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Red Sox Review: The Red Sox are in the World Series after defeating the Detroit Tigers in the ALCS

Oct 20, 2013|

John Ryder continues the celebration after the Red Sox clinched the American League Pennant with a 5-2 win in Game 6 of the ALCS. Ryder is joined by WEEI.com’s Alex Speier to review this magical night at Fenway which included the late game heroics of Shane Victorino.

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Now how about that -- up and it's incredible and it really is we we'd all about the turnaround I've been talking about a would be all season after these games in. And what a series. Even if you're not a Boston fan if you just objective of European so this was. One for the ages this ALCS everything coming down to the wire every moment edge of your seat. But the exception to game four but other other of that and it is fitting it comes down of that tonight. And edits I I think it's fitting in so many ways the Red Sox won this game the way they did. -- close situation. And cut the atop with a Grand Slam whether it's a month pivotal grand slams seven -- If we go back to all four member Johnny Damon J. D. Drew and in 07 it is this series -- David Ortiz and now Shane Victorino. And isn't that -- as well. The tide is solid victory in a scuffle of the way is could get a bunt down the hit a buck 25 ended up in this series. And yet it crestfallen I'm sure have to not be in the ability to the laid on upon says so India will be in use that word but said self. As post game comments in -- this that the images continues to five and and look at. Not only huge game but I think each situation each at bat each pitch whatever it might be. As you know possible turning point moment and there's so much focus or resolve on this team it's incredible so the Red Sox are moving -- to the World Series. John Ryder -- I'll be standing here I'll I'll I'll be staying open later than via. The the Boston bars the -- in the bars. Up until at least 3 AM maybe more will seek but -- take your phone calls it 6177797937. On this. Saturday night turning into Sunday morning and -- prospective. They you know we -- going nuts out there you deserve it -- be safe of course but he can give us a call you can give us attacks. Again the phone number 6177797937. Text most messenger. -- -- up and running AT&T -- 93790. Threesome velocity. Active than a way what I I really -- loaded up with you the fans out the year of the listeners. For for the majority of the shelves but because we played so much job the realist in the post game show. -- plays so much yeah. Who will play some of you know John apparel of the Podemus mothers but we just finished a played some of that -- Who will get to that later rod in this edition of Red Sox review which is ALCS World Series advancing. Red Sox -- so. Red Sox book and on after the victory over the Tigers love to hear for BO if you read back from Fenway to advocate whatever the case may be to watch on the couch out of here. You know wherever you might be the celebrated dissect this game room and we can even look at if you won -- I will hold at to the World Series matchup against Saint Louis so. That's the situation let's get to a couple of phone calls here before you at the first break your shot at a corporation on. Giant Eagle putt. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Come on they get the call for -- and me talk about -- And let them nobody is that. I have an 80 wouldn't that and the problem -- back to the World Series it got unbelievable. Shane Victorino. Put. Then -- -- -- -- strikeout -- hit a Grand Slam. Unbelievable it ridiculous job and try and how do you feel about that. Our idea what I -- a narrow loss. Because it. You think about to run around a even think about the additions they made but is this. You know what when looking added an unstated but everything I've -- had to go right this season shouted order for them to even make the policies that about a World Series. That -- is successful season of if they've -- flirted with a playoffs nevermind. I I'm just still I well maybe not -- done now the way that they've rolled through the -- but still when you look back. To the -- season. Yet -- -- cat are right this is really happening businesses not fake this is this is really happening right now. And you know on what does and both got he mixed up with. He picked on about -- to -- all got them both go out -- so all of -- forty year old in a what are your body and within that. Walk. I would unbelievable. 121 year old. The -- this isn't a ten year that we're talking about a got a trumpet called up. Let me just injure on our block so that everybody in the -- was under water when you talk about courage. Everybody. Picked up the block and in the beyond what -- for the Grand Slam they would just think you know what you can graduate as well but being -- that that. And and I definitely think -- could. That Mikey you know like Ian a little bit -- all about and you know like a straight at everything was prolific broke you get a quick. All right -- shot I I I well. Did to a value like. That it would be the red but I appreciate the compliment and a also on the to exports of the -- but the red -- -- on. To the World Series to take on Saint Louis would go one line open Europe's he would. Well notes it's full but I'm sure he'll have the opportunity 6177797937. Around allows all these phone calls and it will continue year after this break eight Red Sox their head and to the to a World Series back more of tennis. -- -- -- the -- that I can't believe. Oh. Do we know what that. -- yeah. I don't believe that. I he's a big money player cast me he's come up be a number of times this season tonight no bigger. -- you know that there's been a lot of push back on a couple of guys our lineup could've had some struggles both Ian and Stephen Drew. But in the seventh inning and Stephen makes a great place at this shut down an inning and potentially another run in and Vick. I don't know two breaking ball that you know probably the last thing we're thinking of that he's gonna have a ball ballpark and thankfully. In the occur Boston metal plate from to do so. I had hanging curve and good check out Torii Hunter were picked his reaction off -- a user but this happens again. At -- David Ortiz. -- It and it would seem to be again I was lost. Game two -- And then tonight. On an 02 pitch gives of -- that it Veres so that two of their best ball on arms although a weak bullpen. And I was one of the down falls for Detroit in his series. Then I kinda chuckle at this. He read sites PR department. -- -- -- Red Sox will be off on Sunday October 20 no workouts. Did. He -- of probation no workouts media availability will be sad -- later today I wouldn't think so. I I wouldn't think that there will be around. Did today the -- be up till about the 5 of the morning yourself in a big victory ago. Came close. 