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NFL Sunday: All Eyes Will Be on Rob Gronkowski's Arm Today

Oct 20, 2013|

The boys discuss the return of Gronk and what it means for the Pats offense. Also, how will he deal with contact today and how will he deal with the large brace on his arm?

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Prepare for the no huddle and all that that we get from my New England you prepare for like fact we've seen them spare second time it's not like it's a surprise but if you haven't seen the first time I think there. If they wanted to be -- probably as fast as anybody. Rex Ryan talking about playing against the patriots which is New York Jets although 1 o'clock today. Rob Gronkowski is active will play. We were seeing some of the tweets from the field from some of the reporters talking about this. The CBS pregame show just showed at Rob Gronkowski does have. A very large. Somewhat elaborate had bracelet -- wanna call it on his left -- surprises me a little bit to be honest with. Now I'm I'm. It looks different tonight the release of snapshots I've seen throughout this you know six weeks he's been up their practice and it looks different than what I've seen him wearing some may be. Maybe just puts it on for contact days and hours of -- or something different from the other but. The looks bulky I mean it's it's as big as in any war -- it was still broken so. -- -- I guess the first and want to see is that how does he manage it I mean does he put both hands out there on them I'm blocking or does hold the downers -- just a protective precautionary thing in plays like he normally does. Hopefully to the Adobe is the case I guess. The F patriots put out of line on the on the official patriots website -- a moment ago. Showing gronkowski and warm ups and he was doing all those things where. In -- locking up hands with the guy across the line from yeah -- on the snap of the ball and go and and he was obviously putting both hands up and and -- locking in your so called. You know a guy in front of him that he was blocking. But it is a little bigger and more elaborate and I thought. Was going to be certainly draws attention -- your -- defender and you know guys have a long term injury I mean this is the reality this is life and in -- -- -- -- test that I mean if you give you catch a pass experts expect punches expect you know one moment on it expects. Expected to be tested so hopefully he's ready to roll -- -- you should be out there are not so. Also expect rob the test your linebackers in ways they haven't been tested in the impasse reachable with his speed his ability to put you on your back so in Beatrice and watched. Would you expect. And this does sound like -- troll type of question and cultural. We do expect that he would be on the point after touchdown I sure hope so team I sure hope so I sure hope so. Just just -- I mean that would be the ultimate. Screw you from Bill Belichick quit net back Jim Bob credit Mike -- on this one I saw this on his morning sort of notes segment that. If you had any question mark is the whether he was gonna hold valuable people off that role. In robs absence it's been Chandler Jones who is one of the more valuable Gaza the other side of the ball so maybe he now feels the robbed a -- Chandler had a job for awhile it. That there's no reason to pull them off and put the gods were -- the the brace and I think in this situation because rob still wearing that arm brace so there's obviously still some lingering. Things need to protect you probably don't stick them out there for that particular snapper people who don't remember that's how he initially broke the arm. Was was on the point after touchdown protecting. And that of course brought about the hue and cry why do you have a valuable player like Rob Gronkowski out they're blocking on the extra point team. But the patriots have used starters used. I mean Tedy Bruschi. I go through the list Rodney Harrison on and on and on. Robbie Harrison was a Gunner on the punt team for crying out loud. He's always used guys and easy mathematically speaking -- gonna win the mass slaughter before you're gonna break an arm on and on a few and that's kind of exactly so it's it's not -- from the -- protected from now. Put him in the wedge on a harmonic kick return that's a little bit different situation but that there's no safer place and a football -- from injury standpoint and the wing on economic on on a Yankee. So he is out there will be curious to see how he's utilized. Bill Belichick act on the on the pregame show on their radio network said. You know it's his first game back I would expect seem out there every snap police not at their priest that matter what anyway. It doesn't sound as though there are some limitations on him. I mean for Belichick said I wouldn't expect this team out there every snap well. You know avarice we now I think an interesting thing to watched hoosiers going to be how we used not -- total blow we re part of it but. If you're worried about it being contacted. And you keep away from the coral -- Jimmy Graham. If you're worried about how he's going to fall on at once she's tackled -- from the boss -- you know. Because I think that'll be probably the big test for -- literally re broken thing. It was playoffs falling on it on the side it was falling had nothing to do -- blocking on the inside which we saw -- limited because he dropped the arm there are so. The bears museum mean it's something you can't walk out on the field with if you're not ready to roll with that so my best guesses it's. You know it's it's across -- the padded but he's got a few really good about that thing in. He's got to be ready to put some -- mouth with a one way or the other -- almost expect to see