushed them. Is that going to be called a penalty what you get when you read if resilient as well -- -- just a tentative boats up to the ref to decide. Note should be black and -- -- if he pushes somebody down that's a penalty. In this the first time in history for Steve Fred's making a good point again listen to this team -- players cannot which teammates. On the line of scrimmage into the offensive lineman for this -- so there will be a call now if this is called again. Where a guy's gonna argue that he was blocked into the guy indeed I think his temper and kept drivers like why are they or -- or that he. You know was trying to get by -- hitting his leg and ended up pushing your point is a good one too when you look at this is or any doubt in -- -- Chris Jones did this emperor of what's your. No doubt -- I do it on purpose but the argument is it doesn't serve our purpose or not approve visits and you don't put OK we did. Below the -- that he read from the get to that says the second tier and that cannot let bush know that and the players cannot push players can know what -- -- bolstered if there's this if -- -- line of scrimmage and apparently this ties into -- -- Belichick said he was a second -- I assume maturities preferring to. So. Islets this is Chris Jones again here's a point about Chris Jones by the way he's in consideration from players to gain even though. He got called in this conference call he had and total tackles two sacks. Three tackles for losses and two quarterback hits and then he was called for this obscure rule the first time was called an -- history here's Chris Jones after the game. Did you plan on -- -- part of the players and so you know distracted that I should from the middle to get there. Were you. Well I think they will. What you shot it oh yeah I've yet posted -- personal. Leo was. My fault I had to you know -- unworkable Clinton aside and get rid quit. We're very talking about reports that my mind. -- and that him coming -- Yes if it's. You never want to lose. No I was confused at first I guess and figured it out to -- -- Oh that's the gist of it Chris Jones admitting that he did push. It was -- like -- by the way. Mom techsters are flying in with the text what you and your comments -- and Fred saying that you're both right to different degrees. People taking you to task Stephen saint Steve to please it's week seven. They review it review every field okay this year it happens every time which is about Jack all bundles of offer doesn't happen retirement sector off yes they do governor and force in weeks and because they made a point. Of of showing. The NFL in the the -- true thing you -- the referees to what I guarantee that you don't learn the coaching staffs to a yes they're all rules especially new rules they get overlooked. In the NFL. This week or with the -- previous couple weeks they notified the referees that they were ignoring this rule. That's when they ended up doing. So now by the rule. They can virtually call that any time -- push facility and if you get pushed all well and you're driving electric -- proportion -- that will be called a penalty. They're gonna redefine -- -- sure they do that all the time there's a good thing unfold there aren't they could use at any time. Did you see a lot of guys pushing guys out by mistake it's a driver in a little a little -- you're gonna push him right then. The only real question about this rule is. In the previous three field goal attempts to the jets made. All struck the boy was it to -- the previous two attempts. They're advocate for middle Willie Q4 want to come -- will be one of the one on so yes -- two before that. If on the other true. If this thing same thing happened they didn't call it. Then it becomes even even warlords and their credit if they didn't say anything if the what -- they said something to them behavior regardless you know and then the patriot stated now the patriots like jerks up if that's the case what they -- -- to them and then decided to call it. With the game on the line. Get over what -- so what was Belichick talk about it was a second to play. Is what you wrote an alleged -- -- simply -- -- T player -- team BRR restaurant says on the corporate says on the rules team BTV's defense. Talking about -- is -- team that's trying to attempt to kick a field goal for a team B is -- -- trying to block -- -- to one at the last group to bristle that's what that says we're trying to final let's go to calls let's go to David in -- who's next David you're on the real post game show. Hello David. David put you back on hold let's go to John in New Bedford -- John. Hey guys pay a variety and it -- officials have -- -- dropped. And it happened exactly and so I want to visit jets got it was good look at these -- who took little. Please correct about this rules correct call before this is no. I don't know when it's right there which would you rather read the real I -- you're gonna say -- orange and -- we got off the Internet. There was a correct so let's give me if I never trusted the neutral web anyway bored to. Like usually. Oh like where is the jays -- around NFL and -- -- as -- or eight he'd been Ryan and protecting bad officials for ten years on the NFL network he's corrupt to know him. Now stage yes -- now I'm gonna help the -- from Chatham and or wherever you guys say. Well who did you want them -- -- yes let me ask your rhetorical question -- handling your conclusion to excuse -- -- how do you build. An NFL team through the draft or free agent symbols. Mostly how do you build a team -- I'm gonna say the draft and a -- is a trivia question. Really go to Ray -- wide receivers of the draft the -- the box problem no problem. Yeah green -- -- the good wide receiver Belichick drafted. Don't count this year look at the name to meet a lot. -- -- you want right now right away he Broderick out Obama while analysts are gonna get better as four don't remember second round pick the that it that they had. Second round pick who couldn't do more than