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Red Sox Road to Redemption with Dennis and Callahan

Oct 19, 2013|

Hour 1 of this special edition of Red Sox Road to Redemption with Dennis, Callahan and Minihane live from Fenway park opens up discussing Game 6 tonight.

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Buyers about B in this room to what helps the weather a -- -- for -- in the godless. Billy sure -- any topless topless yeah. Absence topless and everything -- yeah I mean everyone is to rest -- -- looks like summer about it today and now it's it'll be cool we can open when these windows yelling and it didn't. Can you don't want him Erik think what happened was anxious wait for a barbecue at the pressure in your honor what is -- is its -- -- work -- You wanna -- that you want to pull the curtains one of the publisher stalkers. You'll be like the zombies to get a window -- you know in world war Z right yes yes act pouring through the windows we don't have my usual bouncer usually gurgling as your case -- -- slam and against the wind dries it right here to stop them. Here maybe it won't be and it is a special Saturday edition of Dennis and Callahan and -- tweet about Kirk the jerk as well there're two subjects were -- -- discussed today obviously. Red Sox baseball game six tonight we'll talk some circus pocket as well yes we're probably. Rowling arrives and raising your eyebrows about that looks when Iran. I don't think about this this morning completely put up with some new fresh take nothing happened. Since the last time we all gathered want to did a -- we knows -- I don't know I've struggled -- -- that well last time we left at 10 o'clock. Bum bum Phillips was still alive now that's that's -- that's true and a remembrance and ultimately looked at 10 o'clock I wasn't afraid of Bill Russell that's true ally now. He surprised that he -- treatments. And what else could hit the you -- it Beazer hypocrites and -- -- Offer pack and he has hit a cost -- somewhere is or some sort of historical. Offense what it is like forty felt threatened and he's got -- Smith & -- 38 caliber loaded with six bullets into his carry on doesn't like when autograph seekers well until I killed an. Four and they shot and -- he's done messing around no means no you know. Now. It is you know that's not they should charge you. With position. That she says you have objects to duke Kennedy out. It's got nothing to do with the fire room lots of people are Smart enough. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Have gone I understand you know so why should Bill Russell we're gonna have a problem. I was surprised he had a vote -- gone. A loading coming with the securities and what else to explain why not it's what I started to say. I -- that new job here is what I want to know Saturday is he going to tell us is he going to tell us if indeed he reveals the details of this incident on Wednesday in the Seattle air button. That he forgot it was in their yes. Crap of course -- how do you our debt you have a loaded Smith & Wesson was sick. Austin chamber or your back what is it six I don't think he didn't forget if -- six people who doesn't really. I want to do is its listeners. Revolved more yes yet that's what they called it unconditional love you choose your doctor. You don't. Put him you don't and these are things. I understand your point you don't think he forgot. You'd think he'd try to slip through I think we of course if this leaves a -- is carried by mistake now that's crap well what that he had a judge during a packed the back and mix it makes more sense to you that he taught us the past yes yeah. What was gonna take costs I don't know why doctor that's two point do you think I thought it was oxy code don't in his back that is act actually his cousin -- for when he went out. Two to buffalo where it went with the details but it makes more sense it's a lot more believable -- he just forgot that he thought they would -- but -- -- begun in the Bagram and probably left in -- for a couple of days and said you know he's -- three days before I'll take it -- make it to the airport here. I'll keep with me case again yeah I guess an indefensible and -- the -- of the contents I public and having done. Well how dumb what YouTube's. Dominance when you 2% no I think he's done that he went through security shoes up put everything on the commitments. Notice that Wimbledon has -- it happens every day I noticed that it happens every doesn't have -- forget it soon. There every day stop stop sonics -- much as well I'm packing might might carry on. -- I get the little travel sized. Because I don't want them to pick my big. You know bottle of what ever Listerine or big bottle of shampoo orbit the trouble -- usually about four ounces I don't so I guess some plot to something just beat nine. As as shampoo or conditioner or -- right. And and you're you're telling me a bit it's slipped his -- -- turning it what is your friends -- his bag on the issue which I don't I'd have a big -- he wants I don't I'm not turning the gun issue just trying to make sense of this not this idiotic