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Red Sox Road to Redemption with Salk and Bradfo Hour 2 Live from Fenway

Oct 19, 2013|

Mike Salk and Rob Bradford discuss the Red Sox Game 6 starter Clay Buckholtz along with the impressive bullpen.

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Guy now. Now are 24/7. Coverage continues with no Red Sox road to redemption pregame show presented by Anderson window. And serviced like no -- that window saw. These these Sports Radio WP. I thought rob Bradford was weird Fenway Park -- we'll join us on our from now it will take you until about 715 -- That turned things over to the pregame show running game time just after 8 o'clock. Tonight's. Clay Buchholz gets the ball for John Ferrell. On the other side it will be Max Scherzer for Jim Leland scherzer course can be the Cy Young award winner this year he was excellent in his second -- in game two in this series but. Even though Clay Buchholz didn't have his good stuff he was able to. Keep things just close enough for David Ortiz to work his magic late night game Red Sox come back to win as you know when -- got to take a whole lot more from Buchholz tonight. Then he gave you in game two will go to John -- press conference in about 510 minutes since he meets the media will hear from him more his spot. A funny Weis made some of the decisions he's made especially in this lineup. He does have Jonny Gomes playing left field he does have Zander Bogart playing third base he leaves Stephen Drew -- shortstop Jarrod Saltalamacchia comes back in for David -- rob a lot of the conversation is focused on the shortstop third base thing. How catcher you know I -- Smith spoke to assault yesterday. He's had a very productive season for the Red Sox but he's in that group of I'd say three that are on the fans hit list. You could maybe got a letter to that if you want to -- first -- like you believe you criticized you know for the hollow promise of fatigue. And you have not brought up charted listed now I would way to -- -- -- -- -- -- to get to that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Wise enough of the head of the Charles talked after the break we'll get to the circuits with. -- anyway. I'll do that before we get the dome Saltalamacchia. I think that he does. Just enough to say hey you know what this is why he's not only in the lineup. But this is why he is where he is no line them up a little bit higher up past domes up passed through. This in the guys had a really good year and another thing that I think you can't discount. The pitchers like pitching to a short Ross has has had great success with Lester would Lackey to a certain extent. But Saltalamacchia. Has evolved as a single call you talked about it with him yesterday -- really good interview when he was on what you would Michael -- And he has a -- as a really good player who would drive you nuts is when he gets into ruts like -- -- in Tampa where he's going to miss as he strikes out -- he's a strikeout guy but we don't know PS over a hundred out of her capture absolutely and you know the other thing is we talked about Napoli we talked about the imports of Ortiz this is another guy can hit the ball out of the park and let's not forget. Who got the biggest hit of the game. The other -- well I try to second figure let's come down that if your -- it was pretty de Jared Saltalamacchia had Saltalamacchia had a little. Well I was favoring them up now but he got he got obviously huge hit do you walk off and every. If he goes back into the lineup today and then the other question would be in left field where you have Daniel -- who -- played well I mean -- -- done anything wrong is not anything to -- -- to deserve being taken out and I don't think it has anything to do with his quiet personality of -- -- Gomes being a spark plug but. There has to be some reason why he's decided go with a guy who doesn't really you're right he's very well. We've we've what we talked about Gomes before about that he -- his fielding he's gonna do one or two things at least in the course of a game. That helps you win it's hard to argue that because even last game. He made the throw home beat because not a big deal you of Miguel Cabrera running well it wasn't it still won easily execute. And -- we've seen it time and time again how guys can screw that up Trot Nixon are the best example super try to would air mailed out all about twelve feet over the catcher's head and looked around like yeah look at how strong my -- I will say this is that -- I think they're very fortunate to have those two guys not only because they -- elements the offensively in different ways. But. You have to take out either one of -- for defense of reasons that's the amazing thing you're not speaking out Jonny Gomes. As for defense replacement. Both those guys especially Fenway Park from who have played an excellent left field this year 6177797937. Go to David in Belcher tennis and hanging on -- David. The guys they David great we have talked pretty. So if you prefer you prefer together we'll talk at the corn talk which did you like better. -- your coordinator -- unfamiliar with -- four in that department calculator -- my question really about. But short -- up -- -- could have tonight. What do you think and you do David. Why do you thought it would. Orlando looming. I think I act a little bit differently I think I would give him that much -- I think I had. I go to Dempster ordered to do brought early. If we see the -- proper ethnic Buchholz. Taking 42 sixty seconds between pitches. Throwing over the first endlessly. Because he's. Between -- -- it seemed unsure what it's a two of those. I -- think it's that I don't I don't think there's any fear I don't think it has anything do without but I think your point is a good -- opera because -- adjective for what the majors looks sleeping you're like come on man let's go let's get it together. I don't think you need to have the short -- similar to what Joseph Maddon had. In game four against Tampa I don't think you're gonna see that like fundamentals and how -- ever -- right. But I but I would expect to do Bronson Dempster may be even work men are up and ready fairly early in this