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NFL Sunday: The Patriots Defense vs the Jets Offense

Oct 20, 2013|

Dale and Matt start with Geno Smith, the up and down QB for the Jets. He can be mobile, so the Pats need to watch out but in all honesty, the Jets are going to test the Pats run D. This could be the biggest game yet for the Pats D since they lost Wilfork. To make matter worse, Talib did not even make the trip today and will not play.

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In general take game and there Thursday night game second game of the year so. I'm sure to be real competitor down there and not that closely there and we did the first time if we're gonna win. Bill Belichick talking about the match up this afternoon MetLife stadium against the New York Jets this is the part of the program. Where we take a look at the New York Jets offense against the Patriots defense. Let's start as you always do with the quarterback geno Smith about you put it perfectly last hour. He's a little stricker trait I mean he'll he'll make a play for yet and then he will make a plate to cool you at least once again. And were back to that it's a different kind of group inside and I thought what on the on the -- alarm of the pitchers with Vance and Kelly gone units from guys that could pocket push. And then retrace which means kind of retracing your steps back on the pocket when you have these athletic guys that can Romeo and seem more of these the last several weeks against the pitcher's defense. Soviet tests for -- on -- for for Chris Jones. If this guy starts Graham one of those two guys athletic enough to make lycra shorts Iran announced -- last week. -- -- and I didn't know yet so maybe there will be just fine in that regard but. It definitely tests I don't think this is a pressure we don't think this is exotic blitz enough that the patriots -- do that anyhow but this is definitely a pocket control week. One of them. Top plays that should be in there if your little champion of good things happen in 2013 for the patriots. Was the play the Chandler Jones made on the naked bootleg at the end of that series to give the ball back the patriots give them a chance. It's the one thing I'd say if I had a knock against Chandler added that you know until he's becomes an all -- the thing that sort of separates him is that. Awareness situation awareness he gets screened on a little bit that was the next level all pro play he doesn't make them play at series doesn't continue to -- -- that. So I think you you know figured out a way to be Smart in the edges with Robin Chandler against against Gina will be a big part of what goes down in the contest. Let's talk personnel for a minute course now you have. And fortunately Jerod Mayo joining Vince Wilfork on IR done for the year torn -- had surgery this week Tommy Kelly is missing as you said. It puts an awful lot of pressure on a guy like Joseph belong now on another guy like Marcus forced in. -- Rex Ryan and it's offensive staff I try to run the ball right at this defense. Yeah I test of non asserted custody Lima did you get enough tape on those two guys Lama Jones and know how to handle generally. -- how they gonna be at the metals forest the linebackers and it's been an interest in talking point throughout the week I touched on this on Twitter him at Chatham FDA early this week trying to throw -- the scenarios I thought that might happen. And again I've been that backup linebacker appropriate all four spots one when I had to play here. And I know that when they have to go to the guys like you were elected in Fletcher and whomever else -- have on the roster now lodging Collins is another guy. They don't often like to take -- that they know still needs to put those poor farmer three snaps and rushed specialty -- -- -- on the stock command because hole and that right caution more York's central. But they don't off delight to have a guy to be required to do that job and still do sixty plays defense so much less likely for. It's a -- to move into his spot simply sixers had a great special teams game honestly did the two which he also assets at a couple open field tackles against a really great he's been playing great -- teams -- has been -- -- I think he's. He's a guy that could easily move at a spot but I guess my point is that we're not looking at likely a one for one. We're looking at maybe twenty reps on Jamie -- between huge breath for -- had -- senior reps on May be Michael Buchanan said. So way I would break it down is if you break it down is sort of a base defense to force reform which is four down linemen. Three off the ball I'm backers. Mayo used to be you will -- the weak side linebacker the guidelines away from the tight in the formation. If they stick with that kind of front they run a pretty much people for 334. -- Jamie Collins because that makes agrees and off the ball athletic guy Roman space -- cutback runner which this week against the jets -- not real big. Cut back guys this is in the CJ -- we work. He's gonna wind all the way back in super athletic runners are more. Delivered so I think for the runs are going to be in that scenario I think Jamie is probably your -- if they go three for which they've done in the how much they do each and every week. I think you're more options and reform I think you might not have to make the change and I don't see genius and inside linebacker and -- 34 that's like of you know yep the two gap the guard it's all think. Dane Fletcher would be much better I think cannot rule has done that in the past. So it's 34 snaps I would guess he's there or you actually have the option to not you bring -- -- -- or Jamie. And stick. Hightower -- site which is -- middle linebacker my camera and Alabama this is what he