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Red Sox Road to Redemption with Salk, Merloni and Bradfo

Oct 19, 2013|

Lou Merloni joins Mike Salk and Rob Bradford for the last hour of tonights Game 6 of the ACLS Road to Redemption. The guys break down the keys to the game for the Red Sox and who were are going to be talking about tomorrow.

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In May of last year we we had a long talk about our philosophy. Our core philosophy. And that's part of that we've decided to finish it's you can't think there's some things you just. Can't ignore and we have certain advantages we have resources. So we can't ignore some realities in baseball we we just decided. It as they said and made it. Basic things sort of like. You know we talked about I think at one point -- where we we made decision that we're gonna concentrate on having more depth doesn't. Spending. 125 million dollars for player we're gonna go get. Two or three players and making sure that if if we have. We have a great shortstop and a great third baseman we have a really good shortstop or third -- the back. Now I think all teams in all sports underestimate. The impact of the injuries. Hart I was just I was -- Red Sox principal owner John Henry you joined us just a few moments ago here in WEEI Mike's -- -- Maloney rob Bradford will be with the guys about 715 there. And then turn things over to the pregame show and and of course game time just after 8 o'clock tonight. As he talks about the efforts are a few things imbedded in the Aqua one that the fact that they knew in May and not later in the year I asked him a second month of the year they realize that they had a major problem last year. But then the other part of it is talking about the -- talking about being prepared to deal with -- injuries and it really points out one of the many differences between this Red Sox team and the Detroit team -- across the way yes Detroit has the top end talent yes they have scherzer and Verlander and even Sanchez and definitely the first few guys in their order which gets lengthened out when you have Jhonny Peralta going well Victor Martinez -- well. But but who but after that I mean prepare for injuries have Brayan Pena coming in that Don Kelly movie -- -- I hit Brayan Peña big fatty catcher. Don Kelly and some of the other guys they've got I mean some of the players they have after you after their big guns are. Are are problematic for Jim Leland that awful roster really. I'm just bench but not in any got a -- bench if you put. This -- to the starting right now -- adding to see the Tigers like Iggy is -- -- brought them. Ice today get time to get to the Italian Dirk -- dude I think just the same guy I tell you the son Tiago Pena. And the speedster on the bench it's like. With the right handed bat eighty pinch hit the other day -- ago that argument. You need to know what this public the other day tell with Koji in the game or one run game when you let it unite all later hit where it won't winners Kelly there or -- one of. I'll -- -- no I -- point he'd he'd he'd made decent contact he was making some things happen but the pinch hit. Jose Iglesias is -- which never happened there and I can. It is ever will -- throughout -- run you put you Pollard guys up there at a -- and -- righty I don't care gas. And you left -- -- and he -- he's got no other options. It got to let yet there in the bullpen -- a real -- you try to put him in against -- -- -- how hard would it have been to get a better Benjamin of the one thing you would think that if you're the Detroit Tigers you should be able to do. Is get a better bench for the playoffs by Elliott as the -- -- to the same guy. -- pick one deal law and get another -- -- not probably right out off the bench need to search and Iraqi regular with carping Gomes or whatever it is is that guy that or they haven't. Seriously I like -- defined well. If you get to the trade deadline can be because they -- overpay and it becomes ridiculous but. You're right meteorite that that that's going in and we do they who has the better this and who has the better of that. Now we know it's not even close and we don't even with a bullpen that first game if you watched the Detroit opened up first game you -- they got a good bullpen well no one. In the Red Sox in baseball thought that those guys to duplicate what they did that first game for whatever reason. The F that's F acts zone or whatever that's called they were painting on that line. Every and you watch that's the thing to -- when you look at these two teams. -- in a seven game series a five game series sometimes. You know your flaws you can exploited right because it just. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Given not athletic and they don't run the bases well this certain things flaws that they had. That after five games now we're starting to see right we are starting to see it takes to get to score -- -- from second. In in to score Victor from second and the school prince from second in May be probably just up and down the line at -- not athletic at all in your starting out scherzer. And Verlander. To make all the points -- right I mean he they could just go out there and actually deal and that's an but you've built your line did a lot possible -- have more applaud the Red Sox are. You know -- -- five of the Lackey Verlander game that basically the Red Sox. Have the right guys but Detroit has the big guys people say oh lead him Ortiz Pedroia whatever the fact is is -- Detroit. It's so reliant. On a few guys and they have to come through and when you have Cabrera infielder. And Reyes have to what was the situation first and third with one out. Those guys are paying millions and millions and millions and millions of dollar -- hundreds of millions yes yeah -- what's that left fielder contract holy macro 214. Million. And it was the Carl Crawford which was there wasn't another team other than the nationals. There was going to be close and this is this is where I say. I want I'll talk more ball Prince Fielder on Monday my -- when you get through this year is everybody is destroying. Prince Fielder -- quote and then they put birdied I had a chance quote do you hear that -- I'm just saying the fans can do it they'd be out there she -- the -- on an awful close sooner or is that just shut up offense also pretty he doesn't look right 200 billion dollar we all understand it doesn't look right. But we've all seen Mike Napoli not look right for awhile and then boom 460 feet out I believe it look -- has looked brutal this series. Under the radar oh yeah I look at the other day one that -- caught -- the one actually dropped. But he's got one -- has -- a Grand Slam ranked so he's not speculated that either. On Monday I'll talk about the -- series from Prince Fielder but I'm not gonna do that today exist two games to go in the guy can still make a huge impact in the next few days you talk. Of the four series are not backcourt is horrible man it end area and the fact that he would say that. It just -- that lack of awareness for who he is that what's going on what his -- barely even given crap. They barely even -- they were fairly early -- morning and -- we were there it was just a little lull they weren't exactly Rockets really upset took them all of what it takes a lot to boo a guy who did so well for you. Up until that point. Right you're mediocre you're came on good well -- in a very good year. Yeah he had a decent you have admitted using your you have to do whatever -- you know I know that there's no -- over -- hundred right it would have been no I -- yeah you guys and nobody know what guys -- -- have a decent year with a team is doing well. Did get to that -- level is going to be very difficult I would have to get under 200 and making 200 million dollars anyway that aside lose absolutely right we can talk about the bad bench for Detroit the bad bullpen these guys stop producing but the fact of the matter is is that they have -- going tonight and Verlander go to how we should not even enter into this conversation about how bad. At Detroit at. About how how about eighteen there is there a good team there's no doubt that's why they're here in this spot. But the construction of the roster is still curious and when you don't get the production you're really relying on from a couple of key guys yeah you can put your -- that I still -- -- it -- -- -- -- -- 19 anchored the post season. I'll still wait you. Listen I'm sorry I'll Napoli is over six -- six punch outs -- -- in bed and now the last two games was six for ten with two bombs and a couple doubles. Well Monday Elena a lot of lately are not -- came right back into the two biggest story lines today. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And good -- do we want him out there. We're not just one guy you know we're not done Mercer remark you know Dustin Pedroia. Werder. These you know we've got here. What we we pride ourselves -- the you know -- that he says. -- pieces in there you know there is guys -- are done more than the other getting hurt -- So we're here to do you know we're here to win and we -- skeptical seem not to want to. Jarrod Saltalamacchia yesterday on the -- Paula program Mike's -- bloomer -- rob Bradford with the guys from another half hour or so he'll turn things over to the pregame show in the Red Sox baseball game six. Just after 8 o'clock tonight two main storyline as far as I'm concerned. Heading into this game we'll start here with the Clay Buchholz won there really hasn't pitched all that well -- pointed out some of the numbers. Of what he's been like early in the game vs has that game has gone on the he's matched up again with -- you're gonna have to beat -- to do you avoid facing Verlander in game seven in order to do so you assume you're gonna need some pretty special at a Clay Buchholz. I think that he he -- who what he did obviously last game and I talked about results I'm talking about tempo of the game I'm talking about conference. There was a huge difference from what I saw -- that pitcher in the