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Joe and Dave Postgame after the Red Sox win the ALCS

Oct 20, 2013|

Joe Castiglione is down on the field and in the clubhouse for the Red Sox victory celebration, Dave O'Brien is guiding everything from the booth. They talk to John farrell, jonny Gomes, Craig Breslow and more after the Red Sox beat the Tigers to advance to the World Series.

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Sox certainly did it in grand fashion. Brands greens. Will be a big part of the story tonight it was -- Victor -- Of course in game two bring in a Red Sox back from the grave it was David Ortiz. David Ortiz is carrying -- Giants cut out of their head of Jonny Gomes. Think -- wearing the helmet and goggles. I don't know where you get those things it may be hot sellers. Let's go down a Jokester -- on the field don't. All right I'm not here by person -- symbolize that the mild that it was. Husbands and the Red Sox were there American league championship jerseys -- it just in the he did out there and putting them on the field right around the pitcher's mound than that it's really great season here. -- David Ortiz is over hugging -- picking up coaching in that everybody's. Gather around the pitcher's mound now with a the players. Their families. With kids are having first here. -- getting a little interference there. On your microphone. Well frankly that -- talking about families as he Shane Victorino to. Be interviewed on fox cities he's doing solely news. Is little one but -- families certainly -- big big part glory we sell more families and Red Sox starter. To Detroit in back from Detroit the other night tonight that we've ever seen. This is a team it is a lot of babies in the last few years. But this Red Sox team is made it to the series. They have knocked off the Detroit Tigers but final score of five. To two. Just saw a sign that said Victor Reno is ours the -- that I think there was hastily made up for it -- a very fitting tonight. You've been having trouble -- -- legally owns microphones. The wireless microphone down on the field attends to work a lot better when they're spraying champagne on a inside the dugout but that what an amazing story don't. Think yeah you win here is John Farrell Jon congratulated the pennant in your first year at their home let him. Game this was you know a joke this is this an incredible night you know -- victory and it comes up huge event. With a Grand Slam obviously the seventh inning we've finally broke through dancers -- so good. Know the Detroit Tigers congratulations to them that they've got a great team and play the game the right away this censored classic series of hard fought series in just a great way to finish in -- But you stuck with two guys who were struggling Stephen Drew makes a big defensive play in the seventh inning and benching Victorino like just two for 24 goes the. Belly that that he gonna come up and you know at a better time to hit the Grand Slam but. You know in that seventh inning that dirt makes it's a great diving play at the middle and you know it's been a one run -- final out. Of the seventh inning and then and then we -- able to manufacture -- run or put together an inning and the big blow my victory but. -- -- they were thrown for guys that is that you know hey this is not an easy game and didn't stay -- So the trust in them they've they've worked so hard it's -- -- earlier along it's great that you're doing your mind. I -- was most proud of that super -- congratulations. What is seen -- -- I think John here on the field after. This -- here and it's just a marvelous moment so how do you feel. I guess it is that thank you so much for joining graduation to. One more step they -- all over the reds activity to the World Series. Has that John Carlin that's who I'll celebrate that here on the field. And let's say yeah let's get that Kenny G here with CJ. TVQ tell us about Miguel Cabrera you want him. And it was. And athletic at Indianapolis. All the credit goes to him. How did you pitch into the night would you plan to -- them. I have. It's political it's it's. But the ones that would. The -- last. -- So what so I thought did a good job because of that. Even juniors he graduates continues to your first World Series you must be excited and you. -- -- -- -- -- That they set up the podium here today Bob my second base it's get that -- and working wedge I -- did it. Callous about that'd -- brought -- back come on first and third and nobody out maybe you -- they were right in the middle of a very tough situation. Now it is turning the double play ball I didn't think it was going to be a double play -- we got down on film and thoughts and where were you on that play we -- backing up. Other than the last thing I had done jealous of -- and take my hat off the and then when the moment that -- and you've got the next batter got out of it that was certainly critical of the keeping the Red Sox. One down now let's make some pitches and it's. Affected our team in the game because. You know we're gonna score runs through we finally got it done. You go to the World Series as a rookie. You're going to the World Series in your rookie year. The I Brandon Workman heading to the World Series. I remember that great performance of his in Oakland Joseph your memory had a no hitter. Until the mid portion of the game and -- that the Red Sox that you would lose there in Oakland but -- you could see that he was going to be a very valuable guy for the Red Sox in some role. -- -- -- One of requesting Louie Tiant up on the big board embracing Jared Saltalamacchia. Louis already has the water gear on -- champagne gear on to protective suits the fifth since I know where he's added a few minutes. Louie was one of the first ones out here David. Along with the family members he was the first one across the on my head out to the field and it's terrific as the Red Sox in. I still celebrating god here we get selected for the trophy presentation. We're -- and we're gonna take that -- is as well Joseph we will take the fox. Trophy presentation in the American League trophy. Here's Clay Buchholz -- congratulations. Thank you hung in there that gave his team a chance to come back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To get your team in the fifth sixth inning and you know whoever opens the -- you know that's face a little bit. Theories. Yeah yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They -- Buchholz taking pictures and realize that tears in their eyes it. Tears of happiness and joy here here's hitter -- standard congratulations. Out how did you work those walks mean those were some pop up pitches that day. Yeah it was something about the team this. I