kind of reasoning for it to that he thought he could get it. Past security he's also what he wants what he packets back that makes -- say what. I philippoussis if you commitment -- when -- or two days old pack you're gonna help you pack your -- 34 days before I. Would've gotten it before you ask the guy puts us cycles that morning. What is the outcome let's just say you're gonna trip when you pack that not every woman ever -- the night before everybody doesn't. But here's what he was doing stuff is -- about that stuff is god it was six he went somewhere they putt went to dinner and bad neighborhoods so that might have gotten. And then -- you know for god that was in there I mean do you really think that he thought he could have been if you put it on the conveyor yeah yeah. I just he's just he's Bill Russell there's. And you guys -- on drugs and to and so what versatility catalyst usually I just sucked up to Seattle -- Sherman at the at the circus anyway look at that as well get to that. So. As let me ask you asked that no matter what impacted if you packet two days before the day before. Why would you ever put a gun in a bag that you know personally -- everywhere. And -- that. Okay I I thought he could put it through the conveyor belt and they -- no no I think he thinks he's above the law I think the only -- acting -- he's been traveling for a may be 5060 -- coming to get through security maybe even the gun was loaded. May be that who cares that doesn't matter all loaded gun a little different than not -- -- not to meet the winners not the same charge that -- I understand that attempt when you're loading them yet but did -- -- Qaeda who the hell would -- and -- what. The paper away though there were bull today got. That's true too you know that's sort of part of them were one of gun safety defects that it -- able to -- you look from -- and -- -- human nuts and bolts disputed around just so you think cool you during interrogation that big last. Nervous you know that's it's -- in Chicago did argument that probably thought they would let go because bill -- and they did after thirty minutes you've come to Boston. Oh god -- have to you. Know if he's snapping that's it -- is after whoever pulled Donovan -- that they. I hated Boston I don't know statute we don't have that is very sculptor is there like -- law -- follow Obama paying guy. Human Sammy does everyone right he better. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Off Armond La montagne deals in what. Right so it wouldn't be -- -- La montagne B Bill Russell statue was created by and Hirsch Somerville based artist lobbied -- be very careful and -- was -- proposed to her credit at all if a title -- -- hates that she is that they don't think feel like -- -- you know this place probably for Iraq. Does it feel like you're yeah you're in North Korea when you see people. If you were doing the remote from us to -- -- sorry are you guys I loved -- -- Larry -- Bjorn Bill Russell and all these guys that deserve every tribute they get the statues they have little creepy and in a way well. I can elect elect clowns investment time on their creed as -- browns -- columns every morning it's a great people we beat this thing Johnny Mathis Bill Withers Kerry Kennedy Lawrence O'Donnell Christian brush we should try to figure out Chris. We didn't -- try to figure out who he was after all of this group could somebody somebody somebody. And I think we should figure all sorts of Donald who will be the next. Statue guy statue ask guy. In Boston. Get a grip TomTom dot com or get it but don't you think it makes more sense when -- in the twilight of their life like Russell is 78 right yeah that makes more sense than a guide just retiring -- -- -- the story when they did. War you know and and boxes scandal was -- You know roiling this the blog scandalous said come on -- that you worry. That he could out in the -- but the statue of a guy in terms that the BOJ Simpson. And he said we're talking about W this is a role model with a guarantee right and he was right yes I believe that you believe -- on -- all of look at that category we think Brad -- really I do think I do you think about -- probably wish you the dumbest exports -- 9 o'clock yesterday morning that's true yeah that's true yeah. Today. -- name right. Booby booby booby. Movie made number fourteen and that. And at a let's play when you're so young -- she went to went out like to give it up comes to withdraw the agent didn't. I could blast. At a Chicago -- why -- -- seem like a good idea that oh man. Like so in view of Peter Gammons these -- and said acts -- -- these morons proposal. Or boomer -- check this check -- -- thinking that it that it. You know thinks that every single well I thought I thought there really incisive question to bloom on the first day was worried about that. That don't. -- health of first baseman -- gold gloves -- homer. Anyways so we disagree on Bill Russell after -- look what you gonna say. When he talks about it. It's gonna say -- -- that he forgot yeah but they also eight I lost it he forgot targeted even. Somebody else did but