amount as the game went on compared to what -- -- as games went on when he was really Dillon did in terms of again this confidence. Having guys runners on base we know it gets nervous throws over the base. That that seemed to be all left behind early in the year before he got. -- -- what's the difference then I mean from a from a tactical standpoint what is the difference during the Clay Buchholz that dominated early pitched well even when he came back off the DL vs the -- we've -- two playoff -- committing a fastball a percent first base at the plate that has been all the difference in the world -- in the post season. I think he's actually executed to -- He froze Prince Fielder on one with two strikes -- you know the -- goes out that's what you're looking for he did at the James Loney being asked yet though he did at the -- really don't know. And that is not always what you look yeah. But we didn't -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When he was sharp in April in May that was the pitch it was like look at this kid. He's got the Josh Beckett two seamer and right Derek Lowe had -- years ago. That to -- in the left these. You execute that pitch because he's also executed the righty to be a perfect pitch you began tonight the Prince Fielder I mean not as Miguel Cabrera is. If you wanna pitch him away he did that you -- Rafa gives up on it comes back and -- the outside corner. That he was -- -- 789 of those again is there. Emerged as their first interpreted your goal line well. You want to pitch a mole hill that pitch like you said low Beckett when you have that to receiver against left north Austin when it's heading for the hasn't had a it's heading for the needed that ball. Has not -- if you seeing many many tight time and time again his last outing he saw salty set up in. Looking forward and in reaching up you know up and away to a lefty kitchen annually and get heated in there. That's the difference in the playbook why do you think that would be -- is it a mechanical thing is that a confidence thing it might be conference thing because you know it's. I'm not confident that -- India right now like -- in if I do -- I started inner half it's been a right over the middle as opposed to starting it in off. And hit me inside corner because there's a very well compared to that Petrino you make a mistake that pitch you try to go way to tennis Cabrera with the -- slip with just yelling back -- in a couple of times and I. With Tampa Bay Emery missed onetime indignation is laced a ball left senator. Because he missed getting it in there and left it out over water happening laced it the other way so I think it's a confidence thing. When he gets going the temples completely different to mean the speed in which he delivers a baseball in between pitchers it's quick. Many slowing everything down right now a lot of us do a conference of stuff not trusting it in May be putting too much thought into each -- -- want to. Go back to Cabrera is if you have a decent fastball your pitcher and he obviously does have a decent fastball I'm sorry you do nothing but. That fastball on the outside edge of the plate and you do not do what he did against Longoria -- as I'm gonna mix in the changeup because. They can go really bad relief felt it -- them into a change about shoulder high in making it -- exact negative you do nothing I don't care about keeping him guessing or anything else. I don't think that Miguel Cabrera can physically fit in outside fastball right now. Well with you how they don't look real quick -- -- you talked about this that clay unlike a lot of pitchers. The way out like to see them approaches establish their fastball early and you control that fastball played off of that. But plays a little different -- he tries to you want to use all of his pitches early on it seems to feel -- to do -- he wants to have all of his pitches in the first period Daisuke ask delicacy -- get through it just takes forever -- nibbles on the side of the that follows me along with the changeup you don't want -- they're -- the other single and then -- come -- but we also ticket to the next level when he realized that he didn't have to strike everybody out right he's got good -- with that two -- If he can go first pitch to see him out of napping maybe get a first pitch ground ball short. Or get and how with a two seamer because he's got so much movement it's such an effective pitch but didn't get quick outs which is what's gonna be needed. The media guide to me the -- you wanna do that too with hunter and correct me if I'm wrong but hundreds of our very Smart hitter but he also. Is a guy that if he sees the trend he's gonna he's gonna take advantage of it. So he's a guy that you can use all these different pitches for he's pretty -- since you've got to lead off spot he started jump on first pitches. All over the place them so that's when -- he's trying to prove that he's not trying to be a leadoff hitter. Like give Lilly came as a OK just keep -- your approach I don't need you to be super leadoff