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Red Sox Road to Redemption with Dennis and Callahan Hour 2

Oct 19, 2013|

Dennis, Callahan and Minihane open hour 2 of the show discussing the buzz around Fenway. The Cardinals beat the Dodgers last night and now the World Series is that much closer. This here as the guys break down the game.

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Back back and a guy now. Now are 24/7. Coverage continues with no Red Sox road to redemption pregame show presented by Andersen windows. And serviced like no way that window rock and -- These these Sports Radio WP. You are not deceiving you it is a special Saturday edition of Dennis and Callahan. And -- -- broadcasting live. From the WBA -- studios at Fenway Park on lands down street it's kind of fun to watch the parks just start to come alive you know see the vendors moving around in the grass cutters and a hobos as Jerry likes to call them had been getting Rouse the what do you what do you call them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And halter tops the don't think and they have to go maybe that the sweater and the car will they keep coming by impressive their -- against the window -- couldn't we have double -- to make them stop doing this summer I'm like Jim you're currently does for my eyes when they -- or -- or we could maybe get some emails to do well that's -- I -- now what are you guys are -- -- she. And sort out typically Matt -- but I'd just about investigations that investigation. On the Bill Russell situation. Caught with a loaded handgun in the Seattle airport on Wednesday on his way to Boston. He thought they would never find it he put his underpants on top of but they'll never look under my under your phone Bill Russell stupid not calls. Yeah yes yes absolutely he's not stupid Jerry -- careless it is it is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When you -- Up my briefcase probably in the morning. -- -- I don't know wasn't briefcase or -- person Zakaria -- -- you make it sound like it was a bag with like -- and underwear in it what what if it's a brief K okay so he would -- that in the morning he expected morning got a taste I think that probably the feature argument probably keeps his -- in it all the time. You know it's like a man purse that's where keeps done. I know difference -- keeps has -- I do too. Compelling and I've seen it yet right now -- I could see Fred forgetting it's there I think that's a different example that is not how do you know what kind of bag Russell patted him. You'll think Fred is aware when he jumps on a flight to go to buffalo or -- where else where that got Leo yes absolutely I don't see him forgetting its own damn I don't might get like I left my command to east Fred's. Well no obviously you've got to come Bill Russell forgot the gun only energy -- I'm Bill Russell I'm. -- the guys that did not it'll sneak through tracks the united tried the top stop outlets need to throw before you're in a trend you have a -- Think I can get this through it to get that through yeah but yeah he probably that was -- No we don't sneak through with you've seen that screeners scream that they look at him a gun. Is it gone and that's what looks -- -- unprecedented under the terrorism stuff that's everybody thinks that but now that they do. I'll bet he never did it before it was the first time and he just forgot it was a good shot yes -- no music -- that he's a good shot. The sculptor who is unveiling his statue next week -- he's not too old to be good shot Paul left the it probably wasn't even that shot back to Pennsylvania right I -- in -- table on your mind. Erica hi Tim. You know they look Bill Russell comedian can old I would think -- -- As a -- like you know twenty years ago and what did we go to happily the same exact thing at all but look at under. He was drunk use drum that's different but -- That's different. When you drink. It as well as -- -- they never gonna forget something like -- -- god. Like I mean you never know what people think and what's going to remind quit and it gets. They just don't know forget all the time do you wanna get -- I I do not -- about Danica. And you know where your god is all times. You know absolutely right who doesn't who owns a gun that doesn't it would exempt I'd get bleak place and forget whatever. Doesn't know exactly where there again is an all time especially the goal at the airport. Well -- -- you know we see that you about the only people. Get their kids didn't aren't in -- story there are unfortunate. Dying card that the and give it that they're all I felt it in the back. I mean. You know -- -- note or don't but I didn't think he'd eat out of -- Yeah we're really going to start -- fighting you know and Kirk -- stupid I kinda knew I don't think Bill Russell stupid I think he's Smart he's just. He's getting old little lulls generally there -- little forgets the lyrics. Little forget oh yes that's only just forgot it keeps -- -- man -- a -- as a man purse when he and that now is he -- well. Oh he does not have a mammogram is not an album man purse well -- Don Johnson. -- like a brief can see all the professional left I at all amend current produced the question endorsed the Bill Russell of the system with. Full time it's about acrobatic for him not that -- -- I would pack