six or seven years ago yeah second round pick member of the got four. But it -- created a guy that turned out Greg old Annie Oakley Idaho plus twelve yards in the second round pick the guy Wes -- they used a second -- or products and what about the fourth property group that got him on -- topic they got ready -- they built into the draft they also drafted Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski -- and what do you -- -- receivers -- comments -- receivers. Redeem on so the OK so guess or you're right because instead of using the draft choice is unproven rookie coming out of college. The user draft choices on Randy Moss and Islam and answer my question how -- I just did a lot of you know limit slashed. Last had received your branch it. I'm ran all right so it's reported so what. -- we will see just a little piece of the last ten years -- and you -- who was about offense last three mortars -- -- it's a good point by you when it comes to why who -- shares who cares how -- used to draft choices to get receivable loans and was your lowest in Atlanta I'm totally sold on. Second round -- second round choice. For Wes Welker. Would you rather have immune to second round shortly hopefully both sides of the offensive -- him to -- on the. Play the kind of place is just -- -- it's a good luck. Obviously both sides of the fence I agree with you Steve the Internet is not a receiver now I'm gonna play all that -- you build your team both by the draft. And by acquiring talent and by the way the third part of it. Coaching talent base and bring it stuff lot of guys on the court and by the way Dobson and Boyce who wasn't there today. And Kimbrel Tompkins are still works in progress our elected -- -- a team. Let -- democratic cut and kept them because they think they're better than them to be an improvement pre season. I yes I did its order okay -- so it's all right today but so far inconsistent too many drops to seven weeks now all the -- are soft voice -- all our performance already I even said it in you sought in his mouth catch the bleeping ball over the years -- last year and a fire and in a particular Estonia. They're pretty good offense last year and on and stop nobody's disputing any did Francisco Democrat -- -- was audio but I thought I thousand and -- -- bottom line news. -- Bill Belichick track record in the draft while good in a lot of positions. Is not good in wide receive a degree heat Bethel Johnson a great stretch to get real territory in on and on and on we go through that that's why he traded from records because it's hard to determine how good acute could be. Play -- a -- around about two kids so much but OK oracle has decided or just decided that if you can get whistled for second pick him and Randy Moss for fourth pick. Doing right now also the the point is who cares how we use that drafters -- you receive what does it matter. Established -- matters instead it matters to people when you look -- here and Brady all of us doesn't doesn't look like Brady again agronomist none of us of how much really ready today -- he's not playing well what you can agree quarterback regularly but I -- But the Republican -- -- She was don't you restored over the -- receivers under over under through the one he took profits after that we just doesn't throw that one. He -- waste title six foot seven it's got this you know Colin before the break let's go to bill in New Hampshire had built. -- don't want to -- I look at and what you guys think about that even openly and that -- -- -- the -- and the parents Steven Hill please yes definitely. But what about the product got the -- what you put out -- -- either but that's about this dude optima card -- Like -- -- -- -- guys -- -- a lot of thought patrol overrule. And no team benefited from the patriots don't have -- About digital music rocks was pelted the during called him. About seasonal -- funerals was Stephen -- penalty. What do you like the it will Bronx could only -- to wreck it make a short break -- sure don't you don't know the rule. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thing I mean he is the godfather of an all he's a man. I brought me back with Jonathan Mann will have to have to -- but it also will also will have the exact language after the break for all the entire rule for those of you need -- which -- -- also have power player of the game -- Post foods honey bunches of votes player of the game you're listening to the real post game show presented by complaints -- insurance -- cup Lansky. They shop so you can see if this complaint ski dot com today and by post foods honey bunches of votes and by EP TNT. With the. Flag on the -- wouldn't. The jets possibly thought yards closer when the. It's like my -- The -- Okay. And only get us with the field goal attempt. That is an incredible moment. -- -- -- -- It was a -- if you. When you take anything away. Well so you know destroyed -- -- from the middle to get -- there were you. Lots to talk about tonight lots of phone calls we'll have our players the game coming to an -- to -- them momentarily right now. You go to Twitter and I just tweeted this at Indian WEEI efforts Burleson on my Twitter account which turns they found a Bleacher Report. When he worst blown calls in the history of sports and reminding me and us as many people are texting -- in this is the worst com industries sports. -- in weeks seven in the NFL not what you look at. From Boston sports perspective just Boston sports 1999. Team Shia and the phantom tag would Chuck Knoblauch. And right in 1976. -- -- -- and when the raiders back touchdown right after that to win it. As well as -- Lockett on the heads and -- caller remember that one and remember Jim Joyce in 2010 who blew the final out of the game perfect name for that one there's tons on this whole article perfect games it was a -- -- right. I know that was that was the tigers. And Armando Galarraga mr. yen in the plan have been issued number ten butch. You have an issue number ten -- the talk coral yet. As one