hitter if you don't become more patient during things like okay good two is gone entirely the other when he swings and. Playbook Torre -- too because you know if you get that is our Cabrera matchup again you're probably gonna get that does our putter matchup again. And it was the exact same pitch city hit off -- right fast water half line drive to right. The -- he did it last time why you -- go there will tonight I want the exact same pitch because you know late in games. I would much rather especially here Fenway Park go get Chilo single the other way Torii -- still a good hitter. Bonus around the inner half there's really no reason to be -- -- -- damage to be done with the heater inner half his -- -- and Harley and the game yeah. Here at Fenway Park and there has -- you know if you can put the perfect swing on again then find three for three with three singles to right field do you take. We're back to buckle thing and the amount of time in the pressure or the or this that the trust in his stuff the confidence. It is some of that on your catcher some of that on Jarrod Saltalamacchia to just come out there and -- dude let's go hurry up pick the temple I mean. I understand there's not a lot of conversation were people telling a pitcher what to do. But if it's something as simple love as simple as just have faith in what you're doing take the ball it's cold out give your field is a break and just throw Woodson as you get it. Let's -- the catcher and pitching coach should be able to do during a game. I would think that this conversation pregame as well the problem with clay when you watch. It nobody's on insult he puts down fastball away. -- -- -- And then there's like a 22 delay in which he kind of gathers himself right and then sets up like after he even agrees to the pitch. There's a slow and it's two home more than anybody else usually sit -- pitching city a fastball away first -- trouble whatever. Yes okayed a -- golf within as a yes and then there's a but like at this deep breath. Like -- 22 pause and then he gets into his delivery so it is just a slow in this -- but yet when the quickness the tempo. Keep keep that thing going. A little bit when you're a hitter I mean you must have you faced the tracks however I think of guys who took forever to Steve Trachsel of the human rain delays the first person that comes to mine Scott Kazmir Daisuke all those guys sort of come to mind. -- what was that experience like as they as a hitter with somebody would take forever. Well if if a guy -- shaken off in Europe that you know that's taking forever well you step buddy call timeout but for guys to take a lot of time between. Catching the ball and getting on the mound in giving you signs likely does I think that helps the hitter. Because I think that puts me through a process of thinking about what I wanna do it gives me the time to think about what I'm trying to accomplish. The guy that goes quickly in the guy that gets in a rhythm you see guys step in the -- call timeout try to ruin their -- Right it's the guy that works quickly. That sometimes catches you mid thought he got there to play me to get yourself argue walking back on. Many guys -- me right now not put enough thought that I wanted to prepare for this pitch the next pitch to think about what he already accomplished what he's gonna go next if you take that much time between. Catching the ball delivering it. It gives me more time to think about what I wanna accomplish. So it's it's and it -- your defense to sleep I don't like it one bit must have driven you crazy as a fielder cold night like I made it -- to hang out at second base shortstop. Whatever what I was Dave O'Brien during the broadcast said when Nam who wasn't -- drew made the -- True it may -- -- -- -- I wonder how much. How much this might have to do -- -- the pace of the game yes yes -- they -- let me back in Newton and I believe -- -- six innings and a lot of pressure on him seasonings and you look at this lineup there's a ton of pressure on me Gary is. What do you plan -- I -- he seemed to hit a when did -- -- try to say I've been -- yet but they on this and I think that they realize that we that Shane Victorino broke up church's hit. No hitter and then beat the double off the also why I've seen it true and this play opposite. Fifth and a little easier lay off their little things I'm thankful for I'm thankful for the laughter corn dogs after the game here today -- the me reception. And I'm thankful that the guys are really playing these games late at night because what happened after that game two was that I could drive to Manchester airport. And I got the lesson in not only Lou but the great. Great call but jokes to be out in the home run call by Dave able. -- home run call the Ortiz Obama is so -- -- -- player Maria you know what will play for you when we go back you're just -- it's that good and if you're coming into the ballpark tonight you -- needed just to get -- double play that David Ortiz. Home run call from Dave O'Brien and now some final thoughts here before we give way to the pregame show is still wanna ask you guys about Bogart's drew in middle Brooks would do that next as well -- off the overloading rob Bradford here on WEEI. To a united front -- right field. Racing back. Torii -- hurt. Well maybe. He's had -- Fenway Park. Endless state of delirium. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To be two things number one you can't leave that talent level lineup. I've references about a million times the last two days but I don't care that Jacoby Ellsbury thing is very similar in 2007. Where you had a talented player the Vinny Johnson -- world -- -- the microwave right big guy that you know is a talented guy we unique talent Allen plays in the playoffs. So you get us to keep him there and and they're gonna do that. The second thing is that. Was just playing well enough. Drew was just playing well enough and that was the problem -- getting these guys are getting Bogart's in -- -- felt like they had to get middle Brooks going heading in the playoffs. And he was starting dead. So. That's why I don't think you saw Bogart's enough. Well you mentioned Ellsbury Ellsbury to get more opportunity though in September or so -- -- he can negate by hears about it that way today I think it's forty -- forty right or a B Butler -- -- -- -- -- Don't seem all Ellsbury 116 AB's -- -- power -- the baffling thing was though is that you get to play that's definitely right at the 345 right. But didn't hit the playoffs and he does not start a game until game six of the American League Championship Series -- was terrible I remember distinctly Cleveland he could not function on a bunt or not he was a good Bonner Brett but he had no confidence at all but that's like a. Amazing considering how he's looked in the post season Sammy was the best player on the -- journalist usually here eat you can't count power. -- Cologne into Bogart's and I say he can't play short and Third -- he got to make -- so he's gonna play one. So so -- Third and not short. And I just think it comes down to defense and it comes down to. For whatever it's worth it still lefty -- righty split -- jurors or whatever it might be but I just think it comes down. Billion -- -- field turning double plays in yards a lot of people similar to with the way of Victor Reno was look why not now up. You can't replace the defense especially here in right field -- Fenway Park machine Victor Reno. And I just think defensively he's still very sound I think didn't he just lost at the plate there's no question about it. I would might see him put a bunt down to I'd like to see him maybe shorten up the stroke and think about let's Senna once in -- I have been nice today -- -- and -- -- But I just I just think it comes down. To a veteran guy who's been here before who has seen these players a lot more games and a guy like will middle Brooks and that's why you -- invoke. -- make that bluster throw play. -- does he make that play because -- what I identify the other night. That drew makes in Bogart's doesn't and it's a huge play in the game what it's it's he did a great job making sure he at least gotten out. Right to the -- try to do too much. And you and you try to be too quick can you try to catch in turn the double play. And again it didn't call safe at second base right here at the right line it goes in that play Lou looks like you mention the fact is that. As your catching it if you're a rookie you're you're thinking well I gotta be quick in I gotta get the ball to first base if you do that maybe you missed the back. Maybe don't get any doubts but I just think that play drew makes. Bob I know the drew makes it I don't know whether Bogart's makes it or not I still feel as if I would have a better idea has asked how to answer that question if -- see more from him in the regular season again a 116. -- -- 44 AB's that he had this year and it -- one right as far as I remember it goes because. When will came back right right Willis hot. In August will put that right handed bat that everybody was screaming forty -- at the trade deadline. You started -- September he's okay the first week or two that he started to fall off. But he can't sit there and say I brought this kid back he gave us a boost for four weeks for a half five weeks and then have one bad week can say he's done. Everybody has a bad week or slow week it's like OK I'm gonna stick with them because he's gonna come back to worry was for us -- in August some gonna stick with them not -- gold Bogart's. And drill was actually swinging the -- OK and playing great defense still for this team. And they had the urgency all the way to the end the only win this division but to get the number one seed. And I think that's why they stuck with who they had all the way from what you like watching Bogart's. I like what I mean the thing that I've said this before the thing that impresses me the most from when he first started was how calm he used defensively. Even in a position he -- you call on the other night off -- no questions -- fielded a double play