think what tonight is. Ended up. I hope so it was a good read them the reds -- very good start -- -- -- -- was -- -- this. If that's why we're -- -- you know I was ahead stuff. And then in the seventh inning to -- rarely take your thinking changes when you expect yeah. Man I -- -- right now in the middle that was in the record you know but I know it wasn't until -- anti Vick isn't a problem for us also. I mean it was just a good about -- -- And of course the time between you were down one until you get double off the wall you -- the heater and I would expect that. That's what I try to do -- I can't guarantee that I'm gonna get pregnant and get a -- I can definitely guarantee that -- -- do. You sure you haven't been here before and seven not even a playoff in compliance. Wow what it what a performance and that you've won the World Series. And the 21 year old. I thank you so much. He had a couple guys tend to forget that he walked in the club policy with a smile on his face it was unbelievable. He's still smile and to this day we're gonna take a break here. And we've got the to presentation the American League trophy the championship trophy to be made to the Red Sox. Front office and ownership. And will be carrying that also presentation the most valuable player award in this series. Don't forget Koji we are and how it ended where they strike out of Jose Iglesias of all people. Do and the ball game game six. Five to the Red Sox win they take the series four games to do they have won the American league championship it is on to the World Series. Believe it or not. On Wednesday night game one here at Fenway against the St. Louis Cardinals. All right -- -- victory you know wishing me congratulations. And tell us about that at that you know I just honestly the last couple -- -- get a present and the it's not a game with a ball in play you know give ourselves and Jensen. You know turn out to be home run -- -- get to 77 mile an hour curve balls and he came back with a third you look at -- -- honestly I was not I'm Allison and elegant out of the appropriate and I got a -- and island in LA turned operative for the good. And you know in this moment that you know -- it would mean in -- in the game and I -- and in my job and that's kind of stuff that. Every night you go out there anything about those kind of moments you make mistakes in. Need to stay strong and he just stares at it and you just try to you know you know -- out there every night lately 7008. That chance may present itself. All the media -- and you know they -- -- tonight and that's with that one swing did turn your whole post season around I don't appreciate it you know it's been a fun ride the greats as a team. A bunch of guys and you know it was a database that we're not done yet are goes through when rosters idea would be glad to keep applause. 1 nervous and I -- or I think victory and a congratulations. Okay okay Joseph thank you very much obviously in elated chain victory know what he was. Thinking about earlier I think when he mentioned I didn't do my job was that bunt but he popped up with two men on in the third inning and a Red Sox have an opportunity. To take an early lead Ellis popped up to the pitcher. But today in the and it's going to be long forgotten because he absolutely crushed a Grand Slam in the seventh inning. That put the Red Sox in front. After they were trailing two to 12. Grand Slam in the series the Red Sox. Who win game six by a final score of five to two despite getting out hit. Eight to five only five hits in the game but haven't Red Sox done -- throughout the series and hasn't mattered comedy hits it doesn't matter how many times he struck out. They all that matters is the result in the end and that's been the case for this team since day one when they beat the Yankees at Yankee Stadium. -- you still down there on the field Red Sox ownership group. Whereas John Henry and Tom Werner and Larry Lucchino. Are assembled on top of a podium which is -- assembled for fox. Right beyond second day just fifth David Ortiz is also there. Did you. -- down here on the field and Jon Lester here with the his wife and his son. I'd sit in the new baby drop the official put it to get the job and I -- -- -- here but yeah. Tied Joseph gonna take their right to the podium here. And the American league championship trophy is about to be presented. Now to present the William -- to war TBA LT am keen on out here is that Red Sox principal owner mr. John Henry. Teens there Tom Werner. President and Chief Executive Officer mr. Larry you know. Red Sox general manager and -- And of course your team manager. John Ferrell ms. -- -- This is a truly a miracle to come from where they did last year to where they are today is only attributed to John Farrell. Like I think is an extraordinary manager in his manages ballclub very well. The front office staff brought the team together and ownership is committed to not only this team in the Boston. I'm very proud and pleased to present to -- John Henry and your entire organization. Certainly emerged 2003 American league championship award. Okay. -- me asking. When your team -- spring training this year. Realistically. What did you expect from this. Europe. In high expectations. I just it's fantasy this group of guys I'm so proud of them they play the game the way it should be played. And there's going to be your -- World Series of Boston again this year. Absolutely Tom. A World Series. A World Series in Boston Tom floor I -- that's endured so much. In April would you like you know these fans here. That's why I say it's all. Farrell had been cheering him and he's 25 players. Every night they gave until the last out and even tonight we never thought we were out of bed and looked limping nearly arm. Have you done. At the end overnight and it buckled. John. Why did this work. Well we had such unify and -- approach room our ownership who -- you know they they backed everything have been set out to do. -- did a great job to bring in that group in here and this is all about the players. It's been great to work with them every night. And these fans here we thrive on the environment the energy that you -- create thank you very much. -- Let me grab you one more time you know you told us in most relaxed you are. Isn't OG RE come out there how you feeling and humid out there. Well given -- -- all year particularly the post season whether it was four outs five outs -- or clean ninth inning like tonight. There's a reason why he should be the MVP. And without further do you. I think we do like the MVP trophy for the American me. -- This award is for you. Carl was responsible in part of the wins in this series. He won one game anything three and he struck out nine