demand -- do we -- with your have you gotten -- yourself -- him you blame on the assistant. That could have liked to call the -- -- -- and I my cousin my good friend used to be as assistant Stuart lane yes maybe it's two weeks political still could be useful Wilson Boston. It will good morning. Afternoon. Night good. I -- who -- -- act talk -- you guys -- given ahead of the regatta. But don't call her a hot. It's more of a community event and I know I believe your app -- it's not really. You know competitive sporting events and. Not -- it's very competitive don't series will I think it's very competitive. Well let -- But I really think it is -- community a -- you sat there and it I want you guys. You don't get too much because. Of the people that go to -- appreciate it was grumpy old collapsed and double work. The ball if you if you want to be after -- -- you know what the all right. Yeah they are -- I -- I -- up till I want -- they just right I do think he's right about it being a community event a party because it's too boring to be an -- according to be -- on the side right here. L right up quite bit like that Alabama -- rich kids so perhaps we could call -- eight. You know probably let let somebody -- -- -- picked -- -- pick up trash that you have them work you have to give them whatever. I when I was slow I looked at some schools like high schools with Madonna and I couldn't believe -- -- one and is that rolling tank in high school sure. With the wanna move yeah you go. What the hell was that again update -- -- look at the photos like arrived like a great run at it it actually with the rowing team practices during the winter what do you think took the alumni women's eats it just finished. The alumni are women say no I don't nor -- northeastern Virginia effort in Virginia and 1615. Michigan finished second brown. Two thirds of -- that you and I women's they can you get the name of the Cox and forming. What to talk about your wing -- an entire race here alumni women's hospital with -- toxin there. Well let's talk let's you don't like those little that's been there for you right that's -- -- is that I want -- the coach with some who don't exist yet -- always it's always like the it's always like come just the tiniest the smallest royalist right. It's a one -- nots strong enough big enough bulked up back to roll the vote tally to we're gonna do this next year I would do -- today after the show. When I get involved in my late races. When he morneau raced in three hazard teams at threes are sure aren't sure now while I don't know heavyweight H I know is like a canoe and who's reporting August 24 and eight I don't think they're three why don't we just get in the canoe race -- -- with this. I've been a canoe and -- Ruble and Dominican who got. Get a nice yeah if we -- -- -- a -- -- to spend an afternoon Thursday -- we just jump in the race like you know guys do with America America like -- will be yet and it's. Shut out of a canoe Chris in the dark Christian actually DNC. How -- -- DNC and we're doing fine actually meant great show love you guys you got in the -- I will do anything possible that it's cricket Smart remark -- voice hurricane wow. I don't why I blood boy -- -- -- are these doctors -- able to actually have -- Guy not socks and doesn't like sports whatsoever he's like my computer geek. Yes but the losses -- man. -- -- How they would make you. Larry Lucchino is a big fan of the show big fan of the show. We'll take numbered and and Larry calls us we'll call you how's that are are -- while making no promises there where you frank Chris. I unbelievable pull up buildups library and got on a plane I ask you. -- let's not to be a that it still had already -- that did not know it's tough Clinton I -- -- -- area are you really have already left. I would -- -- hope let's look at the -- Yes it -- our country or did it. -- Larry tells us we'll call you okay Chris I appreciate your IRA will. Cardinals. Like Red Sox are one win away. I wanted to game last night really wanted to root for my Dodgers and I settled in nicely and it was -- third inning over they they just sucked it choke -- it fell on their faces. You know what they -- we don't you causes. Because -- in the in the week week with a and a bad throw and and produce you've broken down afterwards Gonzales. Was terrible. Kershaw Kershaw are terrible awful. Mean they just couldn't handle the pressure being on the road -- an elimination game and they just folded. I gotta give Michael walk a walk a credit this this but it's 22 yes 22 years of age he beat her shot twice. Because asked one earned run in the previous game. How bad you -- you felt bad about this -- she saw three innings of compare what two innings of competitive baseball before fell apart in the third Kirk and I. Come home from the circus and it's blown out how to train back now call. It was over the game is over awful and at a watch and high school football game one on the is paean to all of you don't ever -- eligible against archbishop -- -- -- DVR and aria and and Teddy Bridgewater watched him yes. It was a great game but -- -- Monica I have to scout all the Heisman candidates because they're gonna vote. He just lost it lost its chance to go on to feel comfortable right now national anybody having a more fluid easier quick beautiful released the