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NFL Sunday: The Patriots Offense vs the Jets Defense

Oct 20, 2013|

Dale and Matt start to get to the nuts and bolts of this 1pm Pats/Jets game. All signs seem to point to Gronk coming back this week, but how big of a factor will he be in his first game post injury? Amendola will be out so the Patriots will have their work cut out for them. The Jets defense has looked very solid this season and Rex has them rolling. The first game between these teams was a defensive battle.

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Our number two NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI. You heard from Alex beard WEEI dot com last hour about the Red Sox win over the Detroit Tigers last night. Sox in the American League champions they opened the World Series Wednesday night at Fenway Park against the St. Louis Cardinals. We go back to the football matters here in our number two or more specifically the football matters. I just catch up to date Matt Chatham former patriots linebackers in studio with me here in Brighton. Its price from WEEI dot com will join us from MetLife stadium at the bottom of this hour. Tom. SN and that's when the patriots kick it off against the New York Jets. Down at MetLife stadium let's begin to look specifically at this match up as we told you at the top of the shell. Rob Gronkowski did make the trip to. MetLife stadium down on the New Jersey meadowlands. We don't know whether he'll play or not yet although our expectations are that he will. Generally speaking. For the most part Bill Belichick doesn't take Taurus and if BP brings to Ghana trip it's because he has the intent of playing him and so we think Rob Gronkowski is gonna play. Having said that Danny Amendola will not play. Took that helmet to helmet hit on the running play on the patriots sideline last week. So you've got BO -- give and give some takes some kind of well offense if you get a guy back as a weapon for Tom Brady the utilized. You lose a guy for Tom Brady -- utilized this week as well. Yeah and that's that's probably the frustrating import of your pitchers Fran you get the ball boy it is a net. Game we don't know that and I think it even if rob is up and presumably the news is it moral vote -- goalless first week back up were talking about twentieth -- -- -- -- snaps. Your point bill or maybe it's a tonight's red -- employer twosome sequences put in to. To sort of be pattern around him bought a mobile C I think -- Beatrice and see how this office torturers now week later with Austin -- here -- different week because. He got involved -- level personal stuff -- he was involve the entire last series has -- -- -- have any choice is a huge exam but he played Puget again it's amid a small sample book. He did the vet things which delicacy which we often talk about getting friendly it's when you. Returned -- the top of your -- -- her -- a wire to stopping he does the little things and some of these critical moments a little things are bickering. It is as nice as some of the plays that view of the Dobson and Kate he's -- there at the end of the game have been. They're incredibly inconsistent but the the drop at the end of the fourth down sequence as the accountable bald adoption just put on the ground and that's after dropping your opening play of the game the patriots so. This has been a repeal will probably doesn't seem to be getting much better. So I think the more consist of people we get on the field the better for Austin's out there now with a greater role robs out there -- -- -- from time to time keeps feeding whoo man he seems to be doing well when you give him shots. I'm always they're advocating for the the non wide receiver touches when it gets over ten I think this team is always better. When you saw the jets in the Thursday night game at the beginning of the season you talked about the style of jets defense. And you compare and contrast it was some of the other defense is that the patriots have seen this year already. And in your point was this is a bigger style older. Jam up the middle kind of of defense my guess is a defense that's going to be a little harder for Steven -- to get much room to run against. Well the thing I like to see is they've had inside. Running game success last week and that's something that we have in the search team consistently at least throughout the year. More and they just needed can't jam it down -- they can't -- loosens things. This was the game the first summer on the jets were of the patriots first heard it cute by putting sold around -- tight band and one play in the end zone especially some of that stuff just to make a ton of sense to me because what you do when you put him at tight end it if at least if you're giving him doubling with the tackle and then climbing to the second level I get that. But often times because the front on the other subtle goofy yes just leave immediately which leaves. You're you're you're near new tackle one on one with my humble person which is the bad matchup in the on the new -- guard one on one -- richest of which isn't necessary agreed to -- -- -- that the Walsh -- to push. But if things go back to being a little more traditional were -- just crushing one -- in. In tandem -- -- older. And their climate the second level those two can get movement together no question if you have to tight -- working together with -- Manning -- giving movement together there can be a running game behind and it doesn't matter who's