do you ever think you could get through it pick -- when muscle was pulled aside because he would Scooby Doo. Analysts and some -- scooby do -- right. And we let the team like half an hour and -- guy that was laugh and we have to do this ticket Pia you know I think lessons from it and you know he's not a terrorist you know that thing capable of playing you don't have to do this and they struck. Searching cavity search anonymous -- say suspend all logic and common yes and they you know make people get on that wheelchairs and looking kid's diapers and stuff and then. You know the third -- Muslim. You know young. Muslim male who would fit the profile coastline could only allows up to what we've got enough stuff and it's talked already stopped too we can't do that just there is no comment since the logic involved here they -- it lighters from me. You offer comes spring training with cigars you can buy -- when I heard it. The commercial the commercial all right -- -- to -- to get dozens of pollen area around yeah right right the bullet which is the store for Latin. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I agree. I mean that's what he's kicking himself because he forgot it was a net night. How can forget or -- Brennan's I believe president smoke shop then yes they're terrific there Ross. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No we haven't don't ideas. Tonight is a legacy game. Now I know it's not a couple. A seven game and and seven games. Oftentimes tend to be more legacy driven then close out games but this is a close up game -- analyst's office. I think it's a legacy game for both pitchers here tonight and you say well you know Major League Baseball had won twenty game winner all year long them and he's pitching in this game yet. Max Scherzer one point you want that. Advantage -- you would think. But if you look at his legacy and if you look at what he was able or perhaps it should say I'm able to do. In critical games in his career recently in fact are you aware. That scherzer in each of the last two years. Was the tigers' starting pitcher when they went home. For the year. He was beaten by the Rangers in 2011. He was beaten by AB giants in 2012. So in the last two. Closeout games. For the Detroit Tigers when they went home short of their goal scherzer was their picture -- know there's a lot bigger mystery than that and we don't necessarily need to get into it. But he has spit the bit on a number -- -- like you don't obvious. It looked at the Red Sox beat the tigers the last time he started and that was as good start yes I've seen that stroke any starter in this post season filled with. Great pitching performance one run seven innings pitched more base runners third last assures -- that World Series loss flat Dockery a thirteen -- two to one brilliant. Wrote me he was awesome to the Red Sox were on their heels were confused and it was. -- he was pitching art and -- after that game you said who. I don't know of his right selection I don't know -- again next time. Right yeah what you think because that again but colts at better pitches as soft as we're probably not gonna get a date rookies probably knock him. Grand Slam that's trying to -- if he's that good. I tell -- what I had to Felix last night one was when the Dodgers just -- -- stuck on the things that some didn't show. Did show exit this the first thing feels like it hasn't worked out in this does dreamy. As you know miracle doesn't know vomiting and yet it feels like working out because we're supposed to play -- knock them off I know. Now we're getting into the mystical magical this -- area then but. Also saw the best pitcher in baseball -- -- and brutal just. Choke chip and and I know he was -- a lot of pitches in the evening avenue and laughed he was gassed. And but you look at you say. In the pitcher obviously matters he -- as well and real player but. Anyone can be beaten mean you can you can beat. Clayton Kershaw and beat just the -- and beat. You deeply regret we deliberately trying to find a computer -- is is a stupid. Up a policy I call it you know there's a volume button on there -- know -- well you but why do we bring him for a catalyst and I don't know who he insisted on being here -- -- keep talking with a pitch he insisted pitch you're right it's the reason what I saw last night is the reason I won't. Immediately jump in with both feet and -- -- better win tonight because Lackey can't beat -- tomorrow night. But don't short -- isn't the -- -- in that direction from the York -- senate -- field tonight Timmy -- win or repair -- -- suggests -- -- tomorrow night during game seven I don't think black -- in the pitches well I don't if you did before I think -- could very well -- -- I don't let's just cost I don't focus on the starting -- much as -- and you know or you understand and it is he's got the correct of one dollar figured out very -- I don't metrics -- and -- jams have torture. What he got them for tomorrow I think they're the Red Sox hit a slog via tigers tonight I'm saying if -- -- or should -- lose tonight. Same thing and video -- her legacy I