favorite to nobody's gonna be great yeah. And it just finished just. It's like it's like but. -- to say I wasn't his fault he is 38 was the final 4138. Did you stay healthy his whole career that could be just nobody sorry -- yeah it has been run like -- he is Smart enough not to run like RG three or wreck. -- of Tebow -- in and get crushed I think he's. He's real Smart real in the pocket. -- ill -- avoid -- Patrick is in Sharon Patrick good afternoon. Yeah hi guys I've been going to this candidature well placed and I grew up and bright to me -- like you know yearly event so I mean I'm that you guys. Economic Cox went. They it's not as small as frail as one can't row don't you understand that the -- -- is the one who knows how to count. Don't take over the -- Wayne is pronounced cock son why. Confuse people think if you just lecturing us on Cox Wayne and at the white -- -- -- don't know what his -- too -- what is. I don't know what that is seriously. It's nice stroke castle on the pro -- talk to smoke strokes -- you stroke -- girls who got a production now I understand the attitude he essentially provides the pace yet entered and he can. Cult a little more quickly if -- to get the horse back in the water a little more quickly to catch up on the out in front of you are right now I'd like that it's like he would be the -- Two to thoroughbred racing. And I just would be to -- to -- -- mile an IQ is then I got my arms are on the Cox took a while now I understand it can embrace it I mean that's it. I'm what what. I fear -- -- fear I think you fear no man I think this World Series will be -- in Sacramento walk golden Colorado Saint Louis for the American -- people for a seven the winner wins and it's 56 game. It's right it's gonna say 45. And I'm not saying it's the Red Sox because I think this is going seven and the face in Berlin tomorrow but. I think maybe the American League team will be heavily favored. And somewhere there's a fox executive laying in a bathtub. With a range of places is is wrists slashed because. That would have been an awesome bought -- historic World Series for TV ratings just for sex appeal storyline is Red Sox. They may get the nightmare scenario -- Detroit Saint Louis. -- -- and you know that they're just prime minister. Boston Saint Louis paper that happens to somebody you may retire a week early. Not do this little World -- well -- want to say that's his team not sure it was a tour of his former team Saint Louis and Boston true so he'll snowmobile asleep in his own bed to see either instance and it was yeah I don't watch a lot of Saint Louis games in fact I can't think of Washington very many but don't they have an approachable -- the Red -- just -- big writers -- the gap between accounts they are -- as they -- the -- -- Wear you down yeah. Not like the Red Sox I mean. They didn't face many pitchers but nobody did nobody was even close but they do seem to have guys. Who are joined them at the moment here clutch players either anchor they have -- -- -- -- -- targets coach Frasier -- a great October players in history have finally in the World Series there's like Nathan Horton just mailed it in the regular season. Not showed up to -- save yourself. 61777. -- 7937. Dennis and Callahan broadcasting live from Fenway Park the WEEI studios on lands down street. The -- I'm hungry and -- we talk about the circus Kirk and I had a date last night with the circuit what was your favorite part we'll talk about that we get back. All the both good at what looked. There wasn't any update or the equipment -- -- -- -- guard this year. But but it -- -- starts to draw the pats pulpit impact. It would paper for the problem no problem were you are so focused on its name but what happened to our primary states -- hopefully. What we -- not it's not an issue because you're trying to get like our guys to focus on the first pitch to -- That's the subject material that prompted Curt Schilling. To call the radio station today and slap down Craig Muster first say and you know they've won a bunch of other six games and so that bodes well for tonight. And -- without doing the what you stern thing that the dumb idiotic thing to say. Essentially implied that the -- -- in Sunday like any player even knows what the team that is when their -- -- of the action in any -- -- your work David Ortiz and that's exactly my -- -- Gerald -- -- governor -- mere -- -- people I've got -- -- -- even if -- David Ortiz and you have had success in game six do you think that gives -- some sort of -- when you get to the plate that I can say. Hey this is game six I think you got your second stupid thing Muster said that it cut the other thing why is David Ortiz home run. Last Sunday night. The Grand Slam. Immediately -- his name in stone for the hall of fame now Schilling didn't comment on that we get called to say master that has happened but now with -- Six high -- but I think past performance helps David Ortiz in the clutch. I mean that goes without saying don't start it just got into one payment is none whatsoever but I do think you know you see it. Even minutes coming around to see a guy like fielder can't handle this kind of pressure and it builds its cumulative. If you go. Five games and you're struggling. In this in your -- -- you feel good about tonight no now know that you could see the biggest