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Red Sox Principle Owner John Henry Joins Salk, Lou and Bradfo

Oct 19, 2013|

John Henry joins the guys to discuss the Red Sox post season play and the future of the team on this special edition of Red Sox Road to Redemption.

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-- to go before first pitch -- -- rob Bradford also are now joined finally by -- -- gets off TV you'll be with us. For the next hour and a half or so until we turn over to the pregame show -- A good to have you with us and a boy he's your expertise denying everything pairing on the we'll play -- Whether we do that we we we have series we'll play discussion to have as much as we trusted rob and know when asked about who I -- ask the principle on top of the -- and -- it would drive you guys aren't. As I mean that's what they do blood because not a hobby and I thought I. John Henry I was walking by the Booth you're Fenway Park we thought we would bring him in here have a conversation before we get into some of the theory on bunting at setter. It just to take a step back and in this whole idea of a road to redemption and and we've used that phrase. Throughout the playoffs here on WEEI but it just seems to fit in so many ways do you feel. That sense of of redemption with this team. And I just I do obviously be his last you just such a bad year. But I I feel a lot of things I ran in -- -- Cleveland whose. Resident -- here and he was saying that he's been Red Sox fans sense. Since you know slaughter. That plan Rose to 46 or six -- With Johnny Pesky he was saying that he used to be used to feel like that. But the Red Sox teams something's something always happened to them and now they make things happen and that's sort of how I feel like this we have a group of of players here that make things happen not just players with coaches and manager the general manager makes things happen. You know I think the crazy thing about this team is it it in front of our eyes it went from kind of what do they put together. To Waller a great start to -- last two where we now two best team the American League. -- it going in the post season he knew that he's the starting pitcher beats up in the series by no means is over. But it got to that point which seems like to be the incredible did you. Best field ever get that even at the highest. Of optimism to give a feel you'd get the point where you're the best team the American League. I think. We went through that sort of work that that sort of metamorphosis of the U. Outlined. That's. Well the the delicate. Personal loss for words no personal John thank you for joining us because you you could run away from me when it chase that would put them they're gonna literally look at that think -- -- up. Uncle Fester to let you know that. After the after the all the way you know -- I talked him during the celebration. When they clinched. Of the playoffs. And you have said that this felt different then anything did it you've gone through since 2007 this sort of celebration that he was because of everything that you had gone through the middle past years is that accurate. Is it it is you know we still on the playoffs every year feeling like that we had the starting pitching. And the offense to really be able to go through the playoffs. And so we get used to. Feeling like we should win every here and at least make him and we stop making the playoffs the last last time we had that feeling of -- of really four woods 2000 -- a long time. I wanna talk about the guy that that I think is is centrally responsible for the turnaround this year and I think he should be executive a year that's been sharing ten. If you go back a little bit. Keep your relationship with him and how he was able to ascend from where he was. Up all the way to becoming the general manager of your team him and I know we have the two days into whatever was the brief stint as a general manager and deal walked away and and came back. But what is it about bench Arrington that allowed him to rise to that spot. I think we knew for three years that he is going to be there next general manager -- say I think we knew for years that he was going to be. Our next you know manager. At one point we even talked about you becoming president. Allowing them become general managers so. We knew. You know we spoke. His his background was so diverse. We spent I think a lot of time trying to ensure that he worked in different parts of the organization. On the baseball side of things. And he was really ready has that type of personality. To be able to handle this kind of job you all have some idea of what that being general manager. It's like here it's it's a tough tough job. You're at the trade deadline you -- and get a guy like Jake Peavy shut it meant going to kind of jumped ahead by three weeks. Q do you have any involvement in even his followers I don't want to mortgage the future war or I would like for you to go out and it may be more practical guide you to sort of sit back court. There's been sort of run things -- used well here. Those things bias so so you could say we setback -- it. He runs things lines we have discussions. Most of the things I gamble -- should teach you can get a little more involved in the dodger. Deal last year because financially it's such a big deal it was it was a big deal and it and it really began. Because of their ownership and there their present. You know it speaking of trades you traded for John Farrell and that doesn't happen a lot we trade for a manager. Were you confident that this was the right guy and that's why you were willing to allocate not only money but all solo player or players in the trade. That this was the right guy in as anything he's done has done surprised you at all the way he's handled the managerial. So early and I think we always thought that John be our next manager after. After Tito but then then -- job we actually did try to bring him blossom tree this year. And fact we felt we had a deal one