01 detractors that contract and I I can understand solid three years but it. Came close to sign with Cleveland -- day they are from 44 million. But he ends up with a Red Sox are really a -- definition. This is the definition of a team is that. The guy hitting right handed. Because he's dealing with a left hamstring injury in the back problems. Soyuz joystick stood to right handed after can't afford wood left handed him the other gamed and realizes just cant make a go of it and it's the home run just so many key moments and we go up -- down this roster we know it. Not only this series spread throughout the season just so many remarkable moments with a Stephen yet another come from behind win -- those in the happily the third or fourth inning but we know there's been plenty of them that happened late with this Red Sox team this season including tonight so I think that to. This that's fitting as well -- -- I think to be fitting for me to stop battling and battling I should say it. Reds sixty battles. Battling to get back to your calls here's a brand Brendan and lol hey Brenda. I don't know man or you. I would figure most of the road since the club. I -- it. Thank you what your opponent that it might -- under it. Who. Like. MIT Mikey is -- around tonight will be back with the -- Reyes. But. I'm a little. -- -- -- -- Yeah I is. Is missed. But. You know take -- 2004. Do we know in and waiting awhile but. Team there was there was expectations for that team to get to the World Series. Expectations 2007 company expectations this is a really on both teams Saint Louis. Remorse over the reds I city to the season but. Not too many people expected either one of these teams to be in the World Series. And the red sex taken on the Cardinals I thought to be roadside Dodgers get the rest of them right before the playoffs started but to. You know that that would be great lot of sizzle to that -- a dream for. A sports talk radio but this should be a terrific series with two teams that have very similar to one another the Cardinals beat a younger team but they do have some. Some key veterans very similar really because the Red Sox have some key contributors so but one by the name of Zander Bogart's Hughes said -- Poly V in a -- -- I don't -- Ohio. Upgrade only -- are you just got back from the game an update today and have a ticket in. It paid 180 on the scalp -- myself about thirteen road back out bleacher seats are. That that's pretty dirty you know I was here and it was about 200 for standing room. Yeah do you what does it mean you know -- real deal but. Did you go and it just out of curiosity -- did you go. Did you get in there before the first pitcher did you Canada. Well I bought my ticket returning F -- I got lucky I I looked around people involved with 300 when I first got there what does it make -- want it extinct Tuukka delivered Providence -- It was current pocket pot double play and I broke Rivers liked -- -- And Nadal the only -- -- -- a lot he was taken McNabb yeah well well at eight -- and well at the I'd I would put the bait but I had a -- year after the game I thought it about that match that up. The last stretch and also back to take but that might by my original purpose of course to talk about Stephen Drew a big guy. -- obviously struggled the bat out of all. We try to ought he just can't -- -- -- victory you know you might -- guys -- a common practice professional and -- it a long story short. I think that Giroux carried that team tonight in field by fire is -- effect. Need to be commended for his actions it would suit jacket on and ninety -- a couple situations that he'll. Yeah I know the seventh inning that was a key moment diving play to the left with a runner on first and second. And waited to keep to read -- I sit there a deficit of two once so many different things up and down. Tonight's game and I don't want to spend a ton of time myself recapping a wanna hear from you guys Oakley -- but. I there was so many key -- the sixth I mean the sixth. Could have been much different Victor Martinez nearly it's a Grand Slam the ironies are there because that victory -- what in the seventh. And Ed you've got to. What could be you know second guess and and I was near one of them Morales. -- in that situation where he can be very wild and it's a blocking. Fielder. The federal which -- that until we yes mark -- not I would double play you know I put it in my opinion on how much and ability go about it got a great morning buy dot. I think he was at 4 o'clock I think it would -- more it -- -- -- go way back a lot of trick or right at 8 o'clock Scott of people lot of people sluggish. Now. Yeah I've I've probably already heard from some on the line already in on to export. Here's that's fired elected Saturday night. As is safety -- Graham in the Cory grant. And I do and I definitely act all the other college degree shot and I think you inning. And I like -- -- I either read that all that perfectly at. You know -- walks. For guys out there that morale at that -- -- -- I'm like oh here I don't but I thought the offense throw a strike in the bullpen warming up there that. I wasn't as kind as you Graham. I didn't say oh dear it's an openly. And I completed they'll get parallel Mulligan of -- -- at all worked out well -- -- acre Olympic yeah yeah. I didn't like I I. It subset because Morales can be very good at times he throws hard. And the numbers -- -- against Prince Fielder I was just worried about the about the locker him being more erratic in wild it'd probity Cason and Victor Martinez almost takes out. So they were fortunate they catch a break the -- they put it. Good teams make their own breaks a lot of times led to that could have been very well from the united -- a home plate umpire is known as via. As a pitcher's umpire that could have been called strike three on Bogart's what it up work in the locked pitches when he wants so. -- a lot of different key moments in this game but I also think. That is not as some people disagree but I thought that was the perfect time to take buckles out his velocity had dipped down 88 so that was the right time to take about. I just don't know about decision would Morales I do like to this is some work Colin why is Stephen Drew. You know why NC pinch hitting from why Izzy even started tonight because of those plays because of his defense and and you'll probably be -- CNN for the most part still stick around at shortstop. -- I felt more minute left in the big right. Burrell looked Shell shocked or incontinent yelled at in order here. Well Angela and the bonehead move I think. Peralta grounds into the double play I'd say unconventional year old 42 double play heads up by Pedroia. Yet