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David Ortiz ALCS Game 6 Postgame

Oct 20, 2013|

David Ortiz ALCS Game 6 Postgame

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Here and I it's been awhile and been a while but you know how it. I mean everybody good to put a good team together every year. We're still in the worst -- is not and so of the -- -- -- do you know I think that we've been doing okay. A year ago right now political. And I haven't done. We have some good owners and got a great managers. And they know how to put things together you know an inning and the one thing that I like the most about being here won't make the more expensive. They don't know what it got to move and go this far. -- -- -- If the money related. C'mon admit I don't -- will hopefully put MacDougal whatever money -- they're going to -- -- the right guy and he did. Now we've got a ball the little we're going to do whatever anybody than you know. Seems like everybody's got money player in this game now everybody coming in and dragged into the zone every day. Hello I'm not me with a longer. But I'm not the only player here everybody call me to give him credit that he thought. Oh shoot it. I thought it. Yeah. There has been a wonderful feeling tonight. This is my second. Coming into the my third. Time in order series and the appreciation you know like he could bulk -- work really hard. We have a lot of superhero -- A lot of guys that culminated today but I could be done and try to make things happen and inevitable -- on -- -- when.

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