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NFL Sunday: Dale Arnold and Matt Chatham Discuss the Comeback Victory Over the Saints Last Week and Jimmy Graham's Struggles

Oct 20, 2013|

Dale and Matt talk about the great run in Boston sports right now with the Red Sox reaching the World Series. They then get into the win over New Orleans last week and that amazing final TD drive. What happened to Jimmy Graham last week? Matt talks about how it proves that Graham is just a big WR, not a true TE. The boys also talk about the possible return of Gronk.

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Welcome to the hobbled the sport's universe. That is what Boston Massachusetts is feels like and for the foreseeable future will be. This is NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI and we will spend a fair chunk of this morning talking about patriots and jets but we will not ignore. The fact that the Boston Red Sox are headed for the World Series for the firth for the third time in. A ten year span they will take on the St. Louis Cardinals beginning on Wednesdays you just heard during the flash. Is in my mind the best. Well I'll say I was gonna say baseball reporter but also the best reporter in the city of Boston Alex -- from WEEI dot com will join us later on in this first hour. Will talk a little bit about the ALCS win last night at Fenway Park against the Detroit Tigers. And preview the upcoming World Series got a lot of preview time between now and game one on Wednesday but will talk to Alex later on in the first hour. Adding to all of that Chris price from WEEI dot com one of our normal NFL Sunday co host is already. At MetLife stadium he'll join -- side next hour will talked Crist out of MetLife Tommy currency yes and -- will also join us. MetLife stadium in our number three of the program. And that means we got a little lonely studio for just Matt Chatham and hello hello hello exactly. And good morning at California as as Matt said none of us to get much sleep now like now these guys with these late -- and Clay Buchholz from all these things. A lot of college football on it but yes it was packed refusal to -- it was it was a heck of a Saturday is the -- of the sport's universe in this in this in this. Calendar year 2013. The patriots were an AFC championship game dropped. The Bruins were in a Stanley Cup final this happened a Red Sox are in a World Series. Celtics may be in the rebuilding mode but. But in you know what I'm I'm getting at in general here Genesis is good as it gets around and it is way really. For the last ten years so. Happy drive appeared on a work come from the same spot and now believes its managers little far. Just big smile nefarious looking to buy or -- -- to the North Pole he smiled to amendment advocates a happy time -- now no -- some idea on. -- poker Twitter last and I forget which was calm you know about 1230 yourself. Sent out a picture one of these local sporting goods establishments sure that your third sponsor wants it -- And and and they were open and selling. American League champions here on and they were selling tediously argument. Printed up and ready to go for her fans who were who just can't get enough this baseball team it's it's such a remarkable run. Any time a team goes from worst to first just in a general sort of way if if the Red Sox had gone from worst last year. AL east champions this year and had not taken it any further than that it would have been a wonderful redemption story critical. But now you win the American league championship. You or four wins away from World Series championship. It is an unbelievable tale that they are writing down. It is and it's also in context here in knowing what my secretary I as a little higher -- -- lower and I think last year that was it was a pretty -- into the season in the messed with. With Bobby and elect kind of stuff so I think yeah we were pretty lol but this time last year so it makes it that much better run a bullet. We'll talk with Alex -- later on the program by the way for now to test its -- For the texture says. I'm a football showed baseball and I would suggest you find another radio station okay. The Boston Red Sox are in the World Series I don't think we're gonna ignore it I mean. Most of what we do today will be football it it is NFL Sunday he got a lot of time before game one of the World Series but let's just it'll be real here okay. Throughout the throughout there as an opening pitch the optimal now will talk to Alex later on in the hour let's go back just one week ago. We were down at Toby Keith -- of this Wawrinka previewing the patriots game against the New Orleans Saints. We all almost against our own better judgment picked the saints I picked the patriots they should say to win. You know a tight squeaker ticket back Chris picked the cents. Did he did you and I picked a tight -- whether -- Scarlett router will. The -- breath let her accurate I mean truthfully I I'm not mean that blame them beaten all I talked myself into picking the patriots. And it took another one of those Tom Brady moments. Remarkable. Growing catch -- with five seconds left the perfect pass the perfect catch the perfect play. And they somehow found a way to do it again and I I don't know how I I cannot tell you sitting right now this team is sitting at 51. Well I can tell you that was warm portable big old -- of the of the Tom -- at the end as the kindest -- -- -- violated it was a great throw and