point but it just. Did work out there when a Clay Buchholz. Who took it at the hoop and clarify that. As good no other pitcher. The court worth bite -- but -- -- also the way you know that he. Q you want him actually to -- -- you know. Where you think he's going to be good manager but even in all of -- he's done has anything surprised you about what he has been able to do or how he's executed. Yes it's -- I think it against so many of the players have talked about the first day spring training. And for me it is began about that time where I realized he was much more of a take charge guy that night realized that he really. Did have a very strong presence with everybody. From coaches to players and on up the line so -- he had been pitching coach and he really. Was was very good friends with Tito did not want us. You know say that much when -- was was running things but he really stepped up. It's been awhile since you guys -- through three years now you know in the post season. And it's. It's stressful right -- game of baseball in the playoffs it's just slow enough for you putting too much thought. Between pitches right what's next pitch going to be what's the next move will be bringing in next it's just slow enough the stress you out. Did you forget how stressful was because it has been a few years watching these games. Remember a lot of stress for I remember 2003. And I remember 2004 those were those were just distrustful. But it but you're right you're exactly right it's so slow sometimes because there's so that deliberating between each pitch and the more clear speeded up today he's been pretty quick and so far this year. Listen you you thought that that he would be better you thought you have the right manager of the right -- man -- some some good new players. But did you ever think that we be sitting here rated to clinch. A game six the American League Championship Series because it's a process usually -- Things don't turn around. Well I know most people we're gonna finish last but internally we felt this was going to be five team race. So. We thought we would be in position and we felt we have the pitching especially after we acquired -- I think we really thought we have pitching. To go through this this playoff victories healthy and there they are healthy so. It's he can't say it's expected because we thought five teams could land. But it's not totally expect that John Henry is with -- here -- WEEI Mike's all -- Maloney rob Bradford as well as you walked through the through the concourse here and that's where he ran into you just sort of walk into the concourse. -- shaking hands mean some of the fans out there. How of those conversations with fans changed over the course of this season. Well first allies and I was meeting fans okay it wasn't open hats -- -- was staff. Who are just six as excited is yeah everybody -- you're selling hot dogs and -- and just as excited as as -- fans but the the fans have been quite different than what you hear on the radio throughout this whole process I didn't hear. From fans last year of the kind of negativity. I heard media so. Fans have always been great tennis from I think from day we arrived here you realize that we -- fans as much as they were. And and committed to winning so the fans have never. Really changed it and how they read react to respond months. Note that this organization you know I had a bunch of success write him or thinking after 07 you just won a World Series -- young players coming through. In the next few years can be great -- to supplement it with a few free agents here and there. That -- trade not just -- you guys financially but reset the whole organization because again you still have some great young prospects do you do in that same spot again. It may be went. The wrong way in a few of those moves did you learn kind of some of those things where you went wrong because it's almost like you were reset here in this organization the future it movement for the next two or three years do you think. But that. In May of last year we we had a long talk about our philosophy. Our core philosophy. And as part of that we've decided content it's he can't think there's some things you just. Can't ignore and we have certain advantages we have resources. So we can't ignore it. Some realities in baseball we did we just decided. It as a center and made it. -- basic things sort of like. You know we talked about I think it one point. Where we we made decision that we're gonna concentrate on having more in depth study of spending. 125 million dollars for player we're gonna go might get. Two or three players and making sure that if if we have. We have a great shortstop and a great third baseman we have a really good shortstop or third baseman come back tomorrow. Now I think all teams in all sports underestimate. That is the impact of injuries. It -- me to my next question I actually saw you last night because I was watching TV. As much in the movie money ball whether it the guy who plays. The NFF and hit it -- but it made me thought inept in. It made me start thinking about it though about that time in going after billion. And that we understand is over tram to it was too dramatic the whole thing. But you said in spring training about maybe -- on a guy like Bill James Moore Alex -- just wrote a great article on base running leaning on Tom Tippett aligned. Do you feel like you guys get back to that not to say that that Bill James is running the organization but do you feel they can get back to that that leaving on some of these other guys like that little bit more. I think so but -- -- that the real key here you can't get away from. The way the players this year have approached. Blues greens you can't get away from the way the players approached played this year you just. These guys seem to be unstoppable and you can't get away from what John has brought to these players to leave this team to the organization. And that the people that been brought them so. I think all of that is true. But he hit it in this is the greater point at which players surprised you the most. Most. To analyze a lot of players have surprise a lot of people. I think -- -- has just been. The best pitcher in -- it -- I got. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But also putting some stock into the personalities. Of players partly because this is Boston and everything is different the fans are different the media is different. The pressure may be different. How have you guys lost weight he lost some of that element of that we talked about with these players have done. It was not something that was really conscious decision from you from your level all the way down. I think that we four. Or the consensus by may have last year that and I think Ben said it well and made the trade we weren't the team we wanted to be. And who so we needed a course correction then it started really again started in May. And it and the trade in August really helped us to be able to. To move in that direction. What may may it may seem early. You can tell I mean if you watched the at bats we have an April and may. You knew five or at least we knew I'm through -- knew I made this something not I mean who we had spent like ten years. Of relentless at bats we battled and grow and grind it out at bats and I think last year we finished either last or next the last in on base percentage so something has. Radically changed so even. Even some of our more patient hitters were flailing so so to speak at the plate being not. That we've lost our way and that. That seems to fit right into that same nexus right where you're looking at the numbers than paying attention to people -- patient at bats. And that somehow the personality of the team. Could be enough to take players that do usually implosion at bats and drop them all the way down the bottom of the league and -- -- I remember looking back in September at this team and -- with the depth of the lineup and you get you big boys right one through four but five through 94 of those guys. Led their position plea to you know pitches per plate appearances like -- or the bottom not five guys. And it was just at their position is a look at the first full beach in the bottom five or just grind you out. Every great team you've seen here you know that 89 hitters a dangerous guy and that's kind of you've beat some of these teams in the senior here today. You know John. After the David Ortiz game which we know as the favorite -- -- import Jarrod Saltalamacchia who got the game winning her credit. But you you went up in the -- congratulations to David in -- you aren't surprised. Does that with David. We don't look too far ahead but we have to take just a second to understand. How unique -- player he has. It is one of the most difficult players to get in baseball now. And did it does I don't Aussie do you lose sleep but do you think you'll see a guy like this available. To the Red Sox or to any team because if you get a guy like that usually have to pay hundreds of millions of dollars. We do we understand what we haven't gave -- -- area. Sometimes I don't think we do it but do and one thing's for sure he won't be replaced you go down in history. One of that is the cornerstones. Of the success that we had during these last ten years the cord system so. You won't replace the game has changed -- to -- point rightly so many of the of the smaller market teams. Are locking up their best players early in there -- -- early in their tenure and so the by the time they're available free agency -- even older I gambling on a big time -- and free agency becomes harder and harder. Maybe can do with the Tigers did in and trade to acquire young player like Miguel Cabrera and then pay him once he's already been on your team. Is there some thought to the future of OK eventually. We're going to need that next middle of the order hitter how're we gonna find that guy if we know we've already made some mistakes and trying to get away spending all the money just in free agency. There's no doubt about it it's a lot tougher than it used to be it's getting tougher every year. So -- you adjust just like a Major League hitter has to adjust. As he comes in it as he goes through. Through and through the years baseball changes and it's it's changing the economics -- changing. Game. -- the way you have to look at putting eighteen any others changed and speed and and enough power has changed. You it that's fascinating because I've thought about this offseason I don't wanna jump ahead because -- -- in the here and now the playoffs. But in one respect you have a ton of money coming in to baseball. And by the same time you have how you built this team. And how the Oakland a's built their team which was this take a lot of money for a lot of players do you think this offseason will be more like that. Do you still think there's going to be these big hits. Because there. A ton of money coming days. I think both. You gotta admire what Tampa has done -- their resources and and they've been sort of -- into us that we have to be more careful. But our resources going for it and and it's so I think from our standpoint you'll see us continues. To move -- lines we have over the last years. You got a couple of players and we'll let you go here in just a Marlins -- you -- continue to greet staff it's that are. But three guys in particular who who are going to be free agents this year Jacoby Ellsbury. Mike Napoli Jarrod Saltalamacchia. Had there been any recent -- -- conversations. With any of those the -- Well they have internally. I wouldn't comment on anything beyond in -- Well we appreciate your time thanks for stopping by and continued good luck hope we ST win tonight and then on to the World Series in Saint Louis. Looking forward to are there you go Red Sox principal owner John Henry kind of have to stop by the Booth. We're be right back breakdown what we just certainly Maloney is -- rob Bradford this year until about 715 on WE yeah.

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