game. Yeah I think so away but you go back even PBS VO giving him some slack to it and the fact is that. Clay Buchholz has had good success in the first four innings of playoff games. And he's been a very good pitcher. He's gotten in trouble later in the games now I think the conversation about this -- thing. Is different before the fifth inning and after the fifth -- after the fifth inning this is it is a very. Tangible way of how -- John Farrell has looked at things which is if he sees the guy's stuff as soon as he says backing up on them even a little bit if he sees a matchup coming up. Then we don't care your starting pitcher we don't care if you wanna stay in the game. This is the most important time of the game and is no reason to power throw he's done it time and time again so. The real. Cutting or what I was that you cut -- yes. Wednesday through what we say we're coming tomorrow commit some slack lack slack cutting the flag kind of right the run cutting the that the -- That will be very definitive disliked cutting it a little bit different in the postseason in his regular season and he's had no difficulty putting the wrong -- To go to who let's go to Jim who is in Chelsea hi Jim. But guys are. What I would I like direct our approach again sure are a lot on one thing I'd like to see them through it is. This -- where they talked a lot about how he held the ball to -- So that you -- corners -- -- overnight -- what are you going to play or not you know about I'm the doubters may be on time out after all the ball. -- anything that pretty long game this game just a little bit more with buckled on one side in the Red Sox if they can take more time out the catcher go to visit the -- -- time well right to -- you know sorry what you -- that. I actually are or aren't there -- Do it all the power in three hours and twenty minutes instead of 420. Well we're. Sure that your group or not there are -- yes Jim you are absolutely right I'd like bowl as a matter of fact -- like three hour game and also you accurately every game I will just say this about their approach insurers that'll last until we want to about -- -- He could -- -- an -- and nobody could have gone he had not thrown so many pitches that he couldn't know eight -- nine innings in that game we talked about the Red Sox and working counts and how important is -- the starter out early. They can really do that insurers are you may think it because he came out after seven but it really didn't have all that much do what they needed just Jim -- that too short hole but that was the interesting thing about that game is because everything kind of enough slack I don't know there was no wrote cutting it either while there what -- -- cut the rope too -- the fact is is that. Too easily and managed that team like it was a it was a one nothing game he managed believe it or not because he's okay. Where your shirt has done it now I'm gonna go through the match ups in the bullpen the problem is. Is it -- go to the right matchup at the right time in the book and it was that simple day went it was closer than liking I can't. The cut is two for eighteen against Dave -- had not pitched and how long. Well and pitched and how long it looks terrible doesn't mean that's not the point yet it's been -- of course he's looked good since -- -- with them I think he couldn't have done my job but you go to your clothes you go to your best reliever in that it was two days later I know two days later in a completely different. Sits way you think it hurt you with the game on the line the same way he did off the Coke having not pitched for a year -- You think you still give up a home run to the -- I don't know whether or years or not but he hadn't pitched clearly. And have that much trust -- -- I totally disagree with the you have your be your best reliever for that spot why wouldn't you trust your best reliever -- -- -- not your best religiously as -- -- You get closer but he's not your best -- -- -- they got a bigger problems of course they do they had a bad bullpen right and and that's one of the things that you go through how you see how an -- Coke have been hurt. Right he was with you on the playoff prospect but he's not positive what he was general hospital I was not positive what youngest playoff front -- on this he was not only -- is -- good pitch he could at the bay but he didn't seem to pitch in a game for how long. I don't -- of -- a lot of life to the playoffs it's easy to think in treacherous. Acted no longer stay at the time now it was which I like all I would I stood up in the press box nice greeted yet you were shouting -- let you were tweeting about it on the directly to trickle down against the I don't I don't call -- -- immoral -- I don't know what you can read it I'm done -- -- -- -- for. A but must be a must please the people in the street for more followers like last time. But it will be adjusting this game one of the things off the -- scherzer conversation. Will Cleveland -- was scherzer I gotta think that he will face number one -- what he did last game and number two because me. He knows what we just had his bullpen isn't that good while you're also looking to game six is that a game to right I mean like I guess you can have some level of understanding of the game to. And and if the move goes awry on New -- have a one nothing lead losing game two doesn't loosen -- -- the -- -- Made it that we we've talked a blood and I talked to Jake Peavy about that yesterday about him possibly being a relief pitcher. Also have to go to Fister now I've Fister is a guy who as well as he pitched yet today. You've been used. As good as anybody else you're Carla couple what you think for an inning while -- happen to agree that I'm not a big Doug -- fan as you may have heard we talked about it the other way and really showed you -- he pitched fantastically well the Red Sox I thought we're to blame for that they didn't do anything against the worst pitcher of the bunch I mean look you can get shut down by Sanchez and and and scherzer and Verlander fine if you're gonna find a way to get to Doug Fister found that game game four to be the most aggravating one of the year but. To come in for an inning. As opposed