on the other side. So that's what I'm excited to see sort the maturation those guys one got it's different it's a big body the wasn't there last time though. For the jets is what it calls the rough first round draft pick kind of that bigger than GP he -- 66 kind of body. And they've converted him to an outside linebacker spot which usually -- this is kinda -- try to do Julius Peppers that way or Mary Williams would take a huge guy. It -- an outside linebacker almost like a Willie McGinest -- yet exactly but would you actually they're having a guy out there easily to too -- guy or whatever but based. But the point here and he actually doesn't have staffs must form I don't think that really matters is is more like clogging up the edges they did just that much harder to move the ball against them because it's just a bigger body of a position that journal asked that got to cover. Now is he going to be able matchup against Crocker who -- -- the use them. That's a little bit more request from. Generally speaking Tom Brady performs pretty well when teams try to -- and generally speaking generally yes he's very good at making decisions and getting the ball out before he gets bitten. And making other teams pay for that having said that. He's seen a lot of pressure this year more than I think we're used to seeing he's been on the ground may be more than we're used to seeing right and Rex Ryan likes that try to dial it up against. Tom Brady when he can't he doesn't it this is. -- was always frustrating to me even as a polar beyond even it was just. Rex who -- -- I didn't play against the just the jets because of the impound team puts so much focus on you being division team I mean the state. They never come back the second time with same game plan so it was always frustrated player you'll sit down to one study film in wanna say well here's what happened last time but we were often -- just throw away. You wanna go study the person but the scheme is really tough because that. They know each other when both teams door to the so well they were pretty after just throw -- -- -- -- Rex is kind of the same way such a creative guy. He with this group of front seven will mix in a pressure with one of the inside move guys linebackers. But he's able to get away without from Reid doesn't have to do the group penis I think we've seen him do in the past so -- and the success receive with a lot of teams this year is getting pressure with. With front breakdowns by bringing people premier places. -- -- bringing mathematically more you know you can bring three or four and have them come from where you don't expect them don't get a front breakdown -- protection breakdown. Still get pressured still have seven guys or eaten some situations back there. -- and I think that's the best formula against Tom pressure yes but without sacrificing coverage behind it. And you know broad -- apparatus that you are Rex is gonna have a situation out of confer with Robin what worked for him what do last week with the saints and what we get we kind of don't know but I think that's gonna make this component -- watch. But the last several years the second meeting of the year between these two teams the patriots have clobbered that your rights. Right second look in these you know what -- -- -- thought out about these doctor Scarnecchia. -- lines. They're not necessarily great -- alarm but that learn you know they they want you get a chance to drawn up OK here's -- we might -- at the first time but now we fixed and now we corrected it. The biggest issues that I've seen on film that they're having recently. Is when they had to shuffle and then Marcus cannon has come and run blocks well. Just walked not so good at the guard -- and I think he's a little out of position there are some government a -- for that bought. Movement that has bothered him -- quick across his face he busted just on simply not picking up the -- -- a couple times. There was one situation last week and I hate to always put this off -- -- and it's not just -- -- -- doing that either the or bad place opened online reports right game. But that said protection of balls look back. The back is often involved and he's one of the protectors and not often falls on -- bold missiles -- we always solar buddy Kevin Faulk and Danny wood and after him. The were very Gordy just picking up their dock -- kill you but they always make the right call and give -- that extra second. Rambled wasn't all the a lot of those snafus a lot of ourselves off and the winds didn't comment. There was a three man surfaced last week were just completely blown regardless flies through the didn't get picked up on the right side. And the back has a big part of that and -- has put the ball on the ground a little bit as well on screen -- to general has one drop a game and that that's opening needs some more consistency back there needs to be that guy is he super talented. But I say about all in just understanding that. They it's it's not just an offensive -- story you need to involve a guy back has gotta be Solomon does not have to go to different things. When we come back we'll take a look at the matchup that I think will probably determine the outcome of this game that he's the Patriots defense. Against the New York Jets offense bottom of the hour Chris prize will join us from MetLife stadium. NFL Sunday presented by compliance -- insurance at the Penske they shop so you say. Visit the Penske dot com today.

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