Brady go to home almost immediately. Just getting involved skin in the game let's go let's you know let's show everybody that he's out here because he's a part of this offense. I almost half expect to see Brady from the football the first time he lines up on the with the offense. I like that idea I do I'm just curious if his mere presence on the field is gonna shift toward the jets do. And if you know there coverages are detracting here I was like -- Tom go were there not so I got a feeling if he's out there. The jets are just gonna say you know cover until proven otherwise he's you'll -- so rolled coverage years disguised in covered up. So in the event that they do data out policy a policy Tom force the ball and a double team or enter into sort of a match situation. If he's got to the places with the but the get involved -- I think is gonna do you need to do the right screenings you can do that by. For almost saw that a tight end screen type thing yeah. As as you like the first offensive play of the game just that. Get him in motion get him get his heart pump and get him running the feel of the game or the very first time that you find him singled and any one way shape or form go get a mobile you know if you can if you confined the mayor Tom are winners and Mario. There the other the will linebacker for them would probably at the match and Tamara Thompson and his name but you find him want him you you you you any situation where. Where David Harrison's of singled on him anytime you did anyone these linebackers in the single situation -- find him magnitude. Magnate with a football to rubble so I think that's that's a situation that -- definitely moderate to right you can imagine this even in New York there's enough. There's not patriots fans down there is enough when national interest. You get -- the ball there's going to be a little -- both Mets stadium and. Months and one. Couple of items from the field. Chris price WEEI dot com has a couple of tweets watching warm up. He said first of all Jamie Collins is getting reps with one appears to be the starting defense in -- centrist and and he also points out he said Donta hightower is also clearly in charge of the defense in warm ups going around head butting everyone very fired up it's almost as though. Is that a factor -- but -- act and react. But but there's always sort of early starting got the green dot on the helmet he's going to be making the defensive calls. It's almost as though he's seizing the leadership role here and there's a void in that regard with -- the injury to Jerod Mayo and there are different personalities throughout totally -- Delicate super rock rock guy either and even make -- -- now one of the captains he's not a super rock rock guy there you just have communicators I think was torture your leadership deal is put. Understand your view that the pregame warmup thing. Literally the calls. You run the same super Vanilla -- over and over and over and sixteen weeks in a row. So we've lineup an affront that we probably won't use with the call we will probably won't use. And -- put the -- of -- they don't know butchered donuts so. Don't expect that to be a material all the way if it is chooses to 43 front. Four guys down three linebackers off the ball ransom basic coverage just keep your legs loose but. Jamie -- involvement I think is probably at least a decent tip there. I will also say and and I don't think this was lip service on the part of Rex Ryan Rex was quoted as saying late the week we always. Sure you were preparing for him to play we know he's gonna play. And I think that's actually how they did prepare. All right David I think some of the information we got last week with that was Aikman or -- one of the guys it was talking about how great he looked on Friday but that was Rodman yeah but there we saw him an active in the museum with the blues did you step Wednesday practice I think we all understood this was the reason inevitability and I think to that extent communal conversation we have with -- current earlier about you know. That it was -- the top off of some secret I guess in rethinking that there was sort of a sense of inevitability around this so. You know maybe that that the teams that accords are Capello was reported or whatever involvement in the message went out there but. I got a feeling if you were the jets and you -- expect them you'd be you'd be dumb bombs in -- -- And annual always want to prepare for and I'm putting up to quotations fingers here if you're the jets defense the worst case scenario. Now which is that he place now and if something happens that he's not out on the field well let's find you know your happy of to play against his replacement but you're ready for. The guy who was April bowl caliber tight end even if he's not a Pro Bowl caliber tight end this week. Bryant. Again -- is so different and it's not like these situations where. Is -- going to be. Cattlemen were -- cola you know. The assists this is something that you don't have a backup plan to this does not know the things they do when it's or who -- at all you know as you're tied in. There's so much different -- the twelve tight end stuff you have to go back in your own catalog of the teams to play it like that that might play more two tight in -- might have. Number one option being tight end and that's an entirely different practice -- themselves circumstantial you have to go through some stuff -- -- -- you can't just on the -- -- -- to -- -- defense -- -- the work that -- Patriots and jets coming up top of the hour at MetLife stadium. Dale and a map here on NFL Sunday until 1 o'clock presented by complaints ski insurance at the Penske they shop so you -- visit the -- dot com today.

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