think. That's that's a strong word but I do think a number of Detroit hitters are game here there feel the heat. Look at thome who carries. Mean if I mean you don't and -- -- mark Peralta hit it to market committed two run -- tomorrow night isn't Peralta that's all that's in April obviously right hander -- for institutional lot of bad apples. Martinez likened that to happen doesn't it's actually think could. It to three hits but there -- military victory would not gonna have a dozen Red Sox have done -- -- I sure others who missed so far and actually Ortiz who. Napoli or what you just one hit a post season -- no one else does too it's actually but one inch extra base hit right won it this year right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It is it could do whatever -- -- to have done it find Ellsbury. Thanks to you the good that's for president you think Bogart's is on that list Bogart's definitely on that list hum. -- Pedroia is on that list Saltalamacchia as last game and what to -- And have guys who could hit good but really give me Bogut could move the line do you think Cabrera can do it. -- CC -- can do it Miguel Cabrera and Democrats he said you're going. -- didn't I tell you take your little stocks can do with Ivan Cabrera can't do it because he's -- here yesterday at a couple hits couples singles. But they know we certainly need someone else to step up now looking at -- -- -- -- two days as the game inning in Indianapolis. As you like to say Gerri it is baseball and probably folly to predict what. Will transpire tonight because often than what you think is going to happen something just the opposite does but I said this yesterday and I still feel that today. Don't you get the feeling you were watching -- Detroit tiger. Baseball team. Crumbling before your rise. Probably like a building being blown up and coming to found the but the Cabrera -- -- Avila injury. But the field or who who gave up you know all a week ago for God's sake -- You are gonna have a chicken and beer stories are told that the other day popular out of this out of this Detroit club votes when Indians whether -- tonight tomorrow when it ends. And point fingers -- gonna blame that who voted for it and maybe one or two other guys didn't. Who didn't show up and let down guys like Torii Hunter and I hate to put -- alternate. And spent a -- -- you know there -- guys who are planned hard to Jim Leland who let down Torii Hunter Jim Leland and in Justin Verlander Mac shares. It's gonna be -- maybe it's one or two of the guys but there's going to be some dissension. The state. -- off the charts that you know yes. -- terrible get a -- correct yes horrible got a past days some internal injuries right he's clearly hurt he's got a couple home runs I mean he's. I think it's one extra base -- we have we've mentioned seventeen games. For fielder wanna and no obvious right not I think it's one extra base as one double puts it in seventeen. Game -- That's beyond that that's just scary. And for whatever reason they feel like they can't move and can't problem can't replace some candidate forum I mean he can't do frosted to 43 the playoffs public opinion. -- in this series he's gone from bad to worse right is sort of like his career arc in the last three or four years worst worst worst worse he's under he's 200 in his career he's 211 right now in this series four for nineteen. No home runs no RBI no line drives those -- -- walks and four strikeouts and no effort by the way that's another but another zero no effort. Yet I think and they were stunned the gang up on which -- that it be checked the Detroit papers because that would kill them yesterday yeah after that. It's gonna get worse I just feel like there's more guys who are up for this big moment on the Boston side maybe not the pitcher. Maybe give the edge definitely give the -- two shooters are tonight who are called production think if we -- and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We'll talk with -- -- we're broadcasting live from the Red Sox studios while the W week I studios at Fenway Park -- lands down street. A combined -- shored up -- like to push one guy's only guys don't have a comedian person. It feels it'll evolve inside the game you know. Probably the same answer so the question about Sanchez -- yesterday there's a little more -- some familiarity particularly against the team that we don't see as frequently as -- at Tampa. In the divisional series so that -- history with the individuals. Orders is less than. Do not try to remove the wax from your ears and hear. With more effectiveness it is indeed -- Saturday special edition of Dennis and Callahan. And Yemen ahead as well broadcasting live from the WEEI studios at Fenway Park on -- downstream though is combined with her -- up yet have not yet not yet but we've -- what's called -- good candidates -- -- yeah well to our state forward you know legally we. Often on Saturday we hear LG give shout out to us he does that amount of the show yeah interviews that he likes and people he likes we have to do that today because there interview which Schilling was exit