again and fielder analyzed so some intangibles -- would would of the with a base running the bullpen had. It's -- defense of lapses. And that arm MacDonald with the Grand Slam and -- -- -- that air load the bases and Victor green that guy he. Everything that the team finally let it get -- -- play yeah. What an incredible experience it either I mean that he heard it here so the future what do right. What extremely likable thanks out for the call Graham a Craig's wave in his arms might produce back to -- sellers. Greg you're up next to Manchester that I'll get to all your cause a -- lined up there will do that after the break. Now with a 10 pitch your jobs when -- ground ball up the middle and draw god I think that's not the my favorite -- -- on the actually got up by several things that wears it better. Unable to run very well that diving stop by state and a ground ball that appeared ticketed for center field. That was huge one of the many huge moments which usually is the case. When you're in and -- CSN and also let a game close a clinching game a closeout game and it's the Red Sox ended up doing it we don't have that. We don't have to worry about -- on up to see Justin Verlander in a game seven. Which had -- overall and had -- ever in Canada. Will be jittery and it nervous and understandably so John -- of equity red sex Rios Agassi lined up on the phone lines. And also coming up left to Alex -- -- such a good job for WEEI dot com will be joining me. Let's give back to these calls and coming up as well this segment before you at the top of the hour break. David Ortiz who is some more used to stuff from him from the clubhouse also it. Try to -- it's real quick. Torii Hunter talking about their Grand Slam in the pitch from Veres here's a Craig in Manchester Connecticut secret. I don't know -- -- I'm Greg Gregory you. Oh -- -- -- what do I get here from you and some of the so caller not sort of the strange thing you know the superstitious thing we can do watching again. Hudson who would what do you do. Well. Actually that they have very interesting he didn't believe because -- you know this is a Wade Boggs. -- -- -- -- -- -- I was actually end -- on for nine months. And I -- the reds are almost every every game. And but my only can receive staying up who's in the morning hours or remorse. Yeah actually got it up but the only way to -- and it's not sign our reasons and I'm president it by about. So I would watch ESPN's game cast so -- think that. Article about the Red Sox because I'm getting that. Out pitched well. Although I started to notice a pattern of the book but didn't take -- -- -- game because they'd get a football. -- choose. Them and they're consistent in their approach yet it struck out a lot. All -- nick struck out a lot. Napoli added then -- you know complain strike out strike out with a guy would get fired it that you let that. -- -- what Rory is as they sat him they do the strikeout totals were there but they also -- the opportunity for the to run three run homer was there and also this guy was streaky but it it worked those counts there's no question yet. So yeah I think that I didn't that. What I did not walk a single game. I just -- game that I noticed that Creighton. What I've I've figured it does now. I adopted myself into the season -- -- just -- -- -- maybe the World Series they'll change but. I'm not gonna win the -- wouldn't do it of course -- surprised. Well well I'm I'm speaking more to the beginning of the season and even back in did a tremendous what you wanna seeded teams do they had a great start a great closed the season. But. I if you look back to the doldrums of the winter. Were tiger about some moves and even before the season I don't think too many people would've would've thought. Started to believe that I -- -- all by you and I I loved every call is Greg started to repeat it but. I start to believe a little bit born July and August -- -- it's wide open Detroit's the favorite foods but it's it's still wide open year. In the American League so I start to believe a little bit more than an especially after a lot of wins and everything else. Yeah definitely have Lola. What they should pick my call it night -- a tremendous stride and looked so there when the World Series. Yes and I agree Craig thanks -- I get to this point really. Jeremy in Salem is the way and for awhile a German. Johnny red nose starts loan you his wells your. Hey it's I didn't say after Koji serious straight period and Jose Iglesias I just have to say I I don't saying this in in pure -- way. I mean boy I have to say. Ben Chang in the genius. How old is Jose Iglesias. Straights set and the ace ALCS. I mean. I have to say that peavy trade does not -- -- right I mean he struck out and the game. Well I was -- I was on after. When that trade was made is because those cuts made it pretty much -- an idea in that game -- that -- trade was made in July -- I like the move. Now he did dad farewell in a game for all see if you bounce back bounces back in the World Series it is ironic -- the culture be dead. That Iglesias strikes out or just one of the many -- until some of this series which is one for the ages the -- as he strikes out of tradition out. And also as an error as well I don't think there would have been a double play this -- -- Ellsbury running. In in tonight's game and Iglesias is a pretty good good good series with the bad adds a great moments of the glove -- But and he did have that ever tonight we're drew makes that unbelievable. Defensive play I don't think the whole story has been written on that deal but that could be one of those that works out for all three teams really. It when it's all said and done because peavy still under contract for next season. Outlets here a little bit with David Ortiz had to say after the big went. Not long debate alive. It's been a while but you know how it is. Everybody good to put a good team together every year. We're still in the worst -- is not and -- the wind it would do so I think that we've been doing okay. A year ago right now when you thought -- And I haven't done. We had some good owner. Got a great managers. And they know how to put things together you know -- inning and the one thing that I like the most about the easier it won't make the more expensive. They don't know what it got to move and go this far. It. With the money play. Hit them on it really I don't -- -- will hopefully put MacDougal whatever money -- -- going through another right guy and he did. Now we've got a ball the little we're going to do whatever they've been here enough. Seems like everybody's got money player on this team now everybody coming in and -- zone every day. We brought I'm not me dumbfounded. But I'm not the only player here everybody call me to give him credit that he's from. -- shoot