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Tom E. Curran, CSNNE, Joins NFL Sunday Live From MetLife Stadium

Oct 20, 2013|

Tom is live at MetLife today and calls the guys to preview Pats/Jets today. He also gives his take on the Gronk situation and how his PR has taken a front seat over his football play.

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Let's go back down to MetLife stadium in New Jersey and bring in Tom. CSN and Thomas brought to you by Tom current chair doctor doctor Robert Leonard call 1800 get hair good morning Tom. -- don't I'm doing fine thank you we will begin the -- this section of the program by giving it. The official inactives for the day for the patriots. Josh -- Chris barker. Aqib Talib Danny Amendola Leon Washington. Tommy Kelly -- on wealth and a couple of highlights here one obviously as we expected Rob Gronkowski will play. I'm not sure we expected them a bit surprised Matthew Slater makes his return the special teams captain. And for all the worries we may have had about Alfonso dinner out there working out earlier for Harold gnashing Josh Boyer he's active and ready to play as well Tom. Yeah and I think that's going to be ordered quick very -- -- able to go what level -- We're ready to be -- to get a -- now he'll throw words you don't smear without the leader of our. Obviously. They don't at all what the guy to challenge you on the perimeter. Which you know comply though they're going to be -- -- there are merely somebody you rob. So it's certainly a concern at what level that are going to be able to play. Might look might might lead to some teachers say if you look stuff decision not chasing go routes with the bad -- kind of thing you can underneath a lot of stuff. Similar I think to be Atlanta approach. Do you seventeen yards per catch guys. Renders in the not a great writer but when Beijing -- it Rubin now. Is -- and not feel like about the so strip I felt that element because I think it. They'll beer or implants say OK you know to figure out. Were we a little surprised maybe you weren't I was a little surprised that -- was even out they're going through this work out once and on the injury report had a hamstring problem at training camp. But we didn't know many issues -- -- Oh no not at all I was surprised as well if Donald -- -- article but it does look better when he talked about Schroeder wrote the training their. Haven't yet again this year. We knew that are at least we expected Rob Gronkowski was gonna plate today. I noticed by the way from tweets down at the field that his agent Drew Rosenhaus is down on the field at MetLife stadium today as well. Are you a bit harsh with gronkowski. In a column that you wrote on CS and any dot com. Yeah I think they'll start to whack the guard. Unmistakably. And you gonna take control of the business interests. -- that are starting up football player at all or where. Being older web Richard celebrity it makes us feel Michael when you. Basically you know your agent that you recruit or excellent coincides with. Sure it will work. Or not Huey to push your future the boat should be bat and then also had a -- Sports drink. Basic app for high net report sports drinks the coincide with your combat. Look at it looks really bad and I think -- know Bill Belichick certainly real though is -- element surprise injuries. For two wrote them out to step out it'd be at the at the interest on Friday Olympic -- future in which the Broncos brand. I think it. Offseason story. Again that it's offseason stuff it's not you don't do that you don't do that now. -- I I defer to you would ask you what they got incorporated into -- paper in stroke I don't sure. -- what's there you know you know we have to restricts like they gonna push -- nine guys. Kind of -- me that way as well I'm curious how went down in the locker room I don't think there was -- attention in their prior to this. That and today that with the players -- -- probably care less about the stuff but it would be interesting to -- the coaches take of really. You know really were we -- an element of surprise here you know you bureau. I mean I'm I'm not saying they're going to cut Rob Gronkowski. At this point four year old kid I just think. Which are and it -- all built got a technical things. What what city thing you do you get to be a part of a message if you don't look coaches staff -- is all going on time and outs you don't hurt anything on the football operations. Right there and I expect that he'll look at elect regard between at all book called the question unfortunately. How much. This business side wait in here. -- -- You know that they try and -- up for any reason they want him to not come back in a spot opening -- speed it up. I don't think it's the right -- -- you personally and I don't think the victory looked at at the right what you think I think we've got to pick it folders. It Brandon in such a political football player for a while but