to what Al Albuquerque yeah I mean I guess Doug Fister has a better players don't Albuquerque also screams why you know we said about Sanchez could keep pitching that well again. If everyone after that first game with saying that the players that is saying I've never seen him that good. -- that he was inactive. And then also and Fister pitches and this in the same thing I've never seen him active are waiting for John Farrell do we have Ferrell -- I believe we should be talking to the media now. In fact they've already started that we should be -- John Farrell here and just the second. That the spring of -- another jumper off. The well I haven't been around and it's one when girls in this environment so I can't begin to compare. You know what what he's demonstrating. And I would hope he would be nervous inside and it only be. I think in natural response. But at the same time he's able to control and it doesn't take him out of his approach for her how it plays a game it's it's been. This can really pharmacy actually in the with a smile on his face number goes away there's never the look on his face like is there's no deer in headlights in or any of those kind of descriptions you might come up with but. He using the very mature implosion and -- on what's happened -- Threatened. -- -- tough policy. How terrific card access to Mets tonight. But we fully expect him to. It's another strong game against us tonight the Timmy Jennings I think the key is if we do get some pitches on the -- -- -- -- miss them he was -- I guess in a way it locked in six days ago that. He threw Sony fastballs on the edge he didn't miss in the middle of the plate and if he did we we we didn't square him up. So. Fact is there's -- recent. Outing against some some familiarity even though we dominated us for the seven innings and was in there. And I know one thing come -- first -- our our -- to get ready it's just a matter how. Consistent his location is it because we know we're gonna -- powerful stuff thrown on us. John when you were weighing your options buddy buddy here -- this time how appealing was the Red Sox situation would there they have a large. Be payroll team but -- -- have a lot of financial commitments. You know I was in a situation where wasn't weighing options I'm. You know there there were some things that transpired that that brought me here. But it wasn't like I was you know. A manager and in waiting somewhere I was under contract and committed to the Blue Jays at the time I and but I think I think once everything worked out it was clear that there was a core group of players sure that we're experienced talented. And health in many of those cases kept him from performing as they did. And just giving and understanding -- -- vision was at the time. -- we've been able to. See that come to life and the support that our that our ownership has given here you know John Tom Larry are certainly engaged but they've been extremely supportive of the approach taken and -- worked out well. There. You wrote bill large payroll team and a good the team had rid itself a lot of financial commitments with the trade last year just how he's feeling was that do you. You know to put the wheels in motion for what did happen. If you give a lot of flexibility. In any gave. The ability to. Target those players that we felt were a good fit for Boston both from a talent standpoint and a personality standpoint that would embrace everything that's the challenge here. Today and do the work -- -- and his staff have done to identify those guys to the background work and then ultimately bringing guys together to become unified as they have. It's probably the way we've gone about doing it and and tell the players -- brought in that has been as rewarding as the success on the field. Derrick John what do you see the quality of Ortiz has it that so of course losers. Well he's certainly been pitched to. Very effectively guys have been given in -- -- you know they've they've worked him backwards in some fastball counts they've even reverse -- you know look at what -- did -- A couple of at bats almost a throw a fastball up and in on him and 22 count and make a very good pitch with a with a breaking ball. But he poses a threat every time he steps in a box and in home. He recognizes that a lot of teams will will pitch him carefully. And I think it's important that. You know Davis to -- -- not a guy that gets frustrated with who have the attack plan of the opposition so. And to their credit they haven't thrown many pitches on -- plate when they did in a bases loaded situation. We know we can do. Along the wall there. John just in terms of -- usual bullpen tonight that the way that you did in game five knowing that you had an off day the next day would you be comfortable going. Multiple innings with two -- Breslow and who are knowing that there may have to be game to -- But we'll see out unfold -- Hopefully clay is skeptical at work deep in the in the game as he has many many times this season. But we have been a little bit more aggressive going to the bullpen in key spots and fortunately. Rather than being the reason being is we've got three guys down there and really more than three but. There's probably five guys -- go one plus innings. And Koji is available for that tonight so. -- I don't want -- Doing to tonight playing for tomorrow with a two on in the middle I'll jump. Just a minute ago you mentioned the -- vision for the team and I was curious. How did you script that vision to you for this winter and also. From when he first met him in baseball in particular sisco harris' -- -- changed. I think he's always adhered to his own personal. Values when it comes to the type of person that he wants a new uniform put. You know. We shared a similar role I was in Cleveland he was a farm director here. And we had a chance at that point in time to begin to get an understanding of what was important. In those roles and keeping the player first and foremost what their well being was. How they respected the game how they respected the name on the front of the Jersey more than the name on the back. So all those are our ingredients into the you know the type of player that. We were attracted to and