it was even better caption my opinion because it's -- balls reported in the best -- possibly can and Kimbrel went over the defensive back committed the -- Both were sold everything to surgical football game and -- it was real excited one. All the things along a fourth quarter army and in full disclosure. The Patriots offense and Tom I guess if you put that way ahead throughout two shots -- clutch in and -- both times. Pretty miserable in immoral in any individual person tries for some help thankfully -- Orleans saints and and the oldest is Sean -- and this defense and I think that when -- when -- -- patriots made an odd choice to go for a fourth -- back in their own territory essentially gave up three pitchers with three and out the patriots were on defense went three and out -- -- four on three of the four series that they had -- fourth quarter. And the outs -- the performance of that group and I think that was part of the reason a lot of us were little uneasy about what might happen last week because of the loss of not Tommy Kelly and there's just you know now Tommy and no -- and OK this is -- a bigger problem we thought we had. Her children amazing and I got to go back through the film and watch from the -- went down and it came. In that app and a fourth -- fail he made a one on one tackle -- Regis share of the guard room on the ground meat attack for a lost. He also tackled an industry shows Garcia were scrambled to run through Google and a trigger that we just. Great job at a starting department giving this guy because had they not hit on Joseph -- when Chris I don't think they're in the situation. What is and -- going a little further Chris had actually had a player early in the second quarter. Where he would he would share his guy and tackle Darren Sproles in the open field and a screen pass on third and seventh to get off field. Just a lot of little under the rug kind of performance as a had a -- dinner when you're jump ball Marcus Colston repeat unions of 64 -- I mean that's something you don't see you just an incredible individual play. They had sold -- goes down the stretch that gave the often -- second chances that they got the Camille obviously I'm biased but I think that was as much of what happened mrs. as the final throw. Look I do think. And I don't know what it is I don't know if it's this week I don't -- when you reach it I do think there's a -- -- That you can lose you can lose so many players at at so many positions. And there is gonna come a point maybe it won't happen maybe they haven't reached at maybe there was anybody Yeltsin -- they'll stay healthy the rest of the way. But you just think mathematically. I mean. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tommy Kelly who -- kind of beat the other inside and defensive tackle is at least out for this week not done for the year. And Aqib Talib won't be playing this week as well. You just think there there comes a point where there's only so much bailing wire and and -- you have before you just can't keep doing. Right it's -- the pursuit performances him in a singular game where people sell up often fill holes and be able to sustain it for a long period of time. The reason that I think if your pitchers and you can hold out hope in this particular situation as some of the spots for the had the injuries. They were lucky to have had death over the line wouldn't be one I know I went into Davis the last place on the team they can afford losses. And amazingly visual bulls holes and it looks like the -- goes to holes with capable guys the guys that are showing a big drop off when they're gone. But I think if the defense of secondary. Bit the lucky now they draft a blog and Ryan he's had a lot of good reps -- -- waited to the to the Atlanta game. He played well when given opportunities so I think he's a young guy that will -- that a little bit but because this has become sort of 34 wide receiver game. You're not talking about bringing in guys have been sitting there watching to leave. But talk more guys are up -- taken reps with them as well so it's just a matter of shuffling scheme changes things like that. It's not a matter of looking down under practice water going to a guy is an inactive specialty player only kind of defensive back. Go to guys are already out there. So just a -- -- allow issues through shuffle things and one of things I don't think that publicly may have been picked up on March in a section -- we mention that sort out a hand last week. The last two games. Lead the split snaps at safety. And they've ruled Deborah McCord on the developer I'd don't have in front we have those capsule before 56 something like that. But the shuffle people around and continue to give people different looks. And I think a school and -- other work and other places and also shows -- level of comfort how would they throw -- -- with one another and it it's a great sign. But you're right I think at some point distressed becomes a little too much and we start to seal a little bit of attrition from the of the level of play we've seen. What I'm also sure there are -- of this week this is a nice opponent -- have under the circle. -- well especially without -- I think you're exactly right Aqib Talib has been the best defensive performer for this team this year. And this is not necessarily game in which you think oh my god they don't have to leave they're in deep trouble. You know you've got a rookie quarterback who has had a tendency to -- be