batters we're all very proud of you. And doing your dad. It. What exactly. What what about this year that made Koji so dominate publicity on the eve. Of the Dunlop boasted. Romo's season and all that stuff all thing assuming a couple of -- what it is. All the credit goes to the staff. The players that supported me. What kind of pressure. Was on him every single night Jon Lester told me after game five he was biting his nails when he was on the mound pulling for this guy what pressure did -- feel. In the open -- it and this Upton. And but I haven't allowed the nailed cause it did -- -- them. I'm so the key putts on the stuff. A detailed in its truth I almost threw up. -- let me ask you you're not getting almost threw up out there you feel winning with pitching. -- Don't know did you get picked -- without reigniting. That aren't. Oh my -- thank you don't -- it's. I Big Papi get over here. You had a pretty memorable speeds back in April what would you like to -- and now I'll give you the night. I just want to say one thing. -- -- -- -- -- Benefited and. Let me ask you one question -- use that at the end of the regular season. I teen doesn't go from worst to first there's a reason why it's happening and used that it was because of your first year manager John Farrell. What did he bring to this club. -- today you. Done since they want. It was a lot of confidence. And he wasn't trying to be a Bosnia was the threat it was apparent that we had that he babies the all about you take a bullet for all of us. He let us know since they -- hit he got a we're back. And bringing. Okay well. That's big poppy is not words. Which tend to stick in one's memory bring it. Tiger about the St. Louis Cardinals in game number one which should be a marvelous series the Cardinals resemble the Red Sox in many many ways. -- first time since 1999. At the World Series will have. The team of the best Greg in the American League the team the best regular nationally going told -- soul for the final prize very fitting. And it will start at Fenway Park. Could very well and at Fenway Park as well because the Red Sox have home field advantage. And another twist in dire need before we get to the commercial break. Jim Leland managed the American League all star team in a middle of the summer any managed that team. Like a man on a mission because he wanted desperately to make sure. That the American League champion and course he was hoping and believing it would be his Tigers proved to be the Red Sox but it the American League champion would have. That seventh game if necessary. At their home ballpark so. In a way you tip your cap to Jim Leland he helped the Red Sox cause here at the end you know the Red Sox beat his Tigers. In a tremendous six game series final score here tonight 52 Red Sox they have won the American league championship. It is on to the World Series on Wednesday. Well post game ceremony has dispersed but we have plenty more coming your way from inside the Red Sox clubhouse -- -- -- there was his microphone. Getting doused with champagne which he's made a habit and be -- giving you more interviews from inside. The Sox clubhouse. The dignitaries are starting to disperse is well nobody left on that platform. Out beyond second base from moments ago. David Ortiz addressed the crowd so did John Farrell sort of the Red Sox owners John Henry and Tom Werner. And memorably I think Koji we are -- -- his little boy is well I was very excited that his father was able to do what he's done all season long despite the fact that. Koji admitted he almost threw up. Five due to the final score remarkable story for the Boston Red Sox to knock off the Detroit Tigers. Who were outstanding in the series and a pitching was just incredible but in the end it was Shane Victorino as Grand Slam in the seventh inning. Off of that pitching to put the Red Sox a lot of the promised land does such a wonderful moments. The aftermath of winning. A series like this to put you -- to that next series the biggest series there is the World Series. The -- Red Sox players are still milling about -- their families but about headed. He ended at the clubhouse at the Dallas dugout steps and there are many many hundreds of supporters family members and and media members in dignitaries out on the field. Still kind of walking around some of them with a dazed look on their face. And I don't think you're gonna see that dazed look on the face of anybody inside the Sox clubhouse because this is a team that. And great conviction great belief in self confidence from. The very first day of the baseball season and what they do over and over again they prove to all of us. And who are part of Red Sox Nation that. The team is the thing. And there's no one bigger than the other and and it never was about just one player getting to the World Series it never was about one pitcher or one hitter. Or one player and tonight. The man struggling almost more mightily than anybody else was the guy who walked away the biggest hero Shane Victorino. With a Grand Slam. He came into tonight two for 21. His first at bat he grounded routinely to short that was in the first inning. In the third inning he popped up a bunt couldn't get the bunt down with two men on. And the next batter up Dustin Pedroia just missed a home run down the left field line. But would then hit into a double play and that was a very very deflating moment for Shane Victorino in particular and he referenced it on the field a joke this -- Just a few moments ago we -- I didn't do my job. In his third inning but the boy did he come back to do his job big time in the seventh put Joey standing by down all right. Yes the guy won the Davis here awhile know what it -- your pitching staff did especially the bullpen in this series. Great job from them. I -- I started -- up correctly. But -- Lugo -- tied it in the end but will be picked us up and of course stopping an offense like that. You had a secret treatments that -- instant. -- gets the MVP how about that unbelievable -- -- he did a great job all year I think what you for us was our Mariano Rivera for the New York Yankees so. Kudos to him and and to everybody and. It's just wanna know you've been working all week and the Cardinals -- the plan added you are idiots got -- their hitters and -- charge ready he would pitchers. Absolutely did not have finalizing a few more points how they play the game -- his swing when he's going. And what they -- them there. First World Series how do you feel -- course you're there with a White Sox but they here's a pitching coach absolutely Britain and -- It did before Boston. Yes indeed -- on the Davis who did such a wonderful job all year and Red Sox are in the clubhouse so we champagne is