are too. Not you know off off the field entity. That can happen but -- -- We ask this question earlier I'm curious to get your responses well other patriots have done a remarkable job utilizing their next man up philosophy they've overcome. A lot of injuries. A number of injuries that might have derailed other programs. There is -- -- point though I mean I don't what it is an amateur that -- hit it yet but there is isn't there. What you got the players in response. That they're -- go up malware will orchid mail. And to leave now today it's very -- I think it's very imaging is the boat or at least said the report for the ball generally the most important. Well let it ultra wide receivers -- out. And you don't get quote so the mail will work on a weekly basis he -- quick. So cute that's been able -- and now the ball will be in the court of Tom Brady in the offense. And you know. And they respond I think that they can work. I don't know they would open I think they and that they continue to get better equipped what we perceive to be hurt early and which was the peak of low wolf take care thing until the offense pretty well ready or not might be after the offense -- stepped forward. I'll be curious to see how much they utilized gronkowski he's been practicing for so long. I I feel like this might be a different return than some of the others you know that that there may not be the same limitations on snaps that we saw with Danny Amendola. A couple of weeks ago for instance because you know he had not been practicing as much as we've seen -- they may they may consider him a normal part of the offense today. I would pick -- it will fail it picked up what is it now or may be in you know how much should be able decline. -- realize. That could play him in the number player are -- so -- differently adrenaline running in Iran beatle. You know. You hire more easily because you -- -- Well I think that you have to -- the focal point your offense. But one recent. In addition to get it still is the -- so he's a concerted effort -- the -- the slot receiver. Against the patriot -- looked back ever since Wes Welker caught 6192. Back in 2009. The number for a spot against the yet. Against Rex Ryan beat that have been very modest -- -- to get a you know that every -- ridiculous. And they made other -- people. Beatrice and to CFO. I totally different take I definitely think that that rubble need to get involved especially with -- Gammon gold down you're just a little bit weaker on the inside. What -- to see if the jets come out strong. And -- double and -- something like that they're the best thing to do was push the ball to who meant first and make him get out of that stuff to make can be multiple. Continue to which do what you do and several other weeks to make -- Robertson singled situations not just crossed the ball to formerly but. It'll definitely be interest in -- year ago I think it scored in laments had a little little production last few weeks and shown that it can't dispute guy that's left alone. I think that is definitely which you mentioned to you know be in the amount of weight -- report it flat and upper. It's revealing in a little. Important view YouTube app in the -- Butler -- -- -- outlook it would happen this open things up on the outside. Permit -- -- on course but what. It opened up on the -- I think you're. We're up in Boston because you have -- -- Miller -- from party. Kyle Wilson so I think -- the opportunity on the perimeter today and those guys get well until it starts so. I would probably get repealed be the focal point as well so can I'm gonna hit like that anymore. How how how were -- -- -- with the -- I wonder how many patriots fans know who Andre notably -- And he's an active member of their football team today a nose tackle. Give us a little primer on who wandering tablet is in and evidently they think he's gonna play a role in today's game. And put Carolina had a 46 starts with Carolina and birdied one or quake hit into play Carolina. 03 year player. Bigger player. You would expect the only -- the line. So interpret production was global player with them as late in many. Gains in the NFL which is why I was kind of surprised they released him last week and then brought what's been up a optical Michael. The -- that yet so experience but. Clearly there are trying to make sure which guy can do what -- review that was last week. Again expert -- I'm a little delicate art. Hadn't been here let's go force them we know we -- -- -- -- what got another week practiced GOP doesn't must've been the the mindset I would think he wouldn't admit. Boy and the question I always have it not so much when you have. Backups that are familiar with the -- team knows we can do with them their global comforts probably gonna be much higher than arson the outside but. The idea that. Yet the dam has broke these backups of common template while -- Jones especially -- -- -- specially. But the question