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Red Sox Road to Redemption Dennis and Callahan Final Hour

Oct 19, 2013|

Dennis, Callahan and Minihane discuss tonights line up and what it will take out of Buckholtz to beat the Detriot Tigers in Game 6 of the ALCS

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Back back and a guy now. Now are 24/7. Coverage continues with no Red Sox road to redemption pregame show presented by Andersen windows. And serviced like no way that window rock and -- These these Sports Radio WP. What -- about the day has it really nice ring to it for me personally. Third and final hour of the Dennis and Callahan program a special addition from Fenway Park -- down studios combined say hello. You know who came -- and said hello. -- -- pizza from Brighton were very happy now. This is what it's like to do an afternoon shadows on this -- -- is when most afternoon house most of borderline obese. You I saw expedition to act on the obese as quietly yet not seen it yet you ask -- why do you blame on this blog most. Guys on the -- big show. I mean you have to like Greece that on the side of the door opens to the studio yeah midnight and that's true because. People bring -- pizza. Like big daddy and daddy's at -- to bring breakfast really good beaten to it is on I feel good. -- -- -- -- -- I guess that's -- like we got little chance ultimately there's a chance this is such a meat of morale thing I have to stop you -- I argue that you looked at the peace -- -- I'm gonna have a chance up about it there's a chance to repeat tonight. OK to determine that later did not want pizza together at a pizza and now it's a pizza night -- waste a slice of people what do we got had a dad like your football you know what first of all qualified for this tonight what does that mean. Saturday night with senator and -- tonight. -- -- -- Yeah you know what it -- one of those things you could -- twice right would you agree that I wanna (%expletive) away slice now zones -- a certain amount of slices right. I've -- slice is -- of the crest of the third slice. Her pop up one out of so what do the body of the third slice like can't this be lie just joyful to -- to be -- EU waste. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't think that is how -- -- many times -- would have. -- -- -- -- -- If you had a slice of big got to speak to right now right it would take away from your experience tonight Truby what I've got to just like to say she -- -- kicked out I'd be down to a slice in the crushed tonight why do you. Like it just smells like he says yeah Saturday night is pizza and make them don't do -- the minutes don't be don't don't do it's and -- you -- you get the pizza. But it differs. Why don't you get like a stop in order of just pizza for the white -- -- had to suffer want a spaghetti and meatball as a -- and cat food. Cost of capital. Stock of what you eat -- -- that could get a what you have to circus last night we go he just took up but he did. I had. I popcorn. Yes -- -- you -- I -- I popcorn is what popular Melissa it yeah yeah yeah the mapping is about the -- does so does their Russian says tribute to supplement garden. The the -- the sodas and drinks and it's that it's that it's not like a bottle of Diet Coke. It's that -- for foreign -- of water right with a little. -- syrup and yet it mostly just like chlorinated water you not to I don't Stockton on drugs reduced and a fact that you're a downside of experience listening you're gonna get back. Off the wagon. Going to. Complaining about the consistency I soft -- claw our nation case it was mostly chlorinated water over the wheel and I said as a -- -- -- -- the risk of selling -- politically correct you stole my thunder I won't ever decide whether it be politically correct that to my daughter -- last night. A bit of circus -- no matter. Scouted her for 2000. But -- And down. -- could be your father like a bad. And it's -- last place in the world where it's okay for a little person to be wacky psychic. And be -- to -- laughed I laughed out yeah debt that's around here I'm sure there other parts of the world right here yet -- -- Bangkok and he's right he's trying to reach stuff and falling down he's got a little by weakening it a little round ball as amused by it I enjoyed that -- my my first observation from the circus last night whether it did you enjoy the giant man in the little bit of the did -- And have that the one legged the bearded lady didn't have that nobody nobody there. You know what I noticed the media immediately while walking and things are different these days you why. Ventilation. All right back in the old guard you when you go to the circus yeah it was like you had your nose for -- sovereign Apollo of Ellison -- just tell them what I did not did not either or -- book. So apparently the ventilation thing now here's what I would say kind of disappointed me. Where did bring the Brothers Barnum and Bailey go all soft. On us. They -- they have they they have added the trapeze net underneath -- -- these people and now. -- the old days back in my day why I was doing trapeze -- we did it sands met yeah. Now if that the case last like it's what Jerry it's what -- what is -- what it what. I don't know two people -- two deaths -- deaths last movie still had a story to tell the best that was joking we