missed my Buchholz could make the worst mistake. And I think -- let's hope animosity is a left for single. You know he's never got it just doesn't look like he's capable of driving the ball right now. Maybe look at mobile and injury for him to act could be coming -- -- it looks fat guy pulled the fat. All the fat something 6177797937. To play a little game here between now and now we get off the air. Should point out that who's coming in salt. -- and Lou I don't recall. -- are assault Lou and Bradford rally refusing to command yes just as he's had enough assaults because Detroit was sold for three days. He still on the merry go round and you. We called a carousel -- -- look like a fun game not in the segment the next segment it's called can you top that and we'll do what that little bit circus talk coming up. But I -- talked to Kevin. -- now it's just Hampton is it but Hamptons or Hampton. Hampton. Hampton New Hampshire OK -- what's on your mind. Let's as wanted to halt Gary a long time ago he says born Ronald a great book and I waited a few months to read in the -- my friend rather it was awesome. Notebook. It writes about -- giving. It's a ball well only the Washington group team in 1936 that went to the Olympics. And on the -- merlot the other olympians the main character in this book. Any more than anybody else on the boat except for one person -- That oil would that would be Louisiana -- that's exactly right. So I just wanted to tell the name of the book there -- thirty and we should vote. -- -- Jewish rowers are ready black growers that actually yes and what are Jewish. -- there was a talks in. I love that when when you know Jews when and -- -- and then 36 yeah I mean that is cool I'm a check it out what's it called again. Boys in the vote I saw that the bookstore recently recovers again looks like his action for you underestimate paperback I'm too cheap to buy -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it and it gets here quickly about the toxic but toxins steers the -- on the Charles River six. -- that's pretty critical. -- -- -- -- But that's all -- he has -- -- and that he's got this court -- all hear about the -- in the back that's true but what top courses. This here in the whole world well -- six bridges right. And again it's just six and brought it right giggle under the -- how he physically steer the boat as you said -- like a slow it steering wheel. The writer people -- what -- others your brother. Yes but also we would approximately going over there for the it's a three man doubles yeah and the three men don't. Have you -- got a the you remember or any side of votes and no lot numbers. I did Greg Oden speedway a million and want those people plus one person in the boat right to people to vote for or eight there's never anything like 33 people right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Only -- single or your source for personal or white or -- we want to a better in my right I think you know we got towards each at Harvard. Well yes Harvard Harvard university's support of her exactly yet -- -- and Franklin bubbly -- -- acts like I believe that the first time longtime party and for -- -- -- -- -- the drought without so I'm calling in bulk but. Luckily it now America's perspective. My old high school -- in state championships and football speech into contract plate or sports. Libor -- in the military post Vietnam. Crew took up this thing I ever did. She told -- -- -- it's art and artists say whatever wanna ranger you have got your full that book that rolling on the -- is harder than you know like I wrote in general. Actually actually ahead -- the throughout the three and a half mile race which are all sort -- yet the festival because. The normal races are a 2000 meters of the spring and the electoral season. But it's difficult to describe what you goals or six perhaps the seven and a half minutes as intense that you can I like a hundred yard sprint but you're going attention give. Like seven and a half minutes of -- that. So did you ever parachute like it to at night into the behind enemy lines -- in the middle of terror. Down -- 200 -- at night you know kind of thing and and rolling Charles is hard isn't it. Our heart and every so you know and -- -- basically yeah mentally and physically the training for it like you run up and down sixteen Storey building. But times that you can't pull -- -- wake up to put on another step. And that's the winkle bosses can do we can't behind Bob element to it's apparent from the you're posting your -- -- right you can if we can you go sodas syphilis that are river. No matter how we appreciate your -- I went airborne school they try to make a mess out of me because of the better shape and holly black cats and they said this -- yet. -- in the different sites say is because every week normally is you know anywhere between one step into it. And he's a big guy I wrote heavyweight crew Robert and 42 balls because we didn't have a likely. So it -- incentive for the fact that you know what Oxley and those are clearly it very -- people to keep the ball going as the shortest distance possible. I this whole thing in the traditional courses if you win they get sort of -- Of course yeah LeSabre part of it did it do they throw them where the bomb it is not you -- everybody who races bomblets into the