the usual will probably get into in the games -- win those backups come and play well. How good -- their backups because you can go wire to wire. So that's probably where I think -- now would guide because he has experience maybe you wouldn't wasn't the right choice to be the next guy -- might even the right choice. There's a rotational guy in the event that those two that don't have a ton of experience. Have to come out of the game. Guys they're like order they -- bailout pocket who won and I'll show you -- you can only do that me and opt for so long until there's no more man. It's. Pretty you know it you're at a situation that I mean that that the patriots beat that this. He -- predict it it all really becoming an act though the first couple games and Elliott and it will order level. With the best looking at the why -- old victim rich. Well short Kelly what's the strike the football. Pocket rocket that beat at football you know the definite. Don't. Usually feel that the patriots game is is Rex Ryan's Super Bowl and based on how his team's performed. It's about always have anyway. He just puts so much into this and generally speaking in the second meeting in the season between these two teams even -- very well. So it up but I'm 110 points over the 143. But one caveat it became but we're beating a cricket in the play -- But it it's interesting to see that. YL a weight and it has. And it will be even more interesting tactic in that Rob Ryan you're gonna hit it in by eight creep up and that would. A little bit short at bat we think that a lot of credit for all the -- -- thirty yard. And go after away a lot of respect that a district that. Whether or not it's a great. It doesn't take the life figure a way to stop that covered up you'll pretty chill reports last week. Against the world week after going here in the pit equipment -- so much typical. Get it yet -- did not bring pressure. And let Brady. Applied at the secondary it's a little bit undermanned but right now -- up slot that yet. I think -- -- Nevada all hinges on his -- willingness to go to the open guy and I think that both the down weeks she's had the last few would not like coming last week were times where. You know if you're gonna drop paid if you're not gonna press -- bring pressure. The quarterback pass to be willing to go to the full black in the flat asked to be able to go to the running back it's checked out -- be willing to go to the receiver at the sticks as opposed to the deep seam route that might be doubled. Doubt it and Tom's best when he does that kind of stuff so the test will be I think is if rob -- earth for a excuse me tries to go coverage in just drop everybody out of there. And CF Tom can pick them. Will go to the right spots and I mean that's something we've lot of him for years Al Grady is that if there's been issues with that I think in a couple of games you're Soviet and Cuban. And I let Rick that was the -- we can interpret propped open because. You're not just -- wrote to opted. The game winner but units of the actual look at it on sideline. Early ought to thought that saw the up. -- and salt -- on the back. I think make a ride it while the thought that there are a really. -- put that -- at a where a normal young people would be in the patriot system because of the back at the ultimate. Well we asked you and I think that's another point that keeps coming up did you Newsweek's as a choice -- They drop the ball adoption dropped the opening ball game and he dropped the last fourth down play that could've been the last play of the game for the offense. But in this environment you'd have to go back to them I think it's a credit to Tom did not give up on the guys because. Really opened on our roster they've had people about our time just -- thing I think we're past the point -- run in the right -- and being Marie expect -- Now which just went through to you gonna -- so I think Q you know there all -- come along together as one group. Then you remember the first time it -- against this game that went off. The timber pretty remote that at bat but at some point yet we get it -- probably. Wouldn't mind about a situation. -- and say OK I get it now let's move forward to -- -- and illegal. Well they just can't let -- sub felt beat them tonight -- this afternoon at -- after a they can't let it will meet -- -- Tom we appreciate time is always enjoy the game down there we'll talk to next week. CF -- that is Tom Curran Tom CSN and -- you by Tom's -- doctor doctor Robert Leonard call 1800. Yet hair we will kind of recap the whole roster situation. One surprise I think for all of us. One not a surprise I think we all expected 11 I don't like we did expect. We'll get all of that we still got a little over an -- article will be here to 1 o'clock on NFL Sunday presented by the Penske insurance. At the landscape they shop so you say visit the Penske dot com today.

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