then in the reputations and those individuals had so. I can't say that his view on constructing a team is changed all that much. We share a lot of the same. Thoughts along those lines and I think that's why coming back here it's -- it it allowed us last October November -- it to hit the ground running in. Really. Target those players -- we've we both were in agreement of an -- on how they play the game and -- Access or met before and how we put this together and how it's unfolded it's that it's the type of people that are here and and we we feel like this is got a chance to to continue on and and again it goes back to target the right people can play and Boston. Anything else for John today ankle. Way in the back. John how compromised physically this Miguel. Cabrera look at the plate and how much respect do you care to your pitchers still have to pay them. Our our respect for anybody in that lineup has not changed. In him will we've got guys that are banged up here as well and we know that -- you know. Every guy -- that -- might not be fully a 100% but that's expected it you know when you -- in October. But when we've missed located he's still driven the ball for extra base hits right ballpark so it's still gonna come down. To pitch execution and consistency of that so. You -- every time he steps and boxes get a chance to change score. One more. -- -- -- -- John the Red Sox are. Make a lot of stat based decisions over the course of the season once you get into policies and environment. Are they equally meaningful all are. Does gut feel and understanding your players play a bigger role. I think at this point in time me yet gut feel comes into a little bit more than just what numbers might tie -- stat sheet or or given category. So the way players respond under these circumstances in this environment it has got equal weight if not more than. And maybe what the numbers might -- that you know indicator or driving to make a decision over the course of a regular season game or over a 162 this is. This is a different environment and I think that's why we we've got to remain in tune with our guys are responding in those key moments and pressure packed moments. Thank you -- that concludes the pregame today. John Ferrell -- talking to the media and some of the news coming out of there you you could see coach you are once again. For more than three outs if necessary job recognizing that those Big Three guys are getting tired and been used in relied on heavily but hey -- an important game that you need -- that you can get also seen Jake Peavy would be available out of the pen tonight as well rob. I talked to -- about that yesterday's only appeared in one relief outing his career that was in 2011. Pews coming back from a lat injury. And it was two days after start he went out pitched 55 pitches pitched a great for adding seven strike outs no runs. But after that he was never leave this game -- White Sox kinda screwed him up -- appearance. But that was the only time he's ever come -- the bullpen and the one thing that I think from PB standpoint is. This guy you can tell he wants to pitch again in -- some way some form. He feels like he's fixed whatever was was wrong with the media today. I don't know about I don't know if he's a guy that you gonna say. Yeah we're gonna bring demand for high leverage situation I don't know. The other the other thing you see there from John Farrell is that he goes overboard of goes with Gomes over -- Partly because of the importance of base running and defense in this series specifically. Things those are up places for Jonny Gomes has an edge. Over Daniel -- 61777979837. -- I want takes -- more your thoughts on this game game six -- one's important and not just because yeah if you go to the World Series but be especially important because of what looms. Tomorrow you do not want any part as far as I'm concerned of Justin Verlander I don't think you have a better than 5050 shot of beating Justin Verlander tomorrow as well as they played as well Lackey pitched. In game three I got no interest in re living that experience tomorrow so how do you do everything to get it done today -- -- rob Bradford at Fenway Park on WEEI. -- I think at this point in time they've got a good feel comes into a little bit more than just what numbers like -- Stat -- or given category. So. The way players respond under these circumstances in this environment. Has got equal weight if not more than. Maybe what the numbers might -- you know indicator or driving to make a decision over the course of the regular season game or over a 162 this is. This is a different environment in. I think that's why we've we've got to remain entombed. Guys are responding in those key moments and pressure packed room. Don't care where you got say a word. Before you -- word in this segment through exactly what you gifted. -- Do exactly what you just dead no and a -- Redman. Lights camera -- back the -- explosives. On the following are you gonna. With two and a half hours away from game time it -- -- the most retired for the next day regardless of Redman lets get ready to go this is Mike Tyson coming out of the fumble. To fight I think it was hurricane Peter McNeeley is -- or -- a pretty came out to this song just the black towel draped over the head. What are -- all time greats that was awesome thank. -- a major day by the 6 by 8 o'clock and then you'll have to do the hump day Campbell does that make everybody -- if there aren't even request on Twitter. At salt WEEI and I guess that Brad although I don't -- many more a lot of requests for you to do the -- -- -- at some point to get everybody in Iowa native had a decent note Maria what we -- -- to know what day what day that's what day is. What did what day it is just put -- And where you have brought. Dunes. I'll take the bizarre how much you sound like it got to the bizarre and fantastic John Farrell. Meet with the media few minutes ago Mike Salk and rob Bradford here -- Parker should point out -- Maloney of the with a -- about a half hour or so to get you ready. For game six tonight John Ferrell is ready said the coach do you horror is ready if he needs to go up more than three outs he's ready to do that