it. I don't know. It wanna know what happened there at the end of that but did and it jewel once it. Exuberant and they should be David Ortiz so many story lines there a single player on this team and he's one of the headliners. On on that list it real quick years is is only eighteen seconds. Torii Hunter is never made it two World Series there's later authorities there's -- say about the victory of Grand Slam. Ours is drops you know he said in -- pop and the bars is barely an over the monster you know most stadiums as now. And now but here's a homer and and they he got the job done he came through. You know winning when they needed them and I got a big hit him. You know those -- crushing blow. As beat up to Torii Hunter too because he was in the mix to possibly -- Boston had to go to Detroit to big part of that. Rhythm back stories will meanwhile get a got a pretty good salary they -- from Mike Cilic but his son goes to to Notre Dame. And is on the of football team there's so. A Red Sox moving out of the World Series after the thrilling 52 victory to thrilling series. I'll continue at your phone calls also coming up Alex you're W he had a couple to break a -- of flash more after this. They're still play time left here this edition which had severe World Series addition -- -- moving on after closing out Tigers -- 65 to two. John Ryder -- -- -- so many calls to get do was -- the -- so I'll get to the putting JR I appreciate your patience. And also somebody text message to sift through -- he can text to sit 379837. -- we go back to Fenway Park Alex beer. Who does such a tremendous job writing about the -- -- Major League Baseball for WEEI dot com. Alex. -- having to resist who -- this series is one for the ages this one of the best playoff series -- you. Ever witnessed. Well it was a breathtaking ones certainly mean just the fact that there were first 41 run games and then this one which obviously prohibited over the course of one pitch. In and -- you know kind of breathless sequence over the course of thought as the rally unfolded in the seventh inning. -- if you know with unexpected contributions of 21 year old who has absolutely no business. Doing what he's doing at this stage of his career Shane Victorino who has absolutely no business being successful as a right handed hitter. In that situation facing three straight breaking balls by the way that one is a bit of a credit to the Red Sox advanced scouting staff. Which it looked ahead to this series and said you're going to see nothing but curve balls from Jose Veres well true enough. Not that it held victory know that much on the first two pitches but then finally Paris Paris Scotland that was a little bit elevated and Victorino got it. In the out this was did this was pretty white knuckle stuff -- there were no. There were no games there were without drama save for the seven to three game in Detroit in game four this was. In which pretty much every pitch matters. They really did it and it still -- I use the word fitting Alex to the way this one win would -- Red Sox team because we've seen so much of this diseases. We're you know. Did they win late and close which they did again tonight in you mentioned Victor Reno. -- deal -- hamstring event he's won big bruise he has to bat right handed. Really so many fitting moments -- really so many contributions up and down this roster. Yeah the way and. It's a number of the players put it is this is such a complete roster -- something something in part of this team. There are teams that win the World Series where it's kind of a top heavy accomplishment may be a pitching rotation carries -- or something through the post season. That's not the case with this Red Sox team that's just reached the World Series. You can look at not just the 25 guys who have been on the post season roster. But each of whom at different times have made kind of indelible contributions to the success of this team. Either in the regular season or the post season but you can look well beyond that to some other guys who aren't on the post season roster. Who nevertheless made significant contribution so this is you know this and this is the kind of special moment obviously. Any time that a team reaches the World Series it is a special point in time for so many different people and organization. But the feeling that surrounds this organization one in which so many people are able to really take part in the celebration. This kind of extraordinary and of course it's amplified by the fact that it's all. Really just so to -- unexpected and Larry Lucchino said it again tonight no one in this organization really. Would have been brazen enough to go out on a limb and say that they could've possibly into stated this is the outcome. For the season. Yet and just to jump off that likely my memory serves me correct because. On their club us insiders segment on the pregame show I remember you telling me in this was a little time back. The Red Sox I I think this is fascinating Alex this information -- either Red Sox before the season crunching numbers. Through their computers did it with a win total we what it was expected and of course for exceeding that. Yes so based on not based on the rosters of their team and of the other teams in the American League east and you know in throughout baseball they ran simulations of what the season -- out the season. Might play out now it's just an exercise right to give an approximate sense of what the talent -- how the -- -- plays out what the probabilities are. You know waiting you know and and basically plays up the season tens of thousands of times. With in settles on probability so then the likely just outcome that they were able to calculate was 86 wins. Now that that wasn't kind of DL and all that was part of a spectrum an array of different possible outcomes. They thought there was a roughly 30% chance that they would win ninety games or more in that didn't account for the possibility of in season roster changes. What our guy like -- Jake Peavy. Or the emergence of a guy like -- Bogart who wasn't on the forty man roster for that matter. But -- but nonetheless you know that was kind of their base like their hope was that they could find a way you know they had a pretty solid team there was a pretty level playing field in the AL east. If they would find a way to be able to compete well. They did -- they did they did that men Simon there's things that the -- that keeps striking me. They key that kept striking me throughout the course of the ALCS was that. This is a team that does collectively. Pretty incredible job of maximizing its talents by executing in such precise fashion. How many outs and we see the Tigers running into over the course of the ALCS how many outs did you see the Red Sox running into. Making one on a contact play