flying they get Ortiz. Coming out. -- what. We're. His goggles. -- of champagne. So. We're -- heading in that David just the home right now they're going wild and you know cameras in there I don't think it is an instant hit good. Certainly a lot of enthusiasm. And the guys -- getting absolutely drenched this is I think -- little bill while he did the AL what he has -- at that or rob the division clincher. They give might be -- not all the Red Sox are yet inside. So that probably gonna wait for all those guys get Jon Lester. With -- little boy Hudson in his dimes is doing some interviews and watching John up on the big board in. There are few stragglers who still not made your way to the Red Sox clubhouse. Which is a walk right through the dugout up the tunnel. Right no left the near their -- it's going to be crammed I'll tell you that week I couldn't get over how many people there were allowing into the dugout distill shuttling them down. Headed in that direction and -- just moved into the club policy here and we came down before the last out that they even got there were frantically trying to cover. Off the lockers -- now with these protective. Here and David Ortiz is there. -- -- -- Buchholz. And anyone else who happens to be in his. And jumping up and down. The goggles. In the forefront and everybody. And I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It got us now he's announced it himself. But -- David. And David what. Guys not to be distracted him like he's getting it back. Jonny Gomes guard Mike Napoli again. Not -- my shorts on Tuesday why he did that Wear baby soon death in the ALCS. And so. This is really a wild scene today as wild as we've ever seen. I just told TV MVP. There's still I mean I don't know how many people predicted it when the season got under way not too many. Those who did I hope they went to Vegas and put put down a lot of money. And then they can retire now -- the Red Sox going to be World Series but once the season got started this seems. Became what it became there was no longshot. All coaches -- getting. Is in the middle of an effect. Has Dustin Pedroia he's got to he's got to champagne bottle again he'd be OK okay. All right being able to make it. -- way to get talent dating to graduation and I mean we both decided thousand Jacoby Ellsbury. And he's got a mask. On I really helps. As a as a population I think right next to us it. To me in the perfect weather round here families and they're getting a little. Well I couldn't get over the Joseph how many people are cramming into the ancient clubhouse here. Everybody's a part of it. Yeah Johnny McDonnell Johnny congratulations you come to Boston and help from my home watching. For the winning a lot of support -- series. You guys played tremendous you know it's it's not just one -- -- -- Now does that with a big play as well. Well there is because everybody knows like and I don't want them. They have a lot of good clubs is no reason why people want more staff. And it's it's it's been amazing and I think it is simply senator Bennett. That's what's amazing feeling been around there after after the last out -- There's Johnny McDonnell thanks so much Johnny thank PD -- tell us about. Okay you'll be right back but that means the papers -- that. And it's -- okay. And to get Johnny Johnny started the winning rally with a W I thought it was gone and that same result he's crossed the plate anyway. I mean. Had a couple of inches away from homered and I think you you know that way you felt like -- his team you know. Man a whole bunch of recuperated after right after -- It's not it's not an accident fifteen to six and when you start the post season. I'll be as long to get that Allard Baird and who is being held by yeah yeah I invite yet you mean -- it Matthews may appear in this case beer so beer and it's great team all the Scots in here I think that he doesn't. That's a great job with the big advance word in Allard Baird. The guys behind the scene and really make it to really make you feel. And. Yes yeah I mean you're right about that -- and it's it's just as much for them is it is. The players on the field because it takes an entire organization to do with the Red Sox have been transformed themselves from last place for the best team in the American League. They really haven't this is C office got them lined up here -- -- -- -- had Josh Harrellson office. Enjoying this because they have such a large part you know the results of certainly in organizational effort and has been such a big part of it there. David Ortiz and cool dancing here in the -- -- and and I think Tiffany your season as the recipient. Now -- -- how wonderful thought it is for you Jones. The World Series begins on Wednesday at Fenway Park come about that. Wednesday at Fenway Park while first time and now -- six years and there's no reason why it won't be just as exciting and the results just the same is that they have been throughout the regular season and this post season. I -- I agree I -- I think the Cardinals in the Red Sox are very similar. In many -- Cardinals truly have an American League style lineup and it's. They really do. Let's bring in and bring in David David -- here but he's been such a big part of this. David congratulations. On your very happy came to Boston until the Red Sox and their fans. Thank -- oh yeah we're happy that good group where we're excited -- got a lot of work out. We're gonna enjoy this Connecticut -- guidance -- Ecuador accurate -- you were here in 08. And post season -- until that is done yet half. An outlet that was applied series the tires are really good game and you know. We'd we'd like to get baseball its most out of argued that much farther let's get like that you've been in and actually you know the Cardinals that would -- me. They're getting there -- didn't come out like maybe Pittsburgh I thought that's -- we got a chance to play the World Series I thought they were the best. Around they got a really -- -- they do the little things right that's not -- -- and a all right congratulations Brian Butterfield. -- just catching it water. Red Sox third base coach so responsible. And we talked a couple of days ago I said the best defense team I've ever seen with a Red Sox. Are we saw that -- -- we -- critical in this game. Especially you know with the Tigers had their problems yeah sure -- these guys are top these guys and -- about it not been resilient. They battle all year long and every once in awhile looks like things are going so well but it rebound. And they made all the plays defensively Stephen -- minus eight if there just hasn't been the defense is just an outstanding in the position. Stephen had an unbelievable series -- today that if we depleted after