a bit inaccurate times. This is not necessarily that we were to leave its absence is just gonna come jumping out match oil. I've I've been trying to boot. Provide a little piece of context of people throughout the year that he's most important when you have that kind of mismatch. Aqib Talib against Stevie Johnson is not a good -- -- match I mean you're just has go to seminary an hour. Or generate those guys in America same Santonio Holmes and he's I don't think he's playing with a hamstring but. There are a lot of wide receiver Ronald -- -- there not advance there -- some of the quicker inside guy who struggles with Monty and you're walking through -- that's how -- that is history that's how he's performed here as wal. But when you have and we've had this incredible just I -- anomaly on the on the schedule rehab for a five weeks with 64. With God's AJ green Julio Jones Victor Jackson who just it was a lot Graham junior averages an oddity of the schedule filled out waste it was the perfect time for him to have the kind of games you can have. But it in all honesty I think the thing that blows this story a little bit is he was -- for -- the second half last week and they continue to shutting down. And distressed point there is not just have to have one day at two Coulson at six foreign Graham the other side it's 66 or whatever he has and the continued to -- -- those guys don't call some -- a book one and the other guy and it was zero. The totally played didn't play be suitable second -- the first series in income laughed. So they continue to play well vowed not settle up to reshuffle and figure things out again and there's no guarantees and Jeremy Curley is actually has its risks us and the one on one basis some of the Gaza will be out of this week's little Beatrice and watched. But that's said I think much like the crucial situation we don't have any evidence yet that won't work because when -- has a monopoly there. Not been a drop off whatsoever. Course the big story for most people this week and we don't even know for sure that it's gonna happen but we think. The long awaited return of Rob Gronkowski will take place made the trip down you know according to his agent Drew Rosenhaus has been medically cleared to play. Now you'd still have to pass that test you've got to go out on that field this morning with the strength and conditioning coach in your position coach. And you got to show and probably Ernie Adams and you got to show that the you can do the things that Bill Belichick thinks you need to do to be able to play. We I think expected he's gonna pass that test he's been practicing long enough now and I think we'll see him in the lineup today. -- -- two. And there were indications I think from some ordered her to be writers down there -- earlier in the week that he was. More ramp up more involved especially on the padded practices there's a better indication -- kind of a -- a piece of so called news last week when the city of the greatest practice every was a monster on Friday on -- practice what it will -- and Baltimore or Friday. Two shorts and I was immune. -- they were trumping up conversation really wasn't. Wasn't valid but when it's -- Wednesday that's different -- in and you know I don't this is where it left field but I'd it -- when we're talking about Powell to test him in pregame how would you know. I don't know what you really really have to hit you know because I think that's the issued musical Ron great not a world agree to do good routes for you -- his physical problem is -- related to play its public contact it's like -- what are you pushed -- -- what are you fall in how -- gonna fall after capturing at something that's pretty difficult similarly you never give him practice. -- -- blocking stuff real storm gets caught between two guys those kinds of things those are going to be the test and you really can't simulate those I don't know. You see the college. A string coached thing with the flaming Pavel worthy slug like that the hyped -- pregame thing like a -- -- -- -- is articulate what you do to simulate this above and just go play football see what happens. But that's why those real -- stringent. You know head banging late Wednesday practices if I would have probably been pretty important for -- I think we all expect that assuming he does plated -- we think he. That the area where he will have the the biggest impact this team is -- -- office which has been an issue for the patriots all season advocates say if and I think it's it's you're definitely right so it's been a problem I don't click last witnesses -- resolve that. Except to the point where they started running with Stephen rebel and when Steven was -- interior rung of the one touchdown and had their world was the personal group doesn't William march hated it could be our the world run pass. But they don't try to run the edges and they they were able to get success in -- in days and be gaps between regardless senator. -- -- -- That's a great site occasionally drop mean Amanda is a decent job good job numbers solid job blocking on the outside so may -- your assuming you do. Better job catching the ball Tuesday exactly great point but I mean you do -- great -- were out of those guys obviously so maybe you can with a double team block those to the edges and we softer which you now have your 66. Potential wide receiver but the brutal -- own failures we've seen companies like first and goal on the one for the -- -- personal on