really what I've heard a lot of -- interviews and we've done a few ourselves the thing. They got him going today and I I I and I. Got something out of -- we're very good we will replay a number of the cuts from there he was very interesting. About you a horror he was very interesting about. Past experience not necessarily creating future performance. He was -- very interesting and I know the agnostic atheist though. What do you call them honest -- and even media minute hand probably didn't like the answer about his -- what he's learned. Saw that he told -- -- souls actually total garbage all the garbage did you like it that he's a real believer. I believe her attorney -- it now -- real believer out in how you believe in -- here's a -- of what you heard the interview and it was great and Schilling was good like he always is but he says things here -- my -- you know what. He's talked about when he's always been every situation he says he's watching a guy -- before the game. -- the producers the history -- producers. They stayed dissent and can't believe I predict exactly how it's gonna happen how the first couple days ago a company like -- anti -- -- -- much like nobody can believe how much he knows that's -- -- that if he knows a lot. Yeah but that -- already obvious as -- to tell us who knows a lot. So your problem is that he is a proud of this is is -- -- has acknowledged what restaurant it was a terrific interview except for. I can live it up but that's I get that children can live without -- back garbage crews -- very good interview. Well -- all that garbage is you called as part of him sparkle like I like it I don't LJ asks that he takes a whole basket and I like the whole. Long and detailed explanation of how his life is going yes how he is I really. That to me is more interest in me and him analyzing a pitcher. How is he coping that's what people wanna know housing and by -- some people hate him like Q and other people don't -- them. And respect him but. Everyone knows he's going to help some people are joining. Is in and the nightmare he's living through other people aren't but they want to know how to cope and -- -- you don't want. I just thought this of all the things we've been wrong about the blast tell 121415. Years. Have we ever been more wrong. When we said. After the bloody -- game and they won the World Series the Curt -- would never buy a drink in this town he would be you might be the next statue guy in this -- -- -- but isn't it amazing what we thought. His future and his reputation and the love and adoration for this guy would be widespread Albright wrangling -- the best words and -- He had remained is. But. Boring and nonpartisan is I don't Tim Wakefield and he still would be yeah an Iowa you ever got strong opinions and around here people don't like to hear those words like vote bush right if you chose not to be a welfare recipient Rhode Island that I that was result it was a hope you're wrong -- well run well also if you're wrong also I was like that long -- -- that head -- Igawa but how worse because before that to a lot of angry bitter lefties who can't stand the -- the fact that he. Had some opinions he -- has put some thought it got worse though right it get worse yet or -- that direct. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I heard your interview you seem to get well minicamp detention once I had on why Bob is in the car. Rob who's the Rodham -- the Robin it's they robbed in the car and stopped doing attraction brought it to -- on Scott. Now he left I want to talk to rich in Natick. You don't. And for the rich and rich in -- the morning. Good afternoon. That. Rick Rick I'm sorry. Well what problem what but -- -- -- this on our -- I'm I'm more upbeat former teacher. School. I'm -- our our public know that that your product of both that you. But these about the recycling and -- -- -- going reacted by going back you know actually actual reference -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- (%expletive) is this what role stole almost looked -- this. You know it's very yeah and then that it will there -- rolled back up in a veteran leadership issue is required by. Yes it's of this citadel Smart yet you know well yeah Winchester would know that syphilis and other than it. -- -- -- Precipice exactly so it just hang up when everybody that was that was the right move that. No they're just dropping argument that the -- might be might be a technical problem I don't know if we don't let him read John. -- -- -- -- Mike -- just yeah. It'll just came looks like tank from BC and number two yeah that's good guy yeah just like every bulls assistant coach at Ohio State -- yeah I think -- let him in the weight rooms crew now you know when football players retired yet they wanted to do -- -- He that they showed up just Saturday or Damien Woody on Saturday or -- witty exactly. Mom let me ask question now what do you think is more like a lot of wanna finish god I -- I just got to the -- thing about a legacy is this not. And will this not even though it's not a game seven but it is a close -- game say a lot about the