averted a series. I'd be home in my recliner right now -- -- it's unbelievable. Even though he didn't swing the bat the way he wanted to unbelievable defender great player. I satellite time in baseball -- you know why this is really combination that. Thanks so much -- know appreciate a lot of capability and it would get a penalty for just a moment from Joseph always gonna go to the podium right now or John Ferrell is. -- Unbelievable starting pitching particularly on their part. Tonight we finally broke through our insurers -- who's been so dominant against us. -- the third time it's our audiences I think about the last six weeks and no way it's been a matter of the most from two runs today except for that seventh inning -- victory finally we we are able to break through. But. You couldn't ask for better series if it tested everything that we had. Pushed us to the limits and just wanted to congratulate them and -- here. That. You got the -- last night from a guy who's kind of scuffling a little bit in this series to talk about the two you know. He's a big money player test me he's come up big a number of times this season tonight no bigger. It in you know that there's been a lot of push back on a couple of guys Carolina that I have had some struggles both Ian and Stephen Drew. But in the seventh inning and Stephen makes a great play this shut down an inning and potentially another run in and Vick. I don't know two breaking ball that you know -- -- we're thinking of the these commendable ballpark and thankfully. In the occur Boston metal plate -- to do so. -- and how about your day and end -- people think. Well you know I think coming into the post season there're there are a lot of questions circling around our guys two Bridget to coach -- They couldn't -- anymore. Consistently more effectively. You know what would president and what has have done -- tonight outstanding inning plus on his part. But he's gonna come up with some big plays seemingly. Every night we want and feel tonight again it makes a diving play those glove side. And once again this was a win that was. You know you'd point to any number of guys so many different contributions all the way -- Alexander Bogart's who comes out of Ireland minor league system -- the course of -- gets. In on base three times no no bigger than the 32 double. To give us the first round. But just. Just a great overall approach at. Just gets to my questions but that's okay Bogart's in this kid who let's think he's been in the league for ten years -- and again insurers are. That great at bat and then -- the key walk. Yet you know and in the first walk through a few plays off at two strike slider that was just off the plate and and it was a moment where you know if you if you saw what I think -- Matta said something thome looked up bottom kind of nodded his -- yeah like. He saw the pitch took it and I worked a walk. But said you don't much like we've gotten all reports all year long from our development staff that that is beyond his years he surely meant every time you step of the plate in this post season. He's got a bright bright future. It John had two shots again it sure isn't one you just missed a couple by inches and then the top of the wallets. Gomes later on. Those are any party either alike wondering with navy just wasn't destined to go your way to -- Well when those opportunities come and go like that we have another big one in the sixth inning -- -- -- second third with two outs -- in any induces salty you know pop up in the infield and against great pitchers such as him. You know those those opportunities that are fleeting and you wonder if you're gonna get him back and but what's been a characteristic of this team is that it never rolls over never -- and a pat and we're able to build that inning and a seventh. Left plan John. John can tell -- -- critical election newest and won't let that get the nod for Wednesday. You know you're way ahead of the gun here Johnny. We're we're probably gonna take maybe two over 24 hours to let this -- sink in but. That you know watching him last night that they've got a fantastic team in a lot of young power arms that -- that -- so. By the time once they rolls around we'll be prepared but. Not right now. I actually had some less than I had Tuesday's schedule in. Do you I mean I have tomorrow's schedule. But that's okay John -- -- back to celebration. Okay John Farrell leaving to podium mend would have to say all things considered -- He had himself some night Joseph is standing by downstairs. Hope you can only thank you very much -- Red Sox chairman Tom Warner dropped congratulations. You know what we -- stunned. You know the -- now. I didn't and I did and my dad. It's made the announcement beautiful -- I've ever seen I don't know man popping Oklahoma Grand Slam is great there's an even greater. Oh what are resurgence this team has made them last year in -- it. All of our compliments and coaching staff. And John Farrell -- -- -- they've really put together a great group of people and there was never any quit you know. Probably the most likable and that together grew from there. Like -- blown out there and you know it's just been a beautiful six months and then fifteen I guessed from the very beginning -- resilient. Or more wins ago I'm -- and it was clear beautiful life. Thank you so much time congratulations. What a tremendous. Tremendous game five performance here tonight let's bring Jarrod Saltalamacchia -- congratulations. Go to your first World Series. It's unbelievable. -- that gave -- these guys -- so hardly alone in being carted off. Don't have like catching apology. -- thoughts on the line and he just goes out there. -- -- think -- any -- you just throw it like that. Guys can't see an enemy this he's worked hard through as -- as -- deserving of the MVP. Yeah without a doubt anyway. Is there isn't right here or there. Okay Jared Saltalamacchia. And here's and here's another guy who's not scored -- in the post season. Craig Breslow pitched the eighth inning it's so much -- Rick congratulations. Thankfully -- now what an unbelievable again ago. Seems like if we can keep ourselves within striking against anybody in Carolina when -- -- -- -- -- -- to get back into victory -- -- into the night. Then you know great starting pitching -- already doing what he's done in. Worked admitted -- You know Johnny and I threw -- it used defense to -- -- -- On the other right out of this one. Your at a pitch in many high leverage situations -- did you -- so intelligent. Few spots and it's such a wonderful job. You know I mean it seems like when when -- cars that. -- that involvement in the versatility we've gotten. You know. There's there's no reason that kind of