the three. You really need to 66 you know best player in the league kind of weapon for that. These are -- some old. -- questions just did you know that kind of thing and we've seen them now do that at least wants. And I think -- emergence is is a big part of that going to keep coming in on him I do think though that it on that first and goal from the one situation. When gronkowski some of the yield. You have no choice if you the other team's defensive coordinator but to account -- perhaps -- probably with more than one -- what is usually goal line defense the guy lined over the tight and news is like Bobby Hamilton guy from when we played. And he put. -- but what is pretty deep at the -- literally over the tight end because. The whole line is it's usually a fire command line with two bigger -- outside element. You you don't try to let them -- -- line essentially shall not double teaming -- say Richard just trying to keep from there with the defense Wyman a lot together covers -- the Ketchum. Maps from late Pope with a quarterback from bothered nothing happens but. That's always the plan boy how when Robson are now structural -- the people -- -- the rule pass catching -- only people. He's gonna he's gonna attract attention no doubt. -- patriots linebacker match -- is in studio with me Chris price from WEEI dot com will join us from MetLife stadium next hour. Tom eat current from CSN and in our number three. -- -- talks in baseball with Alex spear from WEEI dot com a little bit later on this hour. This is NFL Sunday presented by complaints ski insurance at the plan's key they shop so you say is that combines -- dot com today. Back on NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI. Dale Arnold Matt Chatham here Chris price Tommy -- join us from MetLife stadium later on Alex beer we'll talk World Series and Red Sox baseball -- us. Just about ten or fifteen minutes from now as obviously we can't ignore the fact that the Red Sox won the American League Championship Series last night we were just talking game one of those you know com sports conversations that guys have all the time. About LeBron James who. Told the world that he'd like to have an opportunity just wants to play in the NFL before he's done. And -- When you watch him play in the NBA he is clearly the best player on the planet. He looks like a tight end that body looks like a tight end you know sort of so you could sort of see him. Taken that body Arnold football field and probably not making a fool out of himself. Probably not I think there's there's of a smoother path now we have these non tight and tight end -- around fielder and and last we saw last what we saw last week I think Jimmy Graham is a perfect example. A -- is not a tight end and I you know I didn't -- inflame the whole situation last week an inch talked about on the show you don't wanna come from the media but I thought softness just warm putting I'd watch it on film. -- -- who it is it's embarrassing -- try to answer to Georgia wide receiver he's a damn good -- -- huge. But if you comes anywhere near the core of the of the offenses usually record to a handful snaps. He turned stuff hits like milk and I've ever seen -- pulling its collect a Flash Player he was supposed to kick out Chandler Jones for one blocked last week turned it down just. Just went north thank you know thank you just said -- -- into account of what his body go limp allowed himself to be pushing the play there was -- play and it is to me that that. Would be distraught added that would drive you nuts is accordingly we got Jimmy Graham. Good thing bad thing like you've got to six credible explosive pass catching guy. But they actually take -- a lot of golf fans know so much from last week I noticed the sit in stadium last week as much as you know. Jimmy Graham was shut down her death has its substituted now he's not in their at a much which gives your great tendency kind of thing. Because you know there's different plays -- come when he leaves and gives you run pass in certain down and distances it's. It's -- huge event but it was -- -- -- -- did a good job against the auto especially yes we did and I am again the other guys did too was well once they were gone on to saint. It's hopeful when you have this guy that can only do one thing so incredible and other -- so incredibly -- That said it a little more on jays wanted to make the transition now would be the time because he can go hang out outside with a big -- -- it. It catch passes without a close as we can probably do Don guessing but I mean it did all things in context about 430 national missile. Well it doesn't necessarily translate here's the other the pro I don't. Are all the time and it always cracks me you'll hear. Pro athlete. In whatever sport let's use hockey is an example burials there really good golfers now as they have that that's their auspices network's -- And you hear guys say yet you know I think when I retire -- like that one of the senior PGA tour and -- and a champion Stewart makes money there. They can't I mean can't even if they can't even begin to think of you know what it takes to do that but. But because there athletes right. And because you know important golf game in the summer the other go out there with the -- -- local because he's got a great golf game has -- he is so far removed. Brad Faxon would clean his clock if they were out playing exactly. And -- -- you know tour pro guy just now and cots and -- live America thank. You