otherwise you saw the Red Sox doing an exceptional job of taking the extra base the two instances. He kept hearing over and over team officials marveling at war Mike Napoli charging home from third base on a wild pitch after he hit a ball. 181000 miles in Detroit in the same game for what proved to be the game winning run. In the other one being will middle Brooks advancing from first to third on a I'm on about a sacrifice bunt. In the ninth inning after he had every right -- about the fact that he had lost his spot in the lineup to Zander -- he sat out all game came in in the ninth inning and had the awareness. Which is a reflection of fact that this is a a that kind of a clubhouse culture that's locked in on the game -- -- keeps all of its players like him on the game. -- this was a team that that executed at such a high level that it was able to maximize its potential. In just kind of blow past what what we might have traditionally expected. Based on not based on kind of statistics and career profiles that sort of thing. Where were tied with Alex -- WEEI dichotomy -- -- of course -- Twitter. And Alex here. Alex the you don't -- you mentioned top heavy in the top heavy nature we we know about Detroit. You wonder. GMs of the offseason it's such an inexact science we look at even. This series is it you read an article up well against yesterday now on the base running which you just referenced but even the bullpen -- -- a zero point 43. Bullpen. ERA for the Red Sox the American League Championship Series and it one perceived -- the Red Sox have a better bullpen the Detroit but. Maybe wandered down -- but just so many of the little things this Red -- -- did including -- major thing in that. Who would've thought that the Red Sox could have gotten five plus innings from Clay Buchholz inherited a two line. No out situation and granted they they added some tentative a fire -- Franklin Morales who's the first man out. But to see the way in which. You know which Brandon Workman executed really dominated over the course of his outing that was huge Craig Breslow coach you. It -- it is all while we're just so dominant over the course of the sales yes you're absolutely right that. Was perceived as a weakness and you would have thought that if if the Tigers could have gotten past the Red Sox went six innings then the Red Sox would have been in some pretty serious trouble and that. Did not prove the case at all over the course of -- over the course of this series. That group was just you know as dynamic and and dynamite really you know two runs allowed. Over the entirety of the thing and again that gets to the idea of the of the whole roster contribution. You know so many different parts coming together to be able to to beat a really good Tigers team granted it is important to have kind of have the practicing out. You know it would have been interesting to know how the series might have played out of Miguel Cabrera had a hell yeah because. The Red Sox found an obvious weakness may just kept bludgeoning it in bludgeoning it bludgeoning it with those fastballs away that he just didn't have. The base to be able to catch up with. But that itself is you know always speaks to their guy execution well too but -- -- but it was an obvious hole at a certain point. But you know there there excuse remain precise they didn't allow they rarely especially after the first two games. Allowed pitches to -- back over the plate it Cabrera could just. Devastate yet no problem no question well for. You gotta have the idea is going to be have to have the execution now looking ahead to US Saint Louis we'll talk about scouting. -- the building their team you out amazing. That that's a team and and I know they don't have the style points for the Dodgers do in the sexiness is center but in some ways. Somewhat not completely but a mirror image of the reds are to take like Michael locker -- they got as a draft pick. When Albert poolside with the Angels. If you if you really look at baseball look at the series this year be a fascinating series that's fascinating team there in Saint Louis. Yet to great baseball cities for starters which is going to -- which is going to really amplify the atmosphere surrounding these games -- to school. And yeah what the Cardinals have done in order to build themselves. -- kind of perennial contenders you know three straight years and at least the NLCS this is their second trip in three years to the World Series is their fourth time in what. Ten you're busy and World Series. That is an extraordinary organization because you look at the amount of turnover that they've had. Just since 2011 and I believe that of of the players who were on the 2011 World Series roster it's one of our players. On that roster there are only six. Who are on the NLCS roster this year a lot about how impressively. They've built an organization that sustained to adapt over the course of the long -- or to be very very good now. I don't I don't think that there they have the same top end talent. That Detroit does I think that their rotation. Isn't quite as evenly distributed the Red Sox Brinkley were pretty terrified. Of what the out of what the Tigers had in terms of one through four. In their rotation and you know that's not to detract from a very impressive. Cardinals' rotation but what you get beyond. With Vick I guess the W squared or whatever you wanna call the -- I'm -- -- -- then you know there there's a drop off there that if it isn't necessarily should not at least be as dominant. As what Detroit had throughout the course of the regular season in the 34 spots. But it's a lineup that's built kind of in the in in the structure of an American League. Lineup with well distributed talent up and down up and on the grouping in they've done just an incredible job. Of combining. Outstanding amateur scouting and does scouting and player development with. Her with with just outrageously. -- successful free agent signings Carlos Beltran certainly comes to mind. As having been a great acquisition for them kind of every bit what Shane Victorino has been for the Red Sox this year -- and more really. So you know it -- it's it's a really interesting city or rather series of the two best teams in baseball during the regular season. In 97 when he's from mr. It's a power arms out of that bullpen as well and now for Saint Louis now lastly what what do you take care what he expected the game one pitching -- to -- Well I would does you know just going out on the limb you would have to be average I would guess that it's Wainwright for the and that is going right against Lester -- because of those are those of the two though it goes a bit too. Anchors of those two staffs as unbelievable as walker has been. You still you know you still wanna. One I've kind of calmed down the