overextended one guy can -- -- doing -- -- -- -- -- -- about and -- the -- the next I was going to be good today. He converted southern Connecticut to Red Sox country averages and our life here Breslow who it's this -- statement -- did so well this morning. And the whole postseason game seven scoreless innings. Yeah I was terrific throughout this entire series in money whenever he had to beat Jones. Certainly true Brentson. Koji and we are then they had to be because at that. Tremendous Detroit Tigers seen as the Red Sox beat in six games since. Every game the ones. Who was a real old are real nail biter and tonight was certainly do. Finally the Red Sox after that victory -- shots on the -- feel like could breathe a little bit they had the upper hand they had a three run cushion and that's an Avalanche of runs in this series. Let's -- we get too caught Jacoby graduation but god congratulations way to go out thank you I certainly had a great series -- great post season and that. Like the match -- World Series performance of 07. Yeah I know it's we're excited we're -- to be back out. There's been rumblings that does this -- ran out of steam them together and work hard in. You know we'll have to be going back. Gave the Red Sox the -- there initially yeah first pitch changeup from scherzer enamored what's wrong -- -- hit off scherzer. Yeah palm out it's going to be immediate present. Look for a fastball got a chain gets that back on and not new driver right filled in. You know I tell you it that you're trying to get the crowd into it and I you know they came back but I thought BS and hit that Grand Slam though -- -- We can pick up the ball you hit up the middle and let the tragedy was going through the morning -- -- from -- -- I thought I thought I have a chance -- I don't know because they're on the out anyway is on it it would have been a tough tough to get a -- -- -- second but I don't mean just this happy about it not been. You know the rest -- history. Calculations. Make it like the World Series okay. I really wanted to find Ryan Dempster if I don't think there's a happier guy here right today I was I was gonna say -- I think that be great again if you can find him anywhere I didn't -- him earlier and he gave me a big -- that he's at all. Smiles. I think he is having a hard time believing that after all these years. All these years in baseball he's going to the World Series. That the agent like 36. So I remember when he broke in with the 1998. Florida Marlins who were managed by Jim Leyland then they lost a 108 games in his rookie year. And from that day until this city everything I did make it to a World Series to the ever actually believe it while he's -- of the World Series. They're congratulations. Big time to Ryan Dempster. Then all of his teammates and his glorious night for the Red Sox. The knowledge of the spot every media -- right here at at night and and -- in the world probably outnumbered. The players right now. Let's get there Red Sox hall of Famer lowly Seattle away. A little -- what do you think this blog. The first one out there on the field and celebrate. Everything -- good. I have legitimate guys. Good when all the. -- -- -- And I don't know nobody -- -- wildfire it went right. -- -- Agree that are -- congratulations and thank you Red Sox hall of Famer. And -- your we'll probably get and -- you can't hang around there hang on just this second -- -- say -- to John -- -- congratulations. That. You're going to get third World Series the Red Sox owners. So I can't hear anything and saying. The opponents say this when. These guys play in the game they deserve to -- in -- World Series it is still have blown. -- Imagining Louis yes. -- certainly have very likeable group that was together from day one. Let the game -- -- my ability. We never had a night where I felt like. And at the World Series going against that team you rooted for as a kid the Cardinals. You know Baylor they treated so well I was so happy fourth line. 2000 or nine years later I think you'll be -- -- has done Jack congratulations. It's -- they very much and as you know come on upstairs. And will finish up the broadcast here from Fenway Park. I think we've heard from just about everybody. And obviously everyone absolutely elated and sky high on this amazing night the Red Sox have won the American League pennant. They had defeated the Detroit Tigers. Final scoring game 652. Red Sox by the way David Ortiz is coming back out on to. The field they'll looks like he's carrying the American league championship trophy is an -- holding up I -- on the warning track in front of the Red Sox dugout. And so this party is going to go deep into the night. And probably in the morning is the Red Sox celebrate they glorious achievement here they have won the American League pennant bag at Fenway Shane -- -- the podium what. That's that and the fact that you can do this now against a righthander what does that mean to you. You know it's. As we don't know you know it's tough to hear from one -- to play let alone you know be a switch hitter and you know it was a most things that I worked. So are on to be successful Latin you know when. To have injuries that happened to me this year you know with a hamstring in the back and -- -- to myself they would like to see from the right side. And you know is a chance I took. Organization anything to chance. You know Boston with success you know they definitely want me. To continue. You know my nights. Are feeling better I still feel you know here and there when -- -- -- you know from the left side of -- in my back in my afternoon but. Hey you know it's on the you work on Donald -- it's of Iraq and do you work hard on and try to be. You know it's almost like it's not a -- there's like becomes -- you know is like a challenge for me it is to go out there. And to learn how do you switch hitter and now to go back and that's -- -- -- like another challenge like let me see if I can actually do this at the big league level you know for as long as I can't. Involves the it's hard because you he works hard he has loser but now going back in but again I see is a challenge and I'm -- you work at. To follow Jeff. That. In this game. -- -- -- I don't know if you probably weren't there the other night when -- you know question was asked after the game and I sit out. We're squash and after this year in Aram was gonna stick associate -- right -- -- am I have a trip overseas I don't know you know the playoffs but you know. I mean that's that's where Matt I'm coffers to say that I appointment of you know continue to work from the right side for the rest of this year. I'm not wanna give up on the left side and wanna work on this offseason but for this year that's