river to the sudden it's the vomit would the lockbox and roll back corporate you are far -- and the finish line but we get back to the cardinals again update now I get an update you. Club women's fours. Fordham with a win -- are you guys or our asses right -- rams get it done -- and Somerville bride and actually Dennis and Callahan and Yemen in answer to. Vice president calls by the board. When it -- -- -- Bill Russell my first thought was limited to come from the Boston but no 100 these kind of -- first visit to an extent. That's a good question. Not anymore now not anymore. But it's coming into the statue was the next week -- if he were here you know Bill Russell -- good call there is. An appearance fee to be a problem. Sure it would be there yet and I don't think he charge as much as Ray Charles did. To come the doctor Charles pay guys to throw to first if he has to. I think he tried to pay Neil Diamond that many of them came as a realist on the grim predictions we know of first the guys on the some of the two bills into one of these two games. Well he's not today you know -- he's covenant that we in the World Series losing to cost him he -- out the first pitch he saw it. I don't think they usually pay them and think that's what to honor nick is in -- -- good morning. -- -- do this -- thanks I'd like that quickly that's on the -- Cheryl just growing general I would call it. It is. It is good that -- well on it. I biz break out rather do this to talk with the car I like to do is three hours and I don't is yet captured -- God it went on in there now Navy SEALs. And they were they wrote for harbored in college and they -- bitterly they would burn up it's the policy and steps age and they ended they have and they were just run and so they would grow up. They were it was one most rigorous sport I've ever seen. As I don't -- Navy SEALs Harvard. Are you calling all of our power wires Jerry he's telling you the truth there's no seals went to Harvard. I mean what -- you know Harvard has -- Future right now yeah. Yeah her -- they can't even do -- on campus that they have to do it like at MIT is in on the afraid they'll burn the building that we. Yeah so it. Read the whole point you just take all this -- you want to say -- in better shape and all but cannot that's what -- can honestly say I cannot say -- better there's not a better shape than you are. You're around them out of -- -- against -- -- couldn't do it right my point is it's much part of the what you do too much harder than running. No way yeah idyllic. I started to do a marathon or to do a six minute race in the on the river blood got to figure out what the equivalent of a marathon would be in in the -- in the skull. But I'm telling you as a sport it is a more difficult discipline than putting one foot in front of beyond belief that yeah but that yeah. Happen I mean well your your arms get tired when you run. General marathon my shoulders Dexter -- so -- to get sort of general -- -- -- -- -- -- -- your back get tired a little vacuum and now now my flat -- right everything gets tired ignored all these Ivy League -- knees are doing right now on the rivers harder than ironman triathlon. We'll see you talked at length vote here hole. The reason they don't go for six or seven hours David Gergen William you possibly have maybe a year ago devoted to Europe and wouldn't be as hard as you can see the twins. -- -- Let's say no it's the reds that's not the -- right -- -- -- combat that's good things I swear to god we introduced circus -- what. Circus talk when we come back on yet it will focus of the -- -- clock yes that's -- I'd love us -- you'd locate usually upset with a because he's not a bad you don't here's Natalie and but I think and play can you top this baseball. Actually use as it applies to tonight's game -- and at Fenway Park it will be right back. It is. All about the equipment why can't why he got the bit about watching the group. All. Are trying to pinpoint why why this happened and why -- -- but -- they are ultimately -- recent. This is not a as much about to tell what it is seen as it is to see what you're out. And I don't bury bury your -- it's a war. Interesting comments from hurt in the car who called in. For mustard and Johnson he's that this is not this is as much. About the -- loving the team. At the team flooding the town he went on -- site. The -- the Boston Merrill Monday and other things like this and he says there is a similar -- to 2004 at relation great. Point and now we talk about this all the time that might be the most ultimate cliches yes recurring themes as. Who can play here and who can't and we we probably overdo it news. Guys have talent probably means more than anything else stepped it but Tom producers were as always extrovert she need extra yes. Who -- to thrive here at least he -- -- to take the heat off the intro the poster child for that as Dave -- you're not absolutely yes and then now you get -- on Gomes once fallen yet Gomes and you know there's there's others to a lesser extent like Dempster and Victor Reno seems like a -- then. I want apple is time detail but got pretty could tell us some personality I think when the cameras. -- he gets you know what you're probably not unlike lackeys he's an extrovert with his teammates in the clubhouse. Just not necessarily on the feel really