ball. Yeah it was smooth but it was like infield outfield drills -- okay this is. Let's get the ball out of the joy a little bit quicker next time please thank you very much reminds me I'm gonna go off course a little bit here but -- turning the double play reminded -- of the that we haven't talked about. Which was a places. A place is coming into Pedroia the other night. And roll yet Donnelly rolled -- came up on them in the elbow in the -- in the in the -- a hula. Yes the hoop and if I don't that's that they call that a lot of other that's the difference in my in my house ever in my house he's got the help of very confusing yes. But don't picked -- the Red Sox haven't take note that not only that but the thing about raising his hands to victory you know -- Because Cabrera that's exactly what Cabrera did earlier year when he -- they get a response I think you know what they get them back by -- pop -- into shallow left field -- letting go what he's our roster B Ross went into a meeting he tried out a big lift is not a easy got to catch won't try to take him. And you can hit him because he's a decent chance I gonna -- I don't -- an automatic out and out. The thing and a a year easy is a good kid may know that he's a good kid the problem is is that Cuban. Yeah I think so all of the problem well here's the thing I don't know I don't think it is with his background I. Playing Cuba everything is flashy you know to go to the kid out there in a lame weak it's just it's a flashy style even when he was here that it tone it down a little bit. He's out there playing like he still joking around right like it's a it's a spring training game in -- years old teammates and his buddies and he's out big joking and still talking trash to everybody in -- like eight. This the ALCS. You no longer our teammate right. That would try to take you out at second base and trying to knock you know left field and he's still talking like it's a fun little game. I think that's what he knows that's how we play the game and don't think it's going over so well right now you know what I can really go for right now. Louis so fired up I now Lewis are. Fired up just finish it off right now give me a little something that's gonna be ready and it's gonna get you ready for him. Six of the ALCS you all want went away. Fire me up back there and give -- a little. All right and I sent. I hit a minute. Hey hey it's time. On your -- -- -- At a -- I don't know what it'd be it on the and I have. Taken and I and take you there and -- final you either love it like it's coming up. Highly unlikely we'll we'll we'll we'll. It was okay. It's. Always -- gives me. They call -- organization. I think that people. Dyson does what -- do what and who they need to -- Tenacious model than people think they divided it. I have friends lose everything. To lose and lose at least it. You know all the -- and I got no reason to -- -- And I don't see it. And I will watch my good. Absolutely. Until that happens. 'cause. When I mean I don't know how to fight. You'll be able to take -- yourself outside this week. Okay. Now I gotta live your flight of the -- that women you know women. It is negative. Yeah. This is the same thing that I haven't. And lucky plus it's. Who otherwise he's confident. Cool. And how -- didn't. And it. It's going to be -- night. I can change. I'm sure that. If you go to -- It just your typical job. Okay. He was out of updates. Yeah. But. Well. -- -- Have now look. I'm like just don't let this booted punched the first person I see all the little B John Henry well by the -- again that'll be obligated in a vetted ready for game six now now and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and that's. -- -- then that gets you ready for games that babysitting was gonna get him ready for live his life on outside the ring also been Rocky three happen. If I had top point right now I'm here and it's -- motives of agents who doesn't. I ask you guys this that. You times for -- each of the games I'll ask you do you -- more time is we get ready to handed over the pregame show who were we talking about tomorrow. And I think you still think -- -- pitchers -- play buckles. And good at bat when we look at it bottoms but but but. Good or bad it's gonna be collect you know I would like to say -- to buckle them scherzer also a David Ortiz who -- -- so. Won't -- him a -- Marmol almost come on now 83 time these three times and right now. Yeah. I yeah -- imagine yourself to get that what do you do. Yeah that's all day all day to kick off day. At car owners are -- it -- and I. The talking about Dustin Pedroia he's had a lousy series offensively and defensively and I think he gets together front of the home crowd tonight I think the Red Sox do finally win this game six and don't have to worry about tomorrow are we gonna get out here turn over to the pregame show if there is a game seven the three of us will be back here tomorrow -- -- rob Bradford and bloomer Loney. Here at W yeah I see it about.

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