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John Farrell Post ALCS Game 6 Press Conference

Oct 20, 2013|

John Farrell speaks to the media after the Red Sox win the ALCS and advance to the World Series

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Didn't just about -- Feel. You fire sale. Well first of all I'd just like congratulate Jim -- -- the entire tiger organization. They they have a great team that this series had a little bit of everything. I've dramatic comeback wins. Unbelievable starting pitching particularly on their part. Tonight we finally broke through our our insurers -- who has been so dominant against us. And this is that the third time you start against us -- about the last six weeks and in -- way it's been a matter of the most room to run say except for that seventh inning or victory will finally we we are able to break through. But. You couldn't ask for better series if it tested everything that we had. Push us to the limits and just wanted to congratulate them and agree here. -- You got the big blast tonight from a guy who's kind of scuffling a little bit in this series you talk about the -- you know he's a big. When a player just me he's come up big a number of times this season tonight no bigger. It in you know that there's been a lot of push back on a couple of guys our lineup that have had some struggles both Ian and Stephen Drew. But in the seventh inning and Stephen makes a great play at this shut down an inning and potentially another run in and Vick. I don't know two breaking ball that you know probably the last thing we're thinking of that he's gonna have a ball ballpark and thankfully. In the occur Boston metal plate from to do so. -- and until about your day and then get it. Well you know I think coming into the post season there were there were a lot of questions circling around our guys -- to Bridget to Koji and they couldn't pitch anymore. Consistently more effectively. You know what what president and what has have done -- tonight outstanding inning plus on his part. But he's gonna come up with some big plays seemingly. Every night we want and feel tonight again and makes a diving play -- glove side. And once again this was a win that was. You know you'd point to any number of guys so many different contributions all the way in -- -- -- -- who comes out of Ireland minor league system throughout the course of -- gets. In on base three times no no bigger than the 32 double. To give us the first round. But just. Just a great overall approach at. Just gets to my questions but that's okay Bogart's in this kid who -- -- he's been in the league for ten years -- against scherzer. That great at that and then -- the key walk. Yet you know and in the first walk through and he plays off at two strike slider that was just off the plate and and it was a moment where you know if you if you saw what I think -- Matta said something thome looked up bottom kind of nodded his head yeah like. He saw the -- took it and I worked a walk. But said you don't much like we've gotten all reports all -- long from our development staff that that is beyond his years he's shown that every time you step to the plate in this post season. He's got a break for a future day. John had two shots again chair as the one you just missed them. Toppled by inches and then the top of the wallets. Gomes later on -- -- any party either alike wondering with navy just -- destined to go your way to -- Well when those opportunities come and go like that we have another big one in the sixth inning or -- minutes second third with two outs -- in any. He induces salty you know pop up in the infield in against great pitchers such as -- -- -- those opportunities that are fleeting and you wonder if you're gonna get him back and but what's been a characteristic of this team is that it never rolls over never -- and a pat and we're able to build that inning and a seventh. Atlanta -- John. John can -- over at a critical election Lewis and won't lest it get -- naught Wednesday. You -- your way ahead of the -- Johnny. Where were probably gonna take maybe twelve or 24 hours to let this from sink in but. That you know watching him last night that they've got a fantastic team and a lot of young power arms -- -- walk that mound so. By the time -- went there rolls around we'll be prepared but not right now.

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