don't think people you know in a -- seems to be economic I -- you still no -- didn't ross' famously say it. In a handshake line after the last game the put up 320. We got a lot of work left to do duck yet again backup -- site and -- you know he's he's he's been key and I'm sure. Behind the scenes he's even more important than what we're seeing on the field. And you're right like -- the team is too slow -- cabinet is that guy to absolutely not to think about teams that fail with a lot of talent. Nomar was not an extrovert on Nomar was -- is not a good word. That is a good world churlish our shot -- -- -- -- allow him and that team. I think to perform to their. To their level -- expect I know he's extrovert with you because -- -- very special -- that we -- but Jim Rice was not divert extra -- was not. Is on TV he's come out if he does not like. Did not like the attention correct. You -- like the attention not just. Drive it in a -- just accept it -- -- -- not an extrovert in fact yes -- -- -- an -- He's the greatest example -- is tormented superstar yes who tolerated the tension and the men and the spotlight but did not like what if it were it event Morton now with all the other stuff going on it was a different time back then obviously. And the social media and all that they're people covering the team to be sure Jim Rice would -- the media more than me but it you -- think. Yes would succeed to the extent yes had succeeded back then if you were involved in this kind of realm right now the social media and hated. All of that out. And put them in almost I think. Pedro was an extra gear to us Schilling yeah and I was -- was great it was too bad it took console and to get here would have been great to see Schilling played his whole career here because -- He loved every minute of it but in his own weird way Manny was although either thrive. Anywhere right he put up numbers anywhere gives us well and honestly Savard we should have the previous work and idiots on right right mostly you're mostly does apply only to baseball in your mind. -- -- on Brady's ex stripper really isn't well probably does what's required also different because they don't they're not exposed. Every day burglars -- for baseball a -- us. Baseball it's three and a half hours the clubhouse opens in the media rights in every single day -- and the tensions on the every single day and they have to learn to deal with debt they have to -- 22 you know use it in -- -- use it and you hear guys now say you know you heard. TV the other day in the playoffs twice Clinton two different teams he's been he's been in the spotlight Major League Baseball for a long time said nothing's ever experienced compares to this yeah. Talked to O'Brien in Worcester Brian you're next -- Dennis and Callahan. It looked up -- Brian. What do in the dark art status -- my machine so thank you respect -- cute Simon's. Really happy about all the Red Sox situation I don't kill another sport athlete. Jeanne coming out I think in just wanna say happy second birth date might might -- out highly celebrate tonight. All right. Very good at the -- happy birthday and get used to the Saturday thing I think it's going to be a regular thing. That's a high production -- time and a half Gerry pointed out that day off on. That's true we get a comp day would when he guys can use your column today and secondly Monday morning next Tuesday to good. That was -- Tuesday afternoon yeah that's happening in schemes and New Hampshire Steve -- expediency. There guys I share my opinion were you on some of your exercise ideas. Good bottom. I can pictured senator sitting there on his throwing machine which is nice little Gator rate next they have taking -- ship whatever it gets a little tired. -- -- fan you know opposing your face from the don't know milk now that you a couple of all the guests this couple on -- -- was you know. Although the couple are on the on the like come and -- it's next to the rowing machine I bet. -- ago well. I've done. Some growing I've done swimming I've done some biking riding. Ambassador and Oklahoma. I don't know -- I'll tell you it its. Anyone on a level nationally ranked swimming. It is -- harder than any sport anyone could ever match. -- -- -- that I was swimming in the ocean water you're only allowed debris so often you're not bearing any weight. Oh. Yet you actually are because we're going to -- -- -- you're at a swimmers that it can't stop here we have 5% body that stops them and sink to the bottom. Ice is life like key to tonight's game -- Just have to score early you don't wanna get behind you you a little structural -- god fearing what it's about new tees up you gonna get right to not try that's not true no OK I said we gotta get right to let you find at 1 o'clock you don't -- -- Matt -- -- popular. It doesn't hurt your children and I -- -- -- got real hungry is gonna get a live well. That the here we go get a candidate -- -- waited for someone you -- here but. You at 1 o'clock you told us we would hit the circus stories we're still wait and it's almost three. Yup -- that's true come and you also said we gonna get to see which baseball cliches apply to an old that's not what I said we didn't wanna do it it's cliches we didn't -- presented as -- as what we wanted to do was sort of trick -- can do this right can you top this