again tonight. I hope it doesn't come to that I mean you know at some point. The -- thing is going to it's gonna Wear on him he's 38 years old he is he's thrown a fair amount of innings to have been relied upon throughout this year not just as the closer once -- became the closer but he he saw a lot of action action before even becoming the closer early in the year. Is there a way to to try and at some point do you have a fear that that will. You here's quotes after the game and I know one quote in particular which is basically he said I'm worn down. I'm worn down but I'm in a power through a drag out a way to get this done but that was the first nod at the first time won a few times. He's actually admitted that this is very tiring process and you know would also. In the playoffs is different it's just different for these guys physically. These guys will tell you. That this isn't just about going out and throwing a 115 pitches is about going on for a 115 pitches in a playoff game where every single. Pitched it's takes on -- He's coming in in the eighth inning there's usually a reason why you need him which means those pitches are even more stressful there's runners on base are coming in to get out some of the best players in the game. 6177797937. How about -- Mike. In spring -- Hi Mike. Guys call away from our green logo and all -- Are you guys sort that that we are curse them all all our wanna I wanna say. Couldn't be a more lot of Red Sox -- in the -- Chicago. It's like if you wanna say about. So Richard caught looking Daria you probably shut ya but -- -- like a I would like computers shot back. Putting in the weight that. -- played got caught him here this fundamental didn't make pitches I don't see how good sure. Where this guy out. He's got to pitch. I wanted to see what caught in the what many believe in the Sox this year was when they took out West Coast trip -- they went out to LA in LA was so like every got -- station -- LA LA LA got. And nobody was giving any respect to this team at all. And they went out here -- know what it seemed about. And actually I did the Red Sox and it has been a Red Sox interest surely be I wanna keep -- court yet quite a when he. And gives them like. -- -- that you've seen a team fight I mean they managed to go watch games. No I didn't notice much is what blocked it to where I trust it would get direction you can when you really put your teenage. What you -- -- -- yeah. They were brilliant Detroit everywhere they weren't going to get insurers are in now and and Sanchez mean this is the JR this is the ERA leader. In the American League this is the Cy Young award winner in the American League and then the best pitcher in the American League on consecutive nights I mean look I don't. I was irritated with the Doug Fister game fine and I understand what you're saying but you know what -- -- -- -- -- for -- innings and yet winning two out of three games. Is impressive -- is is exactly what you're talking about. It is impressive to the point -- -- -- this clock but it -- -- you're going against Angel entered the IR rated them that that feeling do you -- And he smoking you six and then. We know it isn't like it yeah it ever get into. So let's delete the 180. Million and because he said he had a high -- outside you have to fight like a silent threat now transgression. They get a little government shut it down nine and in your do you identify your opponent try to give an example of what guys have been doing that terrible you are made you pick the one guy -- the -- -- -- -- the American -- didn't -- -- -- somebody -- -- -- -- and -- -- -- Children are -- routine the college players. You -- good. I'd just as they had get tickets and I hope it doesn't -- authority gains seven. I do hope that tonight Corey has a great game. If you look at the overall series immediate you know basically come down to this I think Troy. Has a little bit better. Starting pitching. But we have that we -- In my opinion denied that should allow. Is I think that it's far open does and I'm 48 laps to Gainesville police that night I think a lot probably when McCain. Affiliate and I think you make a good point I know the red rob Bradford column yesterday in WEEI dot com in Iraq was quick to. To give Alex spear a lot of credit for what he wrote today I happened like -- robbery yesterday and I'll say that even though incident crank him. I thought that that that piece about John -- blueprint really laid out a lot of what was going on in the series it's a good primer especially. If you're looking at everything that's occurred so far and the numbers on the bullpen -- crazy. This Red Sox bullpen was never supposed to be anyone strength. Coming into this. Hopefully the biggest weakness they were the biggest weakness on the team right they can hit. They can hit for power they can work counts they had speed that they had great starting pitching is deep bench the one thing they didn't have was the seventh and eighth innings covered before he got to coach you -- they've given up a total of three runs in the post season one of those three with coach you are. They've given up two runs the rest of this staff of this bullpen has given up two runs. I actually told Farrell that I I was gonna put my money on him using. Koji more than any closer in postseason Red Sox history which would have been fourteen inning try to keep -- in 2004. The -- since the like the same pitcher yet you know it's great analogy and and then the first game the first opportunity he has to identify how he's gonna work it. Well -- is out for the eighth. Or not we're not go to you in the eight now I think that's going to be extended extended extended but not to the level of -- he Koji for two innings at a lack every single time which is exactly what we've. We thought it was going to be we thought it was going to be starters through seven Koji -- -- night. -- no we thought there'd be some Breslow he would he would earn your job by the end. And his ally I will say I mean I've had no faith in him whatsoever and every time he's come in he's earned more and more me he's been the he's actually been in some ways they -- hero for the Red Sox well it was garbage near the end of the year