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Curt Schilling in the Car joins Mustard and Johnson

Oct 19, 2013|

Curt Schilling gives Craig and Larry a call to discuss the Red Sox big ALCS Game 6 tonight. Listen here as Curt breaks down the game and what the Red Sox need to do to win and continue into the World Series.

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If they hate to cut you off but here to talk about that in many more things that has. Little bit of an insight into championship spot moments and pressure in clutch situations -- from -- feel you are next on Sports Radio WEI a -- Kirk. No it. Below. -- Hey tiger what's going on what went seven brilliant -- campaigning I did have you did you. All know did not. And how you know and -- -- and -- -- day so you're responding to me a decent conversation that we just that. All or part about the parity and it simpler and and it -- away and be. Accountable right now. He didn't like. -- -- all our work birdie argued and you do you want to change on the -- the ball about something. Get up here Celek who were here we are pretty easily predictable plot that -- worked. I like it worked you're in -- I don't want the Indians right. About or don't work out. Well look at it that's what they're -- -- -- -- -- court and not be right guard that year. But but it -- it's our. A -- delicate contract that would paper for the program -- you are so focused foreign. It's about what happened to our primary states Earl -- But we did not do about it distributor are trying to get our guys the ball from the first pitch of the game. I saw how is it different curt obviously you understand game six is very well on the night I I apologize I boarded the most important game six at Yankee Stadium. I seem to remember that somehow or another. How is the focus different when you're down 32 you were on the mound that night as opposed to being up three -- Because you need to remember -- we play it we played ball in the -- every other New York. There's no way to students. -- -- -- -- -- So it and it will Arab guy but a bit -- sometimes the answer -- people allow these guys are you ever get -- My opponent a bit but are you. Robert yeah a good spirit and a couple of but it won't ever. Put the ball but you know we don't count. Right situation that we want because all of this out of it -- probably not. We catapults me or whatever -- went up twenty times focused -- at that thirty seconds and part of that. Wouldn't mind boggling how did you -- get very quickly it can also make sets everybody up right like it opened. Opens and the -- but he got your -- about it happening it would each happening are all. -- to probably about eight guys are just darn good and that's all a part of -- had its pretty beat any team that are. I remember one time you arm of us in you says something that absolutely intrigued me you said that when you're warming up in the bullpen. -- just what you're doing but you really don't know what kind of stuff you have until you get in the game. Patient and October are and I. Can. Fortunately when I was hurt but they are always new but what. -- open about. What was stopped because. Aren't all the crowd did you mean four mile an hour party in New York property to -- or for a while our future. It's a tribute -- only all -- the make -- for the player and that's why he got -- bit about watching this group. All they are trying to pinpoint why why it happened and why it is -- -- be Arnold does anyone really. It's not. As much about to tell what it is incompetent but what. An -- of Berry -- your -- declared war. So chemistry is not over rated. They. Want to note that players will never argue chemistry being over equipment noted that pitchers are again. But a number to -- my arm but what you can figure they're aren't our RP. When they like playing here and and don't like them played her. -- I got a couple of them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- is going to open it up or. Not a player that that could play it's -- Bartlett write it like he'd like tiger and -- not only part of the -- are at the bottom hoping. That they eternity because there aren't people like -- because our guys. It'll probably wanted to double and a -- They understand what I'm -- -- don't ever get to -- -- could you -- -- the -- You also told us that the difference between being a stop our in our calls or was it different being a man or woman. When you -- your hair out there what are you thinking when you see what this guy is doing. I hate Larry I'd I don't nurse or thirty some years are a part of baseball and Andy you pretty. I do are distribute at the crack at an -- like it or I always looked a bit like trot so borrow or rent for a while break open. -- pick apart like a great because I don't is not about the -- attributable third straight out it is -- Yeah numbers. Aren't operating largely -- -- are -- -- open trial. Anywhere in the country. I guarantee there will be a high -- the like the rest of baseball can be it would probably stop pretty. -- numbers are Craig Kimbrel. So are also something are not open -- -- -- eat that night to a pitcher bat that terribly off speed of one point B you don't want out because more suitable match. In the game and split it disappears. Did you approach pitches -- holes in order for -- -- of the strike out and laid it up and away. Little. Kids are going to watch him work. Yeah. It's a bit -- -- and it looked as if it will be. Egypt you'll wait to predict what. You are. Prepared until. It's what to watching more and getting. He gets into the -- -- would always be the component to the commitments all good. But he kept all 88 spot can follow exactly what to expect that any. And here's the problem has been a big year. -- how is he able to do this at age thirty any kind of a journeyman and Major League level is this payroll is what what's what's going on here. Eight just do it could mechanics -- about it deceptive delivery. -- Barry Larkin Carter told me that but little all -- -- -- Chelsea beat -- hitting our. Put a lot of sitting up immediately. Do