suck I suck choking last night Jerry sort of comes as -- net so whatever they do with that doesn't matter matter going to Jordan's Furniture I'll watch somebody was watching -- thinking I could -- to -- -- this. Again if you write down exactly where you and a second one in the second one was the final big finale. -- of the entire you know flying lenders over the war in it was a woman and -- said you know never never been done by anybody else before five times in history. Five -- -- history a quadruple. Flip. And she was like. Actually the roof she was swing is so high and she'll let -- spot like crazy it's like crazy and the catcher. Mr. and down she plummeted but not to the hard concrete floor into the net now. And do you would deprived of the joy of seeing some of these -- exactly bug in the we don't know I don't think anybody die I'm just telling you sort of mayhem does it -- takes a parole. But at the nervousness not scared out of I was never goes motorcycle -- that's unbelievable stumble that is the most humble which currently serves as big guy -- the globe have seen. Eight. Eight and -- like that it is -- -- little tracks not and I know they're not. Don't not no they'll pop up. Would you say there were gone I think he's like 5840. The only dog that we're talking Jerry get our first flasher. A I think 5055 miles an unbelievable yeah I. And let me ask you now to from some beads he showed his breasts other observation -- hum. Hot and I know this is what that this is like the backbone of the circus. But how trained all the animals are. And it's almost automatic like you'll see -- the you don't see the lion Tamer or the elephant trainer doing very much over instead there where drugged and the can they just about and to do their thing they -- -- roll over than the -- which other's -- could go the other direction and only stand up on each other than a walk up the building you like at trader -- national and they went across the street before the show to get -- public option -- -- -- and she says oh look at that that's great people are dressed up like elephant in the missed a million protesters see them Null and animals not be treated really they're trapped in its not there and endangered. And then you watch -- you think this probably isn't a perfect world for these guys now yeah well but noisy some of the people when you circus. The past. I think though that that a little person this isn't a great life. It's so it's funny because we we thought we met up at book called halftime was caught in a mission correct right at intermission up by the -- popcorn stand and and we both at the very same spot because it's it's like a cast of millions it's a good couple 100% myself -- -- -- -- these individuals in the first half -- the -- How much money in it these people are risking their lives -- did these horseback riders. Who stand up on the support of upside developing upside down flying around no that's no. And it's it's it's not like that the carousel in Detroit we're schalken -- -- the health all right reverend hosted by overdosing meatballs thumping at two things. Health care must be provided. But I wonder how much a guy like that who's doing back flips on a horse that that a full gallop makes per year yeah. And and then you look at the clowns amid clouds get it make what the horse -- you know right or the you're the guy in a motorcycle drive -- the lion -- of the -- he gets a lot -- average I think the average -- it's a romantic lifestyle portal 2000 dollars and the average salary. Yeah the that is not a full year right there not animals. Yet they have them up because the on the animals die in the if the they wouldn't see you got hosted it was a very. Very classy very dude on the senior and broken a musical number a couple times I enjoyed that was your favorite out of the motorcycles you're like the dogs. On skates favorite part two of the dogs off -- it I buy my atomic to trying to figure to in my glasses on I take mama. If the girls were hotter than -- put them on the NC if you like without your glass and -- she's in good shape that he put the money she's lived a circus life. There were two things I did not need to see they do this thing with these come fu fighters. Like a cast of with a fifty I guess you order a fake fifteen -- get a flight around the incumbent -- -- only -- -- there's others to women Jerry. We have long hair. And they attach their hair. Two ropes and they yank them whip in the ceiling and -- hanging by their hair while just spending the week we have Red Sox should do that by the beards and -- everybody. Exactly have a pretty good so I'm do well I'll talk to John in the truck John -- to Dennis and Callahan. I cannot welcome is I have a great great -- -- -- boy can't I would resolute guy who is pretty decent guy it built brick and drug. And it turns out to be. They're serious group that had food all equipment and cemetery. Now. I'm you know I'm a grown guy got a starting at ten year old Colt McCoy with valuable like the circus. I'm I've run into this guy you'd -- the lack. And -- -- it felt like it was -- all patchy but I'm I'm working -- artwork in the market. But the or -- -- -- our kids out there. They shall be robot that trick might bet on the train me all I start apprehend or pool picker upper and people I mean it. -- know that they agree and I say this to