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NFL Sunday Goes "Around the NFL" for Week #7

Oct 20, 2013|

Dale and Matt go "Around the NFL" and take a look at all the games set to kick off for Week 7.

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Our number three NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI we will be here Matt and I will be here to 1 o'clock today. And then we're going to NFL programming but I don't know what Matt and and ESPN radio will be -- coming your way at 1 o'clock today. Up before we take you around the National Football League and let you know all the things that are gonna happen throughout the the league schedule. Let's give you an update on something that is potentially brewing down at MetLife stadium. Alfonso Danner was limited at times during training camp this year with a hamstring injury. He was not on the injury report this week for the patriots did not appear at any point on the injury report. But I will tell you that he has been out on the field at MetLife stadium for a little while now he just left the field in fact a few minutes ago. All working out with -- Nash strength and conditioning coach Josh Boyer the quarterbacks coach several other members of the patriots training staff. And according to several of the beat reporters were there watching this sort of thing. It looked like the sort of work out like K let's figure out if this guy can play or not today. -- scary and I'm old. Nationally publicly whatever that might be played as some funny business book if you have have these hamstring injuries in the past. It it's weird yeah I've I've had pairs of had to deal with this kind of stuff were. We -- week you kind of don't know when there are times oddly enough that you roll out of bed and why is it affect this morning and you know maybe the flight effects that may -- doesn't that sound silly Hampshire will be some. They made -- also the skies and active and he wasn't on their -- because the nature injure a nation injury I concede that. It's plausible Lisa there could have been something you'll cope with three decorated moving around not as -- will not prompt. That if I mean if if you don't appear on the entry if if he didn't played right -- -- played today and I'm just using them isn't sure I don't know what the issue. But as you pointed out the kind of worked up that he was going through books like that would indicate lower body yeah it's you know it's it's obviously nice shoulder if there. Putting in total work out with Errol Nash and Josh Boyer. If he didn't appear on the injury report all week long and suddenly couldn't play on Sunday. The National Football League not to be real cranked up about that because -- their general feeling probably is going to be. He didn't injury on the flight down and futures. -- them again it's that's valid point but is simpler and you can agreement whereby I guess to look at it from a different angle -- how what what effect might this happen with the patriots I think mrs. Comparable -- -- the stories with the loss of -- and Kelly you know and and that was like OK that's a real thing right you know -- -- -- injuries at the same position exactly test -- -- And I think the cool thing to -- of -- that would might help him in the event of this crazy thing happening dinner goes down and you lose both of your starting corners. Arrington has enough experience the outside not just in the last years -- past years been in in times this year they've lined him outside he's worked at the regular work. Wide receiver -- -- position. They've been rotating. -- according down and using Talib on the back -- so you know I'm not saying it's the best case scenario but if they had to do this. You can rotate -- down he'll play there ain't no play at the other spot. Your safety now become Durham Harmon who's actually meeting wraps on a limited basis but the week in week out thing I think he's a future player here. But you're probably looking at Steve Gregory and -- in the back and with McCord in here and down -- it's not horrible scenario I think Logan Ryan still was that meant it wasn't an opponent that necessarily scares you to death -- they don't testy with depth of their skill positions -- think it's workable situation. And the problems they have with them last year. In second year or to do with who they have on the back in the and in the quarterback position in my view especially watched tape they just were able to do was many copper replica. Coverage scenarios on the back in because they were sort stable back that now we should still love Stephen Gregory. And you had drawn Harmon who's had some work in -- so it's plausible it's it's workable but it's certainly is a good thing I think losing two was -- huge testament could be a problem at the same way. That the Kelly wolf for an answer that so the biggest issue -- -- you can't have anyone get nicked in the game because during much -- So when the an active -- out of the bottom of the hour that's going to be the one that as a bell about to wide -- but we expect gronkowski will play if all of a sudden Alfonso dinner shows up on this. Scratched list at the bottom of the hour. There could be some issues for the patriots it's the game changes for sure are let's take you around the NFL for weeks seven in the National Football League scheduled -- -- all started on Thursday night football. The -- Seattle Seahawks beat the Arizona Cardinals thirty port at 22. At University of Phoenix Stadium Seattle now six and one on the season Arizona -- Korean War. Turning our attention the 1 o'clock games today Georgia Dome in Atlanta. How about this the one in four Atlanta Falcons figured that one crazy as I can't turn -- but the good news for them is they're taking on the owned by Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Mike -- and knows that it's his job to try to lead the bucks to their first victory. -- know doesn't really matter who's we're going as a veteran -- of time you win or whoever takes it. To win the troops to throw the whole bunch Hillary do -- -- -- ball and we'll do so I feel comfortable with whatever that status. -- hard time Franken much. -- about this well in Atlanta I believe is as Roddy White down already and Stephen Jackson still not return to running back to there still some things on observable sort of mess of -- game for both programs. Good matchup at Ford Field in Detroit. Although I'm guessing the whole city's probably in morning this morning -- morning this morning noon the F according to Detroit Lions are somebody tweeted out earlier today. On nice job Red Sox night with 25 more people out of work and in Detroit. Annan on -- and two Detroit Lions played host to the border into Cincinnati Bengals. Matthew Stafford says they don't wanna get ahead of themselves just focus on an all around good team in the bank. And we -- we give it time for us we've good opponent coming up this week you know Cincinnati's foreign to just like guessing -- defense -- substantive and sort of face. So we're all humans and often sends a team we got our hands full. But soon Calvin Johnson available this week. Assume them available but I think just -- point is pretty ballot that's a pretty good defense and you don't wanna give up space because of bears have been through division. Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia the three and three Eagles host the three in three Dallas Cowboys Chip Kelly. Eagles head coach says he doesn't discuss where they are in the division with his team but they can't be content with -- only being 500. We don't talk about first place seventh week and this isn't the only time we talk about whatever this thing finishes on December 29 after last game so I've seen improvement from marking. From what we've started to where we are right now we're still disappointed in the three losses that we have so he can't say we're really happy world. I know you don't want differently which is -- tomorrow. Nick polls will be the quarterback for the Eagles today Mike Vick is down one of the most interest -- things ever Steve from an apple press conference and they didn't do rule. Pick foals from the Mike's thing there with the -- collegiate dual quarterback thing. He's played well the last two performances of being accused you Vick has a job when -- -- FedEx Field in our nation's Capital One and -- football team that plays in Washington takes on the -- to Chicago Bears. Brandon Marshall says current students head coach Mike Shanahan has always been an important figure in his life he's. Definitely -- and I think that. We'll be a friend. A mentor to cope forward for the rest of my life he's that type of guy and I'm thankful that to have the opportunity to me play for. -- -- You that are -- crown of people go through to discuss her now warming forum that the greens -- last year and this is one of those teams took the step back for sure. Bank of America Stadium the two and three Carolina Panthers host the three and three St. Louis Rams Chris Long rams' defensive -- says. The rams are talented group despite their inexperience and they get better each week. Where young team and guys guys -- gonna grow as the season goes on God's gonna improve so hopefully put those things out of some arguments alone. Hopefully. We give me improve on even -- things that we're doing well and do them even better in this Sunday will be great opportunity great test. Well. Yeah current ever bank field in Jacksonville the -- six Jacksonville Jaguars. Both at three and three San Diego Chargers you know my role of the life stadium. In the southern Florida with three into Miami Dolphins big AFC east matchup. -- the two and four Buffalo Bills CJ Spiller since time of possession and red zone efficiency need to improve. For the bills to get some wins. They're not anointing and again be on how to moment when some and so I would upfront what he's done film 30000 and also scored touchdowns and -- not a moment too many games to influence as the game went -- -- know that deficits for us. I I think it it it bodes -- -- the -- -- these two big east three teams underneath him continue to be each other up that keeps what games that helps the patriots give room here. You're talking about 33 Miami team for vs the foreign to kind of coming into the patriots here. And a short time I think that's that's a good thing for everyone up here. And the final 1 o'clock game of course is it MetLife stadium. Three and three jets host the five and one New England Patriots. Logan Mankins says they will miss Jerod Mayo was player. But they've got plenty of veterans in the locker room to keep them focused. So we have a lot of -- of and discuss the guys that are reported. Lot of veteran guys who have been around awhile and know what's expected within and everyone else and -- mr. good whoever's in -- -- -- do. It's in its report because of -- of us there we talked about her it would banner. If he's if he's down in the -- move forward you might have a communication loss on the back in with your safety in the middle with your middle linebacker and in the front. It would be the mental or thing have you watched for much of an. 405 game today takes place at LP field in Nashville -- three and three Tennessee Titans host the foreign to San Francisco 49ers. Nate Washington says his teammates believe in both Jake Locker was probably gonna start today and Ryan Fitzpatrick. Whoever's in what is cynical you know we feel comfortable with it. Wanted to do some basic things also have to -- this team and so we just have to make sure we're going to an appointment where Williamson. Big are they are the kind of -- and this is looked OK from week to week in San Francisco. Memory of last season fading fast a couple of put out there so. This is a -- game for one of these two teams. I actually made one bill. And not about the game as we don't talk about -- -- have to but there was a note earlier today Adam chapter had it on Twitter tonight we'll throw it out there just in the interest of a -- information here he said there's a strong sense. Around the league that you could -- -- reunion next tier. Of Louisville head coach Charlie Strong and Teddy Bridgewater. The quarterback of the Louisville Cardinals interest -- -- she wouldn't Jacksonville make complete sense for a team that. Probably wants to change their head coach and desperately needs the starting quarterback the attitude -- situation how much that helped his transition reduced health group with so many of those that might make some sense it'll make you have to talk about a mr. bill I -- me an idea. Port 25 games Lambeau Field in Green -- the three and two Packers host the three and three Cleveland Browns. Aaron Rodgers says he's not worried about playing with a