pretty much a done deal. When you came here you know you come to an organization hadn't played well last year and a month. On what made you see that it might turn around here and there so when did you really realize that something special was happening. You know honestly it was one of those things you know I think about. You know. The Red Sox you know the franchise. You know again playing against you know these guys and nearly get an opportunity. You know it was it's it's a no brainer to me when I got the opportunity come here you know and to me when he got special it was was -- wants returning. You know we all came in with the mindset that you know we're all to go out there give it our best. You know take you know one at bat at a time one pitch at a time one game at a time you know from spring training and has continued you don't see. -- tonight and I could have definitely been the bill and when I say it is that you know that that question was definitely in my head going to comment and explain this. Not getting the bunt down. You know and and a crucial situation where he got to minimize those mistakes every single thing counts and -- all the -- things that you add up to to a moment like tonight you know makes -- -- -- special and I knew all along this is going to be a specialty. -- came when you hit the ball we -- thinking sacrifice fly. Awful all over the wall all the above that you know honestly I I was all of the above obviously the first thought was get enough air to tie the game and then. He got to the floor -- Wallace could get up over the wall and and they all emotions always reminding all CC hit and and you know no disrespect and I would never be one of those guys and you know if if if guys to get to the wrong but yeah I was definitely excited when -- on the basis you know upon it in my chest. I've always been that kind of guy that I've always not you know I've I've never I don't like you know a team show that kind of emotions but. And I hope they understand a special moment you know for me for the city. And you know no disrespect again but that guy across the way we play tires and I respect those guys like no other men. The staff everybody I mean it was a special moment. And you know lawyers say no disrespect to them but you know this is the battles within -- in the back. Shane you -- that you hit right at the plate maybe one home probable -- on the haven't had a pretty deals he has. You could get the ball down. -- we away Aaron first game yellow out that we actually -- that was earned him a go ahead let's admit it ignited it shows the professionally -- You -- it not. You look confident when he went up you -- seem shaky what. Does any of that enter into your mind that the I'm not down and out my parents my brother you know this was the cliches and I've always used. Is playing a game like it's your last you know to play today and to play the last out as I said I was definitely. Not false reports from ahead -- and explain not you have on now you know Hollis you know all these kind of moments and but -- when I got there that inning after Altidore us today. Do what you do best to go out there have fun doing it. And you don't it all hang out and you know make it work this time and I you know hey I take all the credit. My teammate takes all the credit for that you know pushing me to work part. The computers stay positive and trust now gone out. There are people talking about you're dropped in -- lineup that's it's you know it makes you wanna go their dispute -- -- -- much better so. Okay one last question -- A huge articulate right. So you. Given that you you know you heard people saying you know on download things along those lines what does it mean to you that you went ahead and did that. It's first time my back against the wall people doubted me. In on I see it in a positive way that you know. I've always been a kind of guy that's been my drive on an -- to settle already you know too small theater you know -- the big leagues. You know scout told my mom and high school in their -- major league baseball players so they're get there. You know those all kinds of penalties in in almost like tonight I mean I definitely said -- -- to go play -- and have a chance to be here and let you know the more government. Let's get back to -- as a good thing he thought that concludes it is not a lot. His bat do the talking tonight in a clutch situation and truth be told he's been one of the best clutch hitters all season long for the Red Sox clutch defenders as well chain victory know. The most valuable player of this ALCS. Went two Koji we are but tonight the MVP was certainly chain -- know. When you think about -- -- Jokester Leona is rejoin decision broadcast -- the turning points in this series were the grand slams. Have they were really working to authorities -- Red Sox -- verge of being down two games that -- At home no less. And there with Verlander looking ahead so it was really a critical when David hit that home run and of course. Tonight. Change what just went through all of the shortcomings and then once one of the bat turns it all around but. I thought that way Pedroia executed that that play at the base running. Mistake by fielder was critical. They -- the little -- so much better they're much better team. Then the Tigers of course have great starting pitching great power but this was. I think the best round at -- sac fly by exceed in terms notebook. Being able to manufacture Iran being able to prevent Iran with good defense and fundamentals. And of course to have great pitching and enough power and of course leading the league Robinson. Is -- baseball runs. Today even though the Sox only had five hits tonight you know they score five runs with those five hits in. And finding the way to win the big game you know coming back and winning big games time and time again the games they had to win to win a series. Or when they were starting to maybe. Get a little tired in a particularly tough opponent was in town Red Sox always found a way to win their -- As some way wasn't always starting pitching wasn't always the offense now oftentimes whose combination of those and a great couple of defensive plays and tiger right and it was easy to look at this series and say well. The Tigers are gonna win it because they have. Verlander and scherzer. And Sanchez but if you really took a hard look at the Red Sox top to bottom I think you came to the conclusion they were a more complete baseball team. Had a better bench a better bullpen. More team speed more athletic schism and isn't it funny how those things. Were huge in a Red Sox winning this series. Something that's not been part Red Sox tradition it's been. A team like the Tigers now by brits