say. Yelled at the caliber of people -- work behind the people in it it's a pretty -- there. Are everywhere and Brothers. Got it figured out where. I felt bad for the guys who had the shovels and and seem happy to and I suits relax actually to brooms and shovels and met the likes of Iran is that your entry level position I think so yeah I think they're not make -- 43 I don't think so we don't know because. -- makes the most. I'm hoping it -- one on the ringling Brothers. -- part of our -- ultimatum or -- -- they'll stay hotels that you -- what you do whatever you think you ringmaster makes more than maligned him -- the -- masters a movable you can put you -- take him out put some but I think you -- I definitely did you don't know that yet it was a bad back a couple times or some I think background does nothing to back nothing to. No I didn't make make -- but the why did -- -- a lot rights is a risky borrowers who had better seats. I'm not a good seats -- suggest Britain middle likes Xstrata and Kirk's I would regardless what -- we want. On the the site where we we were all right yes or pretty close to each other yeah I think we've accomplished our goals I don't think we're ever going to be asked to do on the senate. The mission accomplished. Well let's just talk more about our pizza take pictures Columbia to get them up the year I don't know if -- guys -- -- -- minutes discipline how much are we took a little tiny little tiny little too much lately -- HP Hewlett pepperoni playing better what do you think. -- -- pepperoni I don't like how come you don't so we get a nice piece of cheese -- in front of instilled from big daddies to listening spat back pass it as -- I. If this is not right because I'm gonna have my pizza tonight. Hello I'm running America my one piece over the long run the moral hazard calories not -- yet -- yeah. Why equity weren't going to skinny wanna I -- get fat. All such. -- of what you what you can do you could -- this in the develop baboon Obama pages you don't stick your finger on one route one piece now and have one later but will we are right now K what's architecture which I'd be taking Jerry Detroit about. Catcher -- Boston edged Boston -- listen to witness to first base now you old cardinals are we doing tiger's tiger there's still a lot of you guys both mocked me you remember that -- at its -- and -- said advantage -- -- black hole. Two point -- system but -- put your ball -- fielder I've -- -- you mocked me abstract thought it was that's true permitted -- -- but it didn't anywhere that's the biggest disparity -- right now to blow your second base edge Boston you don't stop edge. Anybody anybody bathroom I'll take Iglesias third base that's good is a good question third base. Well middle my outlook for our little box pick up taking Cabrera are just plain and write a -- Democrats play those Bogart I -- be fair -- figured I get it Miguel Cabrera over Bogart's. He might not still hit you may not be at third base he may be DH he -- big. Kelly your Santiago Mikey I guess it's potentially -- and it has to get the edge third base that's true Bogart's that is true. I do think you're gonna see the best numbers in Detroit after a couple of after -- Vila. Is Dirks. Peace. Two for five but if you load up with lefties -- have Dirks. In left and all of that would mean the nine camp Turks left as he already said to places is gonna gonna play tonight. So that means -- Albion crawl doesn't left. You know of any lefties then Martinez and he kept Martinez you'll catch up because that you know pay yesterday's special option right changes -- -- to the king of. It isn't the answer to that whether Leland and Cabrera think sitting out in the dugout and coupling the field will help him at the plate right. He struggled so much -- the play a much of that -- loan is you know groin and abdomen and whoever else all right we have to finish this left field. Gomes vs. -- -- -- -- edged Detroit sent a field edge Boston yet. Right field edged Detroit yes right now -- Detroit starting pitching. Detroit edged Detroit absolutely bullpen it -- -- and big big big entry Boston big. Intangibles -- Boston with -- home. Base running -- drop kick Murphy court drop kick Murphy very important. So I would say plus they're aware that they need to score first and get the crowd involved doesn't. Feel like it's going seven and forget. I'm just say and feel -- kind of series but let's just talk about you know whatever field there in vs this cactus and and and assures there. And -- obviously we know they're going against that but tonight it feels like it's going to be seven games and it don't you think that reduces the Red Sox chants of -- in the World Series shored up but I don't like -- better. Get this stuff together -- I don't think it's automatic you think has Verlander get itching yet well I don't think Orlando asked this before. What's more likely that that that -- lender duplicates his effort personal Lackey or lack deep duplicates is different personal -- and I think the I don't I don't. Well you know what after last night. I don't know what to think anymore well -- pitcher in the game right. Looked worst than any stat was the worst starting pitcher you've seen lately Aaron Cook class Aaron Cook he looked Ameren cookie and yes last night but -- -- -- your right if they win tonight Detroit. The it's