know we get this a lot I mean even to have an extent of -- hockey fights you know guys that. You watch that you love out there and you know LB easily guide it was a great fighter for your Gmail or a lot of it all doubled the all important to rain all -- boxers in the offseason exactly in an IDR -- MMA is a training thing drama quarter. Confide in my feet very well. Bought that said. They -- junior golf program or skates and argue in my basket that's not that's very possible to because it's a bit it's a different fight my point is like a lot of stuff that -- you know it's your -- one thing doesn't mean it translate to another. And that's one of those areas I think -- while Obama will bankable -- stand on skates and -- it's different it's Jersey target and timing and and shot just -- it it's a cute little ESPN story today. It's never gonna happen. Already one thing it's an eagle silver and there is no -- BA team who's gonna have. Huge amounts of money tied up in LeBron James is ever gonna give permission to listen to. Army -- there and and and yup I'm just gonna take a few snaps at tight end. And okay James Harrison is coming over the Middleton to meet you in the end it's just it if it's labeled -- -- it should happen to me if you're one of the -- team or the NBA team hold his rights that would you'd have to block even after -- your power to prevent it from happening. I think when examples of the Bo Jackson thing I mean. As good as ball was he and his -- hip thing now does happen on a football player but you wonder about the rigors of of doing two sports at that time. And the other thing get out because of the two sports -- he would. You could work the two out I mean and we just still a need for complete right a year ago but just saying that the the NBA season ultimate choice yet you you it would have to be either or both could -- Could work out both sports enough. And did you can't do it if you're LeBron like I said it's too little ESPN's story and god knows they're looking for LeBron James stories whenever they can also. That's all it is but back to your point about Jimmy Graham. And against sitting in the stadium you see things that may -- camera shows maybe it doesn't. You could you could sense the frustration Drew Brees has at times with Graham just watching him. Watching and in this is unfair I understand that watching body language and and it just the united and if you Brees. You know you're one of the best quarterbacks is ever. -- on cleats and and you know you've got the track record you've got the resume and you got a guy who maybe doesn't want it quite as much as you'd. One audio things I noticed. Him watching back the film is. You know -- the I think it was some public's six of six of first date 71 nine -- -- that were to leave was straight up match -- and made two nice place to -- you need to use a couple reviews couple good jams early. And it did look like you had got him off his game now they continue to mix after that happened after cordless first nine to ten plays but look like at that point. Graham is used to be a hit like that is used to being a -- While because basically keep them outside the core of most teams don't have a bigger DB and I think that's probably the biggest issued Talib is really -- -- Jimmy. You saw in the pre season with a guy like like Jackson at -- a guy that -- just run by him he can get away with. And I think you did seats we'd -- smoke pretty battle on the on the red zone play in the end zone government threw the ball back anyhow right and and he actually kind of softened up his -- and after that as a realist I can get slipped in the -- can pass me. What the and I actually -- general to jobless for sequence of plays jamming him but if you watch the -- -- -- that he spent most of his game playing -- pretty far off. Basically daring and your knock him out run me I'm gonna come down his -- in the event they come your way of what one thing I saw a program that I -- just really don't like seen. Is there were some -- plays if you -- call network -- -- away from the formation with the Malone. But there were a handful plays in the were crossing -- plays were the free player of the help players and outside linebacker spikes. Multiple times. You Graham would be totally across the formation slightly. And you could see the play calming the spikes and you could see Graham disparate to strike. And end. He did not want it did not wanna be in that he did not wanna get spiked -- essentially self I don't blame her for Lebanon Sanders there's others though there's a warm butter. Property to Graham that I don't like former were throwing around best tight into the game. Well and ironically. It's the exact opposite situation for Rob Gronkowski right. Who will not only you know does is not afraid of going over the middle like ice where half the time he seeking contact. New meaning you know he is he's a big strong guy he doesn't mind bowling you over right when you watch him play and we watched him now you know every game that he's played here. -- -- how can his body you know maintain that kind of play the way he plays. And the question has been he's had some issues with that but he's got the exact opposite issue from Graham he's looking for guys -- Rihanna and then I've respected her -- more than really in football all of a sudden I just allow America on the other side of -- but he it's sort of the same job I mean what makes its own press or makes the job those guys have to do an