things that are important military started to things to happen -- started if we get all the cliches out of the way would link him to a 4 o'clock community and the improvement and repeat them at. Actually you said -- get an early lead. Get an early lead and you know which could add something to that get an early lead and get the crowd into the game and work on the road to the crowd out of began on the -- have mumbled before you guys the chance stay out of third and long -- like a -- that I don't want -- -- yet I think it's important. I think it's better scherzer is a high pitch count that is a little pitch count. So in the game I person yes did you notice that the Red Sox -- to work the cardinal baucus a good question and give parents about this command your fastball over local talk like that that's an inside baseball still like that would hurt you still left from -- I did I development it. How about. If you're hitter don't give -- yet I don't give -- I think it's important that you look at it didn't get -- with the other TP you don't bright yourself. But what's the point -- at that point don't write don't beat yourself get yourself out you know right. You don't wanna hit the pitcher's pitch you -- hit your pitch right yes right and if you see mistake you know you don't miss it you don't want missile missed the machine does doesn't always there ever wanna miss miss -- mistake I don't know what I play and always missed just destroy it's excellent now here's the league rule. Always hit the cutoff men. Goodness this is gonna win -- a good fundamental base yes that's a good fundamental one. What else we got here hole well this Cabrera role. Pay attention your third base coach when you're running the bases yeah that help -- -- -- -- I've personally had -- a double -- -- you don't want any inning double right right right you wanna keep the line movement you're the only one worked the count but the basic one. Play good defense played good defense fundamental baseball -- all three phases yet up. And yet -- serious these draw or -- defense pitching managing. Basement all right -- -- off five straight -- a quick look now at your Farrell if you're Farrell you know. You would just keep doing what you -- yeah right it's been working -- go -- keep doing what you write about this stay in the moment don't get ahead of yourself I will say this for Farrell he's done and brilliant job so far his role and -- And they wouldn't be here without him he better not screw up because if -- wins -- Elsevier we have call -- call on -- yesterday yesterday we had. Known dozens of people want to kill. -- for one or two things he did inning win to go up 32 on the rode up. Up the you know is going to be hey you know a lot of boots here with some some I think he was really take a break. Fit enough notice to Mormon it's soft it's just two moments to 56 really take a break so there's a three hour showed -- for ever show. I have the sense that we're going to. Fault quickly -- habit of G three -- bills commencement at the point -- that it was too we don't get to leave now Noelle we could lead to hearing from state fuel. For. And then we have a bunch do -- I think and many invisibly in this while watching game tonight. Like it did last night yes I said what's up for this and that sounds trite but here who is just running up to the to the batter's box itching to get. You know have this chance in this big big stage and who was kind of man meandering up to the batter's box like fielder he'll be meandering yes -- drew last -- Kershaw wasn't true Kershaw was awful. Hostility to -- that stupid stretch and when normal stretch it was. Shouldn't he was so -- and -- they've -- beat. Now I'm not sure who took all the losses obviously Kershaw did last night but they beat Kerr shot twice and -- one cracked yet they only want for -- that's right here the -- -- twice Greinke wants. This in this series. They've beaten. -- -- -- And extension us. Sanchez right. And they have one more and it's either going to be should prisoner or Verlander. And I think they'll do it but. You know again we focus on the starting pitcher and we -- they're important. But it's not like because you're facing Cy Young award. You know tomorrow the best postseason. They'll like you say you know while we got notion here I thought the Dodgers won't win last night because they sent the best pitcher's mound. And they were in the sense of urgency was all in if they had to win and they just. Just to melt it. Melted the under the actually don't even show up right they didn't even show up and he was terrible and and Mattingly was likely the amount that because he's her show that was -- great. -- -- that's in it was a close game but. Looking at his stars and he's my best a Lieberman Edison even though we've gotten enough for somebody -- gaming it's a diamond what are the odds -- Michigan. Prior to that series starting where a 22 year old rookie Michael walk -- would be -- twice tonight and allow one earned run in -- of his outings that pretty long not Dahlia. Right at the pizza here we should take a break but to think this is a good time for a break -- 3-D NC live I'd Fenway Park anyone's going anywhere could you guys haven't told you circus to try to circus to actually combatant -- a big -- last night.

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