of the worst calls ever that was political correct the time that that's the point from a non Boston sports -- but that's not great call nobody wants playoff game one that correct call. You -- terrible calls. I don't call before all that support -- -- terrible call was correct. Yeah it was called sport what 120 worst blown calls -- -- -- group gives him authority to put we are found that they already. And he's got the -- a black quarterback college at. To -- has -- TV has covered this is my server you have in front of them read the rule verbatim so we have an out there again. This is rule 91 article three section to blow -- article threes ruled by an article three. Sections the subsection two team believe the defense. Players cannot -- teammates. On the line of scrimmage into the office of foreign formation and if they do they're called for unnecessary -- -- so it wasn't all it was a that's what was call. As they were on the line as courage. There are rushing -- right time now for our if you didn't just say by the way they're brought home gradually reduce slower. All right so today it's so they all stood up. Right -- -- scrimmage that it would have been call. When he was not Alaska originally awarded national instrument posts will be code with the -- actually did that Hillary don't recall that recently the last scrimmage and all of recent college I was definitely gone -- which is -- line of scrimmage. So anything that happens within that -- has more hair on. What do they have a way out they'll ask him cause let's show pushing replies scrimmage it's not a penalty read it and here's your -- hey I don't it doesn't -- eight -- parting of the rule when teammate presents a punt field goal or -- try. Team B player who was within one yard of the lines that it must have his entire body outside the snapper as the -- that's bestowed. Aligning Obama's deficit which. But you know we not learn defense you're trying to say all of us are standing up. Said OK as a result on a line of scrimmage and so -- moderate allies he's gonna excuse me and I -- now say you were in Regina all better -- sponsor -- first time in the history of time now. -- -- these -- moods and honey bunches of votes. Player of the game as we start of the season make streak across purity right. Would post honey bunches of votes stop and your local market basket today we had three finalists for our players again Rob Gronkowski. I'm Chris Jones and channel Jones. Wrong in his first game back was targeted seventeen times had eight catches for a 114 yards yet would have been an unbelievable catch a problem to won the game with a one handed catch. Chandler Jones had a statistical day. Eleven tackles eight of them solo two sacks two tackles for losses in two quarterback hits. Chris Jones ten tackles five solo. Two sacks this is an interior defense of Lima as a rookie replacing Vince Wilfork a rookie ten tackles two sacks three tackles for losses in two quarterback hits as a tremendous game Chris Jones who else. Mean yeah. Yet he did well he was called on the most significant player -- -- game that's Red -- says it's Chris Jones who do you say Steve I I think acutely. Ottawa Senators seek -- a fantastic game -- -- Jones played well. A couple times your -- -- -- but for what for rookie like Jones to step up and and play that well -- Just for a moment so we all agree that our post foods honey bunches ordinarily a game Chris Jones I experienced player -- -- -- you. I did he had inherited a game and I will absolve him somewhat. From the play in the back -- saying he said after the game two important things when he said he did do it on purpose. City did do it on purpose so it pushed but here's the point when he said he didn't know the rule was he coached. To do that. I'm absolve them do you think you think either that problem by yourself -- thinks overall in last boat tickets through a bit more stupid to do it -- was it was it was that it was coach of the tightly -- coached. You go through to the General Petraeus off Soledad S request for a of oh wasn't. Only coach -- -- go to the American -- and I think it's. He did the error -- -- on the real close games Joseph -- frozen DR Murray America. Gary yeah I appreciate they call it on your -- Carolina. Military transport and many years now but. This is why is nobody talking about Josh McDaniels on the whole play column. He's tired I don't think to play college degree that was like what the major Greg case -- was an excellent point. The week end the week after week I mean why are we dropping back and didn't have been all when they that they wanted to come in and established a -- and -- -- at Wrigley. Not a starting running back I'm tired of these guys have talent now open it it. It is one but I mean why you people who are -- any other key in the NFL. 800 we are starting quarterback is he's given no rhythm with multiple touch this guy almost well I don't know any. They -- social -- the numbers they -- 76 plays in this game. And by the way they have the ball for 2340 the jets for 4613. -- are both ways they threw the ball 46 times they ran the ball. Twenty. That doesn't -- up. There in about that seventy place it 46 passes to when he runs and Brady was sacked four times the court are at seventy plays in this game. They had twice as we -- more than twice as many passes as they did runs. Absolutely and and childlike -- cable back we were in championships was. Don't often aggressive defense which we know with -- and -- -- Jacko is great and part of or okay. -- -- over the -- -- screenplay no screenplay I want impact on pulling away from the white do we actually. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Be the reason is no reason is because they have been trying at the past couple weeks but neither bold and Ridley I I I believe I should also depends of the defense to run their robot doubles -- defense. And they -- sometimes a drop off some time just trying to read that depict a while America there's certainly a good point about above the three but you can't really. Compared to the offenses from 0304 known as the rules were different Tom -- a much better quarterback or has been much for Corbett -- was back there. So the rule changes. Change how you approach the play calling. The other part of that equation is that the jets were. One of the better teams in the NFL against the run there won't give up -- five yards so against the run so do you. Smash your head against that door or do you try to you don't open the door with a with a total -- you guys have been depleted -- -- -- -- -- -- his. Good everybody lies you tell you know I'm -- -- guys I know they've lost arena I know would heads go on those are huge factors. But how do you feel about the intermediate game how do you feel about them. Trying to throw the football -- for example I know you see things in practice I know they know what they're doing -- I would like to see more that I would like to believe that Boldin -- can catch the -- would rather if you have a truce -- of throwing the ball to gronkowski -- two receivers. You've brought food to a more neutral to. Which you are just I'm just saying that a staple of Tom Brady's offense is not and it was a dozen passes to running backs. It's been efforts I think it's excellent Kevin Faulk did he would have been out here I mean there's. I know marine was getting the ball I understand it because it's a different guys have been apparent -- two ordinary guys got released -- when he's been in there he. I'd love getting that kind of audio it's not a deal on point I understood that I don't that should be some spots in the game we -- to get him the ball in the open -- they. We elected directors had to -- -- play that they've been through bold reminder call for. We'll put -- actually I don't have a problem with the lack of throws to running back to no cause of all the things we just always what I knew what I want is. I want the receivers to catch the damn football -- want you to a young -- you can eliminate a lot of these issues you can eliminate. 60% of this offensive issues if you if your rookie receivers could catch the football and be in the right place at the right time and in my own maybe this'll be too much you can eliminate along your problems offensively. If these guys to catch the ball better and having brought back was obvious to me having garment -- was an obvious help. I don't trust Bolden his receiver don't know sir you're having. I think release probably will be better than him but still frozen greens as -- not to have a moment -- you're locked eyes you know watching -- Lego they -- on first down. And they almost always won a second now get clobbered on come out a runner on second down to get to a triage that stirred -- a third segment. -- -- -- -- -- Guys I'm Barbara comment a little bit about on radio now. You know it just seemed like he had the -- of a great game here and I understand that to see that it's stopped by. I mean are in the receivers all when he overthrow. You know -- and true. You know -- trying to find out we were doing all -- that goes through almost -- but what do you dropped wide open Gordon on the scene. In his throat behind -- or or with forty free throws to those in the right spot. One of who's going to be -- -- -- running down the scene and he usually fit threads the needle on that define great name to find great and I. I would say great gain for Tom Brady from what -- in it maybe like 20/20 8315. And. But don't write to look at Pretoria where I -- -- -- percent. Look at sometimes the numbers but what does a guy open and he doesn't throw -- to get a tool. Three or four times all the thrown on the phone that's not a game would you guys agree that Erica would you agree Matt and Freddie Steve that Atlanta. Which probably is best overall game the numbers say he was twenty of 31. He threw two touchdowns yet 120 quarterback rating no interception now may 360 yards maybe going into an -- show that would be borrowed against the saints. Maybe because of what his overall game for us this overall game overall view for the seat wasn't as good numbers wise -- As was against the Atlanta. So I but I think this is a good defense but you cultural point. There was guys you know brought under frozen wondered what crosswind on -- silent he throws under -- -- old -- -- 6700 giant is he's got to get the ball five foot eleven. The six foot save your quarterback on the Lockerbie of again what do you think -- -- stupid to speculate that he'd look at his Camelot the second half. He was on the bench they showed on the Republican nominee was holed his Andrew Robinson and it and I mean he's just he's not the same. Clara and now we all all the factors that go into this he doesn't have his receivers it's a work in progress in all this now he has not played well. He has not played well by any standards that -- Tom Brady. Agree you stop throwing the ball the way news and user does. But. Then there's plenty of times were frozen ball perfectly and the ball gets crumpled there's. -- times during the he's been harassed one but I think he's whole wants the ball longer in the -- yes I think he's. Gotta have your feet to the overdid it normally 'cause we see Tom bridges go back and stand almost flat footage is. The right in the pocket. He's not doing he's kind of he's a little bit jittery out. Opponents of did you give me wrong reasons for we go to break Weis told the balls -- -- your opinion. I don't think you trust -- the -- who's going to be packed for a small but when he does make a decision. I don't have a product as much I've probably throw the ball and it's it's five. Those -- -- -- put on the scene go to touchdowns if he kept connects on. One of those who in the game so I don't think he's offered his passing -- quick break on the real post game show presented by complaints key insurance -- complaints keep they shops so you can save. Visit the -- -- dot com today and by. Post foods honey bunches of votes and also by. AT&T.

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