I think there's a lot of concern that is now shouldn't even be out there. For the seventh or eighth innings and and didn't even does that mean we're talking about do you leverage work win while back kind of faded away and -- he let want to let Miguel Cabrera steel on and I think that's sort of maybe sealed his fate how we were talking about Drake Britton didn't even make it to this post season roster. And then what are you end up with the same guy that started it it was a closer before. I was even offer to coach you matched his Allah and -- coming up with some of the biggest outs of. And I think you give them credit for understanding it is our need to rest in what was gonna happen after -- -- because that's exactly what happened he got some rest at the end of the year and he came back a different pitcher and one of the of the many many fast and he thinks of -- series one of them is it that his outlook Cabrera matchup. He's done it twice we've got to -- whites and as I tweeting I know you didn't seem to tweak -- you don't follow me I actually don't dispute but. But my question before that at -- we're gonna find out right now if Cabrera is physically able to hit -- outside fastball. If that's what -- came down to does how is it was not gonna throw anything but that pitch. -- He could he rolled out to second. And so -- did not -- could very well happen again tonight and I find this fast six or 777979837. Steve isn't forever hi Steve. -- I -- if I can recite the -- that how well they. Do. That is Steve outside have a terrible here and you men of the year and convertible. And windows open on the on the like that art is hard to hear they're. Honestly it is and I apologize gives the call back program -- later in the show aren't -- reloading is gonna join us coming up here in twenty minutes. We also want to bring this up but not this was sent to me this this link. That I read earlier today sent to me by very very close family member of mine. And I -- small -- thanks mom I read it I read it this afternoon. And I'm curious to get your take on it is is. Is who is is Red Sox ownership. Trying to treat the fans. Like Gary it. Even after all the good they've done this year -- have they rode it all the way in won also they haven't -- explain next -- -- with -- rob Bradford and WB yeah. -- We'll we'll see how it unfolds hopefully clay is going to go to work deep in the in the game as he has many many times this season. But we have been a little bit more aggressive going to the bullpen in key spots and fortunately. Rather than being the reason being is we've got three guys down there and really more than three but. There's probably five guys that can go one plus innings. And Koji is available for that tonight so. No I don't -- Doing to tonight playing. For tomorrow -- And that's -- fair already to go game six tonight just. Over two hours away Mike talk to rob Bradford hearing your friendly studios will Maloney. We'll join -- -- about 1520 minutes get you ready 617779. 7937. This is in the opinion section of the Boston Globe today written by Tom Keenan. Any writes this I walk through the turnstile on yawkey way. And a woman and BP took a piece of cloth. But fifteen by eighteen inches into red with a large blue circle in the center be strong access the B capitalized in the unmistakable and proprietary font. Of the Boston Red Sox. Mystified. I take my seat. In the middle of the first inning the answer to the puzzle -- revealed what does this for. A few fans one corner of the claw grip than their hands are twirling it around -- know I realize. It's the terrible towel. He goes on to destroy. The idea of the terrible I -- read the twas the night before Christmas. To not be good -- on gas. Guard continued I don't need to read anymore but I like I say. He goes on to kill the idea of being handed -- how great -- talked about how you know that the Pittsburgh creation and how the great thing about Boston fans and Red Sox fans especially is they don't need to be told to stand up and cheer they don't need to be told when the big moment is they like to get their chance going themselves let's go Red Sox or whatever -- they do sweet Carolina after the eighth inning which is annoying but whatever. But the he hit his point is the Red Sox and doesn't need to be told what to do all the way the Detroit Tigers fans apparently did I thought they had good fans and for whatever reason they were being -- -- -- and to -- when to -- when -- -- knew exactly -- -- that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It was notable that no one used to confront got no and he says that you could if I don't you know inkling it all you want to use them for. The use -- -- wiping up the beer spilled when you're jumping up and down -- or to put on top of the seats at the deceit is not freezing cold yet. -- great I mean I think it's funny it's it's a tribute to Red Sox fans that they don't need crap like that it's odd though that they would even bother handing them out I mean it's a nice souvenir added -- he's strong thing is nice and it certainly has been a good message for this team and for this city for the last six months or so but. About it -- we don't need gimmicks like that army I don't need gimmicks on what Bob Ryan on this stuff ditched the Jumbotron. Ditched the gimmicks and just let them play ball well clearly they should now put all their focus into. Upgrading the deep post game media. The reception hospitality that umps are Detroit blew away Boston now. I know that everyone cares about what I'm sure all of the all of the listeners out there care about how well you're treated in your free post game media fifteen minutes before I go get -- -- roll out this might seem a little ludicrous it does. But I tell you. That the spread the Detroit put on boy I wish there was gave me. -- -- get -- back to the court -- you're one of the many people who says I just can't wait to return to Detroit 6177797937. Did in New Hampshire what's up to him. -- I should have been -- -- -- -- back at it got to say. You first came on the -- and as you bit bigger critic. You one -- I'll look Dan I appreciate that. I I I thought well you rate at that guy -- that day about it or -- it technically. Now