actually been that way power pitchers power hitters. Three run homers. But now. I'd -- to that such a wonderful job putting this team to gather the Tigers. Also we're short of the bachelorette sex at a much better bench guys like David Ross coming -- having -- of big games and nobody in tonight is inaudible cards. The 21 year old who is. Certainly at the top of the charts now how cool even not he said he was nervous but he talked to Lewis when he was out there which of their what -- known to watch him. Well you could even be a cagey veteran of 38 years old like -- who admitted. I almost threw up. You know in front of the national television audience he set I almost threw up. That sound nervous out keyed up. Well Bill Russell used to do that before every big game minute. With the Celtics back it and it's it's an amazing story Dan up on the big board under the John Hancock logo and get away senator it says. Thank you for coming we'll see you at the World Series. And how incredible that is some of that that makes the hair on your -- standup just to read that. He is the Red Sox have won the American league championship here in 2013. This season will continue and the biggest series of the mall is coming up Wednesday. Game one in just a word about the St. Louis Cardinals. They obviously will be the standard bearer for the National League and this is the second time. Since -- 2004 the Red Sox will have faced. The Cardinals for all the marbles and they -- a team that resembles the Red Sox in many many ways they have some depth. They have an American League kind of lineup. They do a lot of things up and down the lineup with Carlos Beltran. I'm Matt Holliday is tremendous power. Yadier Molina is the best catcher in Major League Baseball. The youngster Matt Carpenter is a great hitter it looks like they're gonna get Allen Craig back or at least they're trying to these guys drove in 97 runs for them. Very tremendous clutch team they hit 330 this season -- runners in scoring position just -- ridiculous thing. And they've got walked -- they've got Wainwright did get an outstanding rotation. But they match up well in the Red Sox match up well with them this as a chance to be one of the great World Series in many many years if they both played their ability. As the reds are certainly played to the ears and the male side. Makes -- similar -- offensive philosophies to they both work counts you saw last night match -- eleven pitch at bat it gets Kirsch Robin. It's a -- to -- the rally that what that they had this day and it so many parallels. Brett sacks -- probably a little bit more experienced. Of the Cardinals have a very young bullpen especially. But power arms. Donovan on our depth and in a lot of depth in their pitching staff is well much like the Red Sox Sola. John Farrell was asked at the end of his podium. You know are negative are you ready to announce Jon Lester in game one he said let us enjoy this released twelve to two to 24 -- course and let this -- -- a little bit. Before we start talking about that the tomorrow's going to be some fun day -- New England. You know what else was cool the clubhouse and on the field. The F families in the lives especially year. So many of the more tears -- -- many -- -- the champagne. But. They were all included were all part of this which I think is so. Much fun to see because certainly those women behind the scenes. Do so much to be mom and dad many cases with all the travel and yeah. A lot of those though we we have a lot of young. Young married guys on this team and would become fathers recently scores of them really it's it's very impressive and and they're all all the flights and here at this time of the year. Heading off to places like Saint Louis. We're games 34 and five will be played if they are all. In fact necessary game one we know this will be played here at Fenway Park. On Wednesday we'll have it for you on the Red Sox radio network because the Red Sox have won the American League pennant. 52 they knock off the Tigers tonight they win the series. Four games to two really a magnificent series joy you were downstairs the broadcasters for the Tigers Dan Dickerson and Jim price they both came -- to wish -- luck. And wish the Red Sox the best of luck in the World Series -- and lots of. Very classy organization. That Dave Dombrowski a great general manager. And Jim Leland one of our personal favorites and -- I think -- had a for the hall of fame as a manager I would agree it was a matchup that it was really a great series six games. But six hard fought teams in the I'm talking to what Joe Buck and Tim McCarver they were talking before the Keebler classic series this is -- now. Of course they root for good games and we're for a team but at that makes it -- Makes you realize just how special this series to us. It was vastly entertaining but we all need a couple of days to recover. Because it was it was a -- boy that's a champagne burns -- -- Craig Breslow like could see. It was my thirtieth at capital right -- -- -- and a hundred years seasoned pro at that I got the ball mark time. One more time sounds good let's let's make that the the case to make -- base chain victory know is coming back and -- of the diamond and as is always the -- human rights act -- series like this and win a series like this. Thousands of fans remain inside Fenway Park in his standing 1015 deepened cheering on shame as he goes out for some interviews and slapping uses -- -- great site because then you would not have been. At 8 o'clock tonight. The chain victory know. As great years I think personally he has had ninety he's been indispensable clearance that. With this series he was -- you -- not a bad he would be the guy walking across them and -- at 1:10 AM. Getting those -- -- but that's baseball and it's this Red Sox team. You know another cool thing out on the field I was when the serve was going on I was with they had him not his wife Rachel had a little baby face who was born in the beginning of August. And also with Jon Lester his -- side this is something that they're gonna hear about the years later they were there being out of realize that but they were there. Faith and hope and a lot of beards. In 2013. And the beat goes on the Red Sox were moving out of the World Series into a great job tonight. And I thanks to -- Loney is well will be joining us for get this the World Series which gets underway on Wednesday right here. From Fenway Park for my partners Jokester it Leona and homer Loney. Thanks so much for being with us. The party will continue into the wee hours of the morning and on the World Series game one comes your way Wednesday Red Sox in the St. Louis Cardinals.

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