impression for her body can talk about the select as well. One player block in the 290 pound dude who -- about fifty pounds or whatever. The next four year old and a six you know fifty yards -- kind of thing and you after brought back the line of scrimmage and maybe next time now you're hitting the in the nose guard or Europe and the wham and -- events. And -- around again I -- like him it's just this perpetual cycle it's half I mean is a very difficult trying job. Especially just for the variety of of responsibility you have. But when you take out about half of the job not a big deal I think the thing that's so impressive while Robin I think the thing that will be. You know hopefully going for the he's able to sort of deal with it. Is the -- -- Is encouraging people to go low on this in a big tall guy like rob it's 66 running out there and open space. Would probably prefer would definitely prefer to be hit were the with a -- he bowed to be hit with a shoulder -- and habits were were were most protected. But rob and we ought to remember the play from was -- to. Pollard the one -- it was -- one time or when. We're the guys that big and it's that difficult to future shoulders down at the end of a catch to to ward off these tacklers and they're encouraging these guys these bullet fast safeties and corners there have to -- -- The dive industry. There was a hit as a guitarist Ben Watson. Yeah that was exactly what you said where -- the defensive back and England and is a big strong man at most all it was a guy and he -- in the open field. And the defensive back did exactly which he said he gold at the feet it's there's no other way it's scary and rob -- reports to culprit and then I mean it's. It's just a big target with a lot of legs and it's it's great you know talking about -- you can deal without -- -- back injuries hopefully those parochial and gone away bush. He's gonna have issues as much as a -- or -- of people by avenues likes and I think that'll be an ongoing issue which got coupons. I'll say this sin and look it's always more entertaining around here. When the jets are viable when the jets are you know and some sort of competition the patriots have now won twelve consecutive games against AFC east opponents. And the jets have really not been that viable for a little while now sure. If they don't beat the patriots today they're not going to mean -- first faults their last chance this year but I'm just saying if they can't beat the patriots given. The of the roster limitations that the patriots have today if your Rex you're thinking you know what I'm never going to be testing VI I thought that. When we were doing the show or -- year and prepare for the jets game that I don't put too much stock in that game 'cause I felt like this was the kind of group would give them six weeks. Some of these pieces -- need to mature we don't know Stephen Hill is and he might be in he's. Been a roller -- -- opened up one week down would be nonexistent the next week. Geno Smith was a guy look like they're going with. Can't judge series good -- bad today in the first week of September let's talk about this guy in November you know yeah. And he's have a little chance the maturities don't group -- -- you roller coaster got us for a while. That said if you could ever give these guys all on the field one time -- -- the pitchers have their own injury issues well but the jets with Santonio Holmes is not computer again but if you had a group the Stephen Hill that have matured. With Santonio Holmes a full speed with Jeremy Curley is that sort of X-Factor guy. In the running game should've had the back it's now for the season will be sealed -- regency the first time of -- on his name. The government jets was coming off the suspension lot of names that is -- and but the point is he was supposed to be their new big (%expletive) what can we need to get back to the running game he's our guy they work. Deflated a bit not having him early because the suspension and now we've got him back torn -- -- is that the jets didn't have the first time around released to maturity. But thought they could have been a pretty tough matchup especially with their defense but now they're not showing that stuff and they don't have the consistency and allow those pieces won't be there this week and so. Yeah I agree the jets are probably looking at a missed opportunity. That's set with the defense some expect him again it'll feel a little bit like Cincinnati just hopefully with a different outcome. We'll take a break and by the way I do know this is NFL Sunday and you'll know it's NFL Sunday throughout the course of the day. But we cannot nor should week. Ignore the fact that the Red Sox won the American League Championship Series last night are headed for the World Series. Starting Wednesday at Fenway Park games one and two at Fenway on Wednesday and Thursday. When we come back from the break on the other side the best Boston beat reporter and in the city as far as I'm concerned Alex -- from WEEI dot com will join us. We'll go over last night's win. The ALCS MVP -- you ahora. The opening of the World Series coming up this week this week against St. Louis Cardinals. Civil talked to Alex beer and just a couple of minutes and then we'll dive right back in a football top of the hour this is NFL Sunday presented by Coke plant -- insurance -- the -- they shop so you saved. Visit to Penske dot com today.

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