that was just for kicks he kept saving a -- as is like hey if you think he's the best player of all time that you got to pronounces the name -- -- veteran that our minds it's I'm glad you brought up Iglesias from the I agree we should talk about that but at first -- get your point. It yeah. You really didn't let me help. I give and I appreciate that I'll try to do my best to get you going the other way eventually. It. I Allah. -- contract that it is and you know it it Bears. -- as they get older because they don't have much like that so little walker. I'll I'll let me interrupt what the contract that at the right now. And -- it -- a pitching and maybe it early look at. In -- you horror as a team in. Your. No I mean it -- -- leave this one to you I think because I think you understand and and I've seen him more it is weird to realize that he's 38 years old I think there's a belief for Red Sox fans who haven't who haven't spent a lot of time thinking about it at all we just got here he's still a young player he's not -- a long time in Japan was in Baltimore than in Texas part of the Chris Davis deal and then eventually came here. Can RC emptying the in the closing here for four more years it's hard for me to imagine that at 42 years old he's going to be that. -- and understand that he's signed through next year which makes that contract even batter was a great contract to begin with but that there was a vesting option which he hit. And so now he's going to be here next year. But the reason I was talking to Alex about -- about this the other day should they talk about extension for this guy. But then you come back to it is that where the relievers he almost never wanna do that is just such a whole -- situation position. And as good as he is now at 38. You wanna think that he's gonna be good for two more years we can't jump down there. It's just funny it makes me remember that there was a legitimate conversation this year about whether the Red Sox to go out -- re acquired Jonathan Papelbon at all it was legitimate stars so hum absurd due to the to two of thought that we were talking now way. At any point this year given how strong the bullpen -- is being in this postseason but how good coach he has been that throughout the entire year since he got the job. What they Gordon Koji when -- -- pitching game one when did you pitch to pitching in the sixth inning. The sixth inning. But you had let's see 12344. Pitchers pitch after he did. In Drew Miller Andrew Bailey -- and ran to our. That's unbelievable. And this is that a guy who had a bad spring training he was out of the spring training takeaways for me. That was one of them that this guy every single time he pitched was exactly like the guy you saw you. And I'll tell you what Robby even once he got the job is closer I had I was skeptical not necessarily of him but what it was going to do to the seventh and they wanted to -- what is it is our right for the went to him when he -- it was clear that wasn't in -- worked as -- -- -- -- that night it never worked well for him. But with you -- -- I -- he was right when you needed somebody to shut down a big threat on one of those idiots out there who still believes that closer by committee could work if it was done the right way that it's never been tried the wage should be tried with the right manager the rightful of there was never ever ever root team that was gonna do it there was this team right. -- -- in the year because they actually have a bunch of different types of relievers right via the walk could have gone in for different spot -- coach you're the strikeout guy an -- earlier the lefty specialist and the somebody's you know if if he had been healthy and effective and her hand. You're gonna be the ace of this staff a bit and maybe that means you get more shots at the ninth. But if the big spot arises in the seventh and that's we need you find somebody to be the double play guy and that they could have actually done that's I believe in that stuff. Even though I've been told over and over again that it will never ever work because of everyone doesn't have their perfect -- team that then that they're not -- available it'll never remarks -- -- -- get it back but I still like the concept behind that and the idea behind it even if I understand the personalities of the players will never allow it but here's here's exam removing -- from that spot where he could come in to put out big fires in the seventh and eighth inning. I thought was a risk the one thing that is allowed to occur is the emergence of Craig Breslow turns out to be a great pitcher much better than a real go through things. If you like the closer by committee than you like what they're doing now to a certain extent because as you point out. Breslow is your second most reliable reliever -- who's the first guy in whether to sixth inning seventh inning doesn't matter he's the guy you go back to that game one. You want it like the closer by committee another good example -- -- Bailey was supposed to pitch the eighth inning going into that game what does he do he gets one guy. At the end of the seventh which I believe with -- no. One guy because it was the biggest out of the game at that time -- And that's the way he's -- continues to midget but Mike it is amazing. That we're sitting here and we're looking at the bullpen and not only saying may have an advantage over the team that they're playing in the American League Championship Series. But that they actually have our. Core group of guys who you say that's pretty could good court public. Our -- because for the last three months that always. That was number one not even close the most concerning thing about this team and yet yeah you're right -- EC what they've done in the post season it's really been three guys and I understand that you got a couple of of blow out anybody and other guys haven't been up I have an up Workman hasn't been that bad. And in morality you know like that he let Cabrera still suck and I don't know I don't think he was such a low point like that even with such a disaster from start to finish and the fact that he that they -- insult to injury but really -- -- give the dude it's horrible I did