really wants. So you have spikes in high tower side by side with with each other on the inside or outside guys are vindictive bitches a standup -- Obama which he does every time ago to 34. And Michael Buchanan at the arts and Buchanan has been logging reps so it's not a dramatic change for him to do some -- force snapped as well. The point of all this is I think they have a ton of options and they've really built himself -- in depth to sort of ball furthest this issue -- have. Would expect by committee -- type approach. On this match up this afternoon what's the bigger loss for their respective teams Santonio Holmes from the jets' offense or keep toll from the Patriots defense. It's a definitely Talib. Since we've been inconsistent all year so it's not if we were talking Santonio Holmes of fear in two or three years ago what they thought they got from Pittsburgh maybe maybe him. Bought I'm I'm I'm not ready you did jump off the edge with that we've thing being not as manageable -- the lawsuit had because -- put -- half against a pro X also often without and so I think the best evidence we have on paper. They have a whale of a plane while in his absence and you can go back the last season as well I know there's a lot of conversation with the patriots were part of Talib arriving. But that was a lot of of the chaos of the safety position of both spots the rose -- hurt you know there are a lot of different as -- -- tunnel other issues on -- team beyond just who was at that of course spot. Talib went down last year with both -- hip and hamstring at different courses different parts of the season and that last month of December. An -- -- of its efforts ESCO and you look in the game three was gone and that the wasn't the drop off and I think you saw -- to -- Barack so. I think they have ways of of of dealing with that said the jets have some people I think could cause them problems that are big production guys on a -- are on like a box score. But a guy like David Nelson that we haven't seen much of his six -- a tall order I think the biggest thing you lose in the absence of Talib is you don't you you lose the -- of the got to go with the Pollard Newt. David Nelson 64 guy. We don't know or is that he's only caught just one ball for eleven yards last week which you bring back in again Alex Stephen hills of big guy. David Nelson to big guy I noticed nimble and make people authorized the sects of -- whose. Now been down there are few drives as acts I know held by scientists I noticed but he's been down there for two weeks and I think they know that you know they have a habit of -- thrower not a guy you don't -- Kevin O'Connell thing as a captain in the years ago. But maybe stripping some plays giving them in their knowing that hey this is a guy just from practice -- we know the can give them trouble. The having a body types doesn't guarantee you success they have not body types out there the -- create some mismatches of their. Couple of housekeeping things on the Patriots defense with the injuries to both Vince Wilfork and Jerod Mayo. The patriots replaced those guys as captains. With -- DeVon accordion Rob Ninkovich no issues with the either of those guys and that's that's terrific. With the injury to mail he had the green dot on his helmet the question in my mind was who was gonna have the green dot I was gonna call the deep fences. I was surprised it wasn't Ninkovich and that it was. Com speak -- Donta hightower. I was surprised that it was high tower given the way I think Ninkovich -- really runs a lot of this defense. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Or dual calls now it's. Two black you know to slash blank or three slash whatever you know and there's -- pressure packed at the end of the saw -- the of thing that makes the call different. And it's -- built job with a play caller to tell you which of the two and it is. So don't give you both calls use you break the huddle everyone lines up in in the formation moves orders emotion in the formation you have to change in and out of the calls. You don't want the government and the ground doing the accuracy. So it was unlikely it was going to be him and will remember -- the pre season Dante. Brand with the the green dot for one game I believe it was maybe the third pre season game. He got the play called stuff and -- do the civic my guess is Mayo didn't play that Yemen and in -- -- -- they did this that worked this a -- the certificate direct and practiced. But it's definitely more helpful have the stand -- guy and you know it is a little bit different the dog bit the -- are -- doing it because usually plays the Sam linebacker position which. Guinier and you over the Internet guy -- of the outside it's a little easier for in the middle over -- you know and you panacea to the left and right. Dribbles -- cigar -- that goes all the calls can do all that but it's much easier for him to do worry has sort of the view of everything so I think pick and god it's going to be an awful bald guys usually better decision. Which given a mad dog makes you think maybe he's not playing as much outside the -- maybe he's -- to the middle of the -- I -- global -- but I think it to Asia. Much better per view what's going out there. Will take quick break when we come back will bring in Chris price from WEEI dot com he's dot MetLife stadium. We don't have the inactives yet they are do we in about an hour from now. But every report I've seen everything look we started the show by saying we all expect Rob Gronkowski will play. Will get the opinion of price when he joins us in just couple minutes here on NFL Sunday presented by the Penske insurance. At the plant scheme they shop so you say visit to Polanski dot com today.

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