legacy. Of Clay Buchholz to right. The man am -- right mr. minicamp and she's one of the greatest pitchers in the history the Boston red box. He he clearly spit the bit in game two that would be a week ago tomorrow night only because of one remarkable swing by David Ortiz did he get let off the hook. Five and two thirds five runs in game two. And I believe in the last two series -- -- pitched. Eleven and two thirds. Fifteen hits and is ERA a 617. Sounds about right this is the guy who when he went down with a -- in his neck or whatever was for a three month. Rehab hiatus. We were talking about the fact that. You know sure who's gonna win this was the Cy Young tonight but when he went down we said he might be in the conversation I might see right here in -- I younger overstates it. And now he's come back we often said this well you know what you get buckled back it's like getting. A plus plus. Ace pitcher I'm not sure that was the case and I had some questions about that is that are we expecting that -- about the pull them back from this three month hiatus rehab why it is. And be the Clay Buchholz he was before I went away and the answer is he has not -- -- time that's the thing was legacy you know if he gets bombed tonight it's bad but he's got a lot of years I would presumably make up for your right to get out tonight -- stinker -- they lose -- seven yes he's the guy that -- Series is that too bad start -- -- Buchholz has had very little to do. With where the Red Sox are tonight. But true I mean that's secure getting on what's right about him -- right right yeah well he's he's not really contributed was he. -- wins twelve and while the -- okay. But while along with a one what he set forth and Stephanie are OK okay say I would say that's okay twelve and one with -- little ones and via rail to say this the guy. The tiger with the best numbers against him we will not be -- I don't think. Now probably Avila Villa. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Think Comverge kill them in the field. But. And I on the victim accuses of really ready for catching we talked about it though he said you know I don't wanna talk about them thinking that he did 6% to an option yet he said it's an option I -- I don't know how much trust campaign called games against -- -- and -- good game -- spray -- like I heard a caller earlier saying you know you've got to -- David Ross in there. They trust Saltalamacchia. He's a much better offensive player and they trust them on defense he's he's good as -- probably not. But you heard Leland you're a lot of people after the first -- accident yeah yeah say that salty just called a brilliant game it's not like he's inept back there and I think. He brings a good left handed not great but a good left in the decent. Okay left. And -- because -- okay -- from good to decent OK and I'll -- react well I mean he's not real well he's not a -- -- W us -- in New York City Steve good morning. Good afternoon -- bad habits of our. After Google I'm through do you -- Google withdrew leaving our -- look what you achieve victory you don't really contributed richter. Does that argued that versions of those kind of cool. But are gonna go larger point here I think the big news. The good news. -- has been -- There. Have been situation. Situation -- somebody you don't know go -- -- -- getting. You're not only in their own -- goes you know -- -- without regret. So whatever it is magic has been given. You know so. Just wanted to look good up and Sox nation. Welcome bit about the gorilla you don't really. More often they -- ordering. They're there they're showing up at anybody carry them offensively I think what you have here is a remarkably. A efficient bullpen. That is keeping these guys in the in the game I mean. Who who who you're BP and it's a simple question who is your enemy you how absolutely and I'll tell us. No foul -- yeah. Output and I would I would say he's a big game tonight they -- you get the Napoli and makes disease that one person drew is serious contributor two weeks can I bite of the Grand Slam David -- not at all I know fifteen now mother got a guy went to its threat to rescue center. And -- -- say today. That that Grand Slam last Sunday night in game two that W week. Tomorrow night. Automatically. Installs David Ortiz in the hall of fame. In one whole thing -- be the Cooperstown based on now come on mustard -- say he said that he thought at times I think. One Grand Slam I thought that we're here to protect us that you put Craig Cubans example to crack pipe that we at least yeah but they were -- here and there were should Texan he said. That home run. Extra set in -- that David Orton -- -- goes to the hall of fame. Look it's becoming an interesting case now mean you know I wouldn't vote him because of the PDs -- you can let the guys and -- letting him in but -- -- getting closer and closer. Both -- home run. This is not the reason to vote me that it's Obama or actually so much as a -- -- and for one moment that's true that's true that happens but there -- seventh game of the world are throwing the Yankees that was. Just then 