staged just a little bit of form recognizing the fact that he's made all of what about fifteen. Major League starts in his life. Instead of shoot for that matter is I made about forty professional starts in his life. So you you probably one Wainwright against and then and then you know Lester has really kind of an obvious one. Yeah well I guess what's it definitely less question -- But that that just maybe think it's really gonna be interesting is that what they do game two whether they go and Lackey who's been so good at home and walker will probably be the well I would definitely gets the starter for Saint Louis for game two but. But I guess the real question whether they go back to -- to do they go back to Lackey in game two at Fenway. Right I would think fit my guess is that at this point you know given that given where Lackey was -- met last start which was. Pretty amazing that -- my guess is that they were I get him back on the bump you out for game two we don't get too far removed from right from what he had in that start but. You know we'll see -- -- they will have their day you know we haven't I haven't looked far enough. Ahead to the specifics in particulars of the match -- to figure out if one of those pitchers might present particularly good match up on the against the Cardinals specifically. Well Alex I was appreciate your help in and join me after all these games during the season look for Pataki during the World Series. Rock on drinks and five hour energy earthquake Galaxy do but. Thanks for the thanks for the time -- -- -- Boston's -- for -- -- I go to mister Ryder great thanks for your patience that you we've that it could and station out because you. Thanks to perfect his game a couple -- on this -- way to forty. -- -- talk about the recapping the game or whatever I want that you know while we while we in this position right now lol yeah. We went through tour championship. Awful old -- We. Knew it had to work record. Last we're out -- it was a joke. It was a joke I agree which I agree with you are I believe that in July August. They actually appear happens where there -- that the Boston Marathon bother you. We don't you mentioned that yeah I mean these -- the attack in the tragedy there and. Is there today but it didn't respect I agree with the call to. A -- like maybe I happen although -- wait for you Mack Albert -- I had -- and a a parent. But the day that you look I agree we're date April they. The merit -- that we -- Connecticut closer to -- that he is not in there. At the that they respect that they. It's like football -- it if it -- it would o'clock. It if you look at all like the -- whose strategy involved. When mr. these guys. Big popular. I look back though he needs people winners are. Seeing. Then this is not considered. May not go well these guys aren't really your arm will step in your book and they beat each other and they pay -- -- Now does drew sets the team -- you -- -- And it is kind of a bit bit bit. -- put it would -- the start Monday credit for the city to play for the people. Troy and David Ortiz who's been here so -- AJ are really appreciate the time of the compliments. But to yes and David Ortiz has been here for so long and -- get a real feel for the for the city of Boston fans. A Boston. I wanna get to Cheryl in the cars went a while but will get to you after the break lines -- cleared up here. There's this for open spots for 6177797937. On get to a bunch of these text messages. So many -- and I have kind of neglected it. At 3793. Civil geared toward those and I get to warrior calls and gave back a little bit to Fenway as well. If hitting catcher earlier on in. Some would John -- led to see in some other. Key members of this Red Sox team and staff and and will do that come and appear before we make our way out of here at three or maybe later -- -- But to -- more after the sport. Here's the -- -- and yeah. I -- -- singled like Jacoby Ellsbury to right field. The play was not close to home related to -- throw the good news. Both guys sliding his -- -- way ahead of that and Red Sox are and love one another thing. That kind of lost and all this was that run they scored -- -- After and Ellsbury taking the first pitch from scherzer rob speed pitch sending it out to right field squared Bogart's abode. A body is it seemed easy enough for us he really -- for for you know 5678. Years. I'm 21 year old kid maybe does know better but -- on -- one for one denied the double to start things off there and scored and Ellsbury with two down. And then work in the to watch who's down. All three of those counts for his size moving -- of the World Series 52 win over the Tigers tonight at Fenway John Ryder banquet here. Let's Rolando let's give back the cause your Cheryl and a car a Cheryl tasteful not. I guess you know all Pavano looked into the rail and then. There was so much talk about who can play tonight and who can sit in nineteen -- -- comedian is. The reason that was such a debate is because everybody on the roster is capable. Of making a contribution. And every last one of them could have been no one can make an impact tonight and that is as creepy and their strength. And the beauty of the. You know it's Jets can't. He had good good point Cheryl you know it sucks but -- as we do what sports rated that's what makes it fun especially Abbas we've got a great. Fans that pay attention when you debate these moves and in baseball's a great sport for that especially here in Boston but he got to -- the almost. I would we talk to a true struggles at the plate in the -- but. All of these guys there -- -- possible coming up with a big moment whether it's in the field or at the played there. On the Mona what and the -- at the class and that this say about a true. -- this I struggled at the plate but his defense has been a non call and has been saving them. But as that I -- he's not gonna win the gold glove but to he will. It will be easy candidate not that they have you know second third fourth and in that -- pro -- -- Escobar of Tampa Bay that wins but but. Yeah looked a -- and that's so pivotal in key games in on ground ball -- that as you stared and there are a lot of yet there were there and and that liable buckles on the mound so the you know I can understand maybe. Mouth and interest staying. Or how it how it breaks down and in the World Series but I I don't think through changes things up I think you'll be seeing amateur. I think that's a great night at. My aunt have a good. You to show great call it beer for me. Yours entity in a car Anthony. Did you I don't great I'm sure you do well as well. I -- for. Connecticut. Great game were down the field box. And question have you. Did you did you see Cabrera or the pitching change where they pull out Colts it was kind of -- chat it up with. The -- Believe