jedi you're -- what happened -- right football compared pitchers are trying to component to it or are. Do dispute that ball ask when are you get it's it's LT if that's upbeat. The other -- he mixed. You don't walk off the number one because people -- great numbers. Can guarantee a little -- You all saw all -- -- -- Back -- -- a lot of distress about open open open like almost winter ball up well. Ability -- already -- are all a lot of hurdles and they get right next guest book. You've got to keep -- -- -- are what you don't get at all or are you see it didn't look good at the end of the order because -- -- Clay Buchholz calls you on the phone this afternoon and says Kurt you've been in a lot of key games including a big game six. How to -- mentally and physically prepare for tonight's game. You keep it and I am expected different animal. You're white you get out there are multiple agents to be active and be good arm and it doesn't always happen. So believe it -- out all right from jump street -- I would open a spot to be brought in 9395929394. You know do a little while. Don't look at that as you know I'm I'm over Florida or myself what I would look at it under people order matter what I wanna do if it's gonna be there. So I'm sure pitching arm like it's been paper yeah I'm gonna keep the ball or does it compare the down at the ball there it's all. A little bit of everything more important properly government and -- -- -- -- Buehrle in game or. Listen how are you became obviously in my opinion hall of fame pitcher so you are everything became comfortable playing the game. Have you become as comfortable being an analyst yet. Oh. Great I get to talk about one thing -- it's the one thing I don't know -- and anybody you want to. That's what I do and don't try to talk about it at all white people are. Here to provide it. You -- Baseball players talking about they didn't do. I -- I -- a lot of it right and I would probably tell you are a lot more bit you -- -- and anybody a lot of but he combined. Because that's what is that Gil de heart and you crack the way. Prospects I'd you know why does it kind of -- 88 way better -- a guy that goes well. Well I'm at and block everything -- second most important thing pitch control a little bit all the great. I studied it from you know from the outside looking from the prospect of pop out to Darren. I just birdied everything that picture ever being in your dotted -- and not been all but there's a million waist deep -- that's. And it's one thing and pout about it and I will LaRoche. Try to explain to people. Okay but that's the mechanical part of the game. How do you broadcast the game any analyze a guy like peavy. Was falling apart you know he's pitching is not out he's doing the best he can. And now you're -- criticize a. And you don't -- the -- -- he didn't pitch well in most of the guys talk about when you're not doing well. He didn't -- in the world need to not tremendous fastball I criticize you -- I don't. -- ever been in every every game I watched every scenario that talking about or blackjack game I don't mean I don't again. I don't know -- something incredible led most 90% of pitchers but the older I know -- I know that games are important it's funny because. The baseball genes that the production team they try to step up every -- I wanted a warm up short game. The problem or senior Zito probably somebody like most -- it's like well here and it happens. -- -- That was such a -- OK. EDE I want everybody else they were watching some pretty total ball. They could I gotta ask you this I know you're great man of faith and I love you for that but. What have you learned about yourself over the past five years. Weren't something that they're the war -- early on which was -- GDP. And are able. On Monday just I'd ever wish you didn't think so much. I -- I. Think. It's it's it's unbelievable which probably. I'd go to bed every night against you you're gonna be able to my heart is probably ought to my life. But I still had absolutely nothing but thanks to figure out why -- you think about the -- I've been able to whip the people I've been able to be. But came back and able to be involved in my truck for me. Strange children I don't want to. Who was also chipped it. -- -- -- -- why I didn't watch it every art. I'm going for the most part now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Paterno and I aren't aren't able to -- -- -- important step -- has. So much so what was you know in this state so we understand because you pick up to a small outs -- There's probably quite sore it's uncomfortable so it's good -- would open because. -- and -- which -- -- stops them -- into an awkward and you know I think it's. So a lot and they're -- -- It would be a license to wanted to talk a couple of you need to be taught and so. I'm born in under an important data in support system and friends and family in the -- and I've -- -- just wonderful Mike Cameron art. Actually you know occur at the last time I actually saw you was -- the old friendlies which is now a Dunkin' -- if you were on the phone the whole night in the next day he retired. You remember that night you know -- -- -- you -- -- at least one or two -- your children I was with my kids about two moves down. I walked out they said she is on the phone an awful long time on that. Don't -- -- the striker got all of our close people don't -- friends but what I know. Are a bit what -- I would in my walk and end. And the -- just about it because they wanna beat all the press conference or whatever and I was. I was at peace spell of the PP I remember right I was one of those people that allowed Chiu. Walk away in my own terms and and then that was another thing to be probably right. Well I'll tell you what you do and I'm not saying this is -- on if ever person was born to be an ESPN analyst it is you with your credentials as a player. -- you were the greatest interview of all time any questions that you know how to answer it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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