109 alternate deciding. A deciding game what they lose a series amendment doesn't get an elephant. It depends what he does next year year after he he could still get a hand right now. We'll talk about what we think the Red Sox lineup might be it's not out just yet as soon as that is we will pass it along to you we still have circus talk to talk about I can't wait and I have a question for you. Who is more likely to change their strike tonight is it more likely that Buchholz pitches much better. Then he did in game true or that scherzer pitches much worse we'll be right back. Isn't this the coolest thing about tonight yes yes. We never did to the Four -- in Detroit on television tonight I need them who's back there Chris. Drop kick Murphy's. Do let me have them -- and a blessing -- I -- us -- You know when you ask for some drop kick Murphy's such thinking could come up with something else I don't even goes back there and do a fine job that's for. It's like asking for Springsteen and they play hungry -- Iran via -- run a rose to about rose tattoo -- -- that rose up to who's back there. Shelf Shelby Shelby Shelby Shelby for some rose tattoo because this is gonna be good and we know that. What doctor Charles does he never fail no he never is always good. But this is going to be dancing in the anthem and something else right and they just gonna do chip -- up yet again our walk off and excel at a -- -- critical to the people want. As true with the people and the new this week Carolina late in the game of the nice it was a -- -- so hot when do they do feel I'm a deposit. During the game they said something during the game -- -- -- -- break on the field that's a long commercial how many instruments to they bring. Notes with the Titanic. It's a pretty big hand I've ever mean to pick me up at about what -- to -- I don't know what happens without instruments to well yeah acoustic and I don't mean I think you'll regret that it's a great idea -- look forward to it. But. What -- on the way and went in I don't know let's find out what they're doing the -- for sure right yes and then one other song yup right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Like in the mid seven -- -- -- -- -- -- do so at the state -- walks -- they walk on how much is that he can ever gonna do and I don't know they're definitely doing chip and up to Boston. A cult doctor actually let's put some sub although almost Jones but I got little breaking news. The twelfth race. Charles is finished. And beat -- two rich white kids beat the -- twenty real yet again more races to that because I -- always only a 112 left -- focus -- taking over for you guys come -- -- yes yeah absolutely what -- dared -- -- remote from there wasn't the problem was I'd buy it took me a long time to get here because I think 75 million people yeah we're lining the banks of the Charles anyway and -- -- credit from the -- just the incredible most attended event. Since the Pope held Massa Brazil yet -- it did indeed yeah I mean and god knows there a lot of growing aficionados people know exactly. You know what they're watching who the -- and fluid right losses in the -- what they the legal side. The I don't live there and out there and -- -- an -- stem the technique of -- your -- when people would -- you know when you'll want to -- -- -- -- like you -- yes it is a really compelling spectator -- I have to admit I don't even understand is that not on TV and hopefully -- links that explain things to me that I don't understand this when he was on TV and there's so many he -- do all -- -- -- this from what you have is it it's like a combination of college kids and other. People independents -- you put. A team together and qualified guests on the when he knew he go to the regardless what I'm the only one road -- is that I should run you'll actually get your next it is the single hardest exercise. I'm telling you nobody -- -- -- fat roller you don't become a -- nobody nothing Cabrera or fielder could well I don't see a lot of fat runners. -- -- -- First -- -- all tournament husky and a Democrat buddies and I think he gave us a year to hit it to give us a year we would be able to do I get it absolutely can do and we got. You couldn't like they've gone digital you know Islam it is pretty sure it's tough from your -- all of your toenails everything but I mean if I'm pretty good -- your car when I do get better skull. Mean they are clearly the home I just go to. Think that doesn't have a -- running thanks Fred mister Sanders underwear yeah it was a much -- PPI the what was the mood afterward. No that's all right -- 177797937. For a Republican head of the Charles call Jeff -- in the -- Africans in Revere Bob is in the car or stock of the Charles I swear to god will get used to this -- -- No we don't rule it is I don't think it takes to really yet right after 6 o'clock no no well he's getting W and his candidacy so can you don't. We do across opened up by Bob Bob in the car help us out. Don't regret it all right here I mean what a perfect opportunity to you don't -- Historian Mike Barnicle. And talked the talk it out all