baseball argument that you like. Now go to the Red Sox the tigers if baseball is now it's a result they also have guys understand who are hitting and Detroit doesn't coming. Today I mean as you look at anyone in Detroit may be Victor Martinez at two -- the basis by the -- up when he gets on. And sodas fielder sodas Cabrera -- for Alter I mean they clogged the base -- -- not only. Do they not run the bases well run well just the opposite they they they can. At that could be the easiest team ever seemed to double up six. 1777979837. DOC broadcasting live from the WBS studios at Fenway Park lands down street. Let's talk to try to talk to -- are made in good morning. Hey guys -- -- I don't even know what they -- which would indicate that we commit -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Saturday thank you aren't. The debate circuit here and -- perfect example but you got wrecked our quiet -- into. They talked about it at the worst like in the way you work on the circuit. You you get eight. -- you hurt your contractor torturing it made. I mean you're lucky you you're pretty much work for your food and and -- okay. I'd assert itself. Well and -- they'd like feature with sticks if you don't perform or are you are you talk about for the elephants I mean animals to the -- All the people the people in the pits aren't which reportedly out again and again it is blocking. I got another -- that but the people operate as they. I -- a place to sleep and play again meal every day and I'm not at 883 weeks. I'm depending out circus go in and it stuck out. I'm delighted to find and it is up before last not a -- depression and -- You've seen Jimmy in movie yeah yeah and they. It's not that don't have union protection I don't think neo. Throw families to like this you would be ultimately life would bit. Yeah I've got to train some -- you forget don't believe -- -- you are mean they're all like rehab people yeah been in prison than in rehab and you know that these two girls -- in the movies are all get molested by the old line Tamer. Indicated that it -- got a lot of -- helping airline cameras. Begin abroad so you -- I don't get that -- I. I -- get I actually like Siegfried android at finger I was kidnapped five or six Friedman -- that a lot of foresee for product through yet there are 61777979. 37 something very very nice. Just happened. We played a very small role in it. We will tell you what that is when we come back. You -- -- and I think for him to a different animal. I feel like -- they're like yeah that's -- -- to be effective and be good problem and does an old. So hopefully tomorrow I'll be all right well don't write it. I hope and expect it to be brought in 9395909390. Or. You know do a little while. I don't look at data you know I'm I'm over thought I got to control myself what I would look at it under -- order matter what I wanna do that it's going to be there. Don't even maturity issue all markets in their paper yeah it's gonna keep the ball -- as compared to now be involved at all. -- real -- -- properly government. You're gonna see. That you'll -- -- And that is Curt Schilling analyzing the start what he expects to see what he hopes to see and what he doesn't wanna see out of Clay Buchholz -- -- don't by the way. Vs the rays and the tigers in the post season. -- give up fifteen hits in eleven and two thirds and hasn't he our day of 617. At all. Because David Ortiz bailed him out last Sunday night that he not get stuck with that. Lost. The cardinals had 211 in the series against the Dodgers. And ended in six. Yeah your enthusiasm but which you can bet -- wanna you know cardinals here know the -- here Shane Robinson. When they got him. Like him like a good guy good guy -- gets the most out of his ability does she's easy to grinder. Trevor Rosenthal always like fan twin brother Ken. However saw a roller Monrovia not yet and they were siamese twins and originally and -- traffic at the live North Korea -- despite Ken didn't grow quite as much problem. They pitched. Concede that the ERA gets to adjust 2.3 force homes like this the pitchers out. One on the Ceres the Dodgers choked this is a -- series to as much as we enjoyed Ortiz is Grand Slam it's one of two hits Natalie. And Napoli has come up big on you know on one hand you can count the guys who have over achieved offensively -- hitters on either team you know. It's of another pitcher series which I guess. Means you know you'd be -- your -- jerseys and pictures and certain sugar -- right Zoolander. But. It's baseball and I don't see the target bust them up like 67 runs the way the cardinals did you know I don't even it's buckles and and you hate his guts to you know I don't know it just got an extra long and you think it takes too long you think peace in the dirt bag I'll call the muck along. Would you be surprised if -- goes five in the third is up three or four runs -- I know now is that good or bad. That's not good and insurers -- three runs in five innings then got back up that no that's of some that's kind of which are expecting right that is what I expect well look on the bright -- the sooner he's out of their of the after the game goes that's troop you know that's true I would look at the bright side if -- although I don't think if it with Buchholz in the -- on the gives Miguel -- time he'll put the but there at the infielder to catch his breath walking out of the dugout -- that. Stuck to who glued to win Middleton and -- -- -- I wanted to talk about what happened -- Baseball I don't want to keep actually in this property -- -- both got watched -- that. -- -- Of course the credit -- rush played -- audible dot -- A little bit out and that -- don't -- -- And the attention you are. Paid -- baseball. Bat a lot of people Pacific. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That is a good question was stoop -- if you walked Pedroia. Or victory you know. -- al-Qaeda and had no other I -- terrible because you know what really struck out clips are output. -- -- if you if you if you got victory and on and walked Pedroia took -- load the bases I guess would make some sense but you're right you put them on second especially. We don't throw down they just they just -- gave him second base. Guys like -- got out I. Thought. -- could you just blocked the second day -- work. I don't think I think that's about -- the original art. Into. -- we'll check that for you but I looked up right -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't -- you like to trapeze -- at the circus them knowing that Victorino was coming to the play yeah -- knows for sure and -- got himself well you know horrible pitch I'm sure -- potentially want to 2011. Times check out. Part 61777979837. I hope Farrell doesn't. Make any you know really really dumb move so we spent like a week talking about a federal blow it. Kind of like I like his style I think he's a nice combination of going by the book and gone by his instincts and taken a few chances and playing it safe but by yes Balata by doing he definitely opens himself up -- this time good which is which is definitely gonna but I think he's -- in the exactly do not seen a lot of Red Sox managers in my time most of them. In these situations seem to be managed scared. We're afraid of the fall out of screwed up or who were -- afraid of things blow upon them that they would you never get it and live it down. -- -- Farrell's worried at all about. What they've taken in the press box or in the stands to you melt. Not that there were managers here who managed with that was the first thought what are they gonna say about me if this thing doesn't work well his steadfast support of drew proves that point in and of itself doesn't I know what to -- that to an extent -- -- which I don't know what you like and do I hear of hurt for days Killen drew there was an awful. But what's he supposed to do what would you suggest. Well as bad as he's been in -- Miller Brooks were even some semblance of a better hitter than it seems to what is not well but you know what I wanted to give him a chance of -- snap out of it. Because he's right -- That's one reason that's the that's the best thing the only thing -- Scotland's writing these younger those two things those two things he trusts drew more middle Brooks right now. It is because I mean he likes little blocks and no doubt -- let them it's wrong and trust Bogart's prolonged period of time does he let him down well don't mess is the youngest player like in history I have a group ISO yeah there's a reason you just trust them but -- the -- -- rubble I can't. I don't like drew any more than you'd do -- like watching a -- and it's frustrating but tell me. What -- and I'm kind of tired of the calls in the in the text killing drew because. I'm -- solutions guy you know all life. A solution oriented W which solution dropping down I hit a below bump Bogart's autumn night I -- tonight. And he won't do that but what else you can't -- in my opinion. I know what you put middle Brooks a third -- to shore -- so you could do that absolutely has the right -- yes but yes but give any more faith in middle Brooks into a group. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Exactly see if mom and he's out why you stop getting your finger at the -- -- also gonna win -- -- -- but so is this him and so was over to third minute shaking things up what I. What do you think might have a chance to to break out and do something effective against scherzer tonight I would say drew I don't -- drew I think -- -- -- -- -- -- lost. Middle Brooks is one for eight drew is two for thirteen that's right hunters got a better average against scherzer. But I -- as a -- a nasty running these tough on writings. The best guys against him are Ellsbury Ortiz Saltalamacchia the lefties. He doesn't want to go be two right -- to get shares I don't Verlander got to -- nothing's changing. Drew was in there but it does not automatic out whether he's left handed or right handed the -- shown -- I mean if you work if you -- Barilla balls of people were saying. And the one right at people still baton whatever it all fifty several 59 that's one thing has he has he -- he hit a hardball but keep balls in play even. Yes I mean it struck out eight times and seventy at -- I believe the nine to ten k's in 32 at bats in the play yet eight is 817 in this every other time at bat he strikes album -- -- series -- middle middle Brooks is not good middle Brooks is nine strikeouts and 21 at bat that's a really bad yep he's got no 95 a child a lot higher -- time in 23 for the playoffs. I believe -- the playoffs I mean not good either and you know what do you know if middle -- for lefty. I think you'd be