it and yup I'd probably get accurate day than he's. He he was like should shut -- dugout and we were we were kind of -- you didn't know what was going on out you court that are rolling it well. Like he held the -- -- -- yap a -- attacker himself. I'm sure was some fun banter but also. He got to remember of I don't know if the jury was shot about this you got to remember. Well I'm sure he remembered when Cabrera took buckled steep. Numbers point to the crowded Qaeda. An outlet like he was -- died a little bit on that at all today they do that who who knows it could've just been joking around especially those that. It was a great game a lot of hog and I technical. I just played a brilliant when you think about where we were at the beginning of the season and at what happened. And yeah I would have been -- observed that the right thing and as far as. Which everybody could have just stepped up but that night you just never know it was gonna step up and that was just made. It was and it's release as sweet anytime you go to World Series but. To -- reason then you know you look back to -- and yeah of course and the -- since 1918. And you thought that -- and especially what they did I don't know if any team won't beat. What they ended up to add to the Yankees in and I think we can appreciate each one of those seven if that happens here -- notes -- -- but -- I they got it out of the three I think unanimously. Most can agree affected if most unexpected of events -- happening considering where they were last year and and the assembled a roster heading into the season. But I guess the problem and that he thank you. That added Curt Schilling big name a what do moved out was in 04 waited 07 do you think that happened Beckett. Diseases Shell of his former self but those those were teams expected to win. And end up get a job done nothing to take away from that they got -- -- and and an NB ALCS will go down forever the 04 at this was a class -- CS as well. And Red Sox knocking out the Tigers move on the World Series here's a gem in Peabody a -- They kill you would be operating a -- seventy. I am. I if I am you know idea I'm enjoy it and I'm thoroughly enjoy AMA is a great chaos. I I'd rather have it this way then. You know I had in love talking about the Patriots Bruins Celtics but I'm -- talking about apply I do what I do. But he had it away when you work almost every single day since April it. -- Yeah yeah. I'm hope it were celebrating a World Series here at Iowa. It just seems so incredible that the public -- you think that probably just assert themselves we wanted to face in game sub. It is for the event is for the job and look at what -- the World Series. At least they like it but he's just -- play every game tell what he's saying about that. Yeah I don't know it's just brought that up because we really haven't gotten too much because of what happened tonight in -- looking ahead to. World Series that starts up on Wednesday well first two games you don't have to worry about that. Tito Ortiz -- against the started first base. And Napoli in a pinch hitting role. In Saint Louis you know would've been fascinating although it would have been offended with Kershaw and Greinke your Greinke. Well Greg you don't have to worry about the -- job. -- would the last last thing. And then you never -- but it maybe it would it would Saint Louis and they are starting rotation. Iran's right hander much like Detroit so I think that you. If it is good because they're big event just -- Italy. It is Saint Louis government. And honest I would like people have made slip ups all night TDs I'd probably read it just in London that accurate finish -- -- -- -- -- -- Have made the low. That's always an advantage I think when he talked about nationally guys in this rotation Jake Peavy. The two guys that might be able to give via hit. If possible end to end one of them -- and Saint Louis nationally guy I think they go to Lackey in game two. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I know you've made mention that we have. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Football when we get into whatever it is it is you want so the rules of the people that -- would. It just because -- that -- I just don't want to buy it definitely does. You know though -- change anytime soon Jim maybe down the road thanks for the call when knock up a few text before the break go here for Bob. John Farrell. What he had to -- at the podium afterwards. Couple of takes your Ryder -- all year judge goes -- thank you for that. -- -- texted please state -- state has still while we have. Chris John -- touted by -- appears Sox in the series yep that's for let me get some regarding the reds -- Tuesday. And do this all the fly. Farrell went from possible goes to a team -- about it after another possible post season blunder would Pritchard morale and overall look you give. Carolina again a solid grade for this series yet of course is going to be swarms especially to attend seriously that we can look back and reflect. I'm sure Jim Leland. Is -- the best treatment out here in Detroit but. This team loves playing for John -- there's no question about it it and David Ortiz reference that many times he's speaking all the way back to spring training this sense of normalcy. That's -- back. I tell will I don't know what the odds are a couple people ask me what the World Series odds in Vegas of this site being the World Series before the season I know that they -- along with the Dodgers. Where the two favorites to get to the World Series. Before the post season and to win the World Series I think there were both at the same odds eleven to four before the -- before I suppose he's a starter but. Yeah you're going to be make it's -- -- if you did that if he would replace that wager are coming up after the break if you wanna fit in a phone call here. 6177797937. A text messages 37937. On the AT&T to export another way to get in touch -- vehement Twitter it said John B rider John with the nature writer with a wide. And will be back would judge John Farrell what he had to say after moving out of the World Series way it's after it's bode well do that a next. Koji ready here's the 02 and. So it's. Let's get to the World Series the Red Sox -- -- in the American league championship. They have beaten the Tigers. In a classic six game series. And Boston wins the pennant. The Red Sox pouring out of the dugout in the bullpen down mopping Koji on the third base line. Flag to the finals and the Sox are headed back to the World Series. They have won the American league championship in 2013. Another descriptive catalog saving calls from. The gray Dave O'Brien you're on the WEEI Red Sox radio network. And the Red -- will put out of the World Series right game one at Fenway. Remember the American League in the all star game managed by Jim Leland. And the -- sexual and -- gave won a World Series on Wednesday night against Saint Louis at Fenway final segment John Ryder with you'll have. What John -- let's say coming up if you wanna fit in a phone call 6177797. 