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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 10/18/13

Oct 18, 2013|

Ask and we'll answer it baby!

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It's time for answer the question jerk -- answer the question which -- I'll -- Alex is the big question. So which could be years not answering any thing and everything I'll answer that question. It's answer the question -- Mike Adams let's go to my friend what you know. In honor of the tigers and we should spell and -- the question jerk -- -- -- Like I gotta tell you you have had me in this there yesterday in the broadcast -- I -- though a lot of it looked at me demanded to know. When I was laughing at and your your personal attacks. -- tigers players between Jhonny -- -- -- fat days it's suitable Sanchez and his name prince fielder's bat. You're on fire right you can't go wrong with that -- is almost as -- they've been there are going to be there. So you know it's all about the steady basis and all that over overweight you know loads on that team it's been unbelievable regional -- -- may be changed sweeter. OK I don't drink for 34 days you know Osama a wake up and and that -- -- -- talked strangely up. They're secure their MySpace is weird it's weird how he's got a huge fan like -- this guy that. That -- like his face is now than Iraq what -- nailed what he looks like statement he looks like a cabbage patch kid. And -- he's a moon pie face. You know -- again they shut his face has been inflated with -- error might as. What's going on at the Charlie -- -- -- gonna believe this is going to be a huge night and you know a couple things first of all -- I followed the trail of the smell of the bison burger here Michael after hearing you say that it is. I basically walked the last five miles probably knows this place has unbelievable food. They get a spot five zillion TVs and why we care about this game while it's it's huge you -- talk about it earlier. Because of the Dodgers -- tonight it's a 4 o'clock game that we can drink all prepared. Apparel as opposed to 8 o'clock game where you drink called Biden at the board granted that they -- up next it is that David by the weight speaking of that game that the Apache and just. Part of the go big go party were having here is that we're giving away a trip including transportation hotel and it tickets of the game. This coming Sunday and question and that's what we're doing here that's why we're here and everyone had written down and get their opportunity to win. And now let's listen to Mike -- fat jokes are right debt pay into the question brought to -- heiress restoration services. Which could be more impressive this year. The patriots overcoming all of their injuries at -- and winning a Super Bowl. -- the Red Sox World Series championship. Coming all the way back from being in last place to here. That's a great question the in the past have so many injuries so many this year and I have to say. I mean I'm bad at the Red -- come on the last the very last to first. No Vince Wilfork. No men are no no no growth for the first six games no Hernandez. That I tolerated Tom Brady -- combat feels odd to me that's the difference maker they -- Tom Brady should never be a huge shock. If you win a championship Tom Brady next question. Could you have to decide right now was the peavy trade worth it yes. -- That's on him Mikey an idea because you know like his -- is some way -- what it was marvelous it is what he's never going to be even as signals are not hard. I'm with the man and you know here if you don't have that extra pitcher who wins game four. Who wins came for me -- PD didn't pitch well the other day who won game four against Tampa Dempster. You brought. You trust either -- that was a tight ball game all the way through yet Kolb was dealing him now when you know I don't know I don't know her -- number periods. Wasn't -- excuse me that was the gamers via. The parade of relievers walking in -- starting with Alex is -- -- fall next question saw what were you going to do with that foam finger I would bring it home from my daughter how dare you suggest anything other than math. -- sellers take the next question. Is a strong stock CAAs to forget the voice and it. It's trots out today make faces as strange as his were boys wanted to -- -- and number. And just as strange face in theory he looks like lectures and he does get caught in photographs looking. Sort of -- some. Way it doesn't look anything like -- scherzer. -- This is why it is brown was up against twins on different mothers you know those guys got national review look -- look at him. With him with -- you know it will be his other brown is at its market that that's half -- -- haters gonna hate salzman. Our air about this -- debated even the next question gimme gimme one. Next question thank you very much who has better field or Cecil Fielder. What. Baseball eating all the policy of the status it OK -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and it just it was that Cecil was bigger. He's taller right that does help -- her habit prince looks gently here. -- -- Yet they -- it was about a bit -- difference. Proceed to bookmark your return as that it dumped. -- next question there are people who were eating users' demands on me would you trust -- self driving car highway speeds -- no I would trust a neutral -- the park the car. Actually saw a report recently the ball line votes cast. With technology to a developer blind people witnessed it to be nice to have -- power to drive. Realistic it is -- -- election baby -- look what put them little bit of progress for next question. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Next question. -- they do right. As a group question because you have to change it up efforts pitches and its -- one every time you -- That's next question are what's more embarrassing for a guy for an impact or Crocs. And products rocks your way across is more important more embarrassing than a Fannie and nothing is more harassing Hispanic that if you -- -- was keeps me. Feel the use of his and his cronies make any -- Hamas. As they Courant you've got into a little good little work. They have to Crocs on a big deal sauce is described and Romo you -- a bit. You crux of the big video may -- do they. You the story about -- about -- had to stop making them because they're so indestructible that they reached saturation point you just need to make them. Same thing with him. They're important. Did he -- you know -- you know it's so Brad who spotted. It. I just saw I saw you on TV recently what brand of here color do you use you metro -- Not here in the metro pass that that's an excellent calibration what it looked like I. Use here cold I'm lockers are doing chemical repellent out of Rami dress up I've never used any color my hair must never thought about it I have I don't like need to just ashes triggers what. What what I need to do to my hair I have a lot of -- And it's all brown. I just for assets -- the -- And that was fonts that that is part of the last check with that that's very funny. -- If you're building a team today and somebody gave you the choice between an all pro linebacker or shut down court which would you choose -- -- Next question. What would you choose a linebacker guaranteed. -- inside linebacker -- The rush linebacker depth and inside linebacker the next LT deregulated -- -- -- -- -- sexist question or you and I announcer questions sexist okay. I thought you guys say that Erin Andrews get a -- or Jamie year ago. -- The question that what did you say that was you have -- in between I couldn't period. -- You know Erin Andrews or two career moments both investors should our -- -- her future career now before. Wednesday night I might have said gents but after the death Sara got. And it is now oh era so Erin Andrews means you would you like it. Then that's. A and -- that's a question I don't deny our final question -- make -- a Red Sox question if the Sox were to make it to the World Series and Ortiz continues to struggle at the plate. Who would you play at first base in the National League park Ortiz or Napoli. That inaccurate and quicker questions that it's still. He's no matter how much struck right. C'mon I don't think that's a question -- time for us to start thinking about get -- here Mikey Adams and happy for the next little while from the Charley horse in West Bridgewater. A game to -- to lead such a great. Yeah. Pretty wild bison burger -- bison burger great food great fun great sports heritage -- just take X sixty programs one. Yeah it's it's really you know and ulcers and it is the it is a great place really -- that's terrific -- I got on their allotment back in the day take. Ask the staff about me ask the staff and Robin I don't want layer and Mikey there he told anyway yeah. All right how we're gonna get daddy will be back Monday of course -- -- cooperate patriots Monday busy busy weekend. I'll begin with some actually almost everybody doing lots of extra shows 24/7. Coverage all this weekend the Red Sox baseball -- all day tomorrow. Depending on what time it is they come on with Lou and rob Bradford before the game either. Like 2 o'clock before before 30 gain or 4 o'clock or 7 or 8 o'clock game -- something sometime tomorrow afternoon and Sunday as well. If there is if there is a game seven hopefully there will not be we'll check you guys for shore up 2 o'clock. On Monday afternoon until then have a great -- Go back to a magic -- and they go.

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