variety of new younger wide receivers and it was gone outside the facility instead -- -- -- -- To stay focused on the things that we can control and I'm excited about the guys in -- -- -- us. Said that the young guys and opportunities and I can't wait to see how -- plans -- the say this Mike Lombardi has already. Got the browns to outperform what I thought they beat him. Tells you how important internal analysis news and look at their guys and -- exactly but I think they know the roster much better than the national media. Heinz Field in Pittsburgh the one and four Pittsburgh Steelers host the three and three Baltimore Ravens Terrel Suggs says. Doesn't matter that the state Steelers are having a down year so far this is going to be a battle. This is a team that really remember when Sega. And because his rivalry it is what it is because seems so similar and we wouldn't say -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Reminds me of USC Notre Dame last night and even watch that. And -- same thing if Pittsburgh Baltimore kind of just of them a simmering through it as it usually does Pittsburgh just have to put some stickers -- there but. Inevitably one of the few test to -- division or Cincinnati and they're all tough games this week about this -- Arrowhead Stadium the six and hope the city chiefs go back to your point about leadership that. Evaluation and things like that the six and a Kansas City Chiefs post at 214 Houston Texans. Who will now go with their third string quarterback is the starter to make Gary Kubiak says quarterback case Keenan has earned the chance to right the ship the -- continues to grow. Known who were struggling. And look at force partner I think he deserves an opportunity go out there that. -- tough place to play tough place to get your first start hauling goods. Not sending out there by himself sitting out there with his football team. And the guys understand. This is a team that plays like you're trying to get their coach fired I'll say this and and I I understand fans can be a -- When your cheering when your starting quarterback gets hurt. When you know I I -- match job as a bit frustrating at times but has done some pretty nice things for this organization in the past when you cheer when he goes down hurt. He might have summation of your own yeah I agree and I think both what Gary Kubiak in and jobs have gone. Sort of transformed in an organization. After the through the post David -- years. To a legitimate contender some of the was in the -- someone as the proper division should not be overlooked. But it seems a little bit of that leadership the sort of fallen upon before we -- deaf -- of maybe there's a point for transition but this is -- of -- for them for sure absolutely the game of the week Sunday Night Football tonight football night in America. This is the game we all want a CI think. Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis before into Indianapolis Colts. Played host to the six in -- Denver Broncos remember that -- at quarterback what's his name again number eighteen all yep Peyton Manning. Has no idea what -- little feel like to play in Indianapolis again and you really can't worry about it. It's hard to predict. And I'll feel emotionally troubled certainly emotional game but you have to predict. You know -- -- feel distilled all of those this week what I'm doing a computer and a that's all I can do. I mean I gotta think that that he would be pretty cranked up for this game anyway first time back yes -- -- Can play in the new build. Yeah yeah he did when you're out here a cup. But the stuff that Jim Irsay said this week we'll talk about it more later on in the show but. For -- say the question. The the career of Peyton Manning is the Indianapolis Colts quarterback and basically say hey that's Tom Brady guys got three championships. Should have more than one here. -- and a football team. You won't -- -- multibillionaire. And there's a brand new stadium practically speaking in your city because of that guy's efforts. It would be like enough that it would ever happen but it would be like Robert Kraft taking pot shots -- Tom Brady. If he ever let your play for another team it would never happen. -- sounds a little Billick -- through the ex wife slang or spurned girlfriend kind of feel it just seems little -- it's beneath him who want. Monday Night Football. I actually feel sorry for ESPN I mean I really do it just seems like you have really feels are they get a worse match up. Monday Night Football tomorrow night ESP and MetLife stadium. We always six New York Giants against the one and four Minnesota Vikings. Tom Coughlin says of course guys aren't happy with themselves but they'll remain a tight unit through these tough times. Locker room very disappointing because of frustrating very frustrated. Naturally. But they will stay together. For one another fight for each other. And prepare ourselves to to try to win next. -- Josh Freeman -- down there ponder about television I don't know what's going on there but. I think Josh Freeman starting today is divisive and at least that's the plan and I mean why not what the heck else you gonna do. Number that's a bit of a stinker to -- and and the coach after jurors to drum up some excite or regret or should I mean like I do not think. Based on his track record based on on his resume that Tom Coughlin -- -- guy in trouble. I don't think the giants sitting there going OK another loss we gotta get rid of this guy. But it's got to be such a frustrating year because his quarterback Eli Manning. Has that horrible this year. One day coaches coach Belichick made this point over -- over the years and I was around him breeze like you know this coach -- magically become a bad coach if you know there's. There's obviously a bunch of other stuff going on that team and they need leadership with a minimum field. As much as just the guy we're in the headset. That's the complete slate of games in -- seven. The NFL schedule will take a break when we come back Tom Curran from CSN and we will get the we will get the inactives for the patriots they're doing at 1130 we'll see who's gonna play and who isn't will be watching the Alfonso better situation. NFL Sunday presented by cup plans the insurance that Polanski they shop. So you say there's -- -- dot com today.

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