the doubt it is a lot opportunity you guys. Are really try to sell back or. So to -- colleges have any shot against the professionals. There really are professional in the global updating -- live right now right realizes this is eleven minutes ago I have a Charles eleven. WSM two -- unofficial Cambridge one. -- -- -- Upper valley too old Lincoln Park three and Ford GMS Rhode Island Republican point oh you don't like Gloria Ford GM man at my failing -- congratulations to side air -- new women's record grandmaster woman fifty plus twenty minutes 35 seconds. And point 91 this is one of those sports that most people haven't tried yet so you know he's the best -- -- not mean has the best to try to right the best like Bob sliders in the Olympics -- -- that that the best Herschel Walker. Stepped in he he made the team -- you know practice for about a week -- own them. Two days once you shut them down the hill there's nothing to do but you -- your head right but they still -- ballast. Odd days in Boston did good morning. Because I put my heart into my boat and good afternoon. -- at -- -- didn't get stripped of the Boston in 07 or -- but luckily it came up a -- -- game. It's ripe for a cool on the commodity center field you don't want -- to other instruments -- killed. But there are quite -- -- That makes sense tea Springsteen around Kirk maybe he's gonna do rose tattoo may -- the -- with -- don't tease me he's not in town now I don't think so I don't think that baseball fan. -- -- -- last call here in the first hour of our Saturday special. Hey -- side -- hi frank. The best. Shall people's patience and -- with duke actually the beginning the best. Matta. Yeah that corrects that there are carried out many the good. Good at all and also correct. You know you guys what we're talking about the oh victory and MVP and and had a bit apprehensive or mid sixties and only insurer in happily salute again today. Well I wanna bring it back to one now even though the only one. And I don't think that. Could two elements could be a lot to it but one that you know really count. I don't wanna -- -- -- -- the FBP's status. This series but. It cannot reminiscent of Chris Gibson -- black in game one against Oakland. And the all of Gibson get to the rest of the series nothing but didn't play that's probably nothing it's right. But I don't ever have friendly but I didn't -- knows going to be. Not at dancers don't quite do out YE. But it couldn't do anything actually -- and this puts -- another -- -- well I just wonder what you guys. If you -- gave a vote or -- a second place or third place vote to David Ortiz from before the MVP conversation it would be not just because of that hit by itself it's because that hit. Allow them to be where they are now but like I can't hold -- united MP to -- -- well as we all agree on you how no question yeah and then the last line up early to I think has now produced and know that job he did. Against Cabrera two games ago what you take pesetas -- gusted resolutely getting pitches now this year two huge at bats against. Cabrera struck out double play right to big big I think Prince Fielder is the Red -- -- be to let you don't you don't it's not the brightest ever noble -- we take a break Bryant. I don't I'm Brian. Looked up and hey. Thank you need to know about Brian Brian can you turn your radio down please for thank you know problem very what's on your mind. What the arm -- OP or are. Com. In a war or we'll -- guess I would certainly guess that was all because -- Obviously what you know truly test does bounce out of that position he has to. Yes -- but in all IG said that that is not go until. Did -- let you know place doesn't it just -- Let -- this therapy I. But you can -- -- second cut short. -- get apology accepted. Fine but I told us -- who put their right bright yet but drew shorts or short yes yet resulting catch good director Brian. You agree you -- -- -- at an area arena in politics. We had a few today Brian. -- Game's going to midnight gap right you better you better start eight pounds and spring water and graphics snapping pictures and yet. So don't get penalized 7 AM -- do we have to turn our attention to the cardinals when we come home. It's just so. Point point disappointing errors and I mean. They point to the Dodgers now Honolulu Zdeno -- man that was enough panic is that the Red Sox went tonight -- who's coming to town. Pick up players personality three getting on the plane coming our right now Jack Clark and keep my goal is walk yeah walk on a walker is the biggest star on the team and he -- it definitely is not your Molina. -- -- millions and -- is the fortunes Carlos Beltran and -- now you know our our two of a special. Saturday edition Dennis and Callahan broadcasting live from the WEEI studios at Fenway Park lands down street. Kirk continues to suggest that I put up a -- combined. But it showed up especially if you're going to see some great candidates last twenty minute yeah yeah as the one hand out I think we may have fallen organizing and -- Previously straight ahead.

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