the comparison it was like watching the the terminator at the end when he didn't have any more legs and he's just like crawling his way to second -- Miguel Cabrera looks like out there any stealing second. I tell you -- I heard that Cabrera ailment. In have been able confirm this for this Wright heard was it's a hip which is to have which is in the sports hernia we'll find out after the season obviously. But the -- and if you look at it through that audit -- that prism then. Hits are tricky proposition. Asked Tim Thomas asked like lol at these other guys. That is Roosevelt Colvin -- yet that they're moving around and we see it as a series I look the conversation. I think there was in game two. Where Cabrera had gone over infield pop up. He's moving around a little bit better he looks a little bit better. He looks terrible stale it looks awful and the fact that he can't hit an outside fastball I say this now as he's gonna launch went probably course yet but that he doesn't look that he physically able to do it. We do believe that while he down. I still would like to see them bunt I still like to see them make a few attempts to let him run around a little bit he is actually fielded the position fairly well settled on a crusher for his defense. But the more what you was asked to move around have been trying to go from second all the way home which didn't work he was up by a mile and never -- -- happen now I know Leland. Through the third base coach under the bus which was surprising after the game but. After you know I was forced to move around a little bit what happened. Error in the next connect -- don't -- wreck Johnny Joseph bewildered ground ball through is what I tell you what he he looked terrible on that ground ball he never had a played right he never got down low enough. And he seems to be able to do one thing at a time but when you ask him to do a couple of different things maybe that's where the problem arises intellect all still senate -- from game one. Why not try to lay a bunt down and not a sac bunt but to surprise him by bunting down the third baseline we've yet to see it he does come in a little bit and play in but. He he's moving so poorly that to ask him to do that twisting the -- I think would be huge advantage even if it doesn't work on that play. To just get him out of his rhythm and maybe that's another way to take him out of this year. I think it a couple things with the -- on number one is that we saw drew attempt to bond for the first time I can remember all year. And I know that some of that is because he's an innings try to get his way on but nothing this dog didn't really one successful bunt. Of the ones accountant that was David Ross's and the players a point that says this out when you have pitchers like you have going against it's not easy to bunt. Group Victorino bunt to the first was a good bunt Ross tried but the couple times jrue tried bunting. For guys who don't tip -- but it's not an easy thing to do we have -- -- but it really is probably the name that you would point that in Stephen Drew would be the other and you talk to drew about -- what he said. I just said that you know it it seemed like the right time to do it he hadn't really done it as they said before and almost the entire year he's not a bunt there and he should be a bunker. Right now we should be should be able under but about him to go with a little bit maybe work on my bunting and hitting hitting things are working the game earlier this year where they get killed for Saltalamacchia think -- -- attempting to bunt but the unit and as we found out later he had -- back thing. But another good example is that this is a good situation to bunt. But why don't you bunt because maybe the guy is we did but there and Mel Brooks yeah today wasn't you'll get the guy over. I don't know if he can bunt or not but that have to go along with thinking is that big they feel that. Guys who aren't haven't punted. They did they -- back problem Vick. But -- -- these guys -- do you really -- middle Brooks is such a bad bunker not the -- -- you could put him -- -- out a little spot so I just don't use that as an excuse I didn't really have a problem with it I think you were up at that point I don't think you need to bunt when -- up. With a one nothing lead I got no problems of the fact that barreled in -- there if he had done it if they'd been tighter down Iran I think you have to bunt with a man but what we would receive these guys in time and time again -- tried to bunt -- and they have been able to do it. Now it's a pet peeve of mine your Major League player you gotta be able to bunt to I I know that I could not -- if -- were asked to go up there are no I couldn't do it. But I -- I was always a very I can delude myself into thinking that I could do it and it's the only thing I would ever even consider. I know -- couldn't do anything else than a Major League ball field but I would at least. Think that I would be able to bunt even though there's no way be when I was taking baseball coaching class of Springfield College which is absolute truth -- -- coaching Kline yes you were taught a class I gonna minor in coaching. Oak at all right that was one a classes -- -- first to meet -- Q is don't have the bunt the back level. How you get -- -- until the bat. Sudden amazing that major league baseball players cannot get through that it bit through that ahead you're supposed to dead -- right as opposed to going out there if you do that too but if you if a -- also not opposed to keep your -- all the way around you don't get it do you think it -- exactly but if you have the -- level what happens that you're more likely to popping up. He's got a tilt a little bit. I'm Maryland on the clubhouse and tell the Mets don't have a little conversation talked to Shane talked to Stephen Drew. Since apparently I have had a ball rather round gather our liability I would guess doesn't how to -- that he didn't know how to bunt I can't imagine he -- -- in the league as long as he did will join us coming up a few minutes we'll discuss the we'll play and get you ready for game six as well to -- thought rob Bradford here in WEEI.

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