937. Techsters here says that the -- the Celek -- texting and sounds of some of the words she would. Use of the text. Zander is a scintillating prospect now an unknown. On on known -- upstart threat either solidifies the bottom of the lineup is a monstrous today and in the middle. Plays so it was solidifies the bottom and now the big key part of the middle of it for years to come. I'm here for the 21 year old back because here's Morton in Merrimack at new Hampshire at Morton. And I don't and I right or you. Great when he's really good shape. You're about the -- on a pre season yes. One of the one computer power -- actually bought a ticket. Right up to Super Bowl. Oh to win the World Series it make it two or answers to the world -- off point. Well I yeah I buy me a wish you the best more. You just do it did you really think did a possibility guys did not win. I did -- on a -- and yet the guy behind the counter what I have bought it like you don't like throwaway money -- it. So. Yeah I go on bacteria could have a Freddie cash it and if you had a winning. I'll look. At the -- I I hope you -- you know what I see. Wasn't Vegas -- through. When those web sites but I actually did that with the Patriots back in 2001 just for the heck of an island through ten bucks but. And that's one I'll always remember because that was -- expected of course but he had good for you more. -- look at it yeah -- best elect DA as someone. Text would be or tweet at me rather activity Johanneson the the Red Sox 321 on March 31 August pennant. Which which spot you were at Vegas her or one of these sites or whatever the case may be. Our rights let's gave back from after the game at the podium. Go to his first World Series as a manager. John Farrell. Unbelievable starting pitching particularly on their part. Tonight we finally broke through our insurers -- who's been so dominant against us. It is the third time it's our audiences -- about the last six weeks and no way it's been a matter of the most from two runs today except for that seventh inning where victory finally we we were able to break through. But. You couldn't of asked for better series if it tested everything that we had. Push festival limits and just wanted to congratulate them immigrate here. That. You got the -- glass tonight from a guy who's kind of scuffling a bit in this series to talk about the two you know. He's a big money player test me he's come up big a number of times this season tonight no bigger. It and you know that there's been a lot of push back on a couple of guys Carolina that I have had some struggles both -- and Stephen Drew. But in the seventh inning and Stephen makes a great play this shut down an inning and potentially another run in and Vick. I don't know two breaking ball that you know probably the last thing we're thinking of the these commendable ballpark and thankfully. In the -- Boston metal plate -- to do so. -- and until about your day and then that people think. Well you know I think coming into the post season there're there are a lot of questions circling around our guys two Bridget to -- in. They couldn't pitch anymore. Consistently more effectively. You know what would president and what has have done work -- tonight outstanding inning plus on his part. But he's gonna come up with some big plays seemingly. Every night we want and feel tonight again you know makes a diving play those glove side. And once again this was a win that was. You know that you point to any number of guys so many different contributions all the way in -- and -- -- who comes out of Ireland minor league system for the course of -- gets. In on base three times no no bigger than the 32 double. To give us the first round. But just. Just a great overall approach at. Just get to to have my questions but that's okay Bogart's in this kid who let's think he's been in the league for ten years -- against scherzer. Great at bat and then -- the key walk. Yet you know and in the first walk through a few plays off at two strike slider that was just off the plate and and it was a moment where you know if you if you saw what I think -- -- said something thome looked up bottom kind of nodded his -- yeah like. He saw the pitch took it and I worked a walk. But said you don't much like we've gotten all reports all year long from our development staff that that is beyond his years he's shown that every time you step of the plate in this post season. He's got a bright bright future. Day Johnny had two shots again it sure isn't one you just missed a couple by inches and then the top of the wallets. Gomes later on. Those -- any party either alike wondering with navy just wasn't destined to go your way to -- Well when those opportunities come and go like that we have another big one in the sixth inning or -- minutes second third with two outs or in any induces salty you know pop up in the infield and against great pitchers such as him. You know those those opportunities that are fleeting and you wonder if you're gonna get him back and but what's been a characteristic of this team is that it never rolls over never males in an at bat and we're able to build that inning and seventh. Left plan John. John can -- -- a critical election newest and won't let it get the nod for Wednesday. -- you're way ahead of the gun here Johnny. We're we're probably gonna take maybe twelve or 24 hours to let this -- sink in but. That you know watching him last night that they've got a fantastic team in a lot of young power arms of -- -- that mound so. By the time once they rolls around we'll be prepared but. Not right now. I actually had some less than I had Tuesday's schedule -- Do you. I mean I have -- -- at the OK John thanks for the masters celebration. As Chad Ferrell. After the way -- let that sink in I'm sure there's still party and out the should be at Yankee way and I into these wee hours of the morning. That's gonna do it for this edition of Fred Sykes for view was the amazing. As the -- I scored a World Series that's right let that sink in -- -- I gave one on Wednesday head over to the afterwards. And of course of the pregame show all that stuff and David show on the called. Thanks to Alex spear of WEEI dot com great work by Craig scholarship producing tonight. Would had a day Laura misery goes junior held an out as well. I'm John Ryder -- -- sooner Red Sox moving -- -- the World Series take on Saint Louis gave one on Wednesday at Fenway. Enjoy a here's Saturday night Sunday morning when everyone to come on --

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