plain -- and you know men just don't wanna be -- right to left the right now we stick insurers -- is nasty all right would you agree there's not out there is a little bit of Napoli DNA in middle Brooks and by that I mean he he gets a little street Regis yeah yeah little -- sure you get the sense that that that. Potential existence Stephen Drew. To hit singles I don't think Mel Brooks has about a potentially hit a bomb yes but did hit a single. I think he feels as good which grew up there or better with threw up in the middle looks the same and it has nothing do with batting with -- made something happen in the other game. Make something happen brought a little energy out by it -- -- to bring a little energy like it was lucky I know it was luck and -- couldn't throw the -- -- blocked about I understand that nevertheless little energy there little -- -- Is a good defensive player and he thinks. You need a good defensive shortstop in the middle of an infield -- good veteran presence. -- I think the thing he'd be worried about it he goes your way is Paul -- guts in the field. Make it up big gap it's probably is more of that than it is he's in love with through. Public you Pedroia would -- -- there which of the pitchers would -- -- there I mean we're not talking about a places -- Bogart's. I think he'd be great eventually but right now they're afraid the stage too big for him at short and I think that it Farrell's completely comfortable with this do you think he asks no I think you're gonna see this tonight and tomorrow and tomorrow there and that's in the cutting -- is done are already at some bad Mel Brooks is bands aren't done enough. It is small sample size. You -- a bad night tonight the plate he still starts games and what is the what the cardinals have lefties. And I don't I'm I don't think -- -- the other don't think they have any do. Come. -- look at that there start locked -- now Wainwright no -- no right. Kelly. Who's there. We'll we'll check it but. I don't think much is gonna change the no -- right. So I mean I can see much. If any games with -- short. Scott lovers Red Sox notebook in The Herald today. Says the Clay Buchholz got a couple of tips from John Lackey but he's going to utilize in tonight's game to make -- -- -- repeat the performance of game number two last Sunday night. And ask clay exactly what that entails. And he said he learned from Lackey watching him pitch against Verlander in that -- Just the way John worked the count through. He was able to get his curveball for strike on a consistent basis -- said. I didn't throw too many curve -- my last time out if you got a feel for the pitch I think that's a good pitch for a group that aggressive as the tigers are. There are multiple things like can do differ late tonight. And I definitely want it to go a little bit better now mature. Repeal it ever seen a better on -- brought it lately about a current and -- has for Detroit. Now just nasty mean that you buckle guys' knees at this level at this point in the season that's pretty impressive. Saint Louis has not had a lefty starter this post season so you will never see through on the bench to start a game beyond just and it -- you might. Might inform he did say he was he did consider moving victory go down the order is given that. And but I think keeps you were right the other day of the use -- first that's not the spot. In order to drop Victor Reno I think now who would have to be in and left would you agree -- what I don't like Gomes goes there Africa's. You know he's not. Exactly classic number two hitter not a great hitter and all but. You know right hander I think they would prefer. Now but there com against these Friday's yet against -- these righty starters. And we don't know yet do we know of the whose -- left then they said don't try to get this thing stick into the golf us. And and now there's not enough the bench yet. You never answered my question that I think I asked in the first hour Saluki needs to get in the door occur that the reason outdoor pleaded -- Reason to reply what's more likely to happen tonight Buchholz pitches noticeably better than he did in game two. -- scherzer pitches noticeably worse than he did engaged as you would your question yes. I think scherzer looks I saw Q what's up -- saw a coat dressed up with class I thought I was trying to impress me this -- and I supposed to get dressed up. Even a Milton did you come up and now I'm gonna mills and it is it is that's a look at what's your assessment at that sold well on the you know nicely color what yeah. -- I you know what scherzer I looked in his eyes. Which is how did you you -- -- -- -- would want to focus on the blue and the brown looked right in the middle right -- bridge of his nose and he looks confident -- of the -- Pacino looked comfortable like he's -- join -- -- indebted to them and hopefully he's not it doesn't have character doesn't hurt. He and Berlin of both looked very comfortable as a Lackey B I think I don't think lackeys can be nervous in that spot. Buchholz is indeed be -- of apocalypse me I think it's just -- or might ligaments in my -- these chips a child I told you how to fix don't try to remove tell me you know ring comes up you've heard what you heard overheard it it into everything for you. -- He's disclosure and -- you guys what then happened during a student who now do we combatant and up to now -- breaking all the rules today back in the first hour of the show. A caller we fund whose name Chris from hope to call. And -- that I would do absolutely anything include -- -- on an airplane like Bill Russell -- Washington that it wasn't available at this story about it you know when those kids being in Colorado on Google's may need -- a special needs of disabled son and he would city who would do anything. To get a couple of tickets to take his two kids to the game tonight. And I sitting at what. You Larry listen this policy Q what do we look I said let our ticket you know you the ticket -- Larry exactly Larry listen to this program and I said. Will take your phone number down and of Larry calls that will get in touch. But Larry called. -- at all Larry is. And he is a good heart and lots of people. Olympic fans to see the story. -- wrote in the -- votes they'll grow. Personal growth the scope of the parents that daughter was yeah killed in the celebration 2000 right -- -- Hit by a rubber bullet in the it's just heartbreaking heartbreaking story. And that he mentioned Larry shown up with a few wooden and Curt Schilling sending flowers and a note we. And condolences a lot of names on that list yeah but there were two out in the east to a very polarizing figures but I can speak from first person experience that they. More often than not do the right things in these situations and again Larry came through special lyric culture we -- make sure you mention my name when he noticed -- back no no no no he did not back he told -- is that on -- -- -- -- breaking news real breaking news on other hello Charlie Charles -- Charles Leland says if you will play tonight. Lol he's into he's you know what I'm very tough match -- legacies this is a legacy series for him win or lose. You'll think of Avila has been maybe not as. Toughest Torii Hunter but you'll think of Davila as the -- dog dirt to -- tough diamond and if it is true that the series six measly games October makes or breaks guys because. I will never look at fielder the spending in the backfield -- him anyway no we have a look at that. -- -- -- -- It's one thing the struggle it's another thing not to try yeah you know two very different things and put them both together that is a deadly daily double for your legacy. Our final few minutes Dennis and Callahan and -- him live special Saturday edition at Fenway Park -- downstream WEEI studios. Six. Curious so -- pronounce his right and wrong for what is good news and bad news was halfway through showed up and gives Shelby you know -- points for the music. Then he lost the tumbling dice -- -- -- soft on alike and why because it's an old and it's always say to Europe boldly and matter. -- like. The weekend different -- We -- music yes it's a little I don't wanna relax all right I'm what do you want you Saturday this was just we -- -- -- -- -- the -- Detroit hitting coach Lloyd McClendon. His working with. Fielder on getting his foot down a little quicker off so promises foot was and that was surprising -- pickets put up. Heard bill say it's just one -- was getting a number of -- -- get -- stuck on the ground Mikhail there was a three sport star in high school -- Like a basketball player canceled -- football I played football I heard somebody who the hell wants it mum. -- -- we have candidates who -- and off last year the scope of an out and in and out there think in this play. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A different debt Angela and so a year ago and now now yeah well it's not -- it once it's a grandma. So did you hear issued it and you think and you think it's it's bull crap and -- only knew linked to the bull crap -- bull crap Schilling. Called anchor from the car to Larry Craig earlier and the number discussions about you'll -- and you heard it by just a few minutes ago is a great and -- -- -- -- -- Gerri well done very well done -- would expect so and so -- whether experience in the sixth game means anything and he shot mustered down -- at bat went. And then at the end Larry with him. Said to Curt Schilling. Up posed a question to Curt Schilling about a man of faith and it a little bit of insight into what Schilling has been going through these last eighteen months -- -- They could I got to ask you this and are your great man of faith and I love you for that but. What have you learned about yourself over the past five years. Weren't acting a bit -- the -- early on which large -- GDP. Cannot able. On Monday just I'd just better I would think so much and I -- I got -- You -- -- it's it's it's unbelievable which we believe it. I'd go to bed every night and yet you're gonna help our bowl week -- my -- is probably ought to my life but I still have absolutely upping the banks that -- Why are you think about but like I've been able to whip the people have been able to be around. But came back and able to be involved you know or may be. -- children I don't want to. It was also -- it until there's a wide -- and what took every art. I'm going to go for the most part now. I -- I'll bet I'd -- Right now I am -- are doing so I concede that might hurt the child got the pulpit. -- -- Paterno and I outlined are able to wanna be an important step because. So much so what was you know under state so we understand -- -- because -- -- -- out to a smaller house. There's probably quite so uncomfortable. Two a couple of open because. And he saw that you might stop. Arm into getting -- awkward and you know like decades. There's a lot of -- -- -- be. Reluctant to wanna get out a couple of need to Arkansas. -- and and I'm better than you can support system and friends and family and the automobile and she's wonderful Mike Cameron. Good stuff. From Curt Schilling -- into. Larry Craig earlier today -- retainer go forms from the dental retainer. Tonight. That's a good cry don't answer the I want the Coke machine so based on the medical I don't know the fact I mean the reality is is that Schilling is blaming god for -- right -- not. Enable all the I'm not he said that god is he believes that god at all no so we must be the reason response for the Batman still. If the guy in the sky right he lives up. You go above the clouds keep going in is a guy up there with the beard and he points now in India as the years. Must have a Weydert of the Red Sox fan knows it looks like Barry get that's what the traffic and god and he says this or that and he says to Kirk. No to this is gonna work for you. This company were you play your video games is a court to know that's not what Kirk said you're you're twisting the words -- contact that you are now he says god will not. God will not hand me more than I can handle right and then make kind of a funny but probably -- line. I just who she didn't think so much of me naming my shoulders and that brought right what he did say what I thought was very very significant was. I made my own bad I did this he's taken responders and god did not blame -- I don't want that he thought that I've made my own -- don't know me. We often don't all right so far I don't got -- circus parties. But his -- isn't god. There's a -- to the supreme being for it doesn't make all decisions -- -- -- -- -- even you can't get this you don't have disorder is even if he's and I can't quite believe that this somebody is he he's -- he's got to know he is everywhere not everywhere yes yes all across from your self and. Alone with. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Fantastic tease about how you guys played a small role -- something nice so like a good listener. I just kept listening and doing all knowing that I -- all the way through the commercial okay what's this got to be god I know these guys are back nicely treat me like crap all the time so there must have been something nice they did get it back listen to a whole site. -- yup we didn't hear it got way -- what you guys did a man called in from Hobart named -- who waited too much but I think -- -- -- smaller towns and and he said I would do anything. To be able to take my two sons to the game tonight one of my sons is disabled he's optimistic. And I just said -- -- -- well -- looking at a listens due to our show all the time. Off let me take your phone number down here on the call screener and it wrote it down and his name was Chris does that Larry calls and we'll get -- -- Larry called. Some two tickets free tickets so father in Tucson to -- the game tonight on Larry Lucchino met a circle never does that is very sorry I didn't pay off. I was OK and now I simulate I know this is currently have 800 people called so one of I don't know. Right now that's got to grow out of really what you done as you've -- -- horrible for everybody else that's clearly -- that's correct current -- that I now for the next three hours you can take calls and and my my kids got to -- Yahoo! again had a terrible album -- forget as I got nothing I don't have Larry -- listening to Wear your teammates or your team that's a good question -- reloading and rob Bradford should both be here momentarily. -- carbon now back in an area for -- what is -- against Michigan my -- -- -- as somebody I I would I might have been I'm rob might have driven that back from Detroit where we spent all last week. You guys haven't been dead guy spent time and to try not. That's -- I have 80000 -- being in that same -- -- that you stated listed in -- and we didn't stay there we had a beautiful hotel casino the Greek town hotel casino they will play blackjack after every -- -- perfect -- and a way to go to Saint -- -- like Detroit was excited. It's like Detroit without the -- -- -- -- coming up -- -- yes -- it's a special Saturday edition live from Red -- studios -- and I think -- more column from Detroit wanted to hear more. The pretty ones will hear the most couples are. I'm pretty scary and a half hour question -- all the color choice did you win all the other than the married in the journal hang out just go to dinner. We did go out to dinner one night -- went to a place called roast in the Westin hotel we're able Brian and Joseph. Basically you know who drank too much of that group. Am there was not me I would say need more than anybody I originating outside my. I thought it was somebody who's not on the air. Okay. Yes because that's also true. Alright it is Garnett plan for the -- these days. This is all about Ali did you Bradford and Lou three more hours. Baseball talk from Fenway Park enjoy